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A smarter Wi-Fi Booster to make your home Wi-Fi stretch further


Posted on May 7, 2019

4 min read

We’ve just launched our new Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Booster Gen 2, a wireless Booster that makes it easier to expand your home or office Wi-Fi network. This new, smarter Booster is built to connect seamlessly with our latest Telstra Smart Modem™ Gen 2, to help you get online faster.

We know that some of our customers – especially those living in larger homes with lots of rooms to cover, or in an apartment block with digitally ‘noisy’ neighbours – might need a little Wi-Fi boost. If you’d like your home or office Wi-Fi network to stretch its legs a little further, or if you need help reducing or resolving black spots, we have a whole of home Wi-Fi solution that’s simpler than ever.

The Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Booster Gen 2 is a wireless booster for your Telstra home Wi-Fi network, and it’s one of the first in the world to use a new wireless technology standard that’s scalable, more efficient and more suited to houses of all sizes – it’s called Wi-Fi EasyMesh™.

Over 450,000 of you already have our improved Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 in your homes; with its built-in 4G mobile network backup, it’s a device we’re very proud of. Like our new Booster, the Smart Modem Gen 2 is Wi-Fi EasyMesh certified and will connect to the Booster with a simple two-button setup process. You can have up to 4 Boosters per broadband, so you can add extra Boosters to scale your coverage, and all will appear as a single Wi-Fi network name throughout your home or office.

We’re proud to be the first telco ISP in the world to offer to our customers EasyMesh technology in both our Telstra Smart Modem and the new Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 2. Where you’d previously have to plug one Wi-Fi Booster into your modem and connect it wirelessly to another Booster to extend your Wi-Fi range, in most cases customers will only need a minimum of one Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 2 to do the same job. It’s a simpler and less cluttered solution.

We know that Wi-Fi can sometimes be challenging and frustrating due to factors outside your control – the materials your home is built from, the distance between your Wi-Fi router and your bedroom, or interference from other devices or your neighbours’ wireless signals. As part of our T22 strategy to simplify our products and services, we’re continuing to focus on making things easier for you, so you can enjoy the best connectivity without unnecessary hassle.

The Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 and Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 2 are now available for all Telstra Broadband customers. If you already have a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2, a software upgrade will be sent remotely to your modem so you can take full advantage of the benefits of the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 2.

The Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Booster Gen 2 is available online or in store from today for $192 outright, or $8 per month for 24 months per Booster when you maintain an Internet plan with us. Minimum cost is $192 + your plan charges.  More information on the Telstra Smart Modem 2.0 and the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 2 is available on our Smart Wi-Fi website.

Things you need to know:

Telstra Smart Modem™ Gen 2: Mobile backup is available to premises in 4G coverage areas. Check coverage at Eligible broadband service required. Your mobile backup connection is limited to speeds of up to 6Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads. Actual speeds will vary due to local conditions and content accessed.

Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Booster Gen 2: Telstra internet service and Telstra modem required. Recommended for use with Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2.  Maximum of 4 devices per broadband account. Delivery fee may apply. Hardware Repayment Option (HRO): Only customers with an existing fixed service are eligible. Maximum 5 HROs per customer at any one time. If you cancel an HRO early or cancel your existing fixed service(s), your HRO will also terminate and you will be required to pay out the remainder of your HRO.

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Netflix Speed Index – We’ve ranked #1 for 12 months straight

Telstra News Entertainment

Posted on February 12, 2019

2 min read

The January 2019 Netflix Speed Index for Australia is out and for 12 months straight (February 2018 to January 2019), Telstra has ranked #1.

With consumers streaming more content than ever before, Telstra has been working to make sure our customers are able to get the best possible experience when watching video from a range of content services including Netflix.

Today the January 2019 Netflix Speed Index was released with Telstra ranked #1 on the leader board for the 12th month in a row from February 2018 to January 2019.

The Netflix results reflect Telstra customers enjoying the fastest speeds available in Australia, combined with access to Australia’s most extensive and sophisticated caching capacity in the region. The function of ‘caching’ is to store copies of Netflix content to enable streaming from a location closer to consumers.

We’re pleased that the January 2019 Netflix result reflects the real-world difference that Telstra customers can experience from our ongoing network leadership and our efforts to deliver a better streaming experience. This result follows on from Ookla’s naming of Telstra as the fastest fixed network in the 2018 Speedtest® Awards by Ookla®.  

Delivering the very best for our customers is about more than just download speeds.  Telstra’s innovative products and devices, including our Smart Modem, Smart Wi-Fi Booster and Telstra TV, all help ensure our customers can enjoy the best streaming experience. This #1 ranking reflects the investments we have made to deliver the streaming experiences our customers expect.


The new Telstra Smart Modem: 5 ways we’re getting smarter for our customers


Posted on October 30, 2018

4 min read

When you sign up to a home broadband plan with us, we want to make sure you have the smoothest possible experience – whether it’s switching over to the nbn™ network, moving home or setting up an entirely new fixed connection. That’s why we’ve launched the new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 that includes voice backup for phone calls, alongside mobile data backup, making it easier to get connected when NBN is not yet available.

