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What to stream this week on Telstra TV


Posted on August 17, 2018

8 min read

Get your giggle on this week on Telstra TV, with the latest offbeat comedies streaming right now – all in one place. From an intelligent historical farce, to an animated fantasy adventure and some fish-out-of-water buffoonery, we’ve got what you need to stay entertained this week.

The Death of Stalin (BigPond Movies)

The Death of Stalin on Telstra TV

From the mind of Armando Iannucci, the creator of exquisite political satires Veep and The Thick of It, comes THE DEATH OF STALIN – fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies. In Moscow in 1953, tyrannical dictator Joseph Stalin rules with fear – fear of doing or saying the slightest thing to offend the megalomaniacal Russian despot and end up on his daily hit list of executions. So when he unexpectedly suffers a massive stroke, panic sets in and power plays begin as his backstabbing lieutenants rush to install the next Soviet leader. Poor old Stalin eventually reaps what he has sown – with all the best doctors rotting in the gulags and an inept, infighting court of cronies stumbling through their own agendas while trying to subdue Stalin’s spoiled children. With an all star cast including Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin, Andrea Riseborough, Jeffrey Tambor, and Rupert Friend, this slightly embellished absurdist comedy is even more absurd given how much of it is reportedly based in truth.

Disenchantment (Netflix)

Disenchantment on Telstra TV

Fans of Futurama and The Simpsons will love Matt Groening’s latest animated comedy series, DISENCHANTMENT, with the first season streaming in full from this Friday 17 August on Netflix. Set in a Disney meets Game of Thrones inspired medieval kingdom of Dreamland, the ten episode first instalment follows Bean (voiced by Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson) – a headstrong teenage Princess who just wants to live life on her own terms, if only her father King Zøg would stop trying to marry her off to prevent war and expand his empire. Bean lashes out by drinking too much, starting pub brawls and sleeping around with vikings until her frustrated father packs her off to the convent. Bean is egged on in her escapades by her sidekicks, the proverbial angel and devil on her shoulders – an optimistic, naive Elf named Elfo (Nat Faxon) with a major crush on Bean and her mischievous sharp-tongued personal demon Luci (Eric Andre). As with FuturamaDisenchantment uses its setting to parody the attitudes of the day – this time with more of a feminist point of view – and extol the virtues of exploring life outside your bubble.

Get Shorty (Stan)

Get Shorty on Telstra TV

New to Stan this week is season two of GET SHORTY, streaming the same day as the US each Monday from 13 August. Inspired by Elmore Leonard’s novel of the same name and the subsequent 1995 film adaptation, this dark comedy series follows Miles (played by Chris O’Dowd), a Nevada hitman whose work is taking a toll on his family life, causing him to become increasingly distant from his wife and daughter. When he’s sent to Los Angeles to collect a debt from a movie producer, he’s inspired to take up a career in show business. With the help of Rick (Ray Romano), a bitter and burned out Hollywood producer, Miles gets a foothold into the business – but not without bringing almost all of his criminal connections and shady background with him. Although it can be at times fairly violent and graphic, Get Shorty is also authentically charming and surprisingly funny. Newcomers can catch up on all past episodes, with season one also streaming in full on Stan.

Ballers (Foxtel Now)

Ballers on Telstra TV

And the Hollywood heavyweight that is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back for a fourth season of his HBO comedy drama series, BALLERS – streaming each Monday on Foxtel Now. Johnson stars as Spencer Strasmore, a former Miami Dolphins star football player who builds a new career out of managing the finances of other NFL players. Created by Stephen Levinson, the producer behind Entourage and Boardwalk Empire, the series is jam-packed with high profile wheeling and dealing, seeing Spencer and his partner Joe (Rob Corddry) juggling the demands of their star clients on and off the field, while also investing in new businesses to expand their empire – this season including an LA-based extreme sports agency run by an egotistical media mogul (Russell Brand). Catch up on all past episodes, also available on Foxtel Now.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 13 August:

Life of the Party (BigPond Movies)

Life of the Party on Telstra TV

Fans of female-led comedies like Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters and The Heat will love Melissa McCarthy’s latest laugh-fest, LIFE OF THE PARTY – available fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies. McCarthy plays Deanna, a permed-hair, bejewelled smock-wearing stay at home mum who’s looking forward to spending some time alone with her husband once their daughter, Maddie, heads back to college. But when her husband unexpectedly divorces her and kicks her out of their family home, she decides to turn her life around. You see, Deanna dropped out of her final year of college when she fell pregnant with Maddie – so it makes perfect sense to enrol in the same college as her unsuspecting daughter. And she doesn’t waste any time diving into campus life, with hilarious results – befriending Maddie’s friends, getting a much needed college makeover, making out with frat boys and exploring her new-found freedom. Written by McCarthy, alongside her husband Ben Falcone who is also the film’s director, it’s a light hearted romp full of heart and a little bit of revenge.

Better Call Saul (Stan)

Better Call Saul on Telstra TV

New to Stan this week is the season four return of the critically acclaimed drama series, BETTER CALL SAUL, streaming each Tuesday from 6pm (AEST). For the uninitiated, the series is a prequel to Vince Gilligan’s award-winning juggernaut, Breaking Bad (also available on Stan) – revealing the back-story behind Walter White’s sketchy lawyer Saul Goodman, from his humble beginnings as an almost-innocent Albuquerque lawyer. (SPOILER ALERT – NEWCOMERS LOOK AWAY NOW). This season, we see the aftermath of Chuck’s dramatic unravelling and Jimmy’s disbarment, and how that pushes Jimmy further down his criminal path to becoming Saul. Mike starts working for Gus Fring’s supplier, Madrigal Electromotive, and we find out how their dangerous plan to disrupt Hector’s control of the drug cartel pans out. As in seasons past, expect to see the introduction of even more characters linking the show to Breaking Bad – including one “very important” addition teased by Vince Gilligan himself, as the overlap becomes bigger, better and darker than ever before.

