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What to stream this week on Telstra TV


Posted on September 13, 2019

8 min read

What are you watching tonight? Check out the latest movies and TV shows available right now on Telstra TV.

Men In Black: International (Telstra TV Box Office)

The universe’s most secretive secret agents are back with MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL, available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Chris Hemsworth stars as the experienced and revered Agent H, who pairs up with the relentless apprentice Agent M (played by Tessa Thompson) to take on the agency’s biggest threat yet – an infiltrator within the MIB. When the extraterrestrial villains they’re chasing can shapeshift into the likeness of any human on the planet, it’s going to be a tricky mission. Let’s hope the new duo are up to the task – because the universe isn’t going to save itself. Packed with action, laughs and some impressively creative CGI – including a super cool new hoverbike – MIB: International is a whole lot of fun to watch. Also starring Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, and Kumail Nanjiani as an adorable teeny little alien soldier. And Frank the Pug returns too!

Murder in the Bayou (Stan)

If you’re a fan of true crime stories, check out Stan’s new five-part documentary series MURDER IN THE BAYOU – streaming from 1pm this Saturday 14 September, same day as the US. Set in the American deep south, the series delves into the still-unsolved murders of eight young women whose bodies were found hidden in various drainage ditches around the town of Jennings, Indiana between 2005 and 2009. Based on the book ‘Jeff Davis 8’ by investigative journalist Ethan Brown, the series explores how the biases of police towards the lifestyle of the victims may have hindered the investigation into their deaths – as well as the implication that corruption may have played a part in intentionally derailing the open cases. Talking to friends, family members and locals in a town that is still reeling from the tragedies, the filmmakers gain greater insight into the lives of those who lost their lives in an effort to uncover the truth of what really happened and why.

Mr Inbetween (Foxtel Now)

Back for its second season this week is the Logie Award-winning Australian series MR INBETWEEN, streaming from Friday 13 September on Foxtel Now. Created, written by and starring Scott Ryan in the lead, this tension-filled series centres on the life of dry-witted contract killer Ray Shoesmith as he juggles his underworld job with the duties of a devoted family man, a loving partner and a loyal friend. Although he’s determined to change his ways, especially for the benefit of his daughter Brittany (Chika Yasumura), Ray continues to be as quick-tempered as ever – easily agitated by almost everyone, even the fellow members of his anger management group. And while violent tendencies are generally useful to a hired hitman, they can really get in the way of everything else in life – as he finds out when more than a few people close to him challenge him on his outbursts. Brooke Satchwell reprises her role as Ray’s girlfriend Ally, Damon Herriman returns as Ray’s protective boss Freddy, while Rose Riley joins the cast this season as Freddy’s girlfriend, Michele.

Timeless (9Now)

And for the history buff who loves a bit of adventure, the new season of fan-favourite sci-fi series TIMELESS is out now – with all ten episodes available to stream on 9Now. When an experimental time machine is stolen by a former special forces soldier said to be plotting against the United States, the Government are forced to assemble a team of specialists to put a stop to his seemingly nefarious scheme. Using a prototype of the device, a scientist (Malcolm Barrett), a soldier (Matt Lanter) and a history professor (Abigail Spencer) travel back in time to capture the rogue operative, while avoiding making any changes themselves that could alter the course of history. This season, our courageous trio are back – this time to bring down the underground organisation, Rittenhouse, who is out to change the past to improve their own standing. Passing through eras including the forties, sixties and eighties, our time travellers get to meet some of history’s most influential people – while racing against the clock to save the world as we know it.

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Our favourites streaming for the week of 6th September:

Aladdin (Telstra TV Box Office)

Grab the family and set off on a magic carpet ride with Disney’s ALADDIN, available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. This enchanting live-action adaptation from director Guy Ritchie follows the much-loved story of Aladdin (played by Mena Massoud) – a warmhearted pickpocket who falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott). Convinced by the Sultan’s scheming advisor Jafar (Marwan Kenzari) that he needs to impress the Princess with riches, Aladdin agrees to retrieve a precious lamp for Jafar in return for the wealth he so desperately needs. He soon discovers it’s all part of a plot to overthrow the princess’s father – and when he accidentally conjures the wish-granting Genie within (Will Smith), the pair quickly become friends and team up to defeat the evil Jafar. Staying true to the story of the 1992 original, albeit with some minor modern updates, fans of Disney’s animated classic are sure to fall in love all over again.

Shrill (SBS On Demand)

Just added to SBS On Demand this week is SHRILL, an intelligent new comedy series that explores body positivity and self-confidence in the millennial era. Aidy Bryant stars as Annie, an ambitious young journalist working for an online magazine in Portland. When her dismissive, sharp-tongued editor won’t take her article pitches seriously, she takes matters into her own hands and publishes anyway. Her first article, titled “Hello, I’m Fat”, is a massive hit – striking a chord with women around the country, but quickly attracting the attention of internet trolls. The confidence boost of her newfound success leads Annie to re-examine other elements of her life – including whether her man respects her enough to become a serious boyfriend, or if he’s just taking advantage of her sweet nature for casual hookups. Based on the novel ‘Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman’ by Lindy West, this delightfully witty series from Executive Producers Lorne Michaels and Elizabeth Banks has all six episodes available to stream now.

The Spy (Netflix)

Sacha Baron Cohen, best known for his comedy characters ‘Borat’ and ‘Ali G’, tries his hand at drama in the thrilling new Netflix limited series, THE SPY – with all six episodes streaming from this Friday 6 September. Based on the gripping true story of former Israeli spy Eli Cohen, the series is set in the 1960s and follows Cohen as he transforms from a lowly office worker into an undercover Mossad agent. Embedded in Damascus, Cohen poses as a cashed-up industrialist – throwing lavish parties and gaining powerful friends, in order to collect intelligence from the highest levels of the Syrian government. Leaving his family behind, he slowly begins to shed more and more of his own identity as he delves deeper into his secretive double life as Kamal Amin Thabet. His handler, Dan Peleg (played by Noah Emmerich) keeps him in the game with assurances that he’s saving lives. But his wife Nadia (Hadar Ratzon Rotem) struggles with her husband’s mysterious and off-putting behaviour, and being left alone to raise their young family by herself. From the Executive Producer of ‘Homeland’, this compelling tale of espionage and intrigue is one you won’t want to miss.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians (hayu)

Get ready for a whole new season of drama as the world’s most watched family returns for the seventeenth season of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS – streaming Mondays from 9 September on hayu. With Kim and Kanye preparing for the birth of their fourth child, Khloé is still coming to terms with co-parenting after breaking up with her cheating ex. Kourtney celebrates her fortieth in style – with a rather cheeky birthday cake – and Kendall, Kylie, Kim and Kris all fly to New York for the most fabulous of all Met Balls. Momager Kris plans a family trip to Wyoming to help resolve some tensions among the group, while Kim and Khloé voice their concerns that some family members aren’t helping to carry the load when it comes to sharing their personal lives on camera. But no matter what comes their way – and you know it could be literally anything – be prepared for explosive arguments, tearful moments and riotous fun and laughter as America’s first family live out their best lives before your very eyes. 

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What to stream this week on Telstra TV


Posted on August 30, 2019

14 min read

Ryan and Katie share their favourites available this month on Telstra TV – as well as an amazing Rocketman prize up for grabs.

