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Telstra Plus Market – build your business with your finger tips

By Meg Bonighton February 25, 2022

A butcher, a florist and a candlestick maker all walked into a bar and started chatting about ways to reach new customers.

Well, not really but today we’re announcing a new program that could help the tens of thousands of small and medium businesses across Australia reach new markets and customers.

Update 12/4/22: The Telstra Plus Market is now open! Head over and register your business today.

It’s called Telstra Plus Market and gives small and medium businesses the opportunity to market to the more than four million members of Telstra Plus, our customer rewards loyalty program.

It works like this – small and medium businesses can easily create offers that enable Telstra plus members to earn Telstra Plus points, offers which are then exclusively available to registered Telstra Plus Market customers. Customers can then earn Telstra Plus points when they take up the offer with those participating businesses.

It means, for example, a florist could market a special offer on a bunch of roses for 10 points for every $1 spent. The Telstra Plus customer will then receive Telstra Plus points if they take the offer up. Those points can then be redeemed in the Telstra Plus Rewards Store for the latest tech, devices and accessories.

It’s all about helping to give registered small and medium businesses the ability to tap into hard to reach customer segments as well as a whole new platform to market their goods and services.

You can access the Telstra Plus Market via our website.

We’re encouraging small businesses across Australia to register their business with Telstra Plus Market, so that they can start building offers ready to share with customers as soon as it’s launched to consumers in the My Telstra app in the coming weeks.

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#LetsVaxx: our plan to reward customers

By Andrew Penn September 2, 2021

Restrictions have been part of our daily lives for far longer than I think any of us ever expected. It can be tough to feel that we’re not in control of the situation as individuals, but Australians have shown time and time again that we are capable of great things when we unite.

We need urgent action to get COVID under control, and that involves all of us coming together to get vaccinated. Doing this will make an incredible difference – it will help to protect each other, lessen the financial hardship on families, and reduce the toll on our wellbeing caused by the uncertainty and isolation from rolling lockdowns.

As a company, we can play a bigger role to encourage others to get the vaccine, and make that jab in the arm even more worthwhile.

To help out, we will be rewarding those who roll up their sleeves, and encouraging everyone to get vaccinated for the good of the nation.

Rewards for the vaccinated

If you have had your jab, we will also be giving your Telstra Plus points balance a shot in the arm.

From late September, fully vaccinated members of our Telstra Plus loyalty program will receive a bonus of 2,500 Telstra Plus points.

When claiming their points, fully jabbed members will also go into a 100 million point major prize draw, with 20 winners to receive five million Telstra Plus points each, as well as up to $3500 credit to help cover the cost of their eligible Telstra services for a year.

If you are not yet a member of Telstra Plus, you can join and access the 2,500 Telstra Plus point bonus before the end of January next year. Eligibility criteria apply.

For those who are already vaccinated, these offers are a thank you from us. For those who are yet to, we want to make that jab even more rewarding.

Keeping you going in lockdown

To help ease the burden and boredom of lockdowns, all our Telstra Plus members, regardless of their vaccination status, can soon claim a digital care package that includes a Telstra TV Box Office movie on us, discounts on a food delivery service and access to discounts in the Telstra Plus Rewards store.

This builds on the success we have had with our employee incentive program, with those who get fully vaccinated receiving the equivalent of $200 that can be redeemed through our employee rewards program. More than 5,500 people took up this offer in the first week alone.

Communicating loud and clear

We want every eligible Australian to remember to get vaccinated as soon as they can. That’s why, from today, when you look in the top corner of your iPhone where it used to say Telstra, it will now read Telstra #LetsVaxx. This message may take a little while to appear on your phone, but you can speed up the process by turning Airplane mode on and off.

And it’s not the first time we have changed our name during the pandemic. In March last year, we changed the network name to Telstra #StayHome. As the nation moved in and out of lockdown, and health guidance changed, we updated it to Telstra #StaySafe.

You are also going to see a new episode in our 5G Chief Investigator series, from our friend, Mark Humphries.

Mark’s sharp satire successfully busted conspiracy theories around 5G and now we are calling on him to help cut through the noise and debunk some of the COVID vaccination myths.

We know some of our customers may not choose to or be able to get vaccinated, but the results of our employee offer have shown there’s a groundswell of support and understanding that increasing the vaccination rate is our best way forward – and we feel it’s important to spread that message.

The endgame – creating a sense of hope

There’s no doubt that lockdowns have meant people are relying on our services more than ever before but we all know there’s nothing like coming together as a family to celebrate a birthday or catching up with friends in person.