Insatiable (Netflix)

Insatiable on Telstra TV

Controversial new comedy series,INSATIABLE, is available to stream in full on Netflix from this Friday 10 August. This 13 episode series follows Patty (played by Debby Ryan), an overweight high school student who endures a torrent of bullying until she’s punched in the face by a homeless man and is forced to spend the entire spring break with her jaw wired shut. Returning to school with a slim new body, she’s out for revenge on those who made her life hell. The show’s trailer sparked outrage last month when it was released, with critics raising concerns of “fat shaming”. However the show’s creator, Lauren Gussis, assures us there’s more to the story of this tongue in cheek comedy based on her own experiences as a teenager. She says it’s really about “good people making bad decisions” because of their insatiable desire to fill the personal void so many of us feel for various reasons – be it loneliness, jealousy or self-esteem issues. Although Insatiable focuses on the laughs and doesn’t take itself too seriously, there are also some sincerely touching moments that aim to ground the show and its characters in real emotion.

Doctor Doctor (9Now)

Doctor Doctor on Telstra TV

Returning for a much-anticipated third season this week is DOCTOR DOCTOR, airing Monday nights at 8:40pm (AEST) on Channel 9 and streaming on 9Now from 6 August. This Logie-nominated series follows a hot-shot, party boy heart surgeon, Dr Hugh Knight (played by Rodger Corser), who is forced by the medical tribunal to return to his small country hometown of Whyhope as a punishment for bad behaviour. While reuniting with the family he left behind, Hugh is also forced to readjust to the pace of country life and adapt to working as a GP, rather than as a sought-after specialist. In season three, Hugh’s probation is finally lifted – but a family tragedy makes heading back to the city harder than ever. New faces this season include Vince Colosimo, who joins the cast as a long-lost family member, and Miranda Tapsell who will play an old childhood friend of the Knight brothers.

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What to stream this week on Telstra TV


Posted on July 27, 2018

14 min read

Get your giggle on this week, with the freshest new comedies streaming right now on Telstra TV. Whether you’re in the mood for a movie night in, a weekend television marathon or the latest late-night laughs, we’ve got what you need to tickle your funny bone.

I Feel Pretty (BigPond) Movies

I Feel Pretty - BigPond Movies - Telstra TV

Grab the popcorn for Amy Schumer’s latest comedy hit, I FEEL PRETTY – available fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies. Schumer plays Renee Bennett, a low-level employee of the LeClaire cosmetics empire, whose lack of body confidence is holding her back from climbing the corporate ladder. But when she falls off her bike in spin class and hits her head, she wakes up to a whole new outlook on life. Believing she now has the body of her dreams, Renee assumes the workmen’s wolf-whistles must be for her, that the guy at the dry cleaners is hitting on her, that she’s bound to win the local bar’s bikini contest. Charming everyone around her, Renee proves that a little confidence boost is often all it takes to change your life – eventually impressing her squeaky-voiced over-medicated boss (played by Michelle Williams) and landing a genuinely sweet boyfriend (Rory Scovel). Both authentically heartwarming and hilariously silly, I Feel Pretty carries an empowering message wrapped in an incredibly enjoyable package.

Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

Orange is the New Black - Netflix - Telstra TV

The ladies from Litchfield are back for season six of the Netflix Original series, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – with all episodes streaming from 5pm (AEST) this Friday 27 July. Life is about to be turned upside down for our favourite orange-clad convicts, after a riot at the end of season five led to the prison being stormed and the inmates being moved to a Maximum Security facility. Adjusting to their new home won’t be easy – as they come up against dangerous new rivals and learn to abide by unfamiliar rules, enforced by tougher and more hostile guards. And to top it off, they’re being pitted against one another as they face prosecution for their involvement in the uprising. Starring Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Australia’s Yael Stone, this Emmy winning series is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir about her experience behind bars.

Who Is America? (Stan)

Who is America? - Stan - Telstra TV

Sacha Baron Cohen, the satirical mastermind behind Ali G, Borat and Brüno is back with a highly controversial and much publicised new interview series, WHO IS AMERICA? – with new episodes streaming each Sunday on Stan. True to form, Cohen becomes completely camouflaged by a number of intricate disguises designed to fool his unwitting interview guests into opening up to a supposed like-minded confidant. Transforming into characters including an Israeli firearms enthusiast, a conservative conspiracy theorist and an overly politically correct lefty, Cohen’s seemingly over-the-top imitations are often all his subjects need to start speaking their minds with reckless abandon. And with guests from across the political spectrum, even some high profile politicians, you’d be forgiven for thinking they don’t know they’re being filmed for television – but they do. In a world filled with fake news and ever-divisive politics, this series sheds a light on how easily we can be conned by stories that fit into our worldview and why it’s increasingly important to be skeptical of what you see and hear in the media.

The Late Late Show with James Corden (tenplay)

The Late Show - tenplay - Telstra TV

And if you’re in the mood for a bit of a chuckle before bed, tune into THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN each weeknight from 11pm (AEST) on ELEVEN and streaming on tenplay. Join this charming English funnyman for hilarious nightly interviews with Hollywood’s most famous celebrities, stand-up from up-and-coming comedians and live performances by the world’s top musicians – all before a live studio audience. And with his hugely popular recurring segment, Carpool Karaoke, Corden drives around Los Angeles with music’s biggest names to belt out some of their greatest hits – and share a laugh or two along the way.

