Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with S-Pen
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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: tips and tricks to make it even better

By Harry Tucker April 8, 2022

So you’ve just got yourself a new Samsung Galaxy S22 series device – you might think it’s already one of the best purchases you’ve ever made, but you’ve likely not even scratched the surface.

Outside of making some of the best displays of any smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung’s other superpower is how it seamlessly blends usability and function straight out of the box with customisation options to take it all even further without getting in the way.

Here’s how to make the most of it.

First Samsung Galaxy? No problem

Incredible cameras, one of the best displays we’ve ever seen on a smartphone and a built in S-Pen. Talk about appealing – and if this is your first Samsung smartphone, you’re going to be in for a treat. Thankfully, if the idea of jumping into a brand new phone interface seems like a daunting task, there are a few things you can do to make that transition seamless.

1. Use Samsung’s Smart Switch App to move all your old data

Whether you’re coming from an iPhone or another Android device, you can download Samsung’s Smart Switch app on your old phone. All you need to do then is connect it to your new Galaxy S22 to bring all your data along for the ride – including your photos, videos, contacts, calendars and notes. If you’re coming from another Android phone, it’ll also bring over your apps, phone settings and even home screen layout.

2. Don’t forget WhatsApp!

WhatsApp saves your message and file history a bit different to most other messaging platforms – using your own personal cloud storage for privacy and security reasons. For most phones, this history can’t be transferred between different operating systems. With the Galaxy S22 though, as part of the Smart Switch process, you can scan a QR code to transfer all your history, regardless of whether you’re coming from iOS or Android.

3. Set up gesture navigation

By default, the Galaxy S22’s interface can be navigated with the standard three button navigation bar. It’s familiar, but it can take up a bit of screen real estate if that matters to you.

If you want more screen space or you’re coming from a phone that’s gesture based instead, you can keep that rhythm up by changing the default on your new Galaxy S22 to gesture navigation.

You don’t need to be Einstein to swap it over either – jump into Settings, search for “navigation bar”, then tap Swipe Gestures and you’re all set.

4. App drawer or no app drawer?

Some phones have a home screen you can customise and a separate app drawer you can open for your full list of apps – while others simply have the home screen that you swipe through for everything. By default, the Galaxy S22 has separate home screens and an app drawer – but you can change this to just the home screen if that’s your preference.

To change it, make a long tap on a blank part of the home screen to open up Home screen settings. Tap into Home Screen Layout, where you’ll then get to pick which option you’d rather.

Make your Galaxy S22 all about you

Samsung’s OneUI 4 and Android 12 lean heavy into personalisation to really tailor the experience just for you. Here are a few ways to make the most of it.

1. Match your theme to your wallpaper

Packed inside Android 12 is a personalisation feature Google calls Material You. Essentially, it takes the colours from your phone’s wallpaper and applies them across the phone to things like app icon backgrounds, button backgrounds and sliders. You can play around with these colours inside your wallpaper settings.

2. Download Samsung Good Lock

Samsung Good Lock, in my opinion, is Samsung’s most underrated aspect of owning a Samsung Galaxy S22. It’s an official app in the Samsung Galaxy Store that unlocks a whole bunch more of customisation across your phone and enables more advanced features such as changing app shortcuts on your lock screen, the amount of apps you can have open in split screen, how notifications are displayed and a whole bunch more. Seriously – head to the Galaxy Store now and see what you can do.

3. Smart Widgets

Widgets are great, but it’s not often that you want a glance at information from each widget that you have at the same time – this is where the new Smart Widgets come in. Rather than filling your home screen with multiple widgets, Smart Widgets allows you to stack a bunch of them on top that you can swipe through. It’ll also try and work out over time what it thinks is the most relevant widget for you and put what it thinks on the top of the stack. Super handy!

Take games, photos and movies to another level

1. Game Launcher and Game Booster for the win

Big gorgeous screens and powerful chipsets are the perfect combination for an awesome gaming phone. Luckily, each device in the Galaxy S22 series ticks these boxes. Samsung takes it even further with its popular Game Launcher and Game Booster features – features so good that we’ve seen Google build something extremely similar right inside Android 12.

Turning these features on gives you quick access to everything mobile gaming is about in 2022. Easily take screenshots, record videos and share them straight to Discord (or a bunch of other game stream platforms). There’s also a special gaming Do Not Disturb mode that blocks out notifications while a game is playing and saves them for when you’re back in a menu screen or lobby waiting (depending on your game).