Rocketman (Telstra TV Box Office)

Take off on an epic journey through the life of rock ‘n’ roll superstar Elton John with ROCKETMAN, available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Taron Egerton stars as the iconic singer-songwriter, whose lifetime of incredible highs and heartbreaking lows are set to a soaring, toe-tapping soundtrack sung by Egerton himself.

And to celebrate the release of ROCKETMAN on Telstra TV Box Office, we’re giving you the chance to win a VIP Experience for two to Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert in the Hunter Valley. This once-in-a-lifetime prize includes flights, premium seats at the concert, overnight accommodation and a limited edition tour merchandise pack. Find out more at

Power (Stan)

Now onto its sixth season, Stan’s gritty crime series POWER is back with a show-stopping follow-up to last year’s cliffhanger. This season marks 50 Cent’s directorial debut – and follows ruthless nightclub owner Ghost and his brother in arms, Tommy, on their journey to grow their vast underworld empire. With the fate of Ghost’s love interest, Angela, up in the air following a violent attack, the compelling new season will delve further into the complex, corrupt and deceptive lives of various gang members. Watch the final betrayal in the new season of POWER, only on Stan.

Mindhunter (Netflix)

The wait is over: David Fincher’s insanely good crime series, MINDHUNTER, is back for a thrilling second season – only on Netflix. Charting the early years of criminal psychology in the late 1970s, the series follows FBI agents Ford, Tench and Doctor Wendy Carr as they get to know the minds of convicted serial killers – so that they can better solve open murder cases. This season focuses on the ‘Atlanta Child Murders’ case, when at least 19 African-American kids were killed between 1979 and 1981. The team also come face-to-face with notorious cult leader and killer Charles Manson, played by Australia’s Damon Herriman. All eight episodes of MINDHUNTER season 2 are streaming now on Netflix.

The Righteous Gemstones (Foxtel Now)

Next up, we’re given a comedic glimpse into the dark side of wealthy megachurches with THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES. John Goodman stars as Father Eli, the head of a televangelist family who have gathered a massive following from their entertaining daytime religion show. But their seemingly perfect exterior is hiding a dysfunctional family business centred around growing their own profits. With a group of individuals threatening to undo their success, deeper rifts form between the family, highlighting the hilarious dynamics between the siblings. This brilliant new series also stars Danny McBride and Adam Devine – and is available to stream on Foxtel Now.

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*Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 23rd August:

2040 (Telstra TV Box Office)

2040 (Telstra TV Box Office) - Telstra TV

What kind of world will we be leaving for the next generation? That’s the question posed by Australian director Damon Gameau in his latest documentary, 2040 – available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. The award-winning creator of ‘That Sugar Film’ embarks on a worldwide fact-finding mission, talking to a number of innovators about solutions that already exist to help pull us back from the brink of climate crisis. Addressed to his now 4-year old daughter, Gameau explores radically shifting our electricity distribution to community-based solar-powered microgrids that mimic nature. He takes a look at driverless car-share schemes that could reduce the rapidly growing number of cars on our roads that are struggling to keep up. And he talks to farmers about how they’re improving their soil through plants that draw carbon out of our atmosphere and into the ground to enrich the food we eat. Even if you’re not typically a fan of documentaries, the use of dramatised futuristic visions and interviews with the world’s children make this an enjoyable, educational watch for all.

The Hunting (SBS On Demand)

The Hunting (SBS On Demand) - Telstra TV

New to SBS On Demand this month is THE HUNTING, a timely Australian drama series that takes a sobering look into the very real risks faced by teenagers who engage in “sexting”. Starring Asher Keddie and Richard Roxburgh, this four-part series centres on four high school students from different social and cultural backgrounds who become embroiled in a scandal after photos they intended to share privately were uploaded to a website without their knowledge or consent. Sam Reid and Jessica De Gouw play their young level-headed teachers, who attempt to minimise the damage but are hindered by the school, the parents and the criminal justice system – all woefully ill-equipped to deal with the modern threat faced by today’s ever-connected adolescents. And the series also tackles the growing problem of misogyny among young men, the behaviours in parents and peers that can help foster it, and the effect it has in exacerbating the online exploitation of women. This thoughtful, well-written drama is definitely a must-see. Parents who are looking for resources to discuss cyberbullying and online safety with their kids can also head over to the SBS Educational Resources page here.

The Victim (Foxtel Now)

The Victim (Foxtel Now) - Telstra TV

If you’re a fan of British crime dramas like ‘Broadchurch’ or ‘Happy Valley’, check out the gripping new BBC drama THE VICTIM – with all four episodes available on Foxtel Now. After husband and father Craig Myers (played by James Harkness) is seemingly attacked at random in his home, sending him to hospital with serious head injuries, he soon learns that he was targeted because he’s been accused online of murdering a child fifteen years earlier. He would have been a fourteen-year-old child himself at the time and grieving mother Anna Dean (Kelly Macdonald) believes she has finally uncovered the protected identity of her son’s juvenile killer. But is she right – or is this a case of mistaken identity? And if Craig really did murder her son, does she have a right to know? Or is she now the criminal, conspiring to murder a potentially innocent man? This darkly riveting miniseries will have you guessing all the way to the very end.  

The Terror: Infamy (Amazon Prime Video)

The Terror: Infamy (Amazon Prime Video) - Telstra TV

And back for a haunting second season is Amazon Prime Video’s critically acclaimed anthology thriller series, THE TERROR. Based on real-life events but with a fitting supernatural horror element added into the mix, the first season of this prestige drama was set in 1845 and focused on the British Royal Navy becoming iced-in while pioneering the perilous Northwest Passage through the Arctic Ocean. Trapped and with dwindling supplies, the crew became stir-crazy and were tormented as much by the inhospitable landscape as each other. Season two jumps forward to World War II and covers the little-known story of Japanese-American internment, where hundreds of thousands of Americans of Japanese ancestry were forcibly removed from their homes by the government and placed into detention from 1942 to 1945. Focusing on the community of Terminal Island in California, this suspenseful ten-episode season follows Chester Nakayama (played by Derek Mio) and his family and friends who were forced to combat abuse at the hands of their own country, as well as a sinister force behind a string of mysterious deaths within the camp. The season also stars George Takei, who was himself imprisoned during the war and served as a consultant on the series. 

Our favourites streaming for the week of 16th August:

The Hustle (Telstra TV Box Office)

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as a pair of flimflamming femme fatales in the scandalously hilarious buddy comedy, THE HUSTLE – available now on Telstra TV Box Office. Hathaway plays Josephine Chesterfield, an elegantly captivating British con-artist seducing her way through the French Riviera and taking the world’s richest men for everything they’re worth. Sophisticated and methodical in her work, she’s intrigued when she witnesses a successful swindle pulled off by brazenly boisterous Aussie fraudster, Penny Rust (Wilson). Agreeing to take the rough diamond under her wing and teach her the ways of the more discerning deceptress, Josephine ultimately decides to team up with Penny to take on a young billionaire tech whiz (Alex Sharp). Based on the 1988 movie, ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’, this female-led remake will make you giggle and gasp all the way through your next movie night-in.

GLOW (Netflix)

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back, this time beneath the glistening lights of 1980s Las Vegas in season three of GLOW – with all episodes streaming now on Netflix. After their K-DTV show was cancelled last season, the team pulled up stumps and moved across the Nevada desert to produce a nightly floorshow in the Fan-Tan Casino. Now living together in close quarters, this ragtag group of former soap stars and their disgruntled director will have to balance the vices of Sin City with the daily demands of their live-action comedic wrestling gig. Now a producer on the show, lead cast member Debbie (played by Betty Gilpin) is questioning her choices since she’s living in a different state from her baby boy. Suddenly newlyweds at the end of last season, Bash (Chris Lowell) and Rhonda (Kate Nash) are now getting to know each other under the scrutiny of the entire cast. And show director Sam (Marc Maron) and overthinking cast member Ruth (Alison Brie) continue their will-they-won’t-they courtship.