Find out more about the new Telstra TV and discover more of what you love.

Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 20 July:

Isle of Dogs (BigPond Movies)

Isle of Dogs - BigPond Movies - TelstraTV

Fans of Wes Anderson’s award-winning offbeat films including Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr Fox will love his latest masterpiece, ISLE OF DOGS – available fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies. This beautifully crafted stop-motion animated adventure is set 20 years into the future in a city of Japan where a canine flu results in the Mayor banishing the entire dog population to Trash Island. Determined to rescue his dog Spots, the mayor’s nephew Atari flies to the wasteland and is joined by a pack of doggy outcasts on his quest. When a government plan to exterminate the dogs is uncovered, an American exchange student, Tracy, and her canine-loving friends must work to sabotage the plot and save the quarantine island’s inhabitants. With an outstanding cast of voice actors including Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson and Yoko Ono, Isle of Dogs is a charming, heartfelt movie the whole family can enjoy.

The Second (Stan)

The Second - Stan - Telstra TV

Streaming from this Friday 20 July is the Stan Original Australian film, THE SECOND. Starring Rachael Blake, Susie Porter and Vince Colosimo, this gritty psychological thriller follows an acclaimed author who escapes to a secluded country estate with her publisher boyfriend to focus on writing her second novel. But when a childhood friend shows up and reveals the dark secrets behind her successful memoir, it sparks a dangerous turn of events inflamed by seduction, rivalry and deception. Selected to open the 2018 Gold Coast Film Festival and appearing in the Sydney Film Festival last month ahead of its theatrical release only two weeks ago, you can stream this brand new Aussie movie from the comfort of your living room this weekend.

Patrick Melrose (Foxtel Now)

Patrick Melrose - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

Continuing Foxtel’s promise of a new drama every week is the addition of the grippingly grim PATRICK MELROSE, starting this Monday 23 July from 9:30pm (AEST) on BBC First. Nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, this highly lauded five-part miniseries stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Patrick, an alcoholic junkie aristocrat desperately attempting to recover amidst mounting family crises. From an abusive childhood in the South of France at the hands of his sadistic father David (Hugo Weaving) and spineless mother Eleanor (Jennifer Jason Leigh), to an opulent adult life in London and New York where he struggles to become a good husband and father, Patrick’s unrelentingly dark journey is both difficult to watch and spectacularly engrossing. Based on the semi-autobiographical novels of Edward St Aubyn, it’s directed by Edward Berger, director of the spy thriller series Deutschland 83.

Master of the Universe (DocPlay)

Master of the Universe - DocPlay - Telstra TV

If you were fascinated by the greed and corruption shown in The Wolf of Wall Street, check out the disturbing financial documentary, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE – available now on DocPlay. Lifting the curtain to reveal the immense power wielded by the world’s investment bankers, the film explores the monetary motivations, extreme pressures and detached psychology of those at the top of their game – whose actions often result in ruinous consequences for corporations, governments and ordinary people alike. Told from the point of view of a former German trader, Rainer Voss, this foreboding film offers a chilling look into the ongoing erosion of financial regulations and ethics – which many predict will inevitably lead to even greater financial disasters in the future.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 13 July:

Ready Player One (BigPond Movies)

Ready Player One on Telstra TV

For an action packed sci-fi adventure the whole family can enjoy, check out Steven Spielberg’s latest blockbuster, READY PLAYER ONE, streaming fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies. In the year 2045 when most of the world’s cities have turned into slums, the population escape their bleak reality by immersing themselves in the OASIS – a video-game inspired virtual reality universe where you can become whatever your heart desires. But when the creator of the OASIS dies, he vows to leave control of the virtual world to whoever can find a hidden “easter egg” – spawning fierce competition among the world’s players, including the film’s hero Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan), his friends and a murderous software corporation who will stop at nothing to gain control. Filled with nostalgic 1980s pop culture references and music, this imaginative film is both visually impressive and great fun to watch.

Sharp Objects (Foxtel Now)

Sharp Objects on Telstra TV

New to Foxtel Now this week is SHARP OBJECTS, the latest premium drama miniseries from HBO. Based on the 2006 bestselling novel of the same name, this gritty psychological thriller tells the story of Camille Preaker (played by Amy Adams) – a troubled, alcoholic Chicago journalist who is reluctantly assigned to report on the brutal murders of two young girls in her small hometown of Wind Gap. As she works to unravel the mystery by getting to know the families, the local townspeople and police, she reconnects with those she left behind – including her cold and controlling mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson), who sparks flashbacks of Camille’s traumatic childhood and the death of her younger sister. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, who won an Emmy for his work on Big Little Lies, the series also offers captivating performances from Chris Messina (from Damages), Matt Craven (NCIS) and Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds).

How It Ends (Netflix)

How It Ends on Telstra TV

Direct to streaming this Friday 13 July is the Netflix Original big-budget blockbuster, HOW IT ENDS. After a catastrophic disaster off the coast of California causes the US Government to declare a national state of emergency, young lawyer Will (played by Theo James from the Divergent films) and his army veteran father-in-law (Academy Award winner, Forest Whitaker) head off on a treacherous cross-country road trip to find his pregnant fiancée (Kat Graham, The Vampire Diaries). With widespread power outages, swirling conspiracy theories and absolute anarchy leading to military retaliation, the pair must fight their way through the chaos to save the day. Exhilaratingly tense, this visually epic film taps into an ominous sense of how easily our fragile civility could turn into civil unrest in the face of catastrophe.

