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How our new business plans can help your business

Business and Enterprise

Posted on February 15, 2017

4 min read

One of the most rapid changes I’ve observed over the past five years in the way businesses work is how technology is enabling workforces to become more flexible and mobile. Businesses want to be connected in all sorts of places while on the go and want the latest technology to do it.

A great example of early adopters is Relken Engineering. The 2016 Telstra Business Awards ACT New Business Award winner are using technology to mobilise their business and be more productive. Starting out as a team of three, Relken Engineering focused on reliability engineering and asset management. In less than three years they’ve grown to over 35 staff working across most Australian states – their “offices” include the homes of their employees, client sites and coffee shops! They started by using cloud-based systems, and then moved on to implement online task management software and have also taken  advantage of disruptive applications that challenge traditional enterprise software products.

Also critical to enabling Relken Engineering to work remotely is Office 365 which emulates a physical working environment with tools to co-author in real-time, online meeting facilities and common document storage.

Relken has become ‘that business’ – a leader in their field, one that’s always raising the bar and finding opportunities to improve.

In our role to help businesses unlock the power of technology and thrive in the market, we’re always looking for new ways to give businesses an edge

One of the ways we are doing this is by including a mobile broadband backup service with every new business broadband bundle. This means businesses can now get online sooner and back online quickly if fixed internet services are interrupted. Businesses can focus on running their business with fewer interruptions.

We’ve also listened to our customers who have told us they want more data so we’ve included:

  • generous data inclusions in every business bundle
  • unlimited uploads for easy and convenient cloud backup
  • The Telstra Gateway Pro which offers world-class Wi-Fi up to six times faster than previous gateways.
  • Access to Office 365 with a $15/month Telstra Apps Marketplace credit so businesses can operate on the move.

As businesses continue to evolve, we expect the demand for flexible working will continue as businesses realise the benefits of fast reliable broadband over the nbn™ network. It will mean we will see more businesses taking advantage of the cloud, as well as seeking solutions tailored to support both home and work life. As a business technology provider, we too will continue to adapt and change by offering business grade tools and technology to help businesses thrive.

New business bundle offers

From today our business bundles will now include:

  • Range of plans with generous call and data inclusions – including unlimited uploads on every plan for easy and convenient back up to the cloud
  • Office 365 with the $15/month Telstra Apps Marketplace credit so you can operate better on the move with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook Apps
  • Premium nbn compatible gateway with world-class Wi-Fi
  • First Australian telco to provide mobile backup as standard across all new business bundles
  • A Static IP address to run websites and mail servers, or access your network remotely via VPN smoothly
  • 3 months free 100/40 Speed Boost on nbn™ business bundles – 100/40 is the top speed tier available on the nbn™ network. Find out more about Telstra nbn business bundles.

New mobile lease plans for business

  • My Business Mobile Lease plans can help businesses improve productivity and work practices by equipping staff with the latest mobile technology.
  • Lease benefits include: choice of latest smartphones, upgrade after 12 months and potential tax benefits
  • Customers taking up a $95 My Business Mobile Lease plan, receive
    • A 24 month  subscription to Microsoft One Drive for Business, giving customers 1TB of secure business grade online storage
    • unlimited standard calls and text
    • 12GB (8+4GB Bonus) of data
    • unlimited calls and text to 10 selected countries.
    • Free access to AFL, NRL and Netball (Live and data-free).

*min cost $2280 when you stay connected for 24 months)

Find out more about our Business Mobile Lease Plans.

*Relken Engineering Pty Ltd is an engineering consultancy company that helps its client’s measure, understand and then improve the performance of their physical assets in order to increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.

One giant leap for mankind….

My afternoon with Stephen Conroy

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Make 2017 the year of flexible working

Telstra News

Posted on January 16, 2017

3 min read

Welcome to January 16 aka Blue Monday. Did you know the feeling of dread about going back to work after the Christmas break affects more than half (52%) of the Australian workforce according to new research from Telstra?

The bad news is, the younger you are, (yes Gen Y – 74% of you) the worse it gets, with nearly three-quarters of 18-24 year olds not looking forward to going back to work this month.

The good news is there are some easy changes you can make this year to make the transition back to work easier on yourself and beat the January Blues.

Firstly, take a deep breath, it’s only day one. Then remind yourself of the aspects of your job you enjoy. If you are feeling the dread, ask yourself why and how you can you set making your job work for you.

Brainstorm, make a list and then examine it to see how your work fits your careers values. If there’s a gap in what you’re currently experiencing to what you desire in your career, rather than jumping jobs immediately, look to see how you can make it feel better in 2017. If, for example, you are like 82% of the respondents in Telstra’s research who indicated increased flexibility would make their job more attractive, consider if working from home as a possibility for you.

And if the answer is yes, how do you go about it? It may simply be a case of asking. Most people (56% of Aussie workers) don’t feel comfortable approaching their boss to discuss working from home, but as my mum always said, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Watch my video and find out the best way to approach your boss.