Succession (Foxtel Now)

The Roy family power struggle continues as HBO’s SUCCESSION steamrolls its way into a riveting second season this week, streaming each Monday from 8:30pm on Foxtel Now. After numerous attempts last season to overthrow their father as CEO of the family-owned media empire, Waystar Royco, the Roy siblings ultimately lost out when patriarch Logan (played by Brian Cox) outplayed his scheming son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) who was plotting to seize the top job. With Logan back on top and seemingly stronger than ever, daughter Shiv (Sarah Snook) is still wary of her father’s manipulations as her new husband Tom uses a scandal he uncovered to vie for a new position in the firm. Greg (Nicholas Braun) grapples with working for the company’s divisive news outlet, while Connor (Alan Ruck) rolls forward with his presidential candidacy. All the while, youngest son Roman (Kieran Culkin) continues to pepper some of the most viciously biting one-liners throughout the new season.

Les Norton (ABC iview)

Step back in time to the seedy underbelly of Sydney’s Kings Cross in the 1980s with LES NORTON, streaming each Sunday from 8:45pm on ABC iview. Based on the beloved series of novels by Australian author Robert G. Barrett, this 10-part comedy-drama series follows loveable larrikin Les as he escapes a chequered past in the Queensland outback to disappear into the haze of Sydney’s burgeoning nightlife. Almost as broad as he is tall, Les (played by Alexander Bertrand) does anything but blend in and finds his place quickly, landing a job as a bouncer and fixer at an underground gaming den in the back alleys of the Cross. Living in beachside Bondi and playing rugby league for the local club, the self-proclaimed “blood nut” is also a hit with the ladies – with the exception of his nemesis, the gutsy Surry Hills brothel madam Doreen Bognor (Rebel Wilson). David Wenham also stars in the series as Les’s mobster boss Price Galese, the casino owner based on real-world crime figure Perc Galea.

Our favourites streaming for the week 9th August:

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (Telstra TV Box Office)

A loRyan Reynolds stars as everyone’s favourite furry yellow friend in the adorably goofy, POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU – available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Set among the neon lights of Ryme City where humans and Pokémon live together side-by-side, former Pokémon trainer, Tim Goodman (played by Justice Smith), returns home following the sudden disappearance of his father, Harry. There, he meets his dad’s former police detective partner – a talking Pikachu who only Tim seems to understand. Suffering from amnesia but convinced that Harry was taken against his will during a case they were working on, Pikachu persuades Tim to help him investigate the sinister conspiracy at the centre of it all. Packed with plot twists, cute one-liners and more CGI Pokémon than you can throw a Pokéball at, this is one fun flick the whole family can enjoy.

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen (hayu)

Finally, television’s most intimate and entertainingly candid late-night chat show has a place to call home down under: WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN is now streaming on hayu! Recorded live from New York City in the WWHL “Clubhouse”, each half-hour episode sees host Andy Cohen joined by Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and reality show stars to dish the goss on the latest pop culture headlines. Posing the questions other hosts dare not ask, Andy’s recurring segment ‘Plead the Fifth’ gives guests the third-degree with only one pass allowed. After they’ve been loosened up with drinks, served on a “shotski” by the rotating roster of reality star bartenders, there’s no telling what will come out of their mouths – especially with the audience at home calling in live to ask them exactly what we all want to know.

Seachange (9Now)

After retreating from our screens exactly nineteen years ago, beloved Aussie comedy series SEACHANGE returned this week – with new episodes airing Wednesday nights on 9Now. A lot has changed since Laura Gibson (Sigrid Thornton) last fled the big smoke for the sleepy seaside hamlet of Pearl Bay – Laura’s now approaching 60, she’s just been sacked from a volunteering stint in Africa, and upon returning, she finds out that her estranged daughter Miranda (now played by Brooke Satchwell) is pregnant. Now a Park Ranger, Miranda is up against the sand mining company Striplands who want to develop their pristine coastal town, but she faces an unexpected challenge in the form of their dishy marine biologist, Findlay (Darren McMullen). There’s a new police sergeant in town (Katrina Milosevic) and a new pub proprietor (Dan Wylie). But some things are as familiar as ever: the shifty Bob Jelly (John Howard) is still up to his old tricks – causing friction with his lovable wife Heather (Kerry Armstrong), the charmingly simple Kev (Kevin Harrington) is still running the local caravan park, and the town is still plagued by freak storms (the bridge into town has finally been fixed – let’s see how long it holds).

The Bachelor Australia (10 play)

Bachie is back for 2019, with thinking-woman’s crumpet Matt Agnew steaming up our screens last week as the new season of THE BACHELOR AUSTRALIA returned on 10 play. Looking for love among 28 diverse bachelorettes, the multilingual astrophysicist will bunker down in the Bachelor Mansion for the next seven weeks until one lucky lady unlocks the key to his heart. Hosted by Osher Günsberg, this stellar series is sure to be filled to the brim with mushy romance, scandalous drama, laughs aplenty and more than a few tears as the contestants compete to spend one-on-one time with Matt – including some incredibly epic dates that will reportedly involve skydiving, fire twirling and even flying a fighter-jet. Grab the popcorn and tune in each Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30pm – this season is going to be out of this world!

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What to stream this week on Telstra TV


Posted on July 26, 2019

12 min read

Katie and Ryan from the Telstra TV team share their top picks to stream this month on Telstra TV – and explore some of the great new features of the Telstra TV mobile app.

The Loudest Voice (Stan)

THE LOUDEST VOICE is Stan’s explosive new drama series that follows the rise and fall of Roger Ailes, the infamous founder and CEO of Fox News. Academy Award winner Russel Crowe dramatically transforms himself into the controversial media powerbroker, whose influence and reach arguably shaped the current US political landscape. With an A-list cast also including Sienna Miller, Seth MacFarlane and Australia’s Naomi Watts, this gripping series delves into key years in Ailes’s life – from his early career consulting presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush – to his eventual downfall amidst widespread sexual misconduct allegations. THE LOUDEST VOICE is streaming now, only on Stan.

Avengers: Endgame (Telstra TV Box Office)

This year’s biggest blockbuster movie, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, definitely delivers on its promise of an epic follow up to Infinity War. With everyone from Captain Marvel and Black Widow to Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk, the Avengers have come back together to repair the universe left in turmoil by Thanos. Working to unite the Infinity Stones to restore balance to planet Earth and seek revenge on their enemy, expect nothing but high action and a few emotional plot twists in this brilliant superhero film. Watch it fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office from July 30th.

Lambs of God (Foxtel Now)

Ann Dowd and Essie Davis star in Foxtel’s thrilling new four-part drama series, LAMBS OF GOD. Based on the Australian bestselling novel by Marele Day, this highly anticipated adaptation centres on the Sisters of St Agnes – three nuns living on a secluded island, completely isolated from the outside world. When the modern young Father Ignatius arrives at their forgotten monastery, fear of the unknown takes over and they’ll do whatever it takes to save their traditional way of life. Stream all episodes today, only on Foxtel Now.

Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

After seven years of intense drama and cheeky dark comedy, we’re saying goodbye to the ladies of Litchfield. Inspired by the real life of the show’s main character, Piper, this season will follow her life after prison as she works to integrate back into society. With show favourites including Red, Nikki and Crazy Eyes still behind bars, you can expect massive action as the crew fights for justice from the guards and prison system, all while juggling their own personal issues and relationships. The seventh and final season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is available to stream now on Netflix.

Find out more about the newTelstra TV* and discover more of what you love.

*Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 19th July:

First Man (Telstra TV Box Office, Foxtel Now)

Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in FIRST MAN, available on Telstra TV Box Office and Foxtel Now. Focusing on the astronaut who made “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, this edge-of-your-seat biopic explores the demanding decade-long quest for NASA to win the Space Race with the first manned mission to the lunar surface aboard Apollo 11. Exploring uncharted scientific territory, Armstrong and his team encounter life-threatening danger at every turn – and the film brings us along for every nail-biting triumph and heartbreaking tragedy. Based on the official biography, ‘First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong’ by James R. Hansen, the film also acknowledges the impact of the mission on the families of the astronauts, with a superb performance by Claire Foy as Janet Armstrong.

The Dish (Telstra TV Box Office, 10 play)

Australia’s pivotal role in beaming one of history’s greatest events around the world is retold in THE DISH, available on-demand on Telstra TV Box Office and streaming live from 8:30pm on 10 play. Starring Sam Neill, Tom Long and Kevin Harrington, this much-loved Aussie comedy follows the (mostly) true story of the team of satellite dish drivers who helped Houston communicate with the crew aboard Apollo. In the middle of a sheep paddock in Central NSW, a group of Parkes locals working at the CSIRO made sure the largest radio telescope in the southern hemisphere – the only dish on earth capable of the task – was ready for transmission. Pushing the dish to its limits, tackling a few humorous setbacks along the way and with the Americans breathing down their necks, these true blue heroes ultimately made us proud and broadcast this world first to the globe.

Battle for the Moon (Foxtel Now)

BATTLE FOR THE MOON chronicles the highly competitive Space Race between the Americans and the Soviets to claim the title as the first nation to put a man on the moon. Available on Foxtel Now, this two-part documentary begins with the launch of the USSR’s successful Sputnik program in 1957 that triggered the USA’s response to forming NASA and the Gemini program. Escalating Cold War tensions, the early years were driven by the fear of which superpower would emerge as the world’s leader in science and technology – and therefore, the more advanced nation militarily. But with the astronauts becoming household names and real-life superheroes, the race to the moon became a public obsession – and when President Kennedy announced in 1962 that an American would set foot on the moon before the end of the decade, the nation’s excitement grew to a fever pitch.

Apollo 11: A Step that Changed the World (9Now)

Step back into 1969 with never-before-seen footage unearthed in APOLLO 11: A STEP THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, available to stream on 9Now. Narrated by 9News journalist Peter Overton, this documentary looks back at this incredible feat in human engineering, Australia’s role in ensuring its success and what the world looked like amidst the seismic cultural shifts of the 1960s. Speaking to local experts in the field including John Sarkissian (Operations Scientist at CSIRO Parkes), Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith (Astronomer at UNSW) and Paul Scully-Power (Astronaut and Oceanographer), we learn what space exploration has contributed to the science and technology many of us take for granted today. And we hear from two engineers who were working at the Parkes Telescope on the night of the moon landing – David Cooke (now 87) and Ben Lam (82) – on what went into Australia’s important role in this global accomplishment.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 12th July:

Wonder Park (Telstra TV Box Office)

For a fun-filled family adventure bursting with laughs and imagination, grab the popcorn and start streaming WONDER PARK – available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. When a creative young June (voiced by Sofia Mali) and her mum (Jennifer Garner) invent a fantastical make-believe amusement park in June’s bedroom, they fill it with a collection of magical creatures to operate the rides and keep the park running. There’s Peanut (Norbert Leo Butz), a chimpanzee who builds new rides, Boomer the sleepy blue bear who tests them out (Ken Hudson Campbell), Steve the articulate porcupine in charge of safety (John Oliver) and Greta (Mila Kunis) a wild boar who’s the boss of them all. And then there’s the hyperactive Beaver Brothers – played by Australia’s very own Fitzy and Wippa – who are always on hand to fix anything that breaks down. As June gets older, she forgets about the imaginary world. That is, until she accidentally stumbles into it and comes face to face with the loveable characters she conjured up years earlier. Without her, the park has been falling apart with neglect – and she’ll need to bring back the magic before Wonderland is lost for good.

My Life is Murder (10 play)

Lucy Lawless stars in the hilarious new Aussie murder mystery series, MY LIFE IS MURDER – streaming each Wednesday from 10 July on 10 play. Lawless plays Alexa Crowe, a mysterious and blunt-as-a-spoon former homicide detective who is roped back into the game when her old friend Detective Kieran Hussey (played by Bernard Curry) convinces her to help out with one of his more challenging investigations. Together with the department’s determined and perky Analyst Madison (Ebony Vagulans), they’ll attempt to crack the impossible – with a mystifying new case to solve each week. Keep an eye out for some of Australia’s most-loved actors guest starring each week including Magda Szubanski, Danielle Cormack, Ryan Corr, Don Hany, Lisa Hensley and Nadine Garner.

S.W.A.T. (7plus)

The crime capers continue with S.W.A.T., a commanding new cop drama streaming now on 7plus. Shemar Moore (who you might recognise from eleven seasons of Criminal Minds) plays Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, a former marine who grew up on the mean streets of Los Angeles. When he’s promoted to lead a Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) team charged with responding to high-risk situations within his home community, he realises he’ll have to tread a careful line between remaining loyal to friends and family who are often victimised by the police – and his fellow officers in the force. Training his team to stay focused on respectful, non-violent interactions with untrusting members of the community, Hondo’s crew of brave men and women put their lives on the line each day to serve and protect in this action-packed series.

Robbie Hood (SBS On Demand)

And for a familiar-sounding story with a uniquely Australian twist, check out ROBBIE HOOD – with all episodes available now on SBS On Demand. Across six 10-minute episodes, you’ll fall in love with this mischievous cheeky-grinned thirteen-year-old (played by Pedrea Jackson) – famous in Alice Springs for riding around on his BMX to set right the wrongs that befall their small outback town. Inspired by Indigenous director Dylan River’s own upbringing, this funny, heartfelt and authentically gritty take on a kids series sees the red-hooded Robbie joined by his trusty sidekicks Little Johnny (Levi Thomas) and Georgia Blue (Jordan Johnson) as they bend the rules to push through life’s hardships and come out on top.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 4th July:

Shazam! (Telstra TV Box Office)

Just in time for the school holidays is the electrifying teen superhero comedy, SHAZAM! – available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Asher Angel stars as Billy, a fourteen-year-old foster kid who, thanks to the gratitude of a mighty wizard (played by Djimon Hounsou), gains the power to unleash his inner hero ‘SHAZAM!’ – a buff, man-sized version of himself (Zachary Levi) armed with super strength, the ability to fly and bolts of lightning that he can shoot from his hands. With his superhero enthusiast foster brother Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer) by his side, Billy does what any kid would do and has some fun exploring his newfound abilities – videos of which go viral online. That is until the embittered Dr Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong) learns of his existence and plots to strip Billy of the powers he believes he deserves for himself.