UnREAL (Foxtel Now)

UnREAL on Telstra TV

If you’re a fan of shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or Love Island, then you need to be watching UnREAL, with all episodes of season four dropping at once this Tuesday 17 July on Stan – and all previous seasons streaming now for your catch-up binge. Based on what (allegedly) goes on behind the scenes, this slightly unsettling fictional drama lifts the curtain on the tricks-of-the-trade used by reality show producers to manipulate their contestants and stir up drama. Showrunner Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and Producer Rachel (Shiri Appleby) lead the cast as strong, intelligent yet morally dubious characters who will stop at nothing to create compelling television. And this season might just be the best yet, with an all-stars twist that will see some of our past favourite characters return – as well as Rachel doing double duty as both a contestant in front of the camera and a producer behind the scenes.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 6 July:

A Quiet Place (BigPond Movies)

A Quiet Place on Telstra TV

“If they hear you, they hunt you.” If you love a good scare, then strap in for the year’s most talked about horror movie, A QUIET PLACE – streaming fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies. Written and directed by John Krasinski, who also stars in the film alongside his real life wife Emily Blunt, the pair play the parents of a young family surviving in rural America amidst an invasion of blind alien creatures who hunt with incredibly powerful hearing. Doing whatever they can to avoid making a sound, the ever-present tension lies in the constant threat of the family slipping up. A nail-biting, white knuckle ride from start to finish, the film is impressively suspenseful given its simple premise, spare setting and minimal dialogue.

Power (Stan)

Power on Telstra TV

Returning this week exclusively to Stan is season five of the hit crime drama, POWER. From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who also stars in the show, the series follows Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick) – the owner of one of New York’s hottest nightclubs and a high level drug dealer catering to the city’s rich and famous. Vowing to leave his criminal enterprises behind to focus on his family and building a legitimate business, Ghost struggles to break free from his suppliers, the former boss he sent to prison and the double life he’s leading with a rekindled former flame who happens to work for the FBI. This season, the drama heats up with twists you won’t see coming, as unlikely new alliances are formed and revenge reigns supreme.

Unsolved (Netflix)

Unsolved on Telstra TV

Fans of true crime will be fascinated by the Netflix series, UNSOLVED – a dramatised account of the high profile investigations into the still unsolved hip-hop homicides of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. Starring Westworld’s Jimmi Simpson as the Detective searching for Biggie’s killer in the late 90s, and Josh Duhamel (from Love, Simon) who reopens the case ten years later amid discoveries of an LAPD corruption ring, this gripping murder mystery anthology is driven by complex conspiracies, an acute attention to detail and phenomenal performances from its cast members Marcc Rose (as Tupac) and Wavyy Jonez (as Biggie Smalls).

Wentworth (Foxtel Now)

Wentworth on Telstra TV

Back for its sixth season on Foxtel Now is the 2018 Logie Award winning Australian drama series, WENTWORTH. Gripping and gritty, the series follows the tough love and savage power-plays among Wentworth Prison’s diverse inmate population – as well as the daily challenges faced by the prison’s roster of officers, some of whom are naively well-intentioned while others are stealthily and sinisterly corrupt. SPOILER ALERT: After last season’s epic conclusion, is Ferguson (2018 Logie Winner, Pamela Rabe) gone for good? Will Vera (played by Kate Atkinson) discover that Will (Robbie Magasiva) and Jake (Bernard Curry) were involved in The Freak’s demise and Franky’s (Nicole da Silva) escape? Will Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) return to Wentworth after Liz (Celia Ireland) poisoned her – and what will Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) do when she finds out? With some new faces this season, how will Kaz’s position as top dog be challenged by the entry of criminal matriarch Marie Winter (Susie Porter)? And what’s the unspoken relationship between hot-headed inmates Rita (Leah Purcell) and Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick)? Tune in Tuesdays from 8:30pm (AEST) to find out.

Apple Tree Yard (ABC iview)

Apple Tree Yard on Telstra TV

For a psychological thriller with a twist (or two), check out the latest BBC drama series APPLE TREE YARD – with all four episodes streaming now on ABC iview. Based on Louise Doughty’s bestselling novel of the same name, it stars Emily Watson as Dr Yvonne Carmichael – a brilliant geneticist who begins an uncharacteristically risky affair with a mysterious and charismatic stranger (played by Ben Chaplin). As their passion for each other intensifies, the pair seem to be keeping the affair under the radar. That is, until a startling turn of events tears both of their lives apart, with consequences neither could have ever imagined.

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8 awesome Anime series to catch on Telstra TV


Posted on July 20, 2018

4 min read

With many of its shows and films possessing the same action, drama and romance you’d expect from a live-action series, there’s no surprise Anime is gaining huge popularity around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned animation viewer or you’re keen to find out what the craze is about, here are some of the best anime shows on Telstra TV.

Pyscho-Pass (AnimeLab)

Psycho-Pass - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

Set in a dystopian future, simply considering committing a crime makes you a target, and in PYSCHO-PASS on AnimeLab, justice is decided by electronic devices able to scan your mental state. Once deemed a ‘risk’, authorities are dispensed, utilising their weapons however they see fit. Addressing totalitarian governments and questionable gun laws, this action-packed sci-fi series will keep you on the edge of your seat – begging to binge more.

Attack on Titan (AnimeLab)

Attack on Titan - AnimeLab - Telstra TV


One of the most popular anime series and a great starting place for beginners, ATTACK ON TITAN on AnimeLab follows a degrading world where humans have been forced to retreat behind enormous walls of a fortified city. The horror that awaits outside? Massive, man-eating Titans that threaten to destroy the town’s peaceful existence. With only a handful of men surviving the journey beyond the wall, defeating the looming danger proves to be more difficult than they could have imagined.

