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Support local Aussie businesses by shopping through Telstra Plus Market

By Meg Bonighton June 28, 2022

It’s been a tough few years for Australian small business, and we know our Telstra Plus members are keen to show their support. That’s why we are giving you yet another way to support small businesses across the country, while making every dollar you spend go further through our Telstra Plus rewards program.

Telstra Plus Market is our new home for Australia’s small and medium businesses to showcase themselves to over four million members, and for our Telstra Plus members to shop online to their hearts’ content and earn reward points at the same time.

Whether it’s your local coffee shop or bicycle repair store, the grocer or a bookstore the suburb over, Telstra Plus Market makes it more rewarding for Telstra Plus customers to support their local community. By shopping through the Market, you’ll not only be helping local businesses, but also get access to tailored offers and earn Telstra Plus reward points on every purchase you make.

If you’re a long-time Telstra Plus member, you’d already know about the Rewards Store, where you can use the points you earn to purchase products like smartphones, gadgets, discounts on Telstra services and a bunch more. If you’re not familiar, why not take a look and see if there’s a special that catches your eye?

Telstra Plus Market has been open for small and medium business registrations since April, and each of these registered businesses can create and manage their own points-based offers. We’ve got more retailers on the way, and we are also aiming to grow to more than six million Telstra Plus members by the end of 2025.

We created Telstra Plus Market to connect Aussie small businesses directly with the millions of savvy shoppers that have already joined Telstra Plus, one of Australia’s biggest and fastest growing rewards programs. We want more businesses to join, more deals on offer and more Telstra Plus members to start supporting their community stores, but for now we’re just excited to get started.

Small Business |

Telstra Plus Market – build your business with your finger tips

By Meg Bonighton February 25, 2022

A butcher, a florist and a candlestick maker all walked into a bar and started chatting about ways to reach new customers.

Well, not really but today we’re announcing a new program that could help the tens of thousands of small and medium businesses across Australia reach new markets and customers.

Update 12/4/22: The Telstra Plus Market is now open! Head over and register your business today.

It’s called Telstra Plus Market and gives small and medium businesses the opportunity to market to the more than four million members of Telstra Plus, our customer rewards loyalty program.

It works like this – small and medium businesses can easily create offers that enable Telstra plus members to earn Telstra Plus points, offers which are then exclusively available to registered Telstra Plus Market customers. Customers can then earn Telstra Plus points when they take up the offer with those participating businesses.

It means, for example, a florist could market a special offer on a bunch of roses for 10 points for every $1 spent. The Telstra Plus customer will then receive Telstra Plus points if they take the offer up. Those points can then be redeemed in the Telstra Plus Rewards Store for the latest tech, devices and accessories.

It’s all about helping to give registered small and medium businesses the ability to tap into hard to reach customer segments as well as a whole new platform to market their goods and services.

You can access the Telstra Plus Market via our website.

We’re encouraging small businesses across Australia to register their business with Telstra Plus Market, so that they can start building offers ready to share with customers as soon as it’s launched to consumers in the My Telstra app in the coming weeks.