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Delivering leading-edge technology to the Australian Department of Defence

By David Burns November 3, 2021

Today, we have announced an agreement to renew our contract with the Australian Department of Defence. We’ve been working closely with Defence over a number of years to deliver world-leading technology and critical network services.

Today’s announcement will extend and deepen our collaboration and use our unique sovereign capabilities, decades of experience, and cutting-edge technology to co-design solutions for today and into the future.

Through the five-year contract we will continue to provide the Department with leading-edge technology and telco solutions. The contract is the largest ever signed by Telstra Enterprise, and is an important contribution to the ambition we’ve set to return our Enterprise business to growth.

We’ll work with Defence to deliver significantly increased wireless coverage through a dedicated Wi-Fi 6 rollout program and the introduction of our leading 5G mobile network capability. We will also involve the introduction of full SDWAN and SDN capabilities to provide more flexible, self-healing and predictive network capabilities.

In the last few years, we have undergone a significant transformation of our Enterprise business technology stack as part of our T22 strategy, removing complexity and upgrading legacy systems to offer our customers the best digital solutions. We’ve also rolled out 5G in over 3500 suburbs in over 240 cities and towns across the country, including more than 200 in regional areas, and expanded our 4G footprint to over 2 million square kilometres and 99.4 per cent of Australia’s population. These improvements put us in a great position to support Defence personnel to the highest standard now, and into the future.

We’re committed to working with the Australian Government to ensure a thriving and safe digital economy and society, including ensuring the Department of Defence and Australian Defence Force have access to world-leading technology like virtual reality to bridge physical distance in a virtual space. After successfully delivering an enormous program of work with the Department over recent years we’re excited by the opportunity to take our collaboration even further.

The agreement will also create significant opportunities for local industry, in particular small and medium enterprises and Indigenous companies. This will build on the collaborative approach we already take, working with more than 30 Australian suppliers who together enable us to deliver around $50 million of technology and services per annum for Defence.

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Delivering A-Grade connections to classrooms

By Michael Ebeid AM October 20, 2020

While the chalkboard, or whiteboard in most cases these days, will always have a place in our classrooms, the keyboard is a great educational equaliser for students. That’s why we are significantly boosting New South Wales schools’ internet speeds and connecting some of the state’s most remote students to high-speed fibre optic cable.

Connectivity and access to modern education tools are vital to ensuring the future of education is delivered to our students. It can open new educational possibilities, broaden horizons, open up a richer curriculum and enhance student collaboration to create modern learning environments.

Since 2009, we’ve been working hard with the NSW Department of Education to connect the state’s 2,200plus schools to fibre optic cable. Now, under an extended partnership with the NSW Government we will soon achieve a special milestone – the last 12 mainland schools, all in remote parts of the state, will be hooked up to this high-speed solution. All up, we will have rolled out more than 5,200km of fibre across the state once this project is complete. To put it into perspective, that’s equivalent to three round trips between Sydney and Tweed Heads, making it one of the largest fibre networks in the world.

In addition, we will also be boosting internet speeds 10-fold on average for all NSW schools through a massive capacity upgrade across the state’s education network.

The twelve schools are Naradhan, Colo Heights, Weilmoringle, Louth, Enngonia, Clare, Booligal, Wanaaring, North Star, Upper Coopers, Wattle and MacDonald.

We know that digital inclusion, particularly for students, is a lead indicator for future employment opportunities. With this partnership, all students across NSW will have access to the amazing learning opportunities that quality, high speed connectivity brings, whether they live in Neutral Bay or North Star.

With faster connectivity, students will not only download websites and videos much faster, they’ll be able to video conference and collaborate. It also sets them up for future digital education tools such as augmented or virtual reality applications in the classroom.

We’re proud to be continuing this work, particularly when we hear firsthand from the young people who are accessing a whole new world of education, like the kids at Conargo Public School, in the state’s south west. They enjoyed a tour of our worksite when we were in town laying fibre, and now they’re enjoying its benefits. We look forward to delivering an even faster future for them.