Sword Art Online (AnimeLab)

Sword Art Online - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

In the near future, a popular virtual reality game called SWORD ART ONLINE on AnimeLab allows users to control their avatars with their bodies, competing with others all over the world. But drama ensues when the game’s creator locks players in the game, holding them captive until they reach a seemingly unattainable level. Knowing if they die in the game, they die in real life, their struggle for virtual survival has never been so critical.

Sailor Moon Crystal (AnimeLab)

Sailor Moon Crystal - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

Based on Naoko Takeuchi’s legendary manga series, SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL on AnimeLab is a modern, and slightly more accurate, remake of the internationally popular anime series from the 90’s. Retelling the story of Sailor Moon on her search for her fellow guardians, this beautiful series will be loved by adults and children alike as the gifted group seek to stop the dark forces of Queen Beryl and protect their world as they know it.

Dragon Ball Super (AnimeLab)

Dragon Ball Super - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

After 18 years since the last original storyline from DRAGON BALL Z, DRAGON BALL SUPER on AnimeLab acts as a sequel to the highly popular 90’s show. With Majin Buu defeated and Earth at peace, Goku has attained the powers of a god while living a humble life as a farmer. But with dark forces awakening, he is forced once again to travel to alternate universes and defend his world from the dangerous deities that await him – promising die-hard viewers and the next generation a whole heap of action.

Astro Boy (AnimeLab)

Astro Boy - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

Set in the near future, 2030 AD, a young robot known is rescued by Android Advocate Dr. Elefun after being abandoned by his creator. With super-human strength, X-ray vision and the ability to fly, Elefun guides him to utilise these special powers for good, helping him become ASTRO BOY on AnimeLab. And with a city under threat from crime, evil, and injustice, Astro Boy must learn to defend mankind from dangerous robots and humans alike.

Death Note (AnimeLab)

Death Note - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

You may have caught this addictively dark series on Netflix, but before the show you know today came this game-changing anime series. In DEATH NOTE on AnimeLab, life changes forever for star student Light Yagami who stumbles across the misplaced notebook of a death god. Discovering that any human whose name is written in the notebook will die, he vows to use the book’s power for good. But with wanted criminals dying all over the city, authorities are dispatched to track down the murderer.

Your Lie in April (AnimeLab)

Your Lie in April - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

Proving anime isn’t all action and sci-fi, YOUR LIE IN APRIL on AnimeLab follows the life of child prodigy pianist after his abusive mother and ruthless instructor dies, sparking his emotional meltdown. Unable to hear his piano or see colours, Kōsei had succumbed to dull and lonely world when he meets a passionate violin artist with a very eccentric style. Feel invigorated and full of life, you’ll love watching the budding relationship of these two complex characters with hidden secrets.

Find out more about the new Telstra TV* and discover more of what you love.

*Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.

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6 new sci-fi shows to explore this month


Posted on July 3, 2018

4 min read

With the recent success of shows like STRANGER THINGS and BLACK MIRROR, we’re flocking to science fiction series more than ever before as we welcome time travel, alternative universes and artificial intelligence into our lounge rooms.

Here’s a section of our favourite new sci-fi shows hitting Telstra TV.

Future Man (Foxtel Now)

Future Man - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

Uninspired and lacking motivation, janitor Josh Futturman’s once-dull life is rocked when he wins a seemingly unbeatable video game, summoning characters from ‘Biotic Wars’ to appear. As more futuristic entities pop up, Josh is quickly forced to travel through time, completing various missions as he strives to save his world and as the video game begins to take over. With producers including Seth Rogen and Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson, FUTURE MAN on Foxtel Now puts a light, comedic spin on a classic sci-fi adventure series.

The 100 (BigPond Movies)

The 100 - BigPond Movies - Telstra TV

After civilisation on Earth is completely wiped out following a nuclear Armageddon, there are only twelve humans to survive – astronauts living on the international space stations. After a few generations of life in space, a growing population quickly leads to dwindling resources, forcing a handful of juvenile prisoners to head back. THE 100 on BigPond Movies follows this feisty young group as they reassess the planet’s habitability. After a lifetime in space, an abandoned Earth proves to be both thrilling and terrifying.

Lost in Space (Netflix)

Lost in Space - Netflix - Telstra TV

Netflix’s modern television adaption of the 1960’s LOST IN SPACE series follows the lovable Robinson family as they are tasked with colonising a new planet. However, after they’re thrown off course and plunged into a dangerous alien environment light years from their anticipated destination, the Robinsons must form critical alliances to ensure their survival. Highlighting interpersonal human demons and challenges alongside fighting impending danger is as much about gripping character development as it is sci-fi action.

Counterpart (SBS)

Counterpart - SBS On Demand - Telstra TV

Putting a thrilling, futuristic twist on traditional espionage drama, COUNTERPART on SBS On Demand follows Howard Silk (J.K. Simmons) as he discovers his Berlin-based spy organisation is hiding a secret gateway into a parallel dimension. Plunged into a dangerous world of characters mirroring the people closest to him, Howard discovers his own identical ‘counterpart’, quickly uncovering this alternative universe was accessed by accident during the Cold War.

Hard Sun (7Plus)

Hard Sun - 7Plus - Telstra TV

With life as we know it caving in around them, London-based detectives Charlie Hicks and Elaine Renko are unwillingly paired together in a pre-apocalyptic world. Attempting to juggle police work while fighting for their families’ survival on a collapsing planet, the unlikely duo is forced to break down their trust for one another as their first case uncovers a dark secret that will bind them together for life. Police drama, apocalyptic mayhem and seriously cool science-fiction – HARD SUN on 7Plus ticks all boxes!