To make sure we can do this, I believe all leaders can play a role by uniting behind an aligned approach to a pathway out. One that moves us beyond the problems preventing us from opening up, and instead focuses on the solutions.

We absolutely need a sense of hope right now and some light at the end of what has been a long, dark tunnel.

My Telstra Telstra Plus - Mobile
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Celebrating My Telstra’s first birthday with new security features on the app

By Jenni Barnett March 9, 2021

It’s been 12 months since we launched the My Telstra app and we’ve spent that year adding new features and capabilities to put you in control of your Telstra experience.

Our latest security enhancements are an Aussie telco first and gives you an extra layer of protection from identity theft and scams. Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) leverages the security on your phone to secure your account and personal information. You can now set a Telstra PIN and use finger or face recognition to protect your account.

By updating your app security settings to include MFA a 4-digit Telstra PIN or biometric touch & face ID you can have peace of mind that your personal data is safe. This new ID platform is a global security standard, and we’re leading the way in this space because we know how important it is that your information is secure.

Currently, MFA is used when updating your details in the app, but over the coming months we’ll be extending its functionality to include to identity verification when speaking to one of our support agents – both in person or over the phone.

To set up your Telstra PIN, Face ID or manage your security settings, simply tap on Profile, and select Security setup to get started. It’s easy to enroll and provides peace of mind that your data and information is safe.

A big year

My Telstra app

Today also marks exactly one year since we launched My Telstra, and since then we’ve been working tirelessly to make our self-service app a one stop shop by adding over 70 new features and enhancements in the past 12 months.

A few of the big changes and additions made to My Telstra in the past year:

  • Device locator – no one wants to lose their phone, and device locator helps you make sure that doesn’t happen. Using your data connection and GPS, you can login to your account on another device and find exactly where that bus seat is that your phone fell out onto.
  • The all new look Telstra Plus Digital Membership cardcustomers can access their membership benefits, check their points balance, and browse the Rewards store. Plus, silver and gold members get VIP service when they message us in the app.
  • Customers can now secure their spot in a store queue ahead of their visit. They’ll also be able to track their progress as they move up the line so they can go about their day and get notified when they are ready to be served
  • Enhanced service disruption capability proactively notifying outage updates to customers when there is planned maintenance or a network outage – customers can also keep track of reported faults.

All these updates have been based off your feedback, both directly and from App Store reviews, as we try our best to make My Telstra completely customer first, packed full of the features you’ve asked for.

We’ve even managed to boost our Apple App Store rating from an average of 1.8 stars when we first launched, to 4 stars currently.

So yes, it’s been quite the year with My Telstra, and the next 12 months are only going to be bigger. So please, if you haven’t already, download the My Telstra app on Android and iOS and let us know what you love, what you don’t and where you think anything can be improved. We’re all ears.

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Earn Telstra Plus points with and Huddle Insurance

By Michael Ackland February 25, 2021

Value is important to us at Telstra Plus and with over 2.5 million people signed up to our rewards program, we think it’s pretty important to you too.

We’re always looking for more ways to give you value as a Telstra customer – that’s why we’re excited to launch two brand new ways to earn rewards through our first ever Telstra Plus partnerships – with and Huddle.

These partnerships are an exciting milestone for Telstra and our more than 2.5 million customers signed up to the Telstra Plus rewards program. Part of our T22 strategy, it’s all about customers enjoying more benefits just by being a Telstra customer – either by booking and completing your next eligible stay or ensuring you’re looking after the things most important to you.

How does it work?

Get more from your stays with

It’s been a tough year for the travel industry, but the silver lining is that it has reminded us all how great it is to holiday at home. Our awesome new partnership with will get you a sweet deal while also supporting the local industry and having a great time – whether you’re up at the Great Barrier Reef or staying at a local winery.

With our new partnership, you can earn Telstra Plus points on every eligible stay you complete. Every dollar spent on those complete stays at could earn you 10 Telstra Plus points (excluding some fees, taxes and credit card surcharges) – so a $1000 stay over a few nights could net you 10,000 points. That’s a good stack of points to redeem towards a nice little present to help counter those post-holiday blues!

Recent research from’s Future of Travel report* highlighted Covid-19 will inevitably see people demand more bang for their buck in the future. Over 60 percent of Australian travelers will be more price conscious when it comes to searching and planning a trip in the future, with more than half more likely to hunt down promotions and savings, behaviors that predicts will last years. Beyond this, Australian travelers are keen to support the industry in its recovery (71%) and want their future bookings to help rebuild communities around Australia (68%).

As we head into 2021, it’s’s mission to make it easier for everyone to experience travel, and will be there for customers offering the widest choice, great value and the easiest experience so travelers can enjoy all of the unforgettable experiences Australia has to offer. We couldn’t think of a better fit as our first travel partner.

