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The world class technology we’re looking forward to working with

By Ross Healy October 19, 2018

It was an incredible and exhausting three days, but Telstra Vantage 2018 has come and gone. Thousands of people from all over roved the show floor interacting with humanoids, testing out 5G, and learning about how we can better utilise mixed reality tech in our lives.

The show opened with a Welcome to Country, simulcast from Perth and Melbourne, displayed on screen in real time. It was an incredible feat of technology and made possible by our network.

Speakers ranged from leaders inside Telstra, to New York Times best-selling authors and trailblazers in new tech. Amongst the many events, panels, and tech demos we caught a glimpse of what possibilities the networks of the future will bring.

Here’s just some of what we saw at Vantage that’ll forever change what we work on at Telstra and how we do it:

Maroushka smiles outside the Vantage show floor

Connected Play, #GirlBosses, and Our Exciting Future

My favourite experience was definitely getting to mess around with Sphero robots thanks to the Telstra Foundation and Code Club Australia. The app-enabled, programmable balls help kids to unlock their coding skills through connected play. I really wish that was a thing when I was in school!

I love that the Telstra Foundation has long-standing partnerships with organisations like Code Club Australia, because it means together we can deliver more programs that increase digital literacy for young people.

Telstra Foundation boxes on the show floor

We had the chance to hear from some incredible women that make me proud to work at Telstra including Robyn Denholm, Group Executive Strategy and Finance, Katherine Boiciuc, Enterprise Operations Executive, and Ayala Domani, Director of Innovation. They emphasised the critical role that gender diversity plays in supporting companies to innovate and flourish in a time of unprecedented disruption.

The panel of leading women in tech, led by Boiciuc

It was also a highlight to hear Neha Narula from the MIT Media Lab on the advance of cryptocurrency and how the internet of value has the potential democratise access to money.

Technology is the growth engine in an ecosystem that governs how we interact with each other and the world around us. Vantage gave me the opportunity to better understand the technology we enable through our network like cryptocurrencies, eSports, mixed reality and our market-leading work with 5G. It also served as a reminder that humans will always be at the centre of the technology we aspire to create or improve in the future.

Maroushka Saldanha, Sustainability Consultant

Kim smiles for the camera before entering the show floor

Being ‘that’ nerd, optimal creativity, and humanoids

Throughout the jam-packed 3 days, I learned about new and emerging tech, interacted with humanoids, and was scanned to see what type of dog I resembled using artificial intelligence (apparently, I’m a smart, friendly poodle who gets along with people easily, which isn’t too far off from the truth!).

The interactive booths were great to showcase the tech in action, but some of my favourite sessions included listening to influential speakers on the main stage. During New York Times Best Seller Daniel Pink’s keynote, I learned that my optimal time to be ‘creative,’ was later in the day, which surprised me as I usually spend my evenings relaxing or exercising (i.e. not reaching my creative potential). Since then, I’ve been slowly adding more creative activities to my life including writing this blog!

Telstra shows off its locator technology

Another great session was called “Unstoppable Force Meets Irresistible Objective: Empowering Women in Technology,” hosted by Katherine Boiciuc, Enterprise Operations Executive. Featuring an amazing and diverse panel of female leaders, I loved hearing about their perspectives on what we can do to encourage young women to get more involved with STEM opportunities at an early age. Robyn Denholm, Group Executive Strategy and Finance, mentioned that we need to change our views on what technology leaders look like so girls can confidently say, “I want to be that nerd!”

Reflecting on my childhood, I was fortunate that my dad encouraged my sisters and me to build websites and learn HTML at a young age. This helped me discover my passion for designing digital applications as an UX Designer.

Ready player one! Kim tests out Fortnite over a 5G internet connection

Leaving Vantage, my mind was full of endless possibilities. From helping kids code to providing opportunities to disadvantaged youth, I’m excited to see how we can use the technologies around us and work closely with our communities to create lasting change.

Kimberly Nguyen-Don, UX Designer

Alex steps up to the plate before entering the Vantage show floor

Software Defined Networking, Democratising Data, and the future of 5G entertainment

From 5G to the connected workplace, the demonstrations and keynote addresses were awe-inspiring from start to finish. I’ve always wanted to experience the power of a technology showcase first-hand, and being one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere, Vantage didn’t disappoint!