Incorporated (Stan)

Incorporated - Telstra TV

In the year 2074, massive corporations have acquired unlimited reign following a number of financial and environmental crises, acting as makeshift governments in a dangerous world of politics and profit. Following one young executive in particular, Ben Larson, INCORPORATED on Stan examines the life-threatening risk when trying to climb the corporate ladder as he is forced to hide his true identity to save the woman he loves. With Oscar winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck among the show’s executive producers, you can expect big things from this addictive sci-fi drama.

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What to stream this week on Telstra TV


Posted on June 29, 2018

15 min read

Grab the popcorn and settle in for an exceptional week of entertainment, streaming right now on Telstra TV. Here are just a few of our favourite fresh finds.

A Wrinkle in Time (BigPond Movies)

A Wrinkle In Time on Telstra TV

Keep the kids entertained these school holidays with the fantastically imaginative Disney adventure film, A WRINKLE IN TIME, fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies. When teenage misfit Meg’s scientist father (played by Chris Pine) mysteriously disappears, three wondrous and otherworldly women arrive on her family’s doorstep. Known as Mrs Which (Oprah Winfrey), Mrs Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon) and Mrs Who (Mindy Kaling), the trio reveal themselves to be interstellar guides on a quest to help Meg and her brother Charles find their father on a far off planet. Based on the acclaimed 1962 novel of the same name, the film’s thoughtfully warm-hearted messages of family, friendship and finding your inner strength will remind parents of classics like The Wizard of Oz, The Neverending Story and Labyrinth.

GLOW (Netflix)

Glow on Telstra TV

Back for an empowering second season is the Netflix Original comedy series, GLOW – with all episodes streaming from this Friday 29 June. Based on a real TV show from the mid-1980s, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, this campy neon-clad series tells the behind-the-scenes story of a group of out of work actresses in Los Angeles who team up to make their big break. As the Ladies work to refine their (often offensively stereotypical) wrestling alter egos – with names like “The Homewrecker”, “The Welfare Queen” and “Fortune Cookie” – we follow their ups and downs as they bond and brawl their way to the spotlight. Produced by the team behind Orange Is the New Black, the series stars a brilliant ensemble cast including Alison Brie (Mad Men), Betty Gilpin (Nurse Jackie), Sunita Mani (Mr Robot) and Marc Maron (Girls).

Preacher (Stan)

Preacher on Telstra TV

If you’re in the mood for something a bit darker, check out PREACHER – with season 3 starting this week on Stan and new episodes streaming each Monday from 6pm (AEST). Strange, sinister and seductively thrilling, this supernatural black comedy series follows Jesse Custer (played by Dominic Cooper) an ex-con turned small-town Texas preacher who can’t seem to leave his vices behind. Just when he’s starting to lose faith, Jesse becomes possessed by an angel-demon allowing him to control minds. Together with his hell-raising, trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga) and his Irish vampire sidekick Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), the trio set out to find God and better understand Jesse’s new superpower. If you’re new to the show, you can catch up on the first two seasons on Stan and BigPond Movies.

TV Week Logie Awards (Channel 9)

2018 Logies on Telstra TV

Tune into Australian TV’s night of nights with the TV WEEK LOGIE AWARDS, airing from 7:30pm (AEST) this Sunday 1 July on Channel 9. Catch all the glitz and glamour of the red carpet beforehand from 7pm – and, for the first time this year, you’ll have the chance to vote right up until the start of the ceremony at 7:30pm. Hosted by comedian Dave Hughes, the night will see Australia’s favourite actors, presenters and television shows honoured across 21 categories, including the year’s most popular TV personality taking home the coveted Gold Logie. With musical performances by Grammy Award winning coach of The Voice and former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland, as well as ARIA Award winners Conrad Sewell and Kate Ceberano, this year’s Awards will be one you won’t want to miss.

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Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 22 June:

Peter Rabbit (BigPond Movies)

Peter Rabbit on Telstra TV

Just in time for the school holidays is the adorably hilarious live-action animated comedy PETER RABBIT, fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies. Based on the beloved children’s book series by Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit (voiced by James Corden) is a mischievous rascal who spends his days tormenting old Mr McGregor (Sam Neill), stealing vegetables from his garden with his sisters Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki) and Cottontail (Daisy Ridley). When farmer McGregor suddenly dies, his city-slicker grandnephew Thomas (Domhnall Gleeson) moves in to evict the Rabbit family and sell off the farm. But Peter and his troupe of talking farmyard friends aren’t going to leave without a fight. Also starring Australia’s own Rose Byrne, Sia, Bryan Brown and David Wenham.

And to celebrate the film’s release on digital, BigPond Movies are giving you the chance to win a family farmstay holiday for four in Tasmania – including flights, accommodation at Curringa Farm, car hire and a Tasmanian Devils tour. Simply buy^ (or rent from 27 June) Peter Rabbit on BigPond Movies for your chance to win. Entries close 31 July 2018.

^ See website for full details and conditions, including what “Buy” means.