2. Pro photos with ExpertRAW

If you count yourself a bit of a photographer, or if you’d like to seriously upgrade your Instagram feed – Samsung’s Expert RAW app from the Galaxy Store unlocks the full potential of those awesome cameras. It’s essentially a pro-level camera app that gives you deep manual control over settings such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. What’s particularly interesting though compared to the regular camera app is how it takes multi-frame HDR photos in both standard JPEG and in RAW (hence the name!) to edit straight in Adobe Lightroom.

This is a big deal – smartphone computational photography has come so far in recent years, and normally that software magic is lost when exporting in RAW format to edit.

3. Bring the cinema to the palm of your hands with Dolby Atmos

If you haven’t yet experienced Dolby Atmos – it’s the latest surround sound audio standard, sometimes referred to as Spatial Audio. If you think about your standard surround sound and how it can feel like noises are coming from each direction to your left and right – Atmos takes it even further and adds height. By height, I mean it also can sound like noises are coming from above and below you, on top of everything else. It’s truly the best way to watch a movie or play a video game.

You’ll find Atmos in high-end TVs, soundbars and streaming boxes – and also in the Galaxy S22 Series if your headphones support it. To enable Dolby Atmos, go to Settings > Sound quality and effects and then toggle on Dolby Atmos.

Automation to make life easier

1. Screen spam and scam callers

If there’s absolutely one tip you’re going to follow, it’s this one. Built into the phone is a fantastic spam and scam call and SMS screening tool – and it works incredibly well. It essentially has a huge database of known scam and spam phone numbers that get updated daily, and if one of those numbers calls you it’ll either block it automatically or inform you that the number is a suspected spam call while it’s ringing. Every now and then a spam number will slip through, but in my experience, the large majority are screened.

This feature isn’t on by default, but it’s extremely simple to do. Jump into Settings, scroll down and select apps and tap on choose default apps. Once you’re in that screen, scroll down and tap into caller ID & spam and in this page select phone.

2. Make life easy with Bixby Routines

Not to be confused with regular Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby Routines allows you to automate your life across your phone and the rest of your smart devices. It can do things like changing your phone’s settings based on where you are, automate your morning routine or message a friend you’re heading to see to say you’re on the way once you leave your home. Each update Samsung adds even more routines to automate – and they’re things that genuinely make your day to day just that little bit better.

Samsung’s Galaxy S series have always been up there with the best smartphones each year right out of the box. But perhaps the most powerful feature is how much you can add and change across the phone to suit your liking – and with Android 12 and the latest OneUI skin from Samsung, it’s all easier and more powerful than ever.

And once you’re done making the home screen and settings all about you – make the rest of it about you too with accessories to do even more with your S22 and cases to make a statement and keep it safe.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
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Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra: hands-on

By Harry Tucker March 1, 2022

The brightest smartphone screen in a Samsung Galaxy, cameras that see in the dark, and an ultra-long-lasting battery – Samsung’s latest flagship phones have arrived, and we’ve found plenty to be excited about.

Announced earlier in the month and available to pre-order now, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Series takes all the things we loved about last year’s Galaxy S21 Series and turns the notch up to 11 – especially when it comes to vivid displays and impressive camera systems.

This year’s line-up is headlined by the powerhouse Galaxy S22 Ultra and joined by the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22. Pricing starts at $1,849 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, $1,549 for the Galaxy S22+, and $1,249 for the Galaxy S22.

We got our hands on all three models – here’s what we love.

Samsung’s superpower: the display

For years Samsung has been one of the leaders in the mobile market when it comes to smartphone displays, and with the Galaxy S22 series it outdid itself again – especially on the 6.8-inch Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Do you know that moment where you go to turn up your screen brightness in the middle of the day, and it’s still not enough? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It packs the brightest phone display Samsung has ever built, going head to head with the dreaded midday sun. Not only does it mean that direct sunlight is mostly a concern of the past, the brightness also makes colours super vivid and really pop out at you from the screen wherever you are.

Like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, both the 6.1-inch display Galaxy S22 and 6.6-inch Galaxy S22+ also feature Samsung’s bright and vibrant new Dynamic AMOLED 2x display tech and support up to 120Hz refresh rate. Scrolling through Instagram has never looked smoother.

There is genuinely a big difference in the hand between the smaller Galaxy S22 and the S22 Ultra – which we think is great. It means if you’re someone who prefers a smaller device, you can still get flagship level features inside a device size suited better for you.