Find out more about Telstra’s Work Life Index

The January Blues: January is the best of times and the worst of times, with Aussies enjoying lazy summer days only to be interrupted by the need to return to work, bringing up the holiday blues.

Blue Monday: More than half (52%) of Aussie workers said they were dreading the return to work in January, with almost one in three (30%) citing not wanting to return to the same job as the primary reason.

No Year’s resolutions: Only 11% of people surveyed say they set and stick to New Year’s resolutions – and 49% don’t set any at all. Only 25% of Australians set work-related goals, suggesting that people are not taking action to achieve a happier working life.

Young and blue-tiful: Young Gen-Ys (18 to 24) are the generation most likely to suffer the New Year blues with 74% saying they are in some way dreading the return to work.

The sadness spectrum: The January Blues dissipate with age, from the 59% of young Gen-Ys (18 to 24) who report feeling them, to the mere 19% of Baby Boomers (65+).

Working for a change: Older Gen-Ys (25 to 34) are the age group most unhappy about going back to the same job in 2017 (36%), closely followed by Gen X workers (35 to 44) at 35%.

Workplace ambition: 43% of young Gen-Ys have set work-related New Year’s resolutions, compared to just 9% of 55 to 64 aged workers.

Cities on a downer: New Year blues are more prevalent in metro locations (39%) than regional locations (32%), with more than half (57%) of metro residents saying they are dreading going back to work in January, versus 44% in regional areas.

Country wide: Flexible working is the thing 13% of regional residents would most like to change about their job in 2017, topped only by achieving a better work/life balance.

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One giant leap for mankind….

My afternoon with Stephen Conroy

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Working from home brings benefits to regional businesses

Business and Enterprise

Posted on December 8, 2016

4 min read

Australia’s glorious countryside provides the perfect backdrop to productivity. In fact, according to our inaugural Work-Life Index, a quarter of metro workers would consider relocating to the country if they had the opportunity to work at home.

At the launch of the Work-Life Index, we explored the issues facing regional businesses when enabling their workforce to work at home in a panel discussion between Barefoot Investor’s founder, Scott Pape, CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre, Valerie Khoo, Telstra’s Group Head of Talent, Katherine Paroz, and Geografia’s Managing Director, Kevin Johnson.

One of the major concerns voiced by our research respondents was around the potential for isolation when people work at home. Nearly a third (29%) of respondents who work at home said they miss the feeling of collaboration they get from the office.

But, feelings of isolation seem to disappear when the technology tools at our disposal are used correctly. Of those surveyed, 67% said video conferencing was an effective tool for working at home, yet only 18% of people are actually using it – suggesting there’s still a way to go in harnessing technology to foster proper connections with our colleagues.


Scott Pape lives on a farm in Romsey, Victoria. While he used to battle the daily commute, a life-changing incident in 2014 changed the way he would approach his working life forever.

“Before 2014, I was working for Channel 7 doing the nightly news and going in early to beat traffic. My commute took three hours every day. In February 2014, a bushfire came through and took everything we owned, including our house. It was then I decided I would try and make this work-life balance thing work for me and more time with my two young boys.

“Now I don’t have the commute, I get to wake up and see my boys, and have breakfast with them. I can have lunch with them. So now work fits around my life. I’ve got a home office upstairs with a full studio up there where I can do radio interviews and host webinars for thousands of people.”

Scott says being able to work at home lowers many cost barriers for regional businesses.

“I started my business in my living room and so the traditional way to set up a business 25 years ago, or even 10 years ago – signing a multi-year lease, and employ people with contracts – is no more. Having access to an online platform means you can set up and go. And that to me is the real key. You can actually try these things freelance; sort of like a trapeze. You can work in a day job, and do some freelancing and then you can sort of trapeze into something that could be a full time gig. Success doesn’t just have to be an office in Collins Street; it could be living on a farm and seeing your kids.”

He also had some valuable advice to offer regional businesses who employ a remote workforce to make sure they’re continually engaged.

“We’ve got a strong culture; we’ve all got Fitbit’s, and hold a daily walkathon to see who can get the most steps. What I find is if you get the right people, they will work really hard. So I do sometimes have to say “down tools, let’s go for a walk”. We send photos of what we see and we’ve got people in Qatar, Atlanta, Georgia, Melbourne and Sydney… it’s just really cool to see a window in their world.”

You can read up on Telstra’s Work-Life Index here.

Find out how the rollout of fast and reliable nbn™ network connections can give you the recipe for the perfect lifestyle.

One giant leap for mankind….

My afternoon with Stephen Conroy

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Food for thought: Working from home

Telstra News

Posted on December 5, 2016

3 min read

The idea of working from home might have seemed outlandish 20 years ago, but this is the 21st century… gone are the days of a traditional workplace!

We live in a generation of fast-paced, constantly evolving ideas, relationships and projects; an age where a lot of us – particularly in the creative and tech industries – juggle more than one job.