It would be too hard to single out a specific event that I enjoyed the most. The presentations from Robyn Denholm on our ‘Connected Workforce’ future was fascinating but so was hearing about her empowering perspective on the future of telecommunications through 5G and software-defined networking.

The 5G network centre was ready to show us what it could do

In a different vein was New York Times Best-selling author Daniel Pink who presented on “The Science of Timing”. He explained how we can unlock our most productive selves. Coming from a Sales and HR background, I loved hearing about all of these in equal measure!

I was transfixed by Director of Digital Currency at MIT Media Lab, Neha Narula, on her views about the future of digital currencies and ‘democratisation of data’. A standout was the closing keynote with our two Aussie cave rescue divers, Craig Challen & Dr Richard Harris! See? It’s hard to pick a single event!

I loved the demonstration of Telstra’s capabilities across both our international Ventures portfolio and experiencing the future of 5G. With the Telstra Ventures presentation, we had the opportunity to hear from four very different start-ups utilising AI to accelerate their product development. Of particular interest to me was real-time data analysis and IoT solutions in agriculture.

Finger on the trigger, gamers were impressed by the wireless speeds

Alexander Austin, Enterprise Graduate

Missed Vantage but wanted to hear from some of the speakers for yourself? Be sure to check out Telstra Vantage™ TV to see some of the amazing events we talked about.

An engineer walks through Telstra's Innovation lab in Melbourne
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These are the top skills we’re looking to hire in 2018

By Julian Clarke January 15, 2018

We’re on our way to becoming a world-class technology company that empowers people to connect.

To help us achieve this goal we’re actively working on building the networks of the future that’ll help people find better ways to communicate, learn, and do business.

Business is changing so we’re trying to move as fast as the industry around us, but success can only be achieved by having the right people doing extraordinary things.

We are trialling 5G technology, developing Internet of Things network capabilities and deploying optical transport technology in our transmission network.

Sqoop, Spark, Hive, Flume, Oozie, and NumPy may sound like band names to me, but on a serious note, I know that these are the kinds of tools and skills that our workforce of the future needs to help us be successful for our customers.

Even then, that only refers to a fraction of the talent we’re seeking. These are the biggest areas we’re looking to hire in, in 2018:

Data Analytics and Management

Data. It’s the thing I use to make informed decisions but the same can be said for any good business. The challenge is that there’s a lot of data out there and its growth rate is exponential, so we need talented data specialists to help us make sense of it all.

Whether your specialty is data analysis, architecture, or modelling there will be room for your skills at Telstra.

 Telstra Labs working environments

Information and Cyber Security Specialists

As our networks get smarter, so too are the threats against it.

We’ve recently launched Security Operations Centres (SOCs) in Melbourne and Sydney giving our people the tools and environment they need to identify and neutralise threats before they happen.

This means you’ll get to work on a scale you won’t find anywhere else.

Solution Architects

A great customer experience doesn’t just happen, it’s designed. In order to build our capability in customer solutions, we’re seeking technical specialists with a broad range of expertise in user design. We’re particularly looking for people who have the customer journey front of mind, these skills will help us deliver products end-to-end.

Our Solutions Architects will have a critical role in helping us digitise our network of the future and enhance how our customers engage with us in better ways.

Security operations specialist Roxanne speaks to her colleagues about a recent innovation

Infrastructure Designers and Engineers

Find yourself at home in a DevOps and Agile environment? Comfortable coding in Python and looking at better ways to deploy automation? You’ll find yourself among friends with our Infrastructure Designers and Engineers then.

This area of growth is an exciting space particularly because of the types of work you’ll have access to. It’ll also make it easy for people to adopt and use our technology, which will help to enrich their lives.

Innovation lab - west wing

Network Engineers

As Australia’s largest telecommunications and technology provider, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’d be looking for network engineers. But it’s the kinds of networks you’ll be working that makes our business so unique.

In 2017, we launched our Cat M1 network to better accelerate growth of IoT based business and applications across the country as well as laying the groundwork for the national rollout of 5G technology.

Did you know we’re going to be testing 5G technology on the Gold Coast in 2018? It’s exciting projects like this that you may be able to work on.

Product and Service Designers

As our new projects and technologies transform from ideas to viable products for our customers, we’re going to need the right people with the right skills to ensure they’re designed to world-class standards.

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, so we’ll be looking for designers of products, digital experiences, app developers and more to join our dynamic teams.

