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More products arrive on Telstra Plus Rewards store as Aussies spend over 67 million points

Tech and Innovation T22

Posted on July 17, 2019

4 min read

We’re thrilled at how our Telstra Plus Rewards program is being received. Since we launched, we had an incredible number of customers not only earn Telstra Plus points just for paying their bill, but we’ve also received over 5,700 orders from Telstra Plus customers redeeming their points for the latest devices and accessories. Now we’re expanding again…

Just to quickly recap: Telstra Plus is our new rewards program which gives you the opportunity to earn points for discounts towards the latest devices and accessories. It also gives members access to discounted and pre-sale movie tickets, tier benefits such as entertainment rewards and VIP tech support, and more. Joining is easy at Eligibility criteria applies.

The store is so popular that Aussies have already redeemed over 67 million points on devices and accessories. That’s a massive milestone so soon after launching in late June, and we’re excited to continue to bring even more products to the store.

So far some of our most redemptions have been the Google Home Mini, the stylish Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Rose Gold and the DJI Spark Drone + Remote Bundle.

Today, we’re celebrating our milestone by adding even more products into the redemption store, and we have you sorted for all your 5G needs. Here are some of the products to look out for:

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

You’ve heard of the incredible Samsung Galaxy S10, but did you hear that the Telstra Plus Rewards store also has the Samsung S10 with 5G*?

As well as its superior connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G packs in an incredibly vibrant 6.7-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display, which pushes vivid detail right to the edge of the screen thanks to its Infinity-O Display technology.

Then there are the pioneering features it shares with its other members of the Galaxy S10 family, such as the first ever ultrasonic fingerprint reader and a wireless PowerShare feature**, which allows you charge other devices simply by resting them on the back of your smartphone.

The amazing new Galaxy S10 5G is available at 105,000 points + $1,584 on the redemption store, or you can pick it up for a number of other Points + Pay combinations or for 628,000 points outright RRP $2016.

Motorola G7 Power

For those wanting a reliable device at an affordable price, the Motorola G7 Power has hours of battery in just minutes of charging. Perfect for those on the go, it features more battery life for your buck with a huge 5000mAh battery.

A 6.2-inch HD+ screen allows for maximum vision and a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor for gaming, entertainment and productivity anytime.  

The Motorola G7 is available on the redemption store for 90,000 points or points and pay combinations are also available.

Telstra Locator Tags and Accessories

Telstra Locator was designed and built in Australia to help you find what matters most, by attaching a Telstra Locator Tag to your things and using the app to help find them.

Ring your tag when it’s near to find where it’s hiding, or use the map to find things that are far away. So far, it has been used to find phones, bikes, keys and even dogs who have run away from home during thunderstorms.

If your keys fall out of your bag, if your phone is dropped on a bus, or your dog runs away at the first sign of thunder, the Telstra Locator App will give you an approx. last known location, to help you find your things again.

Telstra Locator is $10/mth on a month-to-month basis  – meaning you can cancel any time without any fees. Data charges may apply to use the Telstra Locator app. When you subscribe to Telstra Locator for the first time, you’ll receive a free Starter Kit which includes 2x Bluetooth Tags and 1x Wi-Fi Tag.

You can redeem your Telstra Plus points for a few different Telstra Locator products on the redemption store, including the Wi-Fi Tag for 20,000 points, the Pet Collar Attachment for 5000 points or the Universal Mount Accessory (to attach a Wi-Fi Tag to bikes and other valuables) for 8000 points.

Over 650,000 members are enrolled in our Telstra Plus program, and joining is free. You can enrol today at

*5G is now available in selected areas. To find out more about Telstra 5G, check here or ask in store.

** Compatible with devices that support WPC Qi wireless charging. Requires at least 30% battery life on Galaxy S10 5G. For optimal charging speeds, it is recommended to remove your Galaxy S10 5G cover or case.

**Telstra Locator Tag requires $10 monthly subscription. For more information visit Telstra Locator.

Six deals to make the most of your Telstra Plus points


Posted on June 27, 2019

7 min read

The Telstra Plus Rewards Store is now open and features a range of Hot Offers on devices and accessories.