The Rook (Stan)

New to Stan this week is THE ROOK, a suspenseful new eight-part miniseries streaming each Monday from 12pm (AEST) – same day as the US, only on Stan. Part thriller, part spy-drama, the series follows Myfanwy Thomas (played by Emma Greenwell), who wakes up on London’s Millennium Bridge with no memory of who she is, how she got there or why there are corpses piled up all around her. Thanks to a note she finds in her pocket that she wrote to herself, she soon learns that she’s a senior agent within the Checquy, the British paranormal secret service. Code-named “The Rook”, she’ll need to come to terms with her own supernatural powers and use them to fight an army of apocalyptic adversaries – including those closest to her, inside the agency itself.

Australian Ninja Warrior (9Now)

Returning for an exhilarating third season this week is AUSTRALIAN NINJA WARRIOR, starting Monday 8 July from 7:30pm on 9Now. Hosted by Ben Fordham, Rebecca Maddern and Freddie Flintoff, this hit competition series makes a move to Melbourne and will see a new crop of competitors go head-to-head with some of our fan-favourite ninjas from seasons past as they scale, swing and soar through an intensely grueling obstacle course that will test the very limits of their strength and endurance. Tune in to witness every jaw-dropping jump, heart-stopping spill and awe-inspiring victory as our ninjas battle it out to take home the ultimate prize.

2019 Wimbledon Championships (7plus and Kayo)

The world’s oldest and arguably most prestigious annual tennis tournament is upon us once again – and Telstra TV customers can stream every game of the 2019 WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS live each night from 8pm (AEST) on 7TWO and 7plus. With competition airing from 1 to 14 July, Kayo subscribers are also able to stream each game live during the first week of the tournament – with the added ability to watch “From Start” if you tune in late. Up until the Quarter Finals, Kayo also offers viewers up to six additional streams, four of which can be streamed simultaneously on the same screen. And from the Quarter Finals onwards, Kayo will make all matches available on demand after each game has concluded – as well as Kayo Mini recaps that will showcase the highlights from each match in only 10-20 minutes.

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What to stream this week on Telstra TV


Posted on June 28, 2019

9 min read

This month on Telstra TV, there’s a stack of brilliant content hitting our screens as we head back to the streets of NYC and the shores of Monterey with the return of our favourite drama series. Prepare to embrace all things superheroes and sci-fi this month, and experience a brand new App featuring the best in independent cinema – all available on Telstra TV.

Captain Marvel (Telstra TV Box Office)

aptain Marvel - Telstra TV Box Office - Telstra TV

Starring Brie Larson as the absolute powerhouse that is CAPTAIN MARVEL, this epic, high-action film is a must-watch for superhero lovers. Set in 1995, Carol Danvers in an ex-military fighter pilot whose DNA was altered, giving her superhuman strength and the ability to fly. After her presence on Earth attracts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D agents, Danvers is forced to employ her powers and transition into a powerful protector as she’s caught in a war between two alien races. Also starring Samuel L. Jackson and Jude Law, this epic film is perfect for a night on the couch. Watch it now on Telstra TV Box Office.

Stranger Things 3 (Netflix)

Stranger Things 3 - Netflix - Telstra TV

The Duffer Brothers are back with a brand new season of the hit Netflix series, STRANGER THINGS. It’s now 1985, a year since we last saw our teenage heroes battling it out against a pack of interdimensional monsters terrorising the town of Hawkins Indiana. And even though they’ve closed the portal to the Upside Down, the Shadow Monster still lurks below, waiting to return. The kids are growing up – and in many ways, they’re starting to grow apart. But they’ll need to stick together this summer because the fate of the world now lies in their hands. All eight episodes will be available to stream from 4 July only on Netflix.

Big Little Lies (Foxtel Now)

Big Little Lies - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

Continuing on from last season’s shocking plot twist, BIG LITTLE LIES season 2 will look at the fallout after a suspicious murder in the affluent, image-obsessed town of Monterey. In a place where scandals are kept behind closed doors, a group of mothers are dealing with scrutiny from family and police alike after one of their husband’s suspiciously died. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Zoë Kravitz are all back this season, and are joined by Meryl Streep in this drama-packed sequel – available to stream on Foxtel Now from June 10.

Younger (Stan)

Younger - Stan - Telstra TV

Created by the man behind ‘Sex and the City’, YOUNGER is a hilarious comedy-drama series now onto its sixth season on Stan. The show follows 40-something single mum Liza as she pretends to be in her twenties to score a highly competitive publishing job. But with more people discovering the truth, Liza is forced to juggle parenthood with increasingly strained relationships and a wild new lifestyle. This season promises a surprise baby, professional work challenges and love triangles to boot. Stream season 6 each Thursday, same day as the US – only on Stan.

MUBI: Now available on Telstra TV

MUBI: Now available on Telstra TV

Lovers of independent cinema are in for a treat this month with MUBI, the latest movie streaming app available now Telstra TV. Each day, the curators at MUBI hand-pick a new film to make available in their eclectic collection – including film festival premieres, award winners, cult classics and even some undiscovered gems.

For a limited time, Telstra TV customers can get a 3-month subscription to MUBI for only $1*. Download and open the MUBI app on your Telstra TV and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up and redeem.

*Promotion valid for new MUBI users only. $9.99 a month after the end of your 3-month trial.

Find out more about the new Telstra TV* and discover more of what you love.

*Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 14th June:

Hotel Mumbai (Telstra TV Box Office)

For a heart-stopping emotional rollercoaster, check out HOTEL MUMBAI – available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Based on the real-life terror attacks that rocked the city of Mumbai on 26 November 2008, this terrifyingly suspenseful film focuses its lens on the upscale Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where guests such as husband and wife David (played by Armie Hammer) and Zahra (Nazanin Boniadi) and hotel staff including waiter Arjun (Dev Patel) were suddenly thrown into a chilling situation when gunmen stormed the hotel and began executing guests.

Murder Mystery (Netflix)

Available to stream from Friday 14 June is the Netflix Original comedy film, MURDER MYSTERY. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston star as Nick and Audrey Spitz, a couple heading off on a long-overdue holiday to Europe. When Audrey wanders into the business class lounge on their flight, she meets the charming and handsome Charles Cavendish (played by Luke Evans) who invites the couple onto his family’s luxury yacht. But things take a dramatic turn when elderly billionaire Malcolm Quince (Terence Stamp) is found murdered – and the two outsiders are instantly cast as the prime suspects.

City on a Hill (Stan)

The latest premium drama series from Showtime, CITY ON A HILL, is streaming now on Stan – with the first episode available this week and new episodes available each Monday from 24 June – same day as the US. Set in the early nineties in Brooklyn, this gritty crime series from Executive Producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon follows Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward (played by Aldis Hodge) who joins forces with a corrupt yet respected FBI officer, Jackie Rhodes (Kevin Bacon) to take town a crime syndicate with roots deep enough to permeate every part of the Boston law enforcement community.