Innovation Lab - east wing

Software Engineers

Our Software Engineers will need to be ambitious, curious, and ready for a challenge.

A job with us will give you the opportunity to work on projects that have real impact on our customers and society.

You’ll need to be familiar with APIs for leading technology platforms and integrations, work in an Agile manner (typically Scrum), and have a willingness to apply data to make informed decisions that deliver results. Better still, your skills could be deployed right around our business so you’ll have no trouble keeping busy.

It’s a new year filled with new opportunities. I hope this list has presented you with more insight into what we’re looking for and perhaps offered you a glimpse into your future career with us.

We work collaboratively as a team, as one Telstra, and I look forward to you joining us.

Young boy activates lights using IoT
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How Telstra is growing the future of IoT

By Alan Crouch December 14, 2017

I am honoured to lead some exciting new product innovation areas for Telstra, across Home and Enterprise IoT solutions.  These new innovation areas include Smart Homes and Cities, Asset Tracking, Intelligent Vehicles, Smart Metering, and Precision Agriculture.

Interested in a Software Engineering career at Telstra? We’re hiring now.

The Internet of Things is a tremendous opportunity, as Telstra transitions into a world class technology company that empowers people to connect.

There are multiple significant new IoT growth areas in the future Australian economy. For example, more than 40 per cent of households now have at least one IoT home device such as a camera, sensors, smart plugs, smart locks or voice control.  Telsyte estimates show the average Australian household will grow from 13.7 Internet connected devices in 2017 to 30.7 by 2021 (14.0 of these being IoT home devices)[1].

Our ambition is to help Australian families and businesses to be better connected, protected and empowered.  Together, we are creating home and enterprise IoT experiences where Australians can enjoy peace of mind, togetherness, comfort, convenience, conservation and wellness.

Behind each of these Telstra innovation areas is an amazing team of software and system engineer ‘DevOps’.

Out IoT Team posing together
Our amazing team of IoT software and system engineers at Telstra

Our team works on software and systems development, as well as rapid customer experience improvement and improved operations/uptime for Telstra IoT end-to-end services.

This means we get to work on some pretty cool and innovative products such as Intelligent Vehicles, Smart Metering, Precision Agriculture, Asset Tracking and Smart Cities. We also get to create a fantastic new Smart Home customer experience for families across Australia.

This is a time of tremendous change for Telstra, and we’re embracing new ways of working across the board.

We have a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CICD) workflow. That means we use agile best practices including having daily stand-ups, prioritised backlog, and user stories to put our IoT customers at the centre of everything we do.

This dynamic, creative and innovative work environment allows everyone to feel empowered to solve new challenges, and I feel, gives everyone a great sense of accomplishment.

As we work for a global player in this space, we partner with, and learn from, some of the world’s leading technology companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Comcast, Pivotal Labs, Microsoft, and all our hundreds of device partners.   It’s definitely a challenging and exciting time to be working at Telstra.

Alan's team of specialists pose together
“I get to work with a great team of engineers at Telstra” – Alan

I started my career at Telstra in 2013.  Since then I feel like my skills and knowledge in this space have expanded significantly, because I’m always learning new things.

My first job was the Director of Connected Home in Telstra Retail, where I got to work on consumer product innovation across Home Wi-Fi and Telstra AIR, Safe Broadband, Consumer Email and Smart Home.

I then became the General Manager of Home Innovation where my focus was on improving the broadband network experience for our customers, and extending the Telstra network into the home with wall to wall Wi-Fi coverage.

Now I’m in my current role, so it’s been a pretty exciting journey so far and I can’t wait to see what is next.

So what has kept me here so long?

Besides the work I get to do to help deliver exiting new IoT products to millions of Australians, it would have to be the flexibility that Telstra provides.

We don’t just say we work flexibly, we do it every day. For example when we need to pick up the kids from school or work from home when a family member is unwell, we do it.  It’s that type of work environment.