Shooting for the stars

If the screen doesn’t catch your attention, the upgraded camera systems certainly will.

The camera systems have been spec’d up from the inside out, with Adaptive Pixel technology, on top of already huge sensors.

Speaking of sensors – the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra packs an updated 108-megapixel main lens like last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ share the same 50-megapixel main camera and 12-megapixel 3x telephoto lens, which are no slouches, either. All three phones also share the same 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 10-megapixel 10x optical zoom lens to go along with its 3x telephoto lens.

While megapixel count isn’t everything – Samsung use a couple of clever software tricks – pixel binning and Adaptive Pixel tech.

Usually having a large megapixel count means you need to sacrifice how much light reaches the camera sensor – on a high level, when enabled, pixel binning combines the sensor’s pixels to allow more light to reach the sensor for better quality images.

A lot of manufacturers also do this with their cameras – but it means that in low-light conditions the sensor will take images in a lower resolution so enough light reaches the lens for a good picture – so that 64-megapixel shot might end up as a 12-megapixel photo, for example. The advantage though, is when you compare the pixel size of a regular 12-megapixel lens, it’s often smaller than a “binned” pixel, with less light to work with.

The best example of this is comparing the 50-megapixel Galaxy S22 sensor against last year’s Galaxy S21 12-megapixel sensor – with Samsung claiming quite a large 23% improvement in light reaching the sensor on the S22.

Samsung’s new Adaptive Pixel is something we haven’t seen on a Samsung phone before though and works with the pixel binning technology to get the best shot possible. Essentially, it combines the light information from the lower resolution “binned” image with the full 108-megapixel image so you can get the level of detail from the full resolution photo without sacrificing light.

Updates to the camera software make an even bigger difference though – especially if in low-light and of your furry friends, with new Night Portrait and Pet Portrait modes. Low-light modes have improved for incredible night photography – not only is the new Night Portrait mode enabled on the main cameras, you can also use it for better pub selfies this weekend.

No matter the angle in our tests, the night portraits feel sharp, and the details are defined. And you get the same 8K video resolution as the S21, but it’s way better in low light.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra also has a 512GB option to hold all those photos and videos, more than many laptops, which if you’re a keen photographer planning to take photos in RAW (one photo can be over 100mb in size) is a must.

Have you written that down?

Writing notes and drawing on images is loads of fun with the new S-Pen.

It’s back. Back in a big way.

“What’s back?” you ask.

The S-Pen. And for the first time in an S-Series device, there’s a slot built into the Galaxy S22 Ultra for it to slide into when you’re not using it. If you were missing Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, Samsung has heard you.

Not only is it the first time an S-Pen has been seen like this in a S-Series, but Samsung claims it’s also – faster than the Galaxy Note20’s S-Pen. Numbers don’t mean a lot if you can’t feel the difference – and with the Galaxy S22 Ultra you really can. Handwriting, drawing and even just using the S-Pen to navigate around the phone feels more natural than ever before.

You might be thinking that with that extra space needed to fit the S-Pen, the battery life will take a hit in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. But nope, based on our experience of moderate usage, this monster will go all day and then some. And if you do manage to run it down, both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22+ support 45W fast charging* which will have you back up to 50% in 20 minutes.

On the outside of the Galaxy S22 Ultra body, the ArmourAluminum frame and Gorilla Glass Victus+ are like an impenetrable water-resistant suit of armour – Samsung say it’s the most durable Galaxy S device yet!

*45W Power Adapter and data cable required and sold separately. S22 does not support 45W fast charging.

S Pen comes with S22Ultra only, otherwise sold separately.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 series at Telstra: price and release date 

By Harry Tucker February 10, 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is finally here! And the whole series will be available to pre-order with Telstra from today, as well as Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tab S8 tablet series.

The Galaxy S22 comes in three variants S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra, with a variety of memory sizes and colours available. Pricing will start from $1,249 for the Galaxy S22, $1,549 for the Galaxy S22+ and $1,849 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Launching alongside the new Galaxy S22 is a big update to Samsung’s tablet range, with the Galaxy Tab S8 series. Starting from $1,299, it includes the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S8, 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S8+, and the 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

The best news though, is the incredible pre-order bonus deals we’re offering with Samsung. There are different pre-order bonuses, with early super-fans really getting rewarded here.

