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My all-time favourite series on Telstra TV

By Laura Henshaw March 8, 2018

Fitness model and entrepreneur Laura Henshaw recently streamed the first two episodes of Younger season 4 on Telstra TV – and we filmed her reactions and commentary live.

In addition to being a massive Younger fan, Laura has also let us in on her all-time favourite series on Telstra TV.

Younger, Stan

I have only just gotten into this one and wish I had earlier! It is based around a 40-year-old lady, Liza, who struggles to get back into the workforce after having kids and decides to try and pass herself off as a 26-year-old. Liza gets her job at a dream publisher and now has to live with the lie, hoping no one finds out. And Hilary Duff plays Liza’s best work friend. The episodes are only 22 minutes, but it is very easy to watch more than one in a row!

Suits, Netflix

This is one of my favourite series, ever. And it is even better now that Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry. It is set in Manhattan at a big-time law firm and there’s lots of romance, a comedy factor and of course, lots of drama. Plus, the two main male characters, Harvey and Mike, are great eye candy as well!

Orange is the New Black, Netflix

Set in New York City, this is another series that makes it very hard to watch just one episode. It is based around Piper Chapman, who got caught up in an unlucky relationship when she was younger and it comes back to bite her when she is sentenced to time in prison 10 years later. This series will make you laugh and cry and wish you had gotten into it earlier. Season 1 is my favourite.

Breaking Bad, Stan

This is an oldie but a goodie and I will definitely be rewatching it soon. It’s based around the life of a high school science teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and falls into a very strange predicament to be able to help his family financially.

He turns an old RV into a meth lab, and starts his journey into the drug world. I would advise that if you start this one, make sure you have lots of time to watch it all at once – the drama level makes it very hard not to watch the consecutive episodes.

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An interview with our CTO: How technology will find better ways for people to connect

By Håkan Eriksson July 10, 2017

Håkan Eriksson is Telstra’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) charged with the exciting responsibility to inspire, set direction for and accelerate Telstra’s journey to being a world class technology company. Originally from Sweden, Håkan has held similar roles and responsibilities across the technology industry in addition to holding an Honorary Ph.D and studies at the prestigious Stanford University. Here’s an exclusive insight to his first 120 days in office.

I started in my role at Telstra in early 2017 by attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it wasn’t my first time attending, but this time would be different.

Walking through the conference for the 19th time, I was seeing things in a new light as this time I was coming as an operator and not a vendor.

This time I could look around, ask questions, and see what everyone else was doing rather than being relegated just to the Ericsson booth. While it was fun, wearing a competitor’s badge meant you weren’t allowed into other stands to see what they were showing off.

In my new role, I could go anywhere, talk to anyone, hear fresh perspectives and critically think about how I could apply them to the work I knew I’d be starting as the Chief Technology Officer at Telstra.

But of course, this begs the question, why Telstra? I’ve been in this industry for over 30 years and seen much change in that time. I’ve worked on 2G, 3G, and 4G. Now, 5G is just around the corner and Telstra will be the operator conducting the first live trial in Australia.

That technology is really exciting and that’s part of what drew me here – it’s an opportunity to work on pioneering tech that’s going to build upon and improve what already exists.

Personally, I’ve got lots of connected devices at home like tablets, Sonos speakers, Telstra Smart Home appliances and more. People have been slowly collecting these connected devices, part of what we call the Internet of Things, without realising it so you might be surprised by how many devices you have already that are part of this connected future.

This presents a unique opportunity for us to ask some important questions about how we can best use this technology, how can we secure it, and how can we help people to adopt it so they can thrive in a connected world.

The technology we’re working on at Telstra extends beyond this to include AI, Big Data analytics, and more. To some extent, these technologies already exist in some form. Even now, when you’re leaving the office (at least for me) when I look at my phone, it tells me that it’ll take me 23 minutes to get home. This is a type of artificial intelligence and in the future it’s only going to get smarter.

It’s exciting, but not without its challenges. It’s funny to think about because technology is the easy piece, we can design and test all forms of technology until we get it right but it’s meaningless unless people are ready and interested in what you’re creating.

If you’re too early it doesn’t work, if you’re too late it doesn’t work: timing is everything.

There are two things that I find most exciting about my new role. For starters, Telstra is a company that’s very willing to try and take on new technologies. Not only that, but Australians are also quite willing to adopt new technologies faster than other countries.

That puts the work I do and the people I work with in a very unique position: not only is it really interesting, in the end it’s all about how it helps the customer.

It’s fascinating to see the impact your work can have. Back when we were working on 2G technology, mobile consumption wasn’t at the level that it’s at today but it helped lay the groundwork for what followed. Now we see mobile traffic eclipse desktop traffic in some forms.

Drones can now be used for thermal imaging, to search for people at sea or in a forest when it’s dark, we can even look for sharks to keep people safe.