  1. No wait for an nbn connection!

    The new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 makes it easier for you to get connected. Get online within minutes at home when you walk out of our stores with a device or receive a Self-Install Kit in the mail. Thanks to built-in 4G mobile backup it means that you’ll get online sooner and have the peace of mind of a backup connection in the event of a disruption on your nbn service. It’s also easier for our field technicians to diagnose your network if there’s a glitch and for households to keep track of what devices are connected, and how much data you’re using.

  2. Backup for your home phone voice calls

    Australians that are connected to the nbn network now must connect their home phone through their modem, rather than into a separate wall socket as their voice is delivered over the broadband connection. With over two million Australians now connected to the nbn network, backing up their services via a mobile service is more important than ever for fixed and voice connectivity. Our new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2, is all about peace of mind – and to that end, it lets our nbn customers continue to make voice calls over their fixed line home phones during broadband disruptions, using our 4G network – a first for any provider on the nbn.

  3. Mobile network backup for more reliable internet

    When you sign up for a new broadband connection, reliability should be something you expect – not just hope for. That’s why every Telstra Smart Modem includes mobile network backup, giving you an automatic secondary connection using our mobile network in the case of any broadband disruption, without any extra effort needed from you. Your Telstra Smart Modem will connect as soon as you’ve set up your device at home, even while you’re waiting for an nbn connection to your home or business to be activated. Our internal testing has also shown a 10% improvement in Wi-Fi coverage compared to previous versions of the Telstra Smart Modem.

  4. It looks good in your living room, too

    We’ve talked to our customers to better understand where they use their Telstra Smart Modems, and we’ve redesigned our latest model to make it sleeker and more modern. With a thicker base it’s also more functional as well as stylish, with a design that looks more at home in the centre of your living space. Our living and dining rooms are usually in the centre of our homes, and the improved Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 will fit in unobtrusively, to maximise your Wi-Fi coverage and quality.

  5. Wi-Fi tools help us diagnose your network faster

    If you ever have any issues with your home broadband experience, our field technicians have one-click access to vital stats on the health of your home network. Our Telstra Smart Modem constantly measures broadband speed and wireless network performance, and reports back to our secure Operational Support System – making it faster for our experts to get you back online. Over the past three months we have tracked nbn migrations, and had over 60% less home call outs for support from customers using the Telstra Smart Modem.

    Using the Telstra Home Dashboard App, customers can also map the Wi-Fi in their home, view connected devices and also run a speed test to determine both the speed and quality of the Wi-Fi network in their home.

The revamped Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 is just another way we are supporting a stronger, smarter, safer network. It delivers benefits that directly contribute towards our T22 productivity initiatives, with 50% less calls and complaints from customers using the Telstra Smart Modem 1.0. And we’ll continue to make it smarter for you, with more features to come in the New Year.

Things you should know

The Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2.0 requires 4G coverage. Voice backup is only available to nbn network customers. Internet backup speeds are limited to 6/1Mbps and will vary with location and content accessed.

What can the nbn do for my small business?


Posted on October 11, 2018

5 min read

Australia is a productivity powerhouse, going from strength to strength on the back of over 2 million small businesses – and each one of them is looking for a way to reach new and existing customers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Connectivity is considered the silver bullet for increasing productivity at any scale. From big corporates to the milk bar: faster, cheaper and simpler connectivity is the key to success.

As the National Broadband Network continues to connect our country, small businesses are already using it to score their digital edge. As more and more small businesses deepen their connection with customers, there’s never been a better time to ask what the nbn can do to supercharge your small business.

Do more business with less time

Nobody likes waiting – especially not your customers. Web traffic company Akamai found in its research that 53 per cent of customers will abandon a site if it hasn’t loaded for them within 3 seconds. With the nbn, they won’t have to wait for your business to be ready.

We’re in the process of moving many of our Small Business nbn fixed line bundle customers to the Standard Plus speed tier[1].

A connection that allows you to host and optimise web content will help more customers reach your store online. And with a faster connection comes greater efficiency for an office, as wait times are slashed on uploading and downloading big files such as invoices and presentations. However, the nbn is more than just a bigger pipe. It’s an enabler that can allow you to embrace new ways of connecting with customers.

Leverage technology for the edge

Better connectivity allows for more of just about everything: more time; more flexibility and ultimately more productivity. Post-nbn connected businesses are capable of installing products to benefit staff, customers and the bottom line.

Features like security systems with HD cameras for more peace of mind; flexibility for your workforce with the ability to teleconference like never before, and smarter ways to connect with new customers with faster file transfers and cloud connectivity.

And these new business benefits don’t have to take months to install. With the new Telstra Business Smart Modem™, you can be online in a fraction of the time thanks to a mobile backup function that uses Telstra’s mobile network until your nbn connection comes online (4G coverage required). That mobile backup also ensures your connection is online during scheduled or unexpected service interruptions to the fixed network.