Wentworth (Foxtel Now)

Wentworth on Telstra TV

Back for its sixth season this week on Foxtel Now is the Logie Award winning Australian women’s prison drama, WENTWORTH. Gripping and gritty, the series follows the tough love and savage power-plays among Wentworth’s diverse inmate population – as well as the daily challenges faced by the prison’s roster of officers, some of whom are naively well-intentioned while others are stealthily and sinisterly corrupt. SPOILER ALERT: After last season’s epic conclusion, is Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) gone for good? Will Vera (played by Kate Atkinson) discover that Will (Robbie Magasiva) and Jake (Bernard Curry) were involved in The Freak’s demise and Franky’s (Nicole da Silva) escape? Will Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) return to Wentworth after Liz (Celia Ireland) poisoned her – and what will Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) do when she finds out? With some new faces this season, how will Kaz’s position as top dog be challenged by the entry of criminal matriarch Marie Winter (Susie Porter)? And what’s the unspoken relationship between hot-headed inmates Rita (Leah Purcell) and Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick)? Tune in Tuesdays from 8:30pm (AEST) to find out.

Marvel’s Luke Cage (Netflix)

Marvel's Luke Cage on Telstra TV

Brace yourself for an action-packed weekend binge of MARVEL’S LUKE CAGE season two, with all 13 episodes streaming from 5pm (AEST) Friday 22 June on Netflix. Mike Colter is back as Harlem’s bulletproof superhero, a former felon and science experience gone-wrong transformed into a local celebrity with superhuman strength, defending the neighbourhood against all things vile and corrupt. This season, Cage comes up against a powerfully formidable new opponent, the “Bushmaster” (played by Mustafi Shakir), whose vindictive fight for control of Harlem against crooked councilwoman Mariah (Alfre Woodard) and her opportunistic ally Shades (Theo Rossi) leads to some incredibly intense drama and even more explosive battle sequences. If you’re new to the show, make sure you check out the first seasons of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Defenders (all on Netflix) for the full backstory.

Modern Family (7plus and BigPond Movies)

Modern Family on Telstra TV

The Emmy award-winning comedy series, MODERN FAMILY just keeps getting better, with new episodes airing each Wednesday night from 8:45pm (AEST) on Channel 7 and streaming on demand on 7plus and BigPond Movies. This season, the ever-evolving extended family of the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan are faced with hilarious new challenges including Manny and Luke moving into the next phase of their lives after graduating high school, Jay and Gloria’s tenth wedding anniversary and an all-family vacation aboard a crowded houseboat. Now with over 200 episodes under its belt, you can catch up on all eight past seasons of this much-loved mockumentary sitcom on BigPond Movies or Foxtel Now.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 15 June:

Sweet Country (BigPond Movies)

Sweet Country on Telstra TV

Fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies is the critically acclaimed Australian “Western”, SWEET COUNTRY. Directed by Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah), the film is set against the brutally beautiful backdrop of the Northern Territory outback in 1929 and tells the story of Sam (played by Hamilton Morris) an Aboriginal stockman who kills his abusive white neighbour in self defence. Worried about being unfairly punished, Sam and his family flee while Sergeant Fletcher (Bryan Brown) and Sam’s employer Fred (Sam Neill) lead a search party to track them down. Exploring Australia’s history of slavery and racial marginalisation, this dark and suspenseful film intelligently written, brilliantly cast and visually stunning.

Condor (Stan)

Condor on Telstra TV

Fans of spy dramas like 24, Alias and Homeland will love Stan’s thrilling new drama series, CONDOR, with new episodes streaming every Thursday – same day as the US. When CIA analyst Joe Turner (played by Max Irons) develops a program that uncovers a wide-reaching terrorist plot, his entire office is murdered leaving Joe as the sole survivor. Now on the run and being blamed for sabotaging the agency, Joe must work to clear his name, bring the real culprits to justice and put a stop to a plan that could kill millions of Americans. Based on the 1974 novel, “Six Days of the Condor” and its subsequent film adaptation, this gripping series also stars  Brendan Fraser and Academy Award winners William Hurt and Mira Sorvino.

Million Dollar Listing New York (hayu)

Million Dollar Listing New York on Telstra TV

Back for an outrageously opulent seventh season on hayu are the ruthless real estate brokers of MILLION DOLLAR LISTING NEW YORK. Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant and Steve Gold return to do battle in the multi-million dollar property market of Manhattan – taking you inside the city’s most incredible homes and offering a behind-the-scenes look into the high stakes and  high drama of their professional and personal lives. A year after the wrap of season six, Fredrik is now father to twins, Ryan is establishing his new brokerage firm in Brooklyn, and new guy Steve rekindles an old romance as he works to sell his ex’s TriBeca loft. Tune in for special guests this season including celebrity clients 50 Cent and Rebel Wilson.

Queer Eye (Netflix)

Queer Eye on Telstra TV

The new “fab five” are back on Netflix this week, with eight brand new episodes of QUEER EYE. Join avocado aficionado Antoni Porowski, interior design wizard Bobby Berk, shamazingly fierce grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, uber fashionable Tan France and culture king Karamo Brown as they make-over the lives of some very lucky Average Joes. Get ready for even more laughs and tear-inducing scenes, as the crew work to dramatically boost each guy’s self-confidence by helping to improve their personal relationships, home environment, health and appearance.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 8 June:

Lady Bird (BigPond Movies)

Lady Bird on Telstra TV

Fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies is the endearingly funny coming-of-age story, LADY BIRD. Written and directed by Greta Gerwig, it stars Saoirse Ronan as Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, a rebellious Catholic schoolgirl whose relationship with her mother becomes more and more strained as she nears graduation and begins applying to colleges far from home. Winner of two Golden Globes for Best Picture (Comedy) and Best Actress, as well as receiving five Academy Award nominations, Lady Bird is the perfect mix of dry wit and sweet sentimentality to fuel your feel-good movie night in.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Telstra TV

New to Netflix this week is the first half of the fourth and final season of quirky comedy series, UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT. From the mind of Tina Fey, the creator of 30 Rock, this intelligently wacky show follows Kimmy’s quest to rejoin society after spending the past 15 years in the underground bunker of a doomsday cult. With its signature brand of zany humour and irrepressible optimism, the satirical series touches upon some timely cultural issues including our addiction to binge-watching Netflix (not-so-subtly disguised in the show as HouseFlix), white privilege and even the #MeToo movement. As always, Kimmy (played by Ellie Kemper) is joined by her outlandish roommate Titus (Tituss Burgess), wealthy socialite friend and former boss Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) and her kooky landlord Lillian (Carol Kane) – as well as guest stars for the season including Busy Philipps, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Moynihan and Aidy Bryant.