If you order your new Galaxy S22 Series device between 10 February and 3 March, you’ll be able to redeem not one, not two, but three bonus gifts:

  • Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tab A8 (worth $529RRP)
  • 12 months Disney+ access (worth $120RRP)

A Samsung e-voucher to redeem for one of three Galaxy S22 Series accessory packs, depending on the device ordered.

You can place your pre-order today at

Redemption criteria apply. Redeem Galaxy Tab A8 and Samsung gift by 15 April. Redeem Disney+ by 31 May 2022. Roll onto Disney+ month to month subscription, currently $11.99/mth, after 12 months. Cancel any time. New and returning Disney+ subscribers only. Requires internet and compatible device. Data charges apply. Not redeemable for cash.

Let’s take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

It’s all headlined by the amazing Galaxy S22 Ultra, packing a 6.8-inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display with a super smooth 120Hz variable refresh rate, incredible cameras and even Samsung’s fan-favourite S-Pen (sold separately).

Making a happy return, the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with an S-Pen integrated into its body, just like the old Galaxy Notes used to. The S-Pen is back better than ever, too – with a response rate more than twice as fast as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, feeling more like putting pen to paper than ever before. It also uses AI-based coordinate prediction which guesses where you’re going to draw next to lower lag time and is even smarter at converting your handwriting to text in 88 languages (up by 12), no matter how messy.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is designed to be more durable than ever, with Gorilla Glass Victus+, Armor Aluminium and an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, while also being constructed more sustainably with repurposed fishing nets used throughout the design.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+

If you’re after a new device that’s a bit smaller in size and you don’t need the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Super Zoom camera, Samsung also has you covered with the Galaxy S22 and S22+.

The regular Galaxy S22 features a 6.1-inch FHD+ display, while the S22+ is in the middle size-wise with a 6.6-inch FHD+ display.

Both of these are incredible value, featuring the same blazingly fast processor as their Galaxy S22 Ultra big brother, 5G support, and the same Dynamic AMOLED 2X display technology with a 120Hz variable refresh rate.

They both pack three brilliant camera lenses on the back, two of which come straight from the Galaxy S22 Ultra too – the 12MP wide-angle lens and the 10MP 3x optical zoom lens. There’s also a super detailed 50MP main lens, plus a 10MP selfie camera on the front.

These days, a lot of the brilliance in mobile photos comes from the software in the camera system, so it’s a good thing that both of these devices feature most of the AI camera tricks from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, too.

To get you through the day, the Galaxy S22 comes with a 3,700mAh battery, while the Galaxy S22+ has a whopping 4500mAh battery sitting under the hood.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series

If a bunch of incredible new phones isn’t enough, Samsung is also launching some incredible new 5G and S-Pen toting tablets, too. All of which are available to pre-order from today.

There are three new models, including the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S8, 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S8+, and the 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. All three models pack the same powerhouse octa-core processor, the latest Android 12 with OneUI 4.1 operating system, a dual rear camera setup, Super-Fast Charging 2.0, and booming quad stereo speakers.

If you’re a fan of state-of-the-art screens, then you’ll fall in love with the Galaxy Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra, which both have a Super AMOLED display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

The Galaxy Tab S8 cleverly has its fingerprint reader built into the side power button so you can just tap it on and get going.

With the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8+ there are three stunning colours to choose from – Graphite, Silver, and Pink Gold. While the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be available in Graphite.

Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 starts at $1,299 for a 128GB storage model, $1,699 for the Galaxy Tab S8+ with 128GB storage, and at $1,999 for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. All three models feature cellular connectivity and are also available with 256GB of storage.

As with the Galaxy S22 series, if you pre-order your Galaxy Tab S8 before (March 3, 2022), you’ll also nab yourself an awesome bonus gift, valued up to $499 RRP. Eligible customers can pick between a Productivity Pack or Entertainment pack tailored for their device model. The Productivity Pack features Samsung’s new Book Cover Keyboard, while the Entertainment Pack includes a pair of Samsung wireless earbuds and a Book Cover for your Galaxy Tab S8.

You can pre-order a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series device on today.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G on Telstra: price and release date 

By Luke Hopewell January 14, 2022

The first big smartphone release of 2022 is here! It’s the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G. Here’s what it does and how you can get it on Australia’s largest 5G network.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G?

So you’ve heard of the Samsung Galaxy S21? This is the Galaxy S21 FE. FE stands for “Fan Edition” because it contains everything essential that we loved about the original S21 range in a more affordable smartphone.