What’s going on?

So, you might be new – that’s ok! Telstra Plus is our new rewards program which gives you the opportunity to earn points for discounts towards the latest devices and accessories, as well as access to discounted and pre-sale movie tickets, tier benefits such as entertainment rewards and VIP tech support, and more, simply for being a Telstra Plus member. Joining is easy at You just need to be 18+ with an active Telstra service.

We now have a Telstra Plus Rewards Store, which allows you to spend your accrued points on smartphones, tablets, watches, headphones, smart home products and other accessories. There’s even a drone available in the store, so you can take to the skies!

Our Rewards Store

We’ve recently launched our online Rewards Store allowing you to redeem those well-deserved T+ points. Launching in phases, it currently houses 50 products, which will quickly grow in the weeks and months to come.

Today, brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, Netgear and Amazon are all represented in the store, including flagship products.

Points can be redeemed to purchase products via the Rewards Store online. Purchasing products in the Rewards Store works in a couple of different ways:

  1. Points-only: Customers who have accrued enough points can purchase a product using points only. Easy.
  2. Points + Pay: If you spot something you like, but it’s a bit above your points balance, you needn’t worry. Customers have the option to purchase products using a combination of both points and a monetary amount. We will make available a variety of Points + Pay combinations from which you can choose. Points will be deducted from the member’s Telstra Plus account, and the pay component can be paid using MasterCard, VISA or AMEX if you’re redeeming on-line.

We’ve already got great handsets, accessories, Pre-Paid options and more available in the Rewards Store. Plus, we’ll be continuing to update the range with more of the latest devices and accessories.  

Visit the Rewards Store today to see what’s available. For now, we’ve compiled a list of current hot offers that are already on the wish list:

Google Home Mini – Only 10,000 points

Get hands-free help in any room with a Google Home Mini*. Just by using your voice, you can play your favourite music in an instant. It can also keep you organised with your schedule, calls, reminders and more. You can ask it questions, tell it to do things – it’s your own personal Google.

We love the Google Home Mini, especially now that it’s available for just 10,000 points (14,000 points after offer ends September 30 2019).

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm

The Galaxy Watch 42mm is the ultimate portable connectivity companion that tells you far more than just the time. With the ability to play music, talk, text, keep track of your day, health and wellness goals, all in a sleek and durable form.

The Galaxy Watch 42mm can also be your phone on the go thanks to its cellular support**. The smart new Galaxy Watch 42mm comes in either Rose Gold or Midnight Black.

You can get the Galaxy Watch 42mm onto your wrist for 100,000 points + $99 (this Points + Pay combination will revert to 127,000 + $96 after the offer ends September 30 2019. Additional Points + Pay options are available and a points only option is also available).

Samsung Galaxy S10e with JBL headset

When Samsung announced its three new Galaxy S10 devices, the awesome S10e became the quiet star of the show for lovers of flagship specs in small form factors.

With a 5.8-inch FHD + Infinity-O display and incredible internal specs, the S10e is a pocket rocket. Your photos will look unreal on the Pro-Grade Camera, and the battery is long-lasting, so you can outlast your mates and use Wireless PowerShare*** to share your charge after their batteries run out.

The Galaxy S10e comes in black, white and green so you can personalise your phone to suit your style. You can pick up one of these beauties for 75,000 points + $660 and score a free JBL headset at the same time, making it a great deal (this Points + Pay combination will revert to 98,000 points + $792 after the offer ends September 30 2019. Additional Points + Pay options are available and a points only option is also available).

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

Your fancy new wireless charging devices deserve a nice place to lay their heads at night. The Samsung Wireless Charger Duo is the perfect solution for users of two smart devices that can charge wirelessly and keeps your desk or side-table free of clutter.

You can charge two phones at once or place a phone and accessory on the pad to get quick power whenever you need it.

You can redeem the Wireless Charger Duo for 20,000 points, or you can split points with payment and spend 12,000 points and an additional $33 to make it yours. (Offer ends September 30 2019. Additional Points + Pay options are available).