The Act (Foxtel Now)

Patricia Arquette stars in the shockingly real true-crime drama series, THE ACT – starting this Tuesday 18 June from 9:30pm (AEST) on Foxtel Now. Each season of this anthology series will reportedly follow a different story – the first of which is the tragic case of Dee Dee Blanchard (Arquette) and her daughter Gypsy Rose (played by Joey King). As a sufferer of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, Dee Dee raised Gypsy to believe she was terminally ill – when in fact, her mother was slowly poisoning her, lying about her age and conning various doctors and charity organisations for attention, benefits and housing. When Gypsy becomes wise to the deception and finds herself a boyfriend online, that’s when things take a startling turn.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 7th June:

Greta (Telstra TV Box Office)

Greta - Telstra TV Box Office - Telstra TV

What would you do if you found a handbag left on the train? Try to return it to its owner? You might think twice after watching the twisted psychological thriller, GRETA – available now on Telstra TV Box Office. Chloë Grace Moretz stars as Frances, a small town girl who recently moved to New York with her best friend after losing her mother to cancer. When she comes across an abandoned bag on the subway, she tracks down its owner, Greta – a seemingly sweet piano teacher in her sixties played by Isabelle Huppert. The pair quickly form an unlikely friendship, in many ways filling the mother-daughter void both seem to be feeling. But things take a turn when Greta becomes completely obsessed – following Frances around, staring at her creepily through the window of the restaurant where she works. And any distance Frances tries to put between them only makes matters worse. What happens next is so shockingly intense, it must be seen to be believed.

Tales of the City (Netflix)

Tales of the City - Netflix - Telstra TV

Prepare to be utterly enchanted by the Netflix ten-part limited series, TALES OF THE CITY – with all episodes streaming from this Friday 7 June. Inspired by the iconic LGBTQ series of nine novels written by Armistead Maupin – as well as their much-loved television adaptations from the nineties – this latest incarnation sees Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis reprise their roles as Mary Ann Singleton and her former landlady, the eccentrically magical Anna Madrigal. When Mary Ann returns to her old apartment complex of 28 Barbary Lane in San Francisco some twenty years after leaving to follow her dreams, she’s reunited with some familiar faces including her ex-husband Brian Hawkins (played by Paul Gross), her estranged daughter Shawna (Ellen Page) and her best friend Michael “Mouse” Tolliver (now portrayed by Murray Bartlett). And even though there’s a diverse new group of young queer people taking up residence in Mrs Madrigal’s flats, somehow it feels like a home she never left. Packed with warm-hearted nostalgia and genuinely uplifting modern narratives, this inspiring new series is sure to delight existing fans and newcomers alike.

Perpetual Grace, LTD (Stan)

Perpetual Grace, LTD - Stan - Telstra TV

New to Stan this week is PERPETUAL GRACE, LTD, a thrilling dark drama series streaming each Monday at 7pm (AEST) from 3 June. Starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Australia’s Jacki Weaver as Pastor Byron Brown and his wife Lillian, the crooked couple have been swindling their parishioners out of millions of dollars through their church Our Lady of Perpetual Grace. When their son Paul Allen (played by Damon Herriman) convinces a conman (Jimmi Simpson) to help him steal back the fortune, they discover that “Pa and Ma” are much more menacing than they first suspected. Their seemingly simple plan to get the pair out of the picture goes horribly wrong and when Pa starts to exact his revenge, it’s quickly revealed that he’s an extremely violent (and hilariously sweary) individual. If you’re a fan of shows like ‘Fargo’ or ‘Breaking Bad’, then this one is definitely for you.

Below Deck Mediterranean (hayu)

Below Deck Mediterranean - hayu - Telstra TV

If you’re looking for an escape from the cold, cold winter that has started to set in, then look no further than BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN – with season four streaming weekly from this Tuesday 4 June on hayu. Captain Sandy and her crew are back, sailing the French Riviera and catering to every decadent request of their cashed-up charter guests aboard the luxury super-yacht “Sirocco”. For the uninitiated, this addictive reality series offers an “Upstairs, Downstairs” glimpse into the drama and craziness of the lives of the cabin crew as they interact with each other and the boat’s ever-changing cast of wealthy passengers. Set amidst the gorgeous backdrop of Europe’s most famous and opulent cruising destination, the Mediterranean Sea, this series is sure to induce an extreme case of holiday envy.

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What to stream this week on Telstra TV


Posted on May 31, 2019

18 min read

What are you watching this week? Check out the latest movies and TV shows available right now on Telstra TV.

Vice (Telstra TV Box Office)

Vice - Telstra TV Box Office - Telstra TV

An almost unrecognisable Christian Bale skillfully transforms into former US Vice President Dick Cheney in VICE – available now on Telstra TV Box Office. Written and directed by Adam McKay, the Oscar-winning writer behind ‘The Big Short’, this ruthlessly candid comedy tells the story behind the monumental yet surprisingly under-the-radar political climb that led Cheney to become one of the most powerful men in the world. Amy Adams stars as Lynne Cheney, the intensely driven wife who pushed her alcoholic, layabout husband to turn his life around and eventually enter politics. Steve Carell plays Donald Rumsfeld, the brash Washington bureaucrat under whom Cheney got his political start in the Nixon White House. And Sam Rockwell stars as George W. Bush, who brought this former oil-company CEO back into the political realm to make defense and foreign policy decisions that would reverberate throughout history.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

Black Mirror - Netflix - Telstra TV

Season five of the Emmy Award-winning sci-fi anthology series, BLACK MIRROR, returns to Netflix this week – with all three new episodes streaming from Wednesday 5 June. With an eye to the future, this eerily prescient dark drama series takes current and emerging trends in technology, psychology, artificial intelligence and the media – and follows their personal and social effects through to plausibly extreme conclusions. This season, we meet a ride-sharing driver (played by Andrew Scott from ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Fleabag’) who flips out and takes his passenger hostage, seemingly because of how hooked the world has become to their smartphones and social media apps. In another episode, Miley Cyrus stars as Ashley O, a pop star with a polished public persona who is struggling to cope on the inside. When her record label begins selling mini “Ashley Too” robots embedded with her personality, things start to go very wrong. And Anthony Mackie (from ‘Avengers: Endgame’) plays a distracted husband, whose mysterious smartphone activity is getting in the way of his wife’s plan to conceive a child.

Fosse/Verdon (Foxtel Now)

Fosse/Verdon - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

The dramatically turbulent true story of Broadway power-couple Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon unfolds in FOSSE/VERDON, streaming each Sunday from 26 May on Foxtel Now. Predominantly set during the 1970s, this eight-part limited series follows Fosse (played by Sam Rockwell) as he rose to prominence as one of the most acclaimed film and theatre choreographers and directors of his time – with hits such as ‘Cabaret’, ‘Chicago’ and ‘Sweet Charity’ to name just a few of his successes. Married to musical theatre actress and dancer Verdon (Michelle Williams), the pair formed a complementary creative partnership filled with endless talent and vision – hindered by Fosse’s incessant womanising and struggles with substance abuse. Produced by Thomas Kail, Steven Levenson, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Joel Fields, this magnificently glitzy yet gritty series also stars Paul Reiser, Aya Cash, Norbert Leo Butz and Jake Lacy.

Press (ABC iview)

Press - ABC iview - Telstra TV

New to ABC iview this month is PRESS, a riveting six-part BBC miniseries following the journalists and editors of two rival newspapers in London. Charlotte Riley plays Holly Evans, the intrepid wise-beyond-her-years news editor at The Herald – an embattled left-leaning broadsheet struggling to compete in a world of free online news and sensationalist journalism. Across the street, Ben Chaplin plays the unscrupulous editor of The Post, a splashy tabloid where business is booming thanks to their ruthless, dishonest and unethical reporting of whatever is likely to attract the most attention. Written by the award-winning creator of ‘Doctor Foster’, Mike Bartlett, each episode of this fiercely intelligent series is packed with enough biting banter, depressing realism and satisfying plot twists to ensure you’ll stay captivated from start to finish.

