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You’re in control with our new mobile plans

By Michael Ackland February 17, 2021

We’ve been on a mission to simplify our mobile plans. After a lot of work and a lot of listening, we’re launching our simplest plans ever.

After talking to customers, the main feedback was that you didn’t want ad-hoc usage charges you don’t recognise at the end of the month, or bills that were hard to understand. You want to be in control of what you spend before you spend it. So here’s a quick summary of what’s changed.

No surprises

Our new mobile plans have no excess data charges, no late payment fees and no lock-in contracts.

They have a simple upfront subscription payment, just like a video or music streaming service such as Binge or Kayo.

And just like those services, at the start of every month, you’ll make a payment automatically via your credit card, debit card or bank account, and then it’s done. And because there’s no excess data charges and no excess call charges, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying ahead of each month – just like a subscription service. You won’t have to remember when your bill is due or how to pay it. It’s all taken care of. No mess, no hassle.

International calling

We’re even making international calling easier for you by including it in your plan.

Just because we can’t travel overseas right now shouldn’t mean you’re cut off from your friends and loved ones. Our new plans will help you stay close to those abroad with 30 minutes of international calling from Australia included with each plan, plus unlimited standard SMS from Australia to overseas numbers.

Once you reach your monthly international call allowance, you won’t be charged automatically for additional minutes like you are now. Instead, you can choose to add on an international call pack, allowing you to make additional calls to selected countries. We are putting you in control of what you spend.

Data sharing

To top it off, we are bringing back data sharing for our consumer customers. We know affordability is as important as ever right now and now the whole household can share one big pool of data across multiple devices. The new plans allow you to share data between up to 10 upfront mobile and data plans on the same account.

What does it mean for existing customers?

We will gradually move our customers to these month-to-month plans over the next 12 to 18 months.

Of course, we know that direct debit may not suit everyone, especially during uncertain times. That’s why we will provide options for those who are unable to (without a bank account or credit/debit card), managed by a trustee (i.e financial hardship groups), high risk to safety such as domestic violence, those customers on a CentrePay arrangement or with a Telstra Bill Assistance Program certificate.

As always, you’ll be in complete control, with full visibility of your services and upcoming payments via the My Telstra app. Just another change we’ve made to help keep your experience with us as easy as possible.

And remember: if you’re unhappy with your services, our flexible plans allow you to modify, or cancel them at any time. If you’re taken up a phone with your plan, you’ll just need to pay any remaining payments for that phone when you cancel your plan.

It’s all part of making Telstra a smarter, simpler and a more digital telco for your flexibility.

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Why we’re changing our mobile plans, and what you’ll get out of it

By Michael Ackland June 30, 2020

We know that you want and are using more mobile data than ever – so we’ve updated our plans and pricing to meet that need as we continue the rollout of Australia’s largest 5G network. As part of our huge reimagining of what Telstra is and does for our customers through our T22 strategy, we’re committed to responding to what you want from us.

Last year, as we moved to plans which had no lock-in contracts and no excess data charges in Australia, we radically changed the way we worked. If you have a mobile plan with Telstra, you now have the freedom to move up and down plans to suit your budget and data use each month, so you only pay for what you want.

One year on from when we introduced our new mobile plans, we’ve seen a fundamental change in the way Australians are living and working through the coronavirus pandemic. To that end, we’re refreshing our mobile plans with up to 30GB of extra data, including 5G network access on selected plans for customers with a compatible device in 5G areas, and helping to ensure those who may be struggling financially have options to suit their needs.

Here’s the bottom line: From July 1, in line with the extra data we’ve added, prices will rise by $5 per month on new Small, Medium and Large mobile plans. Our Small plan gains 10GB of extra data for a total of 40GB per month, while Medium and Large plans both add 20GB for a total of 80GB and 120GB a month respectively. Our Extra Large plan will rise by $15, and include 30GB of extra data for a total of 180GB. We’re including 5G access on Medium and above plans as part of this shift.

The good news for eligible customers is that we’re offering them a credit to offset the price rise for 12 months if they move to our new plans before September 30. Any customer who took up a Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large plan prior to 1 July 2020 is eligible for a credit for 12 months which will offset the price rise if they migrate to an equivalent new plan. The credit on the Small, Medium and Large plans is $5 per month for 12 months, and on the Extra Large Plan, $15 per month for 12 months. We’re contacting eligible customers via email with details of this offer and to encourage them to migrate.

In addition to this offer, which effectively cancels out the impact of the price rise for eligible customers who choose to move, we are also committing to not raising the price of our new Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large plans for 12 months.