Slogging it out at the same desk, with the same view, day after day just doesn’t work for many of us. The ability to work from anywhere, and at anytime, can be the make or break of establishing a career. As a creative, we need large chunks of time to really make progress on a project. That time doesn’t exist in a traditional office environment, where endless distractions can impede on your productivity and focus.

Working from home can be good for your efficiency and productivity, as it gives you more freedom, flexibility and time. It means skipping the daily commute, saving time, money and frustration (and the invasion of personal space on the train!).

Not to mention the other perks, like wearing your kicks all day, blasting your favourite tunes (Yeezy on repeat), and working in whatever position suits you (not sure about you, but I’m a big fan of the working from the floor).

As a creative team, each member of The Tailored Man works from home in some capacity. With a number of projects going at once, working from home gives us the flexibility to work individually but also collaborate when we need. With different schedules and methods of working, working from home suits our lifestyles and our work loads.

Never before has Australia been in a better position to enable the work/life balance, and Telstra is leading this movement by normalizing flexible working and maximizing the opportunity to work from home.

You can be connected to anyone, anywhere, every minute of every day with Telstra on the NBN network. Whether it’s emails, Skype meetings, transferring images, uploading photos, creating web-content or using social media channels, it all requires fast and efficient connectivity.

By working from home, you get to control when you answer calls and emails, being connected when you want to be. And you have the versatility of space, setting your home office up the way you need it. Having a controlled environment can be the key to productivity and the key to a successful career.

So, who is going into the office tomorrow…


Join the Telstra #WeWorkAtHome movement, and live the new Australian dream. The numbers say it all.


This article originally appeared on The Tailored Man.

Lost and found

Social change or just more (e)mail?

Time on your hands: First look at the LG Watch Phone

How to: plan the perfect Christmas online

Telstra News

Posted on December 2, 2016

4 min read

Christmas is almost upon us and along with the joy and festivities of the holiday season comes the Christmas admin. Ticking your Christmas shopping list from the sofa has never been easier on the nbn™ network with Telstra. So this Santa season, why not skip the queue and avoid parking dramas by getting online?


Online shopping timeline

First up, get organised. Check delivery details before you buy and make sure you get your orders in on time for Christmas delivery.


Dinner to your door

In the lead up to Christmas, the supermarket can be busier than Santa’s workshop. Aisles echo with Christmas carols as shoppers make a mad dash to grab the last ham or handful of prawns.

Avoid the stress of the supermarket and have your food delivered direct to your door. Most large grocery retailers offer online shopping and delivery services and can also order and reserve your ham and turkey online from some grocery retailers. Check out your local grocers to see if they offer online shopping and delivery in your area.

Why not treat yourself and your guests this silly season and splash out on a luxury hamper? Bockers and Pony luxury food baskets start from $59.99 and offer next day country wide delivery in some areas.

Now all that’s left to do is get in the kitchen and prepare your Christmas feast.


Digital decorations

Who wants to climb into the attic and detangle dusty fairy lights? Check out Christmas Warehouse, Christmas All Year or My Christmas for everything from baubles to tinsel. You can even purchase already-decorated trees, and it’s one less trip to the shops.

If you’re feeling creative, check out websites like Pinterest for some great ideas on how you can make your own decorations at home.


Christmas greetings

Take the hassle out of writing and addressing cards this Christmas with Hallmark E-cards, design and personalise your cards for friends and family.

If you prefer the personal touch of handwriting without the hand cramps, check out Cardly. All you have to do is type your personalised message. Cardly will then display it in whatever handwriting font you choose. Once you’ve designed and written your card, Cardly will print and post your card for you.


Grab a gift

Don’t spend the festive season wandering aimlessly around a shopping centre scratching your head about what to buy; stock your shopping cart online. The internet offers so much choice and is filled with bargains.

Our Christmas catalogue has a huge range of gifts, suitable for tech fans of all ages. From the new Google Pixel to the Samsung Gear S3 Watch, giving the gift of tech has never been easier. You can also enjoy free and fast delivery when you buy any nbn-friendly gifts online.

Indulge your loved ones with a pamper package from Caring Canary, a drinks hamper from A Little Luxury, a thrill-seeking experience from Red Balloon or pick up hilarious novelty gifts from Yellow Octopus. The possibilities are endless.

The biggest challenge of online gift shopping is not keeping all your online finds for yourself.


For the last minute shopper

There’s always someone who pops up out of the blue and stuffs things up by giving you a thoughtful gift. If you need a last minute present, e-gift vouchers are the perfect solution.

For the foodies in your life, a Good Food Gift Card is ideal, because who doesn’t love eating out? The voucher can be used in some of Australia’s most loved restaurants, without having to worry about the bill.

If you want a voucher with a bit more variety, Australia Post offer Load&Go Gift cards. These are preloaded with the amount you want to gift and the recipient can use them online and in-store.

Most department stores like Myer and David Jones offer e-gift vouchers. Just purchase the e-gift voucher from their website, print and you have the perfect gift in the click of a few buttons.

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One giant leap for mankind….

My afternoon with Stephen Conroy

Fibre in the city - Brunswick Telstra Fibre Experience Centre