Earn Telstra Points with insurance from Huddle

At Telstra Plus we like to offer members fantastic access to exclusive offers and benefits with other leaders in technology, and in the insurance space, Huddle certainly fits that bill.

Huddle uses the latest technology, such as Zap Claims, to bring you easy, convenient, flexible and time-saving insurance, backed by one of Australia’s largest general insurers. With our new partnership, you can earn up to 90,000 Telstra Plus points when you switch both your comprehensive car and home insurance to a new policy with Huddle. Points are awarded 30 days after the second policy start date, provided both policies are active.

To launch the partnership, see how Huddle compares to your current insurer – you can earn 500 bonus points on your first quote. Offer ends 30 April 2021.

Earn points with Huddle Car Insurance: You can earn 15,000 Telstra Plus points when you take out a Huddle Third Party Property Damage policy for your car before 30 April 2021 and stay insured for 30 days. Or increase your cover and take out a Huddle Comprehensive Car Insurance policy before 30 April 2021 and stay insured for 30 days to earn 30,000 points!

Earn points with Huddle Home Insurance: When you take out a Huddle Home insurance policy or Contents insurance policy before 30 April 2021 and stay insured for 30 days, you can earn 15,000 bonus Telstra Plus points. Or for a big 30,000 points, protect both with a Combined Home and Contents insurance policy from Huddle before 30 April 2021 and stay insured for 30 days.

Best of all, take out a Comprehensive Car insurance policy and a Combined Home and Contents insurance policy with Huddle before 30 April 2021 to earn a massive 90,000 Telstra Plus bonus points. Points are awarded 30 days after the second policy start date, provided both policies are still active. That means you’ve got a lot of points to put towards redeeming rewards for yourself like a new set of speakers, headphones or a new Nokia 2.3 smartphone from the Telstra Plus Rewards Store.

These two new partnerships are just the beginning, and we can’t wait to add more partners and ways for you to earn more Telstra Plus points in the future.

If you don’t yet know about all the Telstra Plus treasure trove and all the bonuses that come with it, you can find out more at the Telstra Plus website.

Things you need to know

From 19 March, delivery fees will apply for some purchases made by Silver Tier and below members in the Telstra Plus Rewards Store.

Users must sign into Telstra Plus account and follow links to website to make your booking.

* Research commissioned by and conducted among a sample of adults who have traveled for business or leisure in the past 12 months,and must be planning to travel in the next 12 months (if/once travel restrictions are lifted). In total 20,934 respondents across 28 countries were polled (including from 999 USA, 496 from Canada, 497 from Mexico, 997 from Colombia, 999 from Brazil, 499 from Argentina, 995 from Australia, 499 from New Zealand, 999 from Spain, 996 from Italy, 996 from France, 999 from UK, 996 from Germany, 498 from Netherlands, 499 from Denmark, 499 from Sweden, 498 from Croatia, 1001 from Russia, 498 from Israel, 997 from India, 994 from China, 499 from Hong Kong, 497 from Thailand, 496 from Singapore, 499 from Taiwan, 997 from South Korea, 500 from Vietnam and 995 from Japan). Respondents completed an online survey in July 2020.

Huddle Insurance

For new Huddle customers on new policies only. Offers subject to eligibility criteria and terms and conditions. Read the Telstra Financial Services Guide. Policies are subject to terms and conditions, exclusions and limits (and sub-limits) of the insurance policy. When making decisions about the product, you should always refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.

Huddle Insurance bonus points

Members must start their quote from the Telstra Plus website, logging in with their Telstra ID linked to their Telstra Plus membership.

500 points offer for quote: Points will be allocation up to 14 days after receiving a quote.

90,000 bonus points offer: 30,000 bonus points are bestowed 30 days after the first policy start date (as notified by Huddle). The remaining 60,000 bonus points are bestowed 30 days after the second policy start date (as notified by Huddle).

Information about Telstra’s role in promoting Huddle insurance: Telstra Corporation Limited (ABN 33 051 775 556 AR No. 000386948) is an authorised representative of Open Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 23 166 949 444 AFSL No. 451712). Read the Telstra Financial Services Guide. Any financial product advice provided by Telstra is general advice only and doesn’t take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before deciding to purchase the insurance, read the relevant Huddle PDS/FSG and consider the appropriateness of such advice having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. Huddle policies are issued by Huddle Insurance, a business name of Open Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 23 166 949 444 AFSL No. 451712) on behalf of the insurer, The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (ABN 78 090 584 473 AFSL No. 241436). Policies are subject to terms and conditions, including exclusions and limits (and sub-limits) of the insurance policy. If you have any questions regarding Huddle insurance products, you should contact Huddle at Telstra is not responsible for the issue of policies, or any of the features, benefits or risks, or administration of policies (including claims handling).