If you’re interested in a role at Telstra here are some tips for greatest career satisfaction:

  • Follow your Passion: Work where your passion lies.  Speak up, be bold and don’t settle.  Take initiative on a project you are passionate about, and help your team achieve great results.  Down the road, the projects you will remember most are those with passion, conviction, and great teamwork on ground-breaking innovation efforts.
  • Seek and act on feedback: One attribute that stands out among the most successful people I have had the pleasure to work with, is their willingness to improve themselves. Great employees reflect, seek feedback and act on it.  Most importantly they take accountability, take ownership, admit mistakes, avoid excuses or blame, and don’t walk past problems.  Down the road, acting on feedback will help you to get the most out of your career.
  • Give back more than you receive: In your education and career, many people have helped you along the way. Take the time to help others through mentoring, volunteering, listening and providing advice.  Down the road, you’ll be all the better for the time you help others, the way others have helped you.
  • Enjoy the ride: the last tip is simple… have fun!  Find a diverse and creative team, with a boss you respect and can learn from.  We spend more time at work than anywhere else.  Pick a team you enjoy, and work hard – but not too hard for too long.  Down the road, you’ll remember your hobbies, vacations, and crazy spontaneous adventures a lot more than your late nights in the office.  Pick a team that understands work-life effectiveness where you will learn, grow, work smart, improve, deliver innovation you are proud of, and enjoy the ride.

See where a career at Telstra could take you.

Members of Telstra's LGBT+ community share their stories about what marriage equality means to them
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One small step for LGBT, one giant leap for equality

By Kylie Fuller December 7, 2017

I do.

For centuries these two words have sealed the union of ‘a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others’.  The people of Australia voted in favour of making the Marriage Act more inclusive. Today, the House of Representatives affirmatively voted a bill into law that gives same-sex couples an equal right to marry.

This is a happy day for my family. I have three male cousins who are a similar age. Last year the eldest two married the women they loved. Their weddings were joyful occasions filled with laughter, heartfelt words and happy tears. My youngest cousin was his brother’s best man, as they stood side-by-side their resemblance was striking. They have the same colour hair and eyes, the same long legs and the same kind hearts but they didn’t have the same rights. As a gay man, the younger brother knew that he might never have a wedding, or a marriage, of his own.

That has changed.

As an equal opportunity employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, Telstra has supported the campaign for marriage equality.

We’re working towards a range of other inclusion goals; greater workplace gender diversity, accessibility and inclusion, economic opportunity for Indigenous Australians and support for victims of family violence; to name a few.

Now that the Marriage Equality campaign is over and the dream of being married in Australia is a reality, we’ve asked some of our people how they’re feeling and what their hopes are for the future.

Here’s what they had to say:

It opens the door, finally, for people to fell at ease in their own skin, be who they are, and love who they love - openly, and proudly

Elana at the Midsumma Carnival in Melbourne, Content Producer

It sounds dramatic, but it truly is a momentous event in Australian history hearing that the bill has passed through parliament. For many, it’s much more than a change in wording in the Marriage Act. It’s a mark of acceptance and support, because it’s confirmation that the majority of Australians – including our friends, neighbours and colleagues – believe that same-sex couples should have the same legal rights as their heterosexual counterparts. And so it opens the door, finally, for people to feel at ease in their own skin, be who they are, and love who they love – openly, and proudly.

I can honestly say that I felt at ease going to work throughout this period, because while a diverse range of views are held, there were support mechanisms in place should I require them. Community support through our organisation’s LGBTI+ network Spectrum granted the ability to share views and concerns in an understanding environment. And for when the vote was read, “safe meeting spaces” were arranged and counselling support made available for individuals who wanted to hear the news in a supportive setting. Now that’s an organisation that shows support for its people!

I'm proud to work for Telstra who openly supports Marriage Equality and provides a safe place where everyone is able to be themselves without fear of judgement

Dan and his fiancé Justin, Business Channel Specialist

If I were to sum up my feelings on the outcome in one word I’d say, emotionally joyful! OK, that’s two words…

My fiancé Justin and I started organising our wedding a year ago and were quietly confident that marriage equality would be legal before our wedding day in June 2018. To see this actually happening, before our big day, has been an emotional rollercoaster. From tears of happiness, excitement, and then stress to getting the rest of the wedding planning sorted! Thank goodness Justin is the most organised person I know.

I have had so many family members calling and messaging me, sharing their love and excitement from the announcement of the postal vote through to it passing in the Senate!

It was fantastic to have Telstra actively supporting us to take time out of our days to gather together to share and celebrate the postal vote announcement. Now that we’re moving through with the Senate passing the bill and onto the House of Representatives, I have heard so much positive chatter around the office from people from all walks of life. WHOOPS of joy at each announcement of a step forward through to sharing their own personal reasons why passing this bill is so important to them. This makes me so proud to work for Telstra who openly supports Marriage Equality and provides a safe place where we can have these discussions and everyone is able to be themselves without fear of judgement.