Younger (Stan)

Younger on Telstra TV

Starting this week on Stan is the fifth season of YOUNGER, the much-loved romantic comedy series from Sex and the City creator Darren Star about Liza (played by Broadway star Sutton Foster), a 40 year old divorcee who tells a small lie about her age in order to land her dream job at book publisher ‘Empirical’. As each season has progressed, we’ve watched Liza’s relationships change as those around her have had to confront her deception and help her maintain the secret. This season continues the tense love triangle between Liza, her boss Charles (Peter Hermann) and hot young millennial Josh (Nico Tortorella), while also serving up some fresh new love interests for Kelsey (Hillary Duff).

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (Foxtel Now)

The Assassination of Gianni Versace on Telstra TV

Streaming weekly each Thursday night on Foxtel Now is the gripping true crime drama series, THE ASSASSINATION OF GIANNI VERSACE: AMERICAN CRIME STORY. The second season of Ryan Murphy’s award winning anthology series – after the first focused on the O.J. Simpson case – is written by best selling author Tom Rob Smith and delves deep into the mind and crimes of Versace’s killer, Andrew Cunanan. Beautifully shot and brilliantly cast with Darren Criss (Glee) as Andrew Cunanan, Édgar Ramírez (Zero Dark Thirty) as Gianni Versace, Penélope Cruz as Donatella Versace and Ricky Martin as Versace’s lover, the series follows the manhunt for Cunanan against a backdrop of homophobia in America in the late 1990s.

Mystery Road (ABC iview)

Mystery Road on Telstra TV

Streaming now on ABC iview is the six-part Australian crime thriller, MYSTERY ROAD. A spin-off of the critically acclaimed 2013 film of the same name, the series begins when detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen) is called in by local police officer Emma James (Judy Davis) to investigate the disappearance of two young men on a remote cattle station in Western Australia. Solving the case is made difficult with family connections getting in the way, small-town politics muddying the waters, and a complicated relationship with the local Indigenous community causing friction and mistrust. Directed by Rachel Perkins (Jasper Jones and Radiance), the series offers a stellar Australian cast including Ernie Dingo, Deborah Mailman and Tasma Walton.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 1 June:

Molly’s Game (BigPond Movies)

Molly's Game on Telstra TV

Fresh from the cinema on BigPond Movies is MOLLY’S GAME, the thrilling true story of 26 year old Molly Bloom (played by Jessica Chastain) who ran an exclusive underground poker game for some of America’s wealthiest and most influential men. After her arrest by the FBI for her alleged connections to the Russian mafia, she convinces high profile defense attorney Charlie Jaffey (Idris Elba) to defend her character and prove her innocence. Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, the film is a fascinating look into the life of an intelligent, driven and resourceful character determined to overcome life’s obstacles.

And to celebrate the film’s release on Telstra TV, BigPond Movies are giving you the chance to win a holiday for two to Los Angeles. Valued at $5800, the prize includes return flights from your nearest capital city, five nights accommodation, dinner for two at one of the hottest restaurants in L.A. and a VISA gift card with $500 spending money for your trip. To enter, simply buy^ or rent Molly’s Game on BigPond Movies and complete the online entry form by 24 June 2018. Conditions apply.

^ See website for details, including what “buy” means.

Fahrenheit 451 (Foxtel Now)

Fahrenheit 451 on Telstra TV

New to Foxtel Now is HBO’s latest film FAHRENHEIT 451, based on the 1953 dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury. Starring Michael B. Jordan (from Black Panther) and Michael Shannon (from The Shape of Water), the movie delves into a dark yet eerily conceivable future where social media is used to distract and brainwash the public, history is reimagined and firemen are employed to hunt down books and burn them (known in this world as “graffiti”). Packed full of action and yet intensely thoughtful at the same time, the film is sure to be a hit no matter what your tastes.

Citizen Rose (hayu)

Citizen Rose on Telstra TV

Streaming now on hayu is the documentary series CITIZEN ROSE, following actor, musician and women’s rights activist Rose McGowan who bravely shone a light on sexual abuse in Hollywood and helped to further the #MeToo movement. Filmed while the Charmed star worked on the release of her memoir, Brave, the series offers a behind the scenes look at McGowan’s tumultuous life, her social media “ROSE ARMY” and her ongoing efforts to help those who have been abused by powerful men.

DreamWorks Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (Netflix)

Trollhunters on Telstra TV

And for the kids, the entire third and final season of TROLLHUNTERS: TALES OF ARCADIA< is streaming now on Netflix. Created by Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro and featuring an all-star cast including Kelsey Grammer (from Frasier), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) and Diego Luna (Rogue One), the critically acclaimed series tells the story of a world hidden beneath suburbia where good trolls and bad trolls fight to control the fate of civilisation. In this epic quest saga, an ordinary boy and his best friends embark on an extraordinary adventure to defend the world against and ancient battle between good and evil.

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