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Bringing IoT technology to one city at a time – smart car parks at Bunjil Place

Tech and Innovation IOT

Posted on October 16, 2017

2 min read

As the City of Casey’s vibrant new precinct, Bunjil Place is the creative and community heart of the region, which is Victoria’s most populous municipality with a population of over 250,000.

Opening to the public in late October 2017, Bunjil Place will bring together an unprecedented mix of facilities and be the City of Casey’s premier cultural precinct where residents and visitors will attend outdoor events in the community plaza, enjoy live performances in the 800-seat theatre, explore exhibitions in the gallery or take some time out in the modern library.

To manage the one million expected visitors per year, Telstra has joined forces with Smart Parking to bring parking bay sensors to Bunjil Place. The solution includes 904 of Smart Parking’s vehicle detection sensors used to monitor parking space availability, including mobility bays which are displayed on variable message signs at the carpark entrance, with directions to get the driver there.

SmartSpot Gateways will connect to Telstra’s mobile network and act as the central communication unit that collects data from the sensors via wireless communication and transmits it to the SmartCloud parking services system. This helps the City to monitor park facilities and use resources more efficiently to allow the City to create an easier and more pleasant parking experience for visitors.

This is just another step forward as Telstra continues to bring IoT technology to communities across Australia. Earlier this year, Joondalup partnered with Telstra to bring smart parks to its city. Telstra is now proud to bring IoT technology to Bunjil Place; the only facility of its kind serving a regional community and enabling them to connect better with arts and cultural activities.

For further information on Bunjil Place visit Bunjil Place website.

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It’s the network that makes it great

Riding the rails and staying connected

A man enjoying 4G coverage on the ski fields

4G coverage on the ski fields

Faster financial trading for ASX customers

Telstra Vantage™

Posted on September 27, 2017

3 min read

Telstra has announced it has entered into an agreement with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to become the connectivity partner for ASX’s international network services, ASX Net Global. The agreement will provide ASX Net Global customers access to Telstra’s EPL Express (Ethernet Private Line Express “EPLX”) solution, which offers some of the fastest network services on the market today for financial trading companies.

EPLX provides financial trading companies with a dedicated point-to-point service, which uses the shortest routes available to connect key financial centres to points-of-presence (PoPs) located in financial exchanges in these centres, thus minimising end-to-end transmission delays.

Brendon Riley, Group Executive, Telstra Enterprise, said the agreement extends the connectivity Telstra currently provides ASX and will directly connect ASX customers with exchange communities in some of the world’s leading financial centres.

“We currently connect ASX to our PoPs in the Chicago and Hong Kong financial exchanges. We will now connect to additional points in these cities, as well as to London and Singapore,” said Mr Riley.

The EPLX service utilises Telstra’s extensive subsea cable network, which for the second consecutive year has been awarded the highest product or service scores for High Capacity Network and Low Latency Network Use Cases in the Gartner Critical Capabilities report for Network Services, Asia Pacific 2017.

“Financial services is an important industry for us and this partnership is testament to our commitment to delivering flexible, innovative solutions that help financial firms reach global markets with speed and reliability,” said Mr Riley. “In a world where a fraction of a millisecond matters, our EPLX service provides fast, point-to-point network connectivity between key data centres and trading hubs that will provide an edge in a competitive market.”

This service is backed by Telstra’s comprehensive low latency service level agreements that help customers mitigate unnecessary risks.

“Being the largest owner and operator of subsea cables in Asia with multiple connectivity options into the US and UK, we can offer more diversity and redundancy to our customers and the ability to quickly identify and address any network issues,” said Mr Riley.

David Raper, ASX’s Executive General Manager Trading Services, said “ASX’s partnership with Telstra will enhance the existing services we provide via our ASX Net Global communications network and enable us to offer new services to customers of our international hubs. We have the functionality and flexibility to cater for a variety of customer connectivity needs, including those seeking the lowest latency or simply wanting more bandwidth.”

More information on EPL Express.

Keep up with the latest in business and tech innovation at Telstra Vantage in our podcast series. Subscribe to the podcast via apple.

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It’s the network that makes it great

Telstra wins International Investment Strategist award in China

Connecting businesses across Africa

Business and Enterprise

Posted on September 14, 2017

2 min read

Africa is a vast continent with increasing connectivity needs – and challenges. Our man on the ground, Justin Lord, shares insight into Telstra’s role in helping businesses connect in the region.

While our growth ambitions in Asia are well-known, few people know we also operate in Africa. For the past 10 years we’ve been helping international businesses looking for connectivity into and out of the continent, in addition to helping African companies with their international technology needs.

