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The new Telstra Smart Modem: 5 ways we’re getting smarter for our customers


Posted on October 30, 2018

4 min read

When you sign up to a home broadband plan with us, we want to make sure you have the smoothest possible experience – whether it’s switching over to the nbn™ network, moving home or setting up an entirely new fixed connection. That’s why we’ve launched the new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 that includes voice backup for phone calls, alongside mobile data backup, making it easier to get connected when NBN is not yet available.

  1. No wait for an nbn connection!

    The new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 makes it easier for you to get connected. Get online within minutes at home when you walk out of our stores with a device or receive a Self-Install Kit in the mail. Thanks to built-in 4G mobile backup it means that you’ll get online sooner and have the peace of mind of a backup connection in the event of a disruption on your nbn service. It’s also easier for our field technicians to diagnose your network if there’s a glitch and for households to keep track of what devices are connected, and how much data you’re using.

  2. Backup for your home phone voice calls

    Australians that are connected to the nbn network now must connect their home phone through their modem, rather than into a separate wall socket as their voice is delivered over the broadband connection. With over two million Australians now connected to the nbn network, backing up their services via a mobile service is more important than ever for fixed and voice connectivity. Our new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2, is all about peace of mind – and to that end, it lets our nbn customers continue to make voice calls over their fixed line home phones during broadband disruptions, using our 4G network – a first for any provider on the nbn.

  3. Mobile network backup for more reliable internet

    When you sign up for a new broadband connection, reliability should be something you expect – not just hope for. That’s why every Telstra Smart Modem includes mobile network backup, giving you an automatic secondary connection using our mobile network in the case of any broadband disruption, without any extra effort needed from you. Your Telstra Smart Modem will connect as soon as you’ve set up your device at home, even while you’re waiting for an nbn connection to your home or business to be activated. Our internal testing has also shown a 10% improvement in Wi-Fi coverage compared to previous versions of the Telstra Smart Modem.

  4. It looks good in your living room, too

    We’ve talked to our customers to better understand where they use their Telstra Smart Modems, and we’ve redesigned our latest model to make it sleeker and more modern. With a thicker base it’s also more functional as well as stylish, with a design that looks more at home in the centre of your living space. Our living and dining rooms are usually in the centre of our homes, and the improved Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 will fit in unobtrusively, to maximise your Wi-Fi coverage and quality.

  5. Wi-Fi tools help us diagnose your network faster

    If you ever have any issues with your home broadband experience, our field technicians have one-click access to vital stats on the health of your home network. Our Telstra Smart Modem constantly measures broadband speed and wireless network performance, and reports back to our secure Operational Support System – making it faster for our experts to get you back online. Over the past three months we have tracked nbn migrations, and had over 60% less home call outs for support from customers using the Telstra Smart Modem.

    Using the Telstra Home Dashboard App, customers can also map the Wi-Fi in their home, view connected devices and also run a speed test to determine both the speed and quality of the Wi-Fi network in their home.

The revamped Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 is just another way we are supporting a stronger, smarter, safer network. It delivers benefits that directly contribute towards our T22 productivity initiatives, with 50% less calls and complaints from customers using the Telstra Smart Modem 1.0. And we’ll continue to make it smarter for you, with more features to come in the New Year.

Things you should know

The Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2.0 requires 4G coverage. Voice backup is only available to nbn network customers. Internet backup speeds are limited to 6/1Mbps and will vary with location and content accessed.

We’re giving faster nbn speeds to almost a million customers for no extra cost

Network nbn

Posted on March 1, 2018

3 min read

Fast and reliable broadband has never been more important to Australians. We want to be able to stream from our TVs, tablets and phones, work from home, stay on top of emails, and check in on our social accounts – all at the same time.

That’s why we’re making almost a million of our nbn services even faster for no extra cost, and improving reliability for more customers with the Telstra Smart Modem™ (formerly known as the Telstra Frontier Gateway®).

Over the next few months, more than 850,000 Telstra home and small business customers will have their nbn speed tier upgraded to Standard Plus (NBN 50) at no additional cost. These customers don’t need to do anything, either – we’ll upgrade their plan speed in the background, and let them know once they can make the most of faster speeds.

Our new $79 and above Fixed nbn home and small business bundles also includes the Standard Plus speed tier, which will give customers more freedom to stream in 4K or HD on multiple devices without buffering or interruptions.