I've leaned into the support provided by Telstra's LGBT+ network Spectrum. With more than 2,000 members in our enterprise social network, I've enjoyed the sense of community we share in that safe place

Sarah, Senior Operations Specialist

After the initial elation of the ‘Yes’ outcome from the postal survey, I feel a profound sense of relief after the marriage equality legislation finally passed through parliament. For LGBT+ Australians, the strong ‘Yes’ from the nation and subsequent legislation is such a welcome sign of love and acceptance. It’s been a particularly important message for the younger members of our community. For me, the legislation means my partner and I can consider, and pursue, the legal safeguards that marriage offers to a relationship, after more than two decades together.

Since the postal survey was announced, I’ve leaned into the support provided by Telstra’s LGBT+ network Spectrum. With more than 2,000 members in our active enterprise social network, Yammer, and I’ve enjoyed the sense of community we share in that safe place.

With my manager’s support, I’ve also assumed the role of Spectrum Council member, joining a small group of the network’s representatives across Telstra. As a result, I’ve been a part of coordinating and joining a number of local activities and catch ups, and have really benefitted from the opportunity to become more involved in the network during such a tough time for LGBT+ Australians.

I am proud to work for a company that not just talks but acts on a higher-purpose to create a better society

Nick, Director of Global Customer and Sales Operations

As an Australian and as someone who identifies as LGBT+ it was a huge moment. We have seen many other countries taking this step and it never felt great it was taking so long to get to this point in Australia. But we have, and I am immensely proud how the community has so publicly supported the LGBT+ community in this debate. You don’t have to go too far back in time to appreciate how far we have come in terms of equality.

One of the great things about working at Telstra is the support system that we have for each other, and you really felt this during the postal vote campaign. The frequent messages from our CEO, Andy Penn, and the Senior Leadership Team that encouraged open and honest discussion brought to life our values. Personally, I was really buoyed by the support I had from my colleagues and the level of interest they had in the survey. It was terrific to see the conversations on Yammer and the availability of support via work/life coaching for our people that may have needed to talk to someone. I am proud to work for a company that not just talks but acts on a higher-purpose to create a better society.

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Marriage law poll result is a welcome decision

By Andrew Penn November 15, 2017

Telstra Staff at Midsumma
Taken at the Midsumma Festival where Telstra was a Technology Partner

As many of you know the Australian Government has been conducting a postal ballot on marriage equality and the results of that poll were released today.

They show a majority of Australians are in support of changing the law to legalise same sex marriage.

I am delighted with this outcome and, like many Australians, now look forward to the Parliament acting on the views of a large proportion of the Australian community.

This is a great step forward, a great step forward for a more diverse and inclusive Australia.

It is also a great step forward for Telstra’s LGBTI employees who hopefully will soon have the same opportunity to marry their chosen partner, as others do today.

As an organisation Telstra has publicly supported this change to legalise same sex marriage – as have I on a personal level – and I think it is important to reflect on why we took this position.

What has been obvious throughout this process is that there are many different views on marriage equality amongst our millions of customers, our employees, our shareholders and in the community more broadly.

What has also been obvious is that when corporations step into public debates, particularly where there are passionate and different views, they risk being criticised for trying to use their size and reach to influence the outcome.

For Telstra, our long support for equality and inclusion far outweighed any fear of criticism.

Because with the greatest respect for the diverse views held, we have been keen to reflect what we hold dear and what makes us who we are as an organisation – and that is a passionate, unwavering support for equality, diversity and inclusion.

We want Telstra to be a great place to work, a place to belong, a place where people can bring all of themselves to work and feel valued irrespective of their background, race, religion, age, gender or sexual preference.

Over many years and in many different ways we have worked to build Telstra into a diverse, inclusive organisation – and our public support for marriage equality is a part of that.

I am convinced we are a better organisation for it just as I am convinced Australia more broadly is a better, more inclusive place for supporting marriage equality.

Through this poll the Australian community has spoken. All eyes are now on the Parliament to see how this view will be translated into action.

For Telstra’s part we will continue to work with the Australians for Equality group and support our people – all of our people – through whatever steps come next.