Today is Australia’s national day of action against bullying and across the country, schools will come together to imagine a world free from bullying.

We’re totally on board. We think that there are things that we can all do, every day, to help prevent bullying and help build resilience and leadership skills in young people.

With the help of a couple of our partners, we’ve pulled together our top tips and resources from our partners to help stop bullying inside and outside the classroom.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation share our love of community learning spaces and together we are equipping public libraries and connecting library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology.

We’ve partnered with Alannah & Madeline Foundation to provide free cyber-safety training to 1500 public libraries to keep these community digital hubs smart safe and responsible when it comes to tech. 75 percent of Australian libraries are now on their eSmart journey.

We’re also supporters of Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s eSmart Digital Licence, an online cyber safety program teaching children critical digital skills to be smart, safe and responsible when online. This online learning resource includes interactive cyber-safety quizzes and is curriculum aligned and suitable for school-aged children aged 8 and above, with both Primary and Secondary versions available.

PROJECT ROCKIT believes in a world where kindness and respect thrive over bullying, hate and prejudice and so do we.

Schools across Australia can sign up for face to face strength-based PROJECT ROCKIT workshops, and if you’re in Southern Queensland or Western Sydney, keep an eye out for the Telstra backed tours running over the next couple of months. We are also working with PROJECT ROCKIT on a new interactive sports-based program, showcasing the power of teams to stamp out bullying. Look out for more info soon.

National Day Against Bullying 2018

We’ve also funded ‘PROJECT ROCKIT Online,’ Australia’s brand new curriculum of cool anti-bullying and cyber safety development for students in years 7-9. Consisting of three online workshops that tackle (cyber) bullying by building empathy and leadership, PROJECT ROCKIT Online guides students through a fun, practical and engaging online learning journey that incites reflection and encourages positive change.

And finally, PROJECT ROCKIT TV is a series that’s helping to create conversations about the stuff that doesn’t get discussed at school. You can explore topics like cyberbullying, belonging, gender and reputation.

ReachOut is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people. It offers practical support, tools and tips to help young people get through difficult times.

ReachOut’s research found that more than 50 percent of young people head online for help when they’re dealing with something heavy. ReachOut provides targeted information and practical tools to help Australian youth with things like bullying, relationships, peer pressure and stress.

ReachOut’s research also confirmed that cyberbullying remains a key worry for parents so to help navigate this issue, the team created the ReachOut parents portal to provide tips and advice for parents supporting their teenagers through everyday issues and tough times. Parents can search by topic, join discussion boards and download resource sheets.

And if you’re curious about building resilience check out Gaming for good! ReachOut Orb is a curriculum-mapped serious game designed for Year 9-10 students to build positivity and resilience. The Orb is backed by positive psychology and has been built by education experts. It’s free for schools to use, comes with a swag of teacher resources and was built thanks to a grant from the Telstra Foundation.

Our challenge to you on this day of action is to share these resources – whether it be with a young person, parent, teacher, principal or community leader. Remember, it takes a village to stamp out bullying.