How we help businesses connect in Africa

Our expertise and partnerships mean we can advise customers on the most optimal connectivity solutions based on the infrastructure available in various countries. For example, we have a point of presence in Johannesburg that connects land cables with our subsea cables, which in turn provide onwards connectivity to Europe and Asia. We have also increased the number of partnerships we have with local providers, which means we can now provide connectivity to 44 African countries.

To put this into perspective, a customer may come to us looking to expand into Uganda. In this case, we would provide an end to end solution from the customer’s Uganda site, using in-country terrestrial capacity, then use our subsea cable routes to the nearest Telstra point of presence – be that South Africa, Europe, Asia or the Americas. This connectivity solution would enable us to deliver a number of core services into the remote Africa region.

Opportunities ahead

Many of the international customers we work with in Africa are in the Mining, Financial and Media industries and we see further opportunity ahead in these areas. In the mining industry, for example, we provide connectivity for mining companies along the Ivory Coast and we’re working closely with Telstra Mining Services to help more tier one global producers who have operations in Africa and Australia to connect into the region.

There is also huge potential to help local businesses expand into international markets. Companies like Telkom SA, MTN and CMC Networks are constantly looking to expand and we’re working with these African companies to deliver connectivity to our core international markets.

Take a look at our interactive network map for more detail on our coverage into and out of Africa: 

Telstra International - Where data lives

It’s the network that makes it great

Telstra wins International Investment Strategist award in China

Drone technology is helping vital mobile services this bushfire season


Posted on September 13, 2017

2 min read

We recently demonstrated the drone technology we’ll be using across Australia to help restore vital mobile services in disaster-hit communities this coming bushfire season.

Flown by our team of specialist techs, who fly 3D Robotics Solo drones fitted with sophisticated cameras up to 120 metres high, the drone technology enables techs to quickly check potential damage so we can get our customers’ services up and running again.

We know how important it is to be able to tell loved ones you are ok or get your business back online after a severe weather event. Using drone technology we can both get into a disaster site quicker, and make the working environment safer for our people. Previously, we needed cherry pickers and rigging staff to traverse from base station to base station to conduct inspections; that takes precious time. Now, ground based staff using easily portable drones can inspect our mobile infrastructure much more quickly and thoroughly, even when access tracks to our mobile sites are cut.

With more than 8,500 mobile network sites around Australia, delivering coverage spanning 2.4 million square kilometres, our mobile network is the largest in the country. We can use drone technology to improve the customer experience, during a time of need.

Understanding broadband speeds on fixed networks

Unplug me and I cease to exist

Mobile World Congress 2010 - the news so far

Birdsville: The Melbourne Cup of the outback


Posted on September 6, 2017

2 min read

The Birdsville races has been running for 135 years. When it started in 1882, around 150 station owners and stockmen attended the event and the race was started by the drop of a hat.

Nowadays the event is a little different. Birdsville normally has a population of approximately 115 people but over the weekend, over 6,000 people descended on the town to attend what is known as the Melbourne Cup of the Outback.

This year racegoers experienced Telstra’s superfast 4GX coverage which is backed by a new high capacity fibre connection to the town and provides a significant boost to our local network capacity. This means punters on the ground were better able to share the famous outback event with friends and family more than ever before.

While the town might be more than 1,000km from the nearest capital city, the network experience at the Birdsville races is akin to Flemington, Randwick or any other metropolitan racetrack.

In fact, approximately seven times more 4G data was carried over our network at the event this year compared to 2016.  Attendees were able to experience “Melbourne Cup-grade” mobile coverage to the outback region for the first time and it’s fantastic to see they took advantage of the 4GX speeds and coverage offered.

The upgraded mobile coverage comes off the back of significant fibre network upgrades in the Barcoo and Diamantina shires that have brought state of the art connectivity to these remote and iconic parts of regional Queensland.

Jointly funded by Telstra, the Federal and State Governments as well as the Barcoo and Diamantina Shire Council, the $22 million Barcoo-Diamantina Fibre Link project allowed both 4G coverage and faster ADSL to be rolled out to Bedourie, Birdsville, Windorah, Jundah and 4G coverage to Stonehenge.

This project has benefits far beyond the Birdsville races. We have brought the best technology available to the bush, connecting some of the most remote regions in Queensland. It means the local communities, the local councils, businesses, schools, police and health services will have access to same, if not better, internet speeds as people in the city.

We look forward to continuing our support of the Birdsville races for many years to come.

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It’s the network that makes it great

Riding the rails and staying connected

A man enjoying 4G coverage on the ski fields

4G coverage on the ski fields