The mobile network of the future we’re developing is what’s going to connect all these things and I’m looking forward to seeing what impact that will have and what groundwork needs to be done for what comes next.

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Beating Fatigue: Tips on getting the most out of your day

By Brie Mason July 3, 2017

As part of our ongoing development at Telstra, our people regularly complete training to help them understand the business or more efficiently go about their day. Recently, many of us completed workplace training on fatigue management, gaining a better understanding of what it is, where it comes from, and how to combat it.

Specifically, some of the main culprits include insufficient sleep, caffeine at the wrong time of the day and too much sugar, along with poor nutrition and hydration. My team and I came together, to share some of our favourite fatigue management tips, and how we’ve applied these to our working days to be our best selves.

You are what you eat

Nutrition and hydration are an important part of the mix to ensure you’re functioning well and avoiding fatigue. It’s easy to look to sugar or caffeine to give you a temporary energy hit but the benefits are short-lived. Advice that stood out to me was specifically about eating right and staying hydrated.

Try to skip carbs and eat low fat/high protein foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, tuna and poached eggs. These are also low-GI (Glycaemic Index) foods that provide an even blood sugar level over time – so you’ll avoid the energy peaks and troughs while staying alert. And, if you’re still feeling fatigued, you might find that a glass of water could do the trick!

– John, Recruitment Marketing Specialist

An apple a day

Being a self-confessed sugar fiend, I always suspected that my 3pm pick-me-ups were masking a bigger issue. The constant reliance on ‘treats’ to get me through the afternoon is a common trend but, it’s my body’s way of telling me something is missing and sugar is just the coping mechanism.

The solution: limit my sugar intake! By making sure I’ve had about two litres of water a day and including fresh fruit and vegetables in every meal, my body can successfully fight fatigue without reaching for that sneaky chocolate bar.

– Jas, Senior Brand Specialist

Say no to that third cup of Joe

Look, coffee is delicious. Plus, it helps me get my head in the game before I start a big task, but how much is too much? I learned the jury may be out on how many cups specifically, but what we need to remember is when coffee mightn’t be the best idea.

It’s a diuretic, meaning it could force a toilet stop, break your concentration from the task at hand and might also cause you to fidget. Rather than sipping on a coffee every couple of hours, swap it out for water. To keep your water interesting, chop up fruits like lemons or cucumber to add some much-needed electrolytes while keeping you hydrated. For minimal impact, keep your coffee to the first half of your day so as not to negatively impact your sleeping pattern. It’s working for me!

– Ross, Content and Social Advisor

Sleep on it

As a mum of a one year old who works full time, I’m guilty of not making adequate time to wind down before bed. This impacts my ability to get a good quality sleep and so I’ve learnt to limit technology in the bedroom. I should stop using devices (phone, tablet, laptop – I’m guilty of all three!) one hour before going to bed. Devices keep the mind active and blue light (emitted from these devices) can inhibit the production of melatonin, which is critical for falling asleep.

I also got some other practical tips like taking short breaks, moving about, starting a conversation, changing posture frequently and stretching. I should also use the stand-up desks we have available in the office! By rotating tasks I can maintain mental interest levels to avoid tiredness

– Brie, Head of Employment Brands and Marketing

Between eating well, staying hydrated, limiting coffee, and sleeping deeply the team have pulled together these useful tips to help improve your work day. In the past, we’ve written about how providing growth opportunities is one of the aspects that makes the best companies attractive to employees. These are just some of the things we learned and hope you find them helpful!

Tops tips on how to beat fatigue:

1. Eat a balanced diet
2. Avoid coffee in the afternoon
3. Limit technology before bedtime

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Up your Insta game this World Wi-Fi Day

By Viveca Samuelsson, June 17, 2017

Finding Telstra Air hotspots in Australia’s most iconic and picturesque locations will help Aussies up their Insta game without chewing up their mobile data writes Viveca Samuelsson.

Our national Wi-Fi network, Telstra Air, is now available in more than a million places around Australia.

To celebrate, we’re giving everyone access to free and unlimited data at over 4,000 Telstra Air hotspots on Tuesday 20 June – World Wi-Fi Day. All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device, then find a participating public hotspot, like a Telstra Air pink payphone, and get connected.

To help you make the most of World Wi-Fi Day, we’ve worked with Instagram to uncover the most Insta-worthy locations in every state. With Telstra Air hotspots in the heart of each location – or just nearby – it’s easier than ever for Australians to up their Insta game.

Australia’s most Instagrammed locations by state*:

  • Bondi Beach, New South Wales
  • St Kilda Beach, Victoria
  • Surfers Paradise Beach, Queensland
  • Fremantle Beach, Western Australia
  • Glenelg Beach, South Australia
  • Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Tasmania

Eligible Telstra home broadband customers and customers with a personal or business mobile can already access free data at Telstra Air hotspots across the country and millions of Fon Spots overseas. Customers can download the Telstra Air App or head to www.telstra.com/air for more details.