Importantly, following the conclusion of our 12-month free 5G trial, we have decided not to charge a separate fee for 5G on our new month to month plans. Customers will be able to continue getting 5G if they are on eligible plans or by switching to our Medium and above plans.

This is ultimately because 5G’s capability to handle more data-intensive uses like streaming means that customers with 5G use more data – so we’ve given our 5G-capable plans even more of it. A small number of customers on existing Small plans who have a 5G handset will be migrated to a Medium plan, which includes 5G access – but those customers will be given an equivalent monthly rebate for 12 months to ensure they’re not unexpectedly paying more.

In addition to the extra data and 5G access, we’re also including access to Foxtel’s new streaming service Binge on us for a minimum of three months for all customers on these new plans, as well as extending our offer of Kayo sports streaming for as little as $15 per month. We’re also boosting the points earning rate for Telstra Plus, our rewards program for customers, and giving all Telstra Plus members an additional three months of Binge. Silver and Gold members get even more – an additional six or nine months (on top of the three months for all customers), for a total of up to 12 months access to Binge on us.

After looking at how we can better support our customers during financial hardship, we’re also adopting a more enduring package of measures for those who need them. These measures include permanently removing late fees for customers on direct debit, adding the option online to immediately suspend services as your needs change or if you need to reduce your spend, and extending the application date for our discounted Connected Family internet offer to September 30 for eligible low-income families. We’re also continuing our $30 Value Offer mobile plan for eligible customers with a healthcare card.

As Australia begins to return to a new normal, and as we all learn to live more safely with the ongoing presence of coronavirus in our communities, we too are adapting our mobile plans to face the future. We’ve seen first-hand the dramatic change in the way Australians are working and living, how we are using our mobile phones and mobile data more than ever, and we believe we’ve got the balance right.

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Bonus mobile data for over a million of our eligible customers

By Michael Ackland August 8, 2019

Running out of mobile data partway through the month might seem like a first world problem, but having to ration your music, video, and podcast streaming, or keeping across the latest from friends and family on social media when you’re on the go can be pretty tough for some.

That’s why we’ve begun giving a number of our mobile customers bonus data, to help keep up with the many new and different ways we all use our phones.

We know this – that’s why in keeping with our T22 strategy to remove pain points for you, we’re giving over a million eligible customers between 15GB and 60GB of extra data per month, so you can do more of what you love without feeling the pressure of reaching your data limit earlier.

We know how easy it is to smash through a gig of data – imagine a day where you’re listening to Spotify while you work, catching up on what your friends are up to on Facebook and Insta, and checking your email – and that’s before you start streaming Netflix on the bus ride home! Tack on a couple of app updates and a Snapchat or two and it all starts to add up.

The way we use our phones and computers is constantly changing, and the things you find you do with your mobile data today might be vastly different than when you signed up for your current mobile plan, as new apps or the extra features of a new phone quickly become everyday habits.

How do I know if I’m eligible for bonus data?

This offer isn’t available to everyone. You’ll know you’re being gifted this bonus data by email or SMS.

We’ll be rolling out this extra data in three phases between now and January – around 150,000 of you have already received the good news, while another 350,000 will from late August, and the rest of our lucky eligible customers will have extra data added later this year.

In case you missed our big news

Announced in June, all of our in-market mobile plans for consumers and small businesses offer no lock-in, the freedom to change your plan once a month, no excess data charges in Australia, and the ability to personalise your plan through add-ons, including 24- and 36-month device repayment options.

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Saying goodbye to lock-in plans, and welcoming a flexible future

By Michael Ackland June 25, 2019

On the one-year milestone mark in our T22 journey to radically simplify our products and eliminate the pain points you have told us about, we are introducing a new range of mobile plans for our consumer and small business customers. We are saying goodbye to legacy, and introducing freedom and flexibility for you to build the right plan for your needs – and to change your plan as your needs change.

We understand that you want flexibility built in to the products that you use. Nine out of 10 Australians say that having the freedom to change their services is important to them, and just as many say that their lives would be easier if they had that flexibility. An overwhelming majority of us want the option to change as our technology needs change, as we travel, and as new products are released.

We have taken your feedback on board as we have designed our new mobile plans. As of today, all of our in-market mobile plans for consumers and small businesses offer no lock-in, the freedom to change your plan once a month, no excess data charges in Australia, and the ability to personalise your plan through add-ons, including 24- and 36-month device repayment options.