Find out more about the new Telstra TV* and discover more of what you love.

*Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 24th of May:

Green Book (Telstra TV Box Office)

Green Book - Telstra TV Box Office - Telstra TV

Join Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali on a roadtrip across the American Deep South – in the hilarious and heartfelt Oscar-winning best picture, GREEN BOOK – available now on Telstra TV Box Office. Inspired by a true story set in 1962, we meet a rough-around-the-edges nightclub bouncer Tony Lip – hired by the refined African-American concert pianist, Dr. Don Shirley, to drive him and provide security throughout his two-month tour. As this odd-couple travel together through the racially charged southern states, they initially clash – but gradually warm to each other. Tony begins to understand the difficulties and dangers of dealing with prejudice, while Dr. Shirley learns to loosen up as the pair form a lifelong friendship.

The Handmaid’s Tale (SBS On Demand)

The Handmaid's Tale - SBS On Demand - Telstra TV

The show that rocked the globe is returning for its highly anticipated third season, streaming from June 6 on SBS On Demand. THE HANDMAID’S TALE broke boundaries as it delved into a totalitarian version of the United States known as Gilead, where infertility is rife and childbearing is seen as a commodity for rich and powerful men. The last season saw protagonist June partner with a powerful Commander to help fellow Handmaid Emily escape with June’s child, as she makes a difficult decision to stay in this world of oppression. Season three of this groundbreaking series will follow June’s battle for survival in this increasingly dangerous and unstable world – guaranteeing plenty of drama and shocks ahead.

Catch-22 (Stan)

Catch-22 - Stan - Telstra TV

Directed and produced by George Clooney and based on Joseph Heller’s renowned novel of the same name, CATCH-22 is an absurdly dark comedy series set during World War II – centred around the clever yet eternally frustrated Captain John Yossarian, a US Air Force bombardier played by Christopher Abbott. Counting the days until he can return home and out of harm’s way, he’s stonewalled when the army increase the number of missions his squadron need to complete. To be relieved of his duties, he’ll have to prove he’s insane – which is practically impossible under a rule called Catch 22. Also starring George Clooney, Kyle Chandler and Hugh Laurie, all six episodes are now streaming – only on Stan.

Good Omens (Amazon Prime Video)

Good Omens - Amazon Prime Video - Telstra TV

Featuring a massive cast including Michael Sheen, Jon Hamm and David Tennant, GOOD OMENS is the exciting new fantasy series you can’t miss. Set in modern times, Armageddon is just days away and angels and demons are forced to unite on Earth to prevent the impending doom brought about by the eleven-year-old antichrist. With the right amount of comedic lightness and high production special effects, this six-part miniseries covers all bases as it looks at the unlikely friendship between good and evil as they seek to save the world as we know it. Available 31 May on Amazon Prime Video.

Wentworth (Foxtel Now)

Wentworth - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

Australia’s most popular drama series, the Logie Award-winning WENTWORTH, returns this month for a thrilling seventh season – starting Tuesday 28 May on Foxtel Now. At the end of last year, we finally found out who was tormenting Vera, Will and Jake over the cover-up of Ferguson’s disappearance. And while Marie and Kaz came to some shocking blows, it was undercover cop Rita who caught us all off guard with just how far she was willing to go to protect her sister Ruby. What will happen this season when Marie discovers Ruby killed her son? And what’s in store for our favourite inmates and officers, as the tension escalates to dramatic new heights?

Our favourites streaming for the week of 17th of May:

Ben is Back (Telstra TV Box Office)

Ben is Back - Telstra TV Box Office - Telstra TV

Julia Roberts gives a powerful performance as the desperate mother of a recovering addict in BEN IS BACK, available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Lucas Hedges plays her son Ben, who checks himself out of rehab early to return home for Christmas. Concerned that he will relapse, his mother Holly allows him to stay only if she can keep a constant eye on him. But it proves to be a difficult task, with a number of ghosts from his past resurfacing to drag him back into his old life. During the course of a day, Holly is introduced to some shocking truths about what led to Ben’s teenage substance abuse. And when he disappears, panic sets in as she faces the familiar threat of losing her son all over again to the devastating disease of addiction. Written and directed by Lucas’s father, Peter Hedges, who was inspired to write the film after losing a friend to a heroin overdose, it’s a touching look into the depths of a mother’s love and the lengths she is willing to go to protect her child from harm.

Fleabag (Amazon Prime Video)

Fleabag - Amazon Prime Video - Telstra TV

One of the smartest British comedies to come along in years, FLEABAG, is now in its second season – available to stream in full from this Friday 17 May on Amazon Prime Video. Written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also stars in the lead role, this hilariously deadpan series follows a quick-witted single woman as she experiences the highs and lows of dating, friendship and family life in London. Always the cleverest person in the room, she suffers no fools – and often directly addresses the camera to share with viewers a private commentary on what she’s thinking about the other characters, even if it’s just a sly eyebrow raise or a knowing look. And it’s this raw honesty with the audience that makes this show so great. As she deals with a cast of frustratingly real characters including her neurotic sister Claire (Sian Clifford), Claire’s sleazy husband Martin (Brett Gelman), her indecisive dad (Bill Paterson) and her delightfully snide stepmother to be (Olivia Colman), she does so with a dry wit that instantly calls out how absurdly they’re all behaving. And when she’s the offending party, she’s the first to point it out. After all, she did name her own lead character “Fleabag”.

Gentleman Jack (Foxtel Now)

Gentleman Jack - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

New to Foxtel Now this week is the incredibly modern HBO/BBC period drama, GENTLEMAN JACK – with episodes streaming each Sunday from 19 May. Written and directed by Sally Wainwright, the award-winning creator of Happy Valley, Unforgiven, Scott & Bailey and Last Tango in Halifax, the series is set in Yorkshire in 1832 and follows the life of the fiercely intelligent and assertive Anne Lister (played by Suranne Jones). Based on the real-life diaries of Lister, said to be written in astonishing detail, Lister was widely known to prefer and actively pursue the company of other women – earning her the rather derogatory nickname of “Gentleman Jack”. Being in a position of regional prominence as the heir to her family’s estate, Anne’s diaries were largely written in coded language to hide the details of her lesbian affairs. And while her love life and unusual manner might have bothered some at the time, it didn’t get in the way of her living a remarkably momentous and fulfilling life – especially at a time when men still had a monopoly on industrial and political power. As the series unfolds, we follow Anne’s quest to rejuvenate their country manor house, complete with the men dominating the local coal industry and her courageous plan to take a wife.

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 (SBS On Demand)

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - SBS On Demand - Telstra TV

Pop music’s largest, most fabulous annual event is here again with the Grand Final of the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST airing live from Tel Aviv, Israel from 5:00am (AEST) this Sunday 19 May on SBS and SBS On Demand – with a replay at 8:30pm. And while we’re not officially part of Europe, Australia’s love of the annual event has meant we’ve been invited back for the fifth time since 2015 to compete against 41 European nations before a global audience of over 200 million viewers. Kate Miller-Heidke will represent Australia in the final this year with her pop-opera banger, “Zero Gravity” – after an incredibly flawless performance in the semi-finals, that has resulted in her currently sitting in second place in the odds to win – right behind this year’s favourite Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands. Watch the broadcast with live commentary from our very own Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey, as they unpack each of the cheezy, kitschy and catchy performances sure to stick in your head for weeks to come.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 10th of May:

The Front Runner (Telstra TV Box Office)

The Front Runner - Telstra TV Box Office - Telstra TV

Hugh Jackman stars in the gripping political drama, THE FRONT RUNNER – available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Based on real events that occurred during the 1988 US Democratic primaries, the film follows the story of young presidential hopeful Gary Hart, who emerged as a clear favourite in the selection of a blue party nominee. A skilled communicator, a charming family man and photogenic to boot, Hart was the candidate to beat. But when the press caught wind of Gary cheating on his wife (played by Vera Farmiga), the news blew up – unfortunately for Gary, at the precise time when tabloid newspapers discovered they could mine for stories in the political sphere. Gary was forced to withdraw from the race for the White House in a scandal that rocked not only that election cycle but had knock-on effects for political campaign journalism around the world to this very day. Based on Matt Bai’s book, All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid, the film also stars J.K. Simmons and Alfred Molina. 