About World Wi-Fi Day:
Telstra is the Australian partner of the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s second annual World Wi-Fi Day, which is a global event to recognise and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in getting cities and communities around the world connected. Global partners include Fon, at&t, BT, Spark, Google and Cisco.

* The top locations where Instagram members shared posts in each state in the 12 months to Dec 2016.

How to get online for free on Tuesday 20 June

  • If you’re already a Telstra Air customer – continue to use the Telstra Air app and access Wi-Fi for free.
  • If you’re at a Telstra Air public hotspot (pink payphone and some Telstra stores)
  • Step 1: Open the list of available networks on your mobile device and connect to: Telstra Free Wi-Fi
  • Step 2: A pop up browser should automatically open; if it doesn’t;
    • Open an internet browser on your device (Safari, Google Chrome, IE etc)
    • Try to access any website (Facebook, YouTube)
    • This will trigger the portal to open
  • Step 3: Click Connect to accept the Terms and conditions
  • Step 4: You will see a success screen and can now access free Wi-Fi
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Where to watch the best Christmas cooking specials

By Jay Batten December 6, 2016

Let’s face it, even if the company can be trying and the gifts hit and miss, Christmas food done right is what we all look forward to most.

If you’re feeling a bit undercooked in the inspo department, no problem – your Foxtel from Telstra subscription is your ticket to Christmas cooking heaven.

Over December on The Lifestyle Channel and Lifestyle Food, join TV’s top chefs as they tackle the biggest day in the family eating calendar. You can catch hour upon hour of TV’s top chefs roasting, boiling, steaming and baking their way through Christmas.

So that you don’t miss a delicious beat, we’ve bought you a breakdown of the top Christmas Cooking specials you can expect to see in the lead up to Christmas.

a donna hay Christmas

Leading Aussie food editor, Donna Hay, returns to TV in this brand new Christmas special made exclusively for The Lifestyle Channel.

In this oh-so-stylish Christmas special, Donna reveals her take on a traditional Christmas. Tune in to see her sharing her recipes, tips and tricks to create fab festive fair, and a beautiful Christmas table presented in her signature pared back style.

Catch it on December 7 at 6.30pm on The Lifestyle Channel

Christmas at River Cottage and River Cottage Christmas Fayre

Join the king of the double barrelled last name and self-reliant, small batch wizard Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on his journey from paddock to plate as he prepares for Christmas feasting in Christmas at River Cottage and River Cottage Christmas Fayre.

In these two truly British specials, Fearnley-Whittingstall and his team will take you through the ins and outs of goose keeping before creating three dishes from one goose, how to home brew cider and then make a cider-marinated ham from your Gloucester Old Spot pig (should you have a spare laying around), pot stilton and road test every hangover cure under the sun to clear that Boxing day brain fog.

If you’re into a localised ethos when it comes to your food, then this will be right up your alley.

Park yourself in front of Christmas at River Cottage on December 19 at 12pm, and River Cottage Christmas Fayre December 24 bright and early at 8am on Lifestyle

Gordon Ramsay’s Festive Cooking

In this hour long celebration of silly season cooking, Ramsay plays nice and shares his favourite (and not necessarily traditional) recipes for the holidays – with not a turkey or mince pie in sight.

Join Gordon for an hour of festive cooking power on December 15 at 6.30pm

Jamie Cooks Christmas

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas specials have become a Christmas tradition for many. In this iteration, Jamie is joined by former mentor and colourful character, Gennaro Contaldo, who brings his own Italian inspired flavor to tried and tested Christmas classics.

With Jamie Cooks Christmas you’re guaranteed to come away with a new love of leftovers, as the dream team Jamie and Gennaro teach you how to transform the Christmas Day overflow into delights to cut straight through the Boxing Day brain fuzz.

Finally (and most importantly), to stop you going completely cold on turkey, Jamie puts his twist on turkey leftovers in a variety of recipes that grab inspiration from all over the globe.

Jamie and Gennaro do their festive thing in Jamie Cooks Christmas on December 20 at 6:30 on Lifestyle Food

If your menu is feeling a little dull, or you’re looking for fresh inspo for feeding the Christmas masses, leave it to your favourite celebrity chef to get your tummy grumbling and help you make sure your Christmas table goes off like an absolute cracker.

This holiday season’s Hottest Entertainment Bundle comes with Foxtel Entertainment Package included.

Things you need to know: Foxtel from Telstra: Service not available in all areas or homes. Non-standard installation fees apply. You need an eligible Telstra Home Phone, Post-Paid mobile or home broadband service on a Single Bill or active Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile or Mobile Broadband Service.