Netgear Nighthawk M2

The Netgear Nighthawk M2 is a mobile router with serious grunt. Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful first Nighthawk mobile router, the Nighthawk M2 carries over the premium design and colourful, data-rich touchscreen and improves your on-the-go Wi-Fi experience by making it easier to navigate through menus on the device.

The Nighthawk M2 supports up to 20 Wi-Fi devices on a single connection, so whether you’re travelling with family or running a portable business you’ll be able to connect all your devices and share in fast mobile internet. A complementary NETGEAR Mobile App lets you configure the device without taking it out of your backpack or briefcase.

It’s packed with the latest 4G technology, too – with Category 20 LTE Advanced speeds****, 4X4 MIMO and 5-band Carrier Aggregation it can handle high definition media streaming, and you can even charge a smartphone using the JumpBoost battery charging feature.

You can redeem the Nighthawk M2 for 50,000 points + $125 (this Points + Pay combination will revert to 75,000 points + $144 after the offer ends September 30 2019. Additional Points + Pay options are available and a points only option is also available).

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5

The Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is the bees knees for portable entertainment, productivity and more.

Featuring an expansive 10.5-inch display for all your work, movies or both; a huge battery for up to 15 hours of video***** (and a fast-charge feature to top you right back up again), and expandable memory up to 400GB, the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is going to become your new portable best friend.

You can get the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 for 130,000 points via the redemption store. Alternatively, you can split points and pay to get the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 for 100,000 points and $79. (Offer ends 30 September 2019. Additional Points + Pay combinations are available).

Visit to see how to become a Telstra Plus member and checkout the diverse range of products already available. We’re set to add more devices (and more deals) to our redemption store over the next few months. Stay tuned to Telstra Exchange for more of our favourite picks.­­


*Google Home Mini requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, and a compatible mobile device.

**Requires a paired compatible smartphone and internet connection. Cellular connectivity not compatible with iOS devices. Additional charges (e.g. data) may apply.

***Compatible with devices that support WPC Qi wireless charging.

**** Typical download speeds of 5 – 500 Mbps and typical upload speeds of 1-40 Mbps. The upper end of the typical speed range will be more commonly experienced in and around the CBD’s of the major cities. Outside 4GX coverage areas typical speeds will be lower.

***** Battery life based on video playback. Testing conducted using 720p video playing from full charge to flat. Assumes one season is 18 episodes, 50 minutes per episode.

Telstra Plus is here, with more reasons to join than ever


Posted on May 14, 2019

3 min read

Yesterday we introduced you to Telstra Plus, our new rewards program for Telstra customers, with a bang – and a million-point giveaway. Now that Telstra Plus is well and truly out in the open, we can share more about what you get for joining, including some fantastic entertainment benefits.

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from you all since we announced Telstra Plus last month, with over 370,000 sign-ups – we know that we’re onto something here. We’ve been working hard on the best way to reward you for your loyalty, and we think this is it.

Our customers have always been able to benefit from the best network and access to the greatest new technology. With Telstra Plus, being a customer is now even more rewarding – from today, you’ll be able to start accumulating points just for paying your monthly bill, and you can exchange those points for discounts on the latest tech devices and accessories when our redemption store opens in July. 

We know that Aussies love their sport and entertainment, so we’re especially proud of our latest addition to Telstra Plus. We’re adding yet another reason to join with some more benefits for our Silver and Gold members in the form of Telstra TV Box Office credits, to the value of 12 or 18 new release SD movies (to activate before 31 July 2019).  

For the sports buffs out there, we’ll give Silver and Gold members a one or three month subscriptions to Kayo Basic – maybe when your favourite season starts! 

These new entertainment benefits sit alongside the VIP service that we’re offering our Silver and Gold members of Telstra Plus. Silver members will receive a one-off tech support call per year through our Telstra Platinum service, and Gold members will have 24×7 tech support over the phone through Telstra Platinum whenever they need it, at a value of $120 per year. 

All our Telstra Plus members will continue to have access to discount sport and movie tickets, pre-sale tickets, and money-can’t-buy experiences, as we roll our long-running Telstra Thanks program into Telstra Plus.  