The Telstra Business Smart Modem™ also ensures great connectivity thanks to dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity to suit multiple devices on your network. Our connections also come with dedicated small business support from Telstra’s 24/7 business specialists and if there’s a fault or issue, customers will only need to speak to one person who will do the running around for them in our Concierge Tech Support™ service.

Be your own big end of town

Businesses already connecting to the nbn network are investing in new ways to connect and work online, especially in regional Australia. The nbn serves to level the playing field between city and country by opening businesses up to the global marketplace – rather than just the one on their main street.

Businesses across regional Australia can connect with their customers using new and richer methods, like video conferencing and file transfer for mission-critical documents.

Our regional customers have demonstrated how leveraging innovative connectivity is already paying dividends for their business, and CPA research shows that Australian small businesses need only reach out and seize the opportunity for themselves. Fast, reliable broadband is the key to playing in that new market.

Get online fast

From today, our small business customers will now be able to connect to the nbn whenever it suits them, in half the time.

Using the Telstra Business nbn Connection Kit, eligible customers will have a simple way to self-install their single or two-phone line Telstra Business Voice and Broadband Service. The kit includes a Telstra Business Smart Modem™ with a mobile broadband backup SIM, which acts as a fail over to Telstra’s mobile network if the fixed network goes down, or is not yet activated. That’s reassurance for your business with a connection that works as hard as you do.

The Telstra Business nbn Connection Kit is very easy to install, and puts your outfit ahead of the curve with a high-standard connection experience. All of our one or two-phone line small business customers migrating or new to the nbn will be eligible for the new self-install kit service.

Delivering a Business Grade experience

We know that any business downtime is the single biggest thing which is simply unacceptable for any customer running a business. nbn connection experience remains a hot topic of discussion across Telstra’s small business customers and the nbn migration continues to be one of the biggest challenges our small business customers will face from a customer experience standpoint.

This year, we have a dedicated business nbn experience plan to ensure that customers can connect with no hassle, little downtime and minimal effort – right through from sales through to activation.

Find out more about Telstra can help your business harness the power of the nbn™ network.

nbn Fibre to the Curb services are now available to some customers. Find out what technology type is available for your business at our NBN rollout website.

Things you need to know:

Speeds:  An nbn service can never go faster than the maximum line speed available at your premises.  For FTTN/B/C customers your typical speed may be limited. We will confirm your actual speeds after connection if that is the case.  Telstra Business Bundles are not available on Fixed Wireless.


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Unlimited data for more home broadband customers


Posted on September 4, 2018

3 min read

With more than two million Telstra customers now connected to the nbn network, Aussies are making the most of their fast connections by using more data than ever before.

When our customers move from ADSL onto the nbn network, their data use increases by almost 50 per cent on average as they stream, game, surf and work at home using the faster nbn speeds.

To support our customers’ growing online habits, over the past fortnight we’ve given another around 600,000 fixed broadband customers unlimited data allowances at no extra cost. If you’re one of these customers we’ll start letting you know from today. This follows on from the data boost to around three million customers last year.

Today we’ve also made our broadband packages with unlimited data more affordable than ever with the introduction of a new $89 home broadband plan which includes the Standard Plus speed tier for fixed nbn customers, a Telstra Smart Modem™ for customers connecting a new broadband service and unlimited standard calls within Australia (min cost $2,235 over 24 months).

With the data used on our fixed network increasing by around 40 per cent each year, NSW uses the largest share of the nation’s data downloads, consuming almost a third of the total amount of data used on Telstra’s fixed network.

The annual data used by NSW households is equivalent to watching Netflix in HD for about 23 million hours or 970,000 days.

On a per household basis, Territorians are the nation’s biggest data users with the average NT household using around 263GB each month.

South Australia’s Munno Parra takes the crown for the biggest data-using postcode in the nation with Telstra customers using an average of 331GB a month.

With the growth of 4K TVs combined with the faster speeds now available on the nbn, we’re watching videos in amazing quality and clarity – a much better entertainment experience than five years ago.

As most customers on our Standard Plus nbn plans now experience download speeds of 45Mbps (excluding Fixed Wireless customers and FTTN/B/C customers with limited line speeds), it makes sense that we’re seeing our customers use significantly more data at home once they move onto the nbn network.

To make sure the customer experience is as smooth as possible, in the past 12 months – along with providing data boosts – we’ve bestowed faster speeds to nearly 1.5 million customers, provided the Telstra Smart Modem to 500,000 customers and launched our nbn Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customers after a complete and comprehensive internet, entertainment and Telstra Smart Home solution, can now sign up to a Telstra Smart Home Control & Monitor Kit and $99 Unlimited Home Broadband and Streaming Bundle, and receive a bonus Google Home* (min cost $3,075 over 24 months).

Control devices plugged into your Smart Power Plug using your voice – plug in your lamps, hair straighteners, irons and cookers to have complete control using your voice via the Google Home Mini.

Check out our bundles page for more information on all our new bundles.

*Available to new & recontracting smart home & broadband customers. Offer available from 4th September 2018 to 29th October 2018. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more about our Smart Home kits here.