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More boots on the ground in regional Australia, and more support for customers

By Loretta Willaton April 5, 2022

We’re ramping up our support for customers in regional and outer metro areas through our new Connected Communities program. This means more on-the-ground advocates and network experts to help solve complex local issues.

Every regional, rural and remote community in Australia is unique, and we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach – whatever our customers’ needs are, we are committed to meeting them.

Creating customer advocates across regional Australia

To this end, we will double the number of locally-based Regional Engagement Managers and triple the number of Regional Network Advisors we employ around the country. These members of the Telstra team will work closely with the communities they are embedded in, acting as advocates within our business for the customers they support.

Our network advisors will be equipped with the latest digital tools that support all the technologies our network uses, helping them diagnose and understand connectivity issues at a local level. They will work with their communities to improve customers’ experiences – providing information about network coverage and performance, management of any planned and unplanned outages, and building digital literacy and capability.

We’ll triple our annual investment in community engagement activities like field days and fetes and our support for organisations like local chambers of commerce and business or volunteer groups.

For the first time, we’ll also appoint a Remote Community Advocate responsible for monitoring the performance of our network in Australia’s remote communities each day, keeping those communities up to date with any outages and recovery times, and working to respond to their needs. They’ll also join a new Telstra Customer Advocate Council alongside our Chief Customer Advocate, Chief First Nations Advocate and Chief Regional Advocate, with the council reporting directly to the CEO.

Ramping up our support for regional communities

There’s a lot more we’re doing for regional Australia through our Connected Communities program. We’ll triple our annual investment in community engagement, supporting organisations like local chambers of commerce and local network groups. We’ll also collaborate with NBN local to address digital inclusion and partner on emergency response, with a focus on preparedness.

This comes on top of other recent steps we’ve taken, including bringing customer service voice calls back home by the end of June this year and bringing all local retail stores back under Telstra ownership to give customers a better in-store experience. We’re also training more customer service agents specifically on regional connectivity so they can assist our customers that are located more than 100km from a Telstra store.

We’re continuing to invest in growing and maintaining our regional network. Over the five years to June 2021, we’ve invested $3 billion in mobile and $1.3 billion in fixed networks across regional Australia. We’ve also committed $200 million for co-investments with government to improve regional connectivity. And we’re expanding 4G and 5G coverage by 100,000km2 by June 2025.

We know that there’s a growing need for connectivity all across the country, and that this need will just keep growing. We’re working to build this infrastructure and provide the support that enables all Australians can keep pace with the evolving digital economy – no matter where they live and work.

A food truck vendor using Tyro terminal to take a payment from a woman using her smartphone
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Enabling EFTPOS for Aussie small business with Tyro through Telstra

By Anne Da Cunha February 3, 2022

We’re excited to offer small business customers access to Tyro’s simple and straightforward EFTPOS payment services and devices – through our retail stores, online, and on the phone, all with exclusive benefits for Telstra referred customers.

As many Australian small businesses embrace the digital economy, there’s nothing more important than being able to take payments securely and having that technology seamlessly link with other digital tools.

As small businesses know, when customers are ready to pay in person, EFTPOS is key. Card processing cuts down on the time and tedium of managing cash, reduces the risk of theft, and enables instant transaction history and cashflow reporting. Especially in the current COVID environment with face masks and hand sanitiser everywhere, card payments are more popular than ever.

To make EFTPOS easy for our customers, we’re excited to work exclusively with Tyro to offer EFTPOS and payment solutions to small business customers.

We know how important first impressions are to all businesses. When a small business operator walks through the doors of one of our stores, or connects with us online, we want to offer them the best technology to run their business and grow in the digital economy. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with Tyro – they’re 100% dedicated to Australian businesses and are specialists in SMB EFTPOS and payment solutions, which has helped them become the largest Australian EFTPOS provider outside the big four1.

Tyro’s EFTPOS solution is perfect for small businesses as it can be seamlessly integrated with over 300 POS/PMS providers. This helps businesses boost efficiency, reduce keying errors, and makes end-of-day reconciliation a breeze.

Today, we’re announcing a limited time exclusive offer for Telstra customers to access Tyro’s leading EFTPOS solution. This includes the first $15k of transactions fee-free, a 1.6% flat rate for transactions thereafter, and free EFTPOS machine rental2. This perfectly complements our extensive range of small business technology services.

Telstra has long been the technology partner of choice for Australian small businesses, and now we can support small business’ EFTPOS needs as well as their connectivity, collaboration, and security tools. Telstra and Tyro share the goal of making business easy for our customers, so they are free to focus on what makes their business unique and what sets them apart from the rest.

We are working exclusively with Tyro to provide these EFTPOS solutions for SMBs, and we’ll have Tyro EFTPOS machines on display in more than 350 Telstra stores and Telstra Business Technology Centres around the country. We can help SMBs choose and take up Tyro’s solution in all of these stores and online, or over the phone.

1 As per the statistics detailed in Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions Points of Presence June 2020 issued by APRA in October 2020. Excludes EFTPOS providers who are not ADIs.