Today marks the beginning of a new era for our mobile customers, where you have the freedom to change your plans once a month as your needs change. The introduction of these new plans coincides with the launch of the first 5G devices on our network, and our ongoing roll out of our 5G network. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to embrace this new era, and the latest technology along with it. This is just the beginning of what we have planned to improve our products over the year ahead, and we are excited to share more on that soon.

You can read more about our new plans here.

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Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S10 – and our landmark 5G upgrade offer

By Kevin Teoh February 21, 2019

Samsung has just introduced its latest and greatest Android smartphones to the world, unveiling the Galaxy S10 family at its UNPACKED event, ahead of Mobile World Congress 2019. We’re pleased to be stocking the S10+, S10 and S10e, in stores from 08 March, but there’s more – if you get a Galaxy S10+ with us, you’ll be able to bring your S10+ back and upgrade to the 5G-capable Samsung Galaxy S10 5G at no extra cost when it’s released in the first half of this year.

I’m at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco, on the ground with our partners to see the next evolution in the Galaxy line of smartphones – and to usher in a new mobile era made possible by 5G.

Built around a cinematic, bezel-less screen designed for the most immersive viewing, the Galaxy S10 series have no ‘notch’ up top – instead, their new Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED display hides the front-facing camera within the screen itself. That big, bright screen can also show more detail than ever with HDR10+ support.

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S10 - and our landmark 5G upgrade offer

It’s their cameras that will capture the envy of your friends though. All versions have a full kit of lenses, meaning you have an entire professional-grade camera kit in your pocket with zoom, wide and ultra-wide lenses whenever you need them – and a built-in intelligent photo assistant so you can turn what you see in real life into a long-term memory.

It also marks Samsung’s first-ever in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in a smartphone. That might sound a bit techy, but what it means is that you’ll be able to press the screen of the S10 or S10+ with a finger to unlock it, using ultrasonic waves that read the unique ridges of your finger – and it even works in cold or dry conditions, giving you even more peace of mind that your personal data is secure and safe for only you to see.

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S10 - and our landmark 5G upgrade offer

All of the Galaxy S10 series devices feature the new Wireless PowerShare mode, which lets you charge other wireless devices like a smartwatch just by resting it against the back of your phone. Of course, you still get all of Samsung’s hallmark design features like IP68 water and dust resistance, fast wireless charging and the ability to add up to 512GB of memory via microSD on all three models.

We’ll have the Samsung Galaxy S10 series available for pre-order from 9AM today. If you order a Galaxy S10+, we have a special treat in store for you – read on below.

At launch on 8 March, we’ll be offering the S10 family of devices on a range of consumer and small business plans. For example, the S10+ 128GB will be available on our XL lease plan for $129 a month* (for 24 months, min cost $3096) and will come with 160GB of data**, unlimited national and international talk and text***, Peace of Mind data as well as our sport, music and Wi-Fi data inclusions.

Pre-orders of the Galaxy S10+, S10 and S10e smartphones also come with bonus Galaxy Buds (valued at $249 RRP).

You can find all our Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone offers and plans here.

* includes $10 credit
** includes 100GB of bonus data
*** to 15 select countries

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S10 - and our landmark 5G upgrade offer

Our landmark 5G upgrade offer with Samsung

Here’s some more good news: anyone who purchases a Samsung Galaxy S10+ with us will be able to bring their S10+ back and upgrade to the 5G-capable Samsung Galaxy S10 5G at no extra cost when it’s released.

This is about giving you the best of both mobile worlds – we want you to experience one the newest and most feature-packed smartphones powered by our world-leading 4GX mobile network, and then we want to make it possible for you to upgrade to 5G, the next revolution in mobile technology, later in the year.

We’re extremely excited by this latest partnership with Samsung – as the first mobile operator to make the Galaxy S10 5G available to customers as soon as it’s launched in Australia, we wanted to do something special for you.

5G means the potential for faster downloads, high resolution video streaming with less buffering, and better mobile gaming on the go. The potential for ultrafast speeds and low latency of 5G will open new doors for businesses, too – so we’re opening up the offer to our small and medium business customers as well.

With more than 200 Telstra 5G-enabled mobile sites online across the nation, our customers will be at the forefront of this revolutionary technology as well as enjoying the multiple cameras, wireless power sharing, stunning display, sonic fingerprint security and other exciting features on Samsung’s newest smartphones.

We’ve hit plenty of Australian-first milestones together with Samsung in the past – like breaking the 1Gbps download speed barrier on the Samsung Galaxy S9 – and we look forward to many more in the future. The arrival of 5G will be a true game-changer, and we’re looking forward to being among the first in the world to experience it with you.