While the Standard Plus speed tier will provide speeds above and beyond what most customers actually need today, we want to make sure our customers are prepared for their future internet usage as the way we use our broadband continues to grow.

With data used over the fixed broadband network growing by about 40 percent over the past year, it’s the same reason we boosted data allowances for all our home broadband customers last year.

But it’s not just the speed tier that impacts a customer’s broadband service. The type of modem they use, where it’s placed and the condition of their home wiring – along with a range of other factors – also plays a role in the real-world speeds they’ll see.

We want to give customers all the right ingredients to make sure their connection is as strong as it can be.

With this goal in mind, we’re giving all new customers signing up to a home internet bundle, all customers moving home and home broadband customers moving to the nbn network who don’t already have an nbn-compatible modem a Telstra Smart Modem which includes the latest Wi-Fi technology and a built-in mobile backup to help keep customers connected more often.

Once plugged in, the modem will connect a home to the internet within minutes via the mobile network, without having to wait for the fixed service to be connected. If there’s an interruption to their broadband service, the gateway will automatically switch over to a mobile connection within minutes.

Anyone who’s moved house recently knows it can be a stressful time and getting utilities and internet connected can be an extra hassle. Having a Telstra Smart Modem will mean our customers can immediately get connected via the mobile network while they wait for their fixed service to be connected in their new home.

Similarly, when customers move to the nbn network there can sometimes be a period of downtime while the switchover occurs. Being able to connect to the mobile network during this time will help make the move to the new network as smooth as possible.

The speed upgrades and Telstra Smart Modem rollout are part of our plans to provide the best possible experience for customers on the nbn and follow our move to provide customers with typical minimum evening speeds well above the ACCC guidelines of 60 percent of the maximum speed during peak times.

Hybrid home modem a game changer

Smart Home

Posted on February 14, 2017

3 min read

The Telstra Gateway Frontier with ‘hybrid’ technology is Australia’s first all-in one modem writes Stuart Bird.

I’m excited to announce that today we launched an Australian-first solution that brings together our fixed and 4G mobile networks in a single device to get homes online sooner, and back online quickly when fixed services are interrupted.

The Telstra Frontier home modem with ‘hybrid’ technology is Australia’s first all-in-one modem. Once plugged in it will connect a home to the internet within minutes, over 4G, without having to wait for the fixed service to be installed and switched on.

As households get more devices online and embrace a new wave of smart home technologies, the Frontier home modem offers families peace of mind their home will be able to get back online quickly. If there is an interruption to the home broadband such as planned network maintenance, the gateway will automatically switch over to the Telstra Mobile Network within minutes.

We know home internet is central to how you access entertainment, organise your lives and connect to the world. Many of you have told us being without a home broadband service for even one hour is disruptive so we are introducing a solution that enables you to stay connected to the things you love to do online within minutes of plugging your home gateway in.

And as we adopt more smart home technologies, staying online becomes even more integral as households connect to services such as remote monitoring, in-home voice assistants and home automation.

The device forms part of our Network 2020 strategy, unveiled last year, which will see us invest in converged products across fixed and mobile so you can have a consistent, reliable and simple experience.

Featuring the latest in Wi-Fi technology (Wi-Fi 802.11ac 4X4) to increase in-home Wi-Fi speeds up to four times compared with the previous generation of our gateway technology (when using AC-compatible devices), the Frontier significantly boosts signal reach as Australians embrace video streaming on smart TVs and mobile screens.

And the Frontier home modem is primed to bring the smart home to life with the capacity to connect 20 devices simultaneously.

Shae Billings and her partner Tommy are a young Melbourne couple who rely on their home internet connection to enable them to work from home, keep in touch with friends overseas and for their beloved Netflix. Recently Shae & Tommy purchased and moved into their first home in Mooroolbark and we asked them to trial the Telstra Gateway Frontier to make their move and getting online even smoother.

The new Frontier home modem with hybrid technology brings together the best of Telstra’s mobile and home networks and to celebrate this Australian first will launch with a special offer.

Between 14 Feb and 27 March – new and existing customers can purchase the Frontier for $216 outright or $9 per month on a hardware repayment option when taking up an eligible 24 month home bundle. For more information about the Telstra Gateway Frontier and pricing go to telstra.com.au/broadband/extras/frontier