Wine Country (Netflix)

Wine Country - Netflix - Telstra TV

Fans of outrageous female-led comedies like Bridesmaids, Sisters and Life of the Party will love WINE COUNTRY, the latest Netflix Original film streaming from this Friday 10 May. Amy Poehler stars as the recently unemployed Abby, who organises a girls getaway to the Napa Valley wine region to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of their friend Rebecca (played by Rachel Dratch). A bit of a control freak, Abby plans out the weekend in excruciating detail. Mother of four, Naomi (Maya Rudolph) is just glad to be out of the house, while Jenny (Emily Spivey) spends much of the trip wishing she were back home with her husband. Catherine (Ana Gasteyer) is glued to her phone, unable to let go of work – while Val (Paula Pell) is here to party after recently recovering from knee surgery. As the wine flows, these six old friends let loose and things get a little crazy. And while they might occasionally get on each other’s nerves, they’re ultimately reminded of why they’ve stayed friends for over twenty years. Also starring Tina Fey and Jason Schwartzman, the film marks Amy Poehler’s directorial debut and offers plenty of familiar campy humour from these former SNL cast favourites.

Chernobyl (Foxtel Now)

Chernobyl - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

Prepare to be rattled by HBO’s riveting new five-part miniseries CHERNOBYL, airing each Tuesday from 7 May on Foxtel Now. At 1:23 (and 45 seconds) in the morning on 26 April 1986, the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine suffered a disaster of unimaginable proportions. During a routine safety test, the reactor caught fire and exploded – in an unforeseen, uncontrollable event that spread lethal doses of nuclear fallout into the surrounding city – and eventually into the atmosphere, wafting radioactive particles across the Soviet Union and as far as western Europe. The series starts with the firefighters and power plant workers who bravely risked their lives to limit the contamination, while Soviet leaders refused to believe the unthinkable and set about spreading disinformation to save their own hides. Jared Harris plays nuclear physicist Valery Legasov, who was among the first to comprehend and convey the magnitude of the hazard – while Emily Watson plays Ulana Khomyuk, a fellow scientist dedicated to uncovering what caused the worst nuclear accident in history.

Mr Black (10 play)

r Black - 10 play - Telstra TV

Check out the hilarious new Aussie comedy, MR BLACK, airing Tuesdays at 8:45pm (AEST) from 7 May on 10 and 10 play. The series stars Stephen Curry as Mr Black, a behind-the-times retired sportscaster who moves in with his daughter Angela (played by Sophie Wright) when his health takes a turn for the worse. But when he meets Angela’s sensitive, new-age boyfriend Fin (Nick Russell), he decides to focus all of his energy on driving the man out of his daughter’s house. In a battle to prove that the floral print-wearing, foot-rubbing feminist isn’t macho enough to take care of his daughter, Mr Black goes head-to head with Fin in a battle of wits, virility and perseverance. Written by the creator of the cult hit ‘Wilfred’, Adam Zwar, this awkwardly funny offbeat comedy is one that’s sure to leave a smile on your dial.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 3rd of May:

The Favourite (Telstra TV Box Office)

The Favourite - Telstra TV Box Office - Telstra TV

It’s the wickedly witty dark comedy that received a whopping ten nominations at this year’s Academy Awards: THE FAVOURITE is now available, fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Starring Olivia Colman as Queen Anne – a role for which she won the Oscar for Best Actress – this cleverly comical period film follows an ailing and lonely monarch, manipulated by those in her court who compete for her affections to usurp her power. Until now, the business of governing is largely taken care of by her close companion Lady Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz), with whom she shares a secret romantic relationship. But when Sarah’s penniless cousin Abigail (Emma Stone) arrives at the palace looking for work, Abigail becomes a worthy adversary – worming her way into Anne’s good graces, triggering a vicious battle with Sarah for the Queen’s heart and her favour. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer) and also starring Nicholas Hoult, James Smith and Mark Gatiss, The Favourite is uniquely unusual, fabulously fun and surprisingly thrilling. Add it to your watch list this week.

Dead To Me (Netflix)

Fans of intriguing mysteries like ‘Big Little Lies’ or ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ will love DEAD TO ME, a brand new Netflix comedy-drama series with all ten episodes available to stream this Friday 3 May. After her husband was killed in a hit-and-run accident, Jen (played by Christina Applegate) joins a grief counselling group to cope with the pain. While there, she meets offbeat optimist Judy (Linda Cardellini), who couldn’t be more different from her own uptight sarcastic self. But through their shared grief, they bond over bottles of wine, phone calls on sleepless nights and their shared love of the eighties sitcom ‘The Facts of Life’. Determined to solve her husband’s murder, the pair go on the hunt for a Mustang with a busted bumper. But as they grow closer, Jen realises there might be more to Judy than meets the eye. Be prepared for a few shocking plot twists and a couple of startling cliffhangers. Just when you think you know what this show is, it turns into something quite different – making for some incredibly addictive binge-viewing.

The Spanish Princess (Stan)

For a royal drama packed with even more politics and romance, check out THE SPANISH PRINCESS, streaming weekly from this Monday 6 May, same day as the US, only on Stan. Charlotte Hope plays Catherine of Aragon, the eponymous Spanish Princess who has been assured her place atop England’s throne since she was only a young girl. Now a teenager, she travels from Spain to dark and dreary England to marry Arthur, Prince of Wales (Angus Imrie). However, shortly after their wedding, the Prince becomes gravely ill and dies. With her claim to the throne now slipping further from her grasp, Catherine sets her sights on the next in line – the younger brother of her late husband, the charming Prince Harry (Ruairi O’Connor), who will one day become King Henry VIII. Based on Philippa Gregory’s novels ‘The Constant Princess’ and ‘The King’s Curse’, this visually stunning series also offers outstanding performances from Laura Carmichael, Harriet Walter and Stephanie Levi-John.

Eden Lake (MUBI)

Eden Lake - MUBI - Telstra TV

And if you’re in the mood for an edge-of-your-seat thriller, EDEN LAKE is now streaming until 2 June on MUBI. Steve (played by Michael Fassbender) and his girlfriend Jenny (Kelly Reilly) plan a romantic weekend away to a secluded spot in the English countryside. But their blissful lakeside escape is suddenly ruined when a rowdy gang of teenagers start hanging around their campsite. When the couple try to stand their ground, the youths become hostile and lash out – spurred on by their unhinged leader Brett (Jack O’Connell). As the weekend goes on, the brutal, unrelenting torment they unleash upon the pair is nothing short of terrifying. Incredibly chilling and expertly executed, this fast-paced horror-suspense isn’t one for the faint of heart.

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