It’s a kind of “goldilocks” smartphone that includes everything you need and nothing you don’t at a price that will make you smile.

At just 7.9mm thin, the Galaxy S21 FE 5G is sleek, practical and portable. It follows the design language of the original Galaxy S21 and even adds new colours like olive green and lavender to the range, as well as being available in White and Graphite.

On the front, you’ll find a 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED 2X display. The best thing about it is the 120Hz refresh rate that makes the screen really pop. Your videos, games and more will look buttery smooth and cinema-grade.

One of the biggest complaints of any smartphone is the battery life. To help the FE be there when you need it, Samsung has included a large 4500mAH battery and built-in intelligent technology to maximise battery life. For example, the intelligent display adapts screen performance to manage demand on the battery strain.

The FE also includes 25W fast-charging, which can get 0% to 50% in just 30mins, so if you run out of juice, you can be back up and running in no time. The 25W fast-charger does not come in the box but can be purchased here.

While the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G comes in at nearly $300 cheaper than its S21 cousin and $500 more affordable than the S21+, you are still getting some serious hardware under the hood. The processor is built around the next-gen Exynos 2100 chipset, and 5G compatibility means it can take advantage of Telstra’s 5G speeds and connectivity.

Samsung is also not skimping on storage space as the FE offers the option of either 128GB or 256GB.

Finally, the camera. You will find a camera rig on the back similar in design to that of the S21 model that we loved so much. It sports a new and improved Night Mode for super sharp and clear photos even when the sun goes down. The 10x hybrid zoom and 30x Space Zoom are also part of the package, as are 4K video and dual video recording.

Since the last FE, the front camera has been boosted with a 32-megapixel sensor which pairs nicely with Samsung’s new AI Face Restoration capabilities to automatically spruce up your snaps.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G: price and release date

So when can you get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G? Now. The device is currently available in-store or via

Samsung Galaxy FE 5G (128GB): $999

Samsung Galaxy FE 5G (256GB): $1099

As a bonus offer, we’re including a bonus pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 with your new Galaxy S21 FE if you purchase before 30 Jan 2022 (Check terms and conditions).

A flat lay of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
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Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

By Miss May Leong October 15, 2021

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip3 is big enough to capture every piece of content I’ve ever wanted, while still being small enough to fit into my everyday life. Here’s what I loved about it.

I’m an illustrator, designer and content creator with almost 400,000 followers on Instagram and a thriving online store. I need a device that can keep up with everything I do, but not be so clunky and massive that it slows me down.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

It’s a sleek new flagship device from Samsung that’s meant for anyone who wants all the power of a big phone without it taking up so much room in your hand or your bag.

I’ve been using the Z Flip3 for a few weeks now, and I’ve found a few things I really love about it.

Miss May holding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 posing for a selfie

First things first, it’s so compact, sleek and practical. I really disliked having to have a big, clunky phone in the past, so the Z Flip3 is so welcome in my life.

I love the fact that I can fold it into half and pop the Z Flip3 into my pocket or tote bag without having to worry about the screen getting any smudges.

As a content creator, sometimes I’m on the go, and I see things I love and I needed a shot right away. The Z Flip3 is so accessible, there are many ways I can access the camera and photo albums on my mobile, including my fingerprints, facial recognition and passcode. It’s too easy.

I’m a multitasker, and the bigger cover screen also means I can do more as well. The new colourway of Cream even matches my little fur baby, Louis Booboo!

Speaking of colour, you know that I just live for it. Especially if you’ve seen my Instagram. The first thing I did when I got my hands on the Z Flip3 was start to make content. It’s coming into Spring here in Sydney – my favourite season next to Autumn – so I had a great opportunity to test the camera!

The vibrant colours I’ve captured with the Z Flip3 definitely spark my joy, and it inspires me to create. I love the snaps that I’ve taken as well, the colours always turned up stunning and vibrant.

Miss May holding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

I’d recommend trying out the Quick Selfie feature. Omigosh, I could even take a selfie even when the Flip is folded. It’s a neat little party trick, I reckon.

I love creating using the Single Take feature. It’s handy to shoot a video just once, and the Z Flip3 will basically sort the rest out for you, by capturing up to 14 ways of snaps and stills. How cool is that? It even gives you a black and white, just for kicks.

I was able to shoot a cute video on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 which I’ve added above to show you more about my favourite new phone!