Benefits Telstra receives from Huddle: Telstra receives a commission from Huddle Insurance for each Huddle Insurance car insurance or home and contents insurance product Telstra arranges on Huddle Insurance’s behalf. Refer to the Telstra Financial Services Guide for more information on the commissions we receive. This commission varies depending on the type of product purchased. Read the Telstra Financial Services Guide.

Complaints: Refer to Telstra’s Financial Services Guide for details of how to make a complaint about the financial services provided by Telstra. Refer to Huddle’s PDS/FSG for details of how to make a complaint about the financial services provided by Huddle, or policies issued by Huddle. Read the Telstra Financial Services Guide.

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We’ve got your front row seats for our Telstra Plus livestream concerts

By Graeme Crozier December 9, 2020

Summer concert season looks a little different this year, but don’t worry: we’ve saved the best seat in the house for you. Thanks to Telstra Plus, you can skip the line and go VIP to our series of Front Room live shows with some of Australia’s biggest music acts.

Telstra Plus Front Room is the new home of exclusive livestream music sets from your favourite Australian artists, and we’re starting big!

In the lead-up to Christmas, we’ll be bringing you 40-minute intimate gigs from Ruel and Guy Sebastian. And it won’t just be a watch-along either. You’ll be able to interact with the gig from your couch, with the ability to send questions to your favourite stars.

And to make the Front Room concert even more rewarding, we’ll be kicking off a competition where members can win a group virtual meet and greet with their favourite artist and 1 million Telstra Plus points. Visit Telstra Plus for your chance to win.

If you’re not a member of Telstra Plus yet, don’t worry. It’s easy. Just head to to join*.

Telstra Plus is our rewards program that gives you exclusive benefits, just for paying your bill. We recently refreshed our reward tiers to give you even more for being a member.

Since launching Telstra Plus, we have hosted a range of benefits. Benefits like earning 10 points for every dollar when you make an eligible payment that can be redeemed on the latest technology and services, as well as discounted tickets to movies and sporting events and pre-sale access. This now also includes one-of-a-kind experiences like our Front Room shows. It’s all part of making being a Telstra customer that little more rewarding!

Check out who we’ve got in store, and when you can tune in.


At the age of 18, Ruel’s resume reads like that of a seasoned global superstar and the Sydney-bred, London-born vocalist is quickly becoming one of this generation’s most influential artists. With half a billion streams, over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, three sold-out world tours and five Platinum plaques under his belt, Ruel is a trailblazer who’s far exceeded the omnipresent hype and overwhelming fan frenzy that surrounds him globally.

At the tail end of 2018, Ruel also won the Breakout Artist award at the ARIAs, becoming the youngest artist to do so. He quickly re-emerged in 2019 with single ‘Painkiller’, which went 2x Platinum. Ruel is the youngest artist to sell out the iconic Sydney Opera House (twice!).

Watch Ruel

Guy Sebastian

Singer Songwriter and Producer, Guy Sebastian is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most popular and successful male artists. Guy has achieved over 30 x Platinum singles sales in Australia and well over 7,000,000 combined units sold worldwide. Guy is the only Australian artist in ARIA chart history to boast six #1 singles and three #1 albums including his critically acclaimed new #1 ARIA Album T. R. U. T. H. His global hit ‘Battle Scars’ with Lupe Fiasco reached #1 on the US R&B/Hip Hop digital chart and peaked at #11 on the US iTunes Chart.

Guy is the winner of six ARIA Awards including: Song Of The Year (‘Choir’), Best Pop (Armageddon Album), Best Live Act (the Get Along Tour) Best Video (‘Choir’ ) and two Highest Selling Single awards (‘Angels Brought Me Here’ and ‘Who’s That Girl’). In June 2019, Sebastian was recognized as a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia for his outstanding community efforts to the Australia via his work with The Sebastian Foundation & Sony Foundation. His popularity across his recent smash hits has spawned multi-platinum awards for his hits ‘Before I Go’, ‘Choir’, ‘Standing With You’ and ‘Love On Display’ with these tracks & the album remaining at the top of the charts across radio, streaming and ARIA official charts. Guy recently announced his national T.R.U.T.H. tour for November/ December 2021 which is selling out fast!

Date: 17 December 2020

Time: From 7:00PM AEDT

Watch Guy Sebastian

Things you need to know

* Eligibility criteria apply