From 28 May, we’ll start to roll out some Telstra Plus tier benefits to members. We’ve been delighted to see you all embrace Telstra Plus over the last few weeks, and we’re extremely excited to grow and expand our new rewards program over the coming months.

Help us celebrate the launch of Telstra Plus – and you could win


Posted on May 13, 2019

3 min read

Tomorrow’s the big day! It’s the start of a new era for us with the launch of the Telstra Plus rewards program, and we’re throwing a party to celebrate. We’re giving away up to $50,000 in prizes and a million points for eligible Telstra Plus members in a day-long game show – and all you need is your mobile number to enter.

Telstra Plus is our new rewards program for customers, giving you discounts on the latest devices and accessories, VIP tech support and more just for being a Telstra customer. Telstra Plus point earning officially starts tomorrow, and we’re very excited.

Over 350,000 of you have already signed up for Telstra Plus – you’ll all get bonus points for getting in early, and anyone signing up before June 30 will too. Tomorrow, we’re bringing Telstra Plus to life with a total of 1 million-points to be given away in a live-streaming game show that every Telstra mobile customer aged 18 years or over can take part in; all you need is your phone number and be watching the live stream.

Hosted by Tim Blackwell, Faustina “Fuzzy” Agolley and Cam Knight, the competition will be live-streamed simultaneously across Facebook Live and Twitter. Kicking off at 7AM sharp and running throughout the day in rounds until 8.15PM – so all our eligible customers have a chance to take part, no matter if you’re working or studying or juggling the kids – we’ll be giving Telstra Plus members the chance to join our celebrations and win rewards.

Up to million Telstra Plus points and $50,000 of prizes from our partners, including Samsung and Google are up for grabs, so make sure you tune in. You’ll also be hearing about what’s next for Telstra Plus.

It has been a long road to get to this point, but we’re not slowing down. Telstra Plus represents just one of the ways we’re improving the experiences we offer to our customers as part of our T22 strategy – our goal is to give you simple and easy ways to get more from our products and services, and for you to have access to technology that improves your life every day.

The next phase of our T22 work will come in June, with the introduction of even simpler mobile plans. Following our switch to no lock-in contracts for fixed broadband plans in February of this year, our new mobile plans will give you even more freedom and flexibility.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the show, and good luck!

Telstra Plus Lucky Numbers Terms & Conditions

ACT Permit No. TP19/03270, NSW Permit No. LTPS/19/34392 and SA Permit No. T19/692.

Last days to join Telstra Plus early and score bonus points


Posted on May 9, 2019

2 min read

There’s less than a week until we officially launch our new rewards program, Telstra Plus – and we really, really don’t want you to miss out! Sign up early and you’ll be in line for some bonus points as well as a more rewarding experience for being a Telstra customer.

Telstra Plus is our new rewards program, giving customers the opportunity to earns points to put towards discounts on the latest devices and accessories just for being a Telstra customer. We want you to be ready to earn points from day one, and there’s a nice bonus for signing up early.

Telstra Plus adds the ability to earn points on your monthly Telstra spend, and to put those points towards a new smartphone, or accessories like headphones, wearables or smart home speakers. Plus, Telstra Plus has three tiers – Member, Silver, and Gold.

Everyone with a Telstra Plus membership will be able to access our Member tier benefits such as discounted tickets and pre-sale access to concerts; entertainment benefits that build on the success of our long-running Telstra Thanks program. Silver members will receive a one-off Telstra Platinum tech support call online or over the phone per year and an entertainment bonus – more on that last part soon! If you qualify for the Gold tier, you’ll also get 24×7 tech support online and on the phone through Telstra Platinum.

Signing up to Telstra Plus only takes a couple of minutes, and there are no joining fees – all you have to do is visit the website or the 24/7 app, enter your Telstra personal account details, and follow the steps.  From 14 May, you’ll be earning points without any more effort needed.

We can’t wait to share more about our plans for Telstra Plus, and to welcome you all to the new program with a bang. Stay tuned as we get closer to 14 May to see what we have in store.