2 Exclusions apply on flat-rate payments. Eligibility criteria apply. Offer valid for applications received by 31 March 2022, view T&Cs at

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Acting against discrimination and sexual harassment

By Andrew Penn March 26, 2021

Below is a note I shared with our people earlier today. In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share it here as well. – Andy

I have spoken often about equality and holding people to account for their actions. It should be a given that in 2021 all women have the same opportunities as men, can do their job free of harassment and discrimination, and can walk home without fear of being attacked.

And yet here we are.

A few weeks ago I marked International Women’s Day by talking about the need to stamp out violence against women. It came at a time when the collective conscious of our nation had been jolted by the realisation that this remains a very real issue in Australia – and of course around the world.

Since then there has been a groundswell of outrage as more examples of sexual abuse and harassment have come to light – in our workplaces, in our schools and in our communities. And with this outrage has come a call once again for change.

It has been confronting to hear the stories of those who have suffered, but it has shone a spotlight on a discussion we need to have as a nation.

The power imbalance that still exists, and has led to this recent debate, has shown there is still a lot more we must do as we strive for true gender equality. So how do we get to the heart of the issue and take action to effect real and lasting change?

As a CEO of a large corporate and a member of the Male Champions of Change Alliance, I have been passionate about improving outcomes for women but there is always more that we can do. I will continue to agitate for change to rid our country of this abuse – and this starts in our workplace.

However, despite our best efforts, including work on our culture and having the right policy and procedures in place, there are times when people just do not behave appropriately and someone is harassed or discriminated against.

We expect to see a media story soon, which will outline a small number of incidents of sexual harassment and misconduct within our workplace. These incidents are a stark reminder that we are not immune to this totally unacceptable behaviour, but what it will also show it that when we have uncovered this behaviour we have responded quickly, strongly and with empathy.

The most important thing to me is to keep each of you safe and well, and I have reflected a lot on the cases we have been asked about for today’s story.

No one should use their power or position to influence, coerce or harm another. At the core of this behaviour seems to be a belief by some men that they can abuse their power and take advantage of women. This is just not on.

What recent events have shown, is that we need to keep listening and remain absolutely focused on creating a truly safe and inclusive workplace where everyone is treated with respect.

We have a robust system in place, including our code of conduct, to help prevent this behaviour and deal with it when it does happen. But beyond policies and training this really goes to the heart of our culture.

It could be easy for us to think that there will always be a small number of cases because of the size of our company. But we cannot get caught up in that thinking – one woman, one person harmed is one too many.

But if it happens we respond quickly – we support victims and their families, and sack those who have not met our standards.

Speaking up and supporting each other

We must have frank conversations and listen and learn so we can continue to do better.

I want you all to know, that you can speak up at any time with confidence that your concerns will be heard and investigated fairly. You can do this via your leaders, HR Direct or our Whistleblower service.

And for those who witness any form of harassment or abuse of power – please do not be a bystander.

Make a choice to show you care and callout when something is not right.

If you feel we have fallen short of the values and standards we set for ourselves, you can also contact me at any time.

I want to understand what more we can do. We are all accountable for making a change. And we can all contribute in some way.

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We’re improving our payment terms to make doing business better

By Vicki Brady February 4, 2020

Telstra Trades Assist - all-in-one admin app

We’re always looking for ways to improve, simplify and streamline the way we do business, both for our customers, and those we do business with. That’s why we’re moving to shorter, 20-day payment terms for thousands of businesses to ensure our suppliers are paid sooner.

Back in 2017, we made a commitment to pay suppliers that are small businesses within 30 days. We also extended this approach to charities, Indigenous organisations and disability enterprises. Now we’re continuing this good work, increasing our commitment to pay more suppliers even faster.

This new arrangement means that we move to 20-day payment terms for any supplier with invoices of up to $2 million annually.

Before the end of this financial year, over 85% of our suppliers will have their invoices paid within 20 days of us receiving an invoice.

Cash flow is crucial to any business, and this change means operators will have cash in their hand sooner than ever.

When we started this process in 2017, we used the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ definition as to what a small business was. Three years later, these definitions have shifted as part of our ever-diversifying economy.

Our new methodology for paying invoices within 20 days captures more businesses than ever, and we encourage governments and the Small Business Ombudsman to create a new standard, consistent definition of small business to ensure everyone is playing by the same rules.

We’ll work with our suppliers over the coming months to update payment term agreements, and we’re proud to continue to help businesses throughout Australia.

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Providing disaster assistance to our affected customers in South Australia

By Telstra News January 7, 2020

As bushfires continue to burn across many parts of Australia, we know many of our residential and small business customers are doing it tough. We’re here to help with an assistance package available for those affected in South Australia.

(This information is current at 18 February, 2020.)

We understand how important it is to reach out to friends and family during times of crisis, and we want to do all we can to help our customers. The assistance package provides customers with access to free and interim services during the recovery period, in addition to providing the wider community with free calls and free Telstra Air Wi-Fi through local payphones.

Please read below the following list of postcodes and suburbs to see more information on disaster assistance packages available to customers in these areas.

An assistance package is available for South Australian customers affected by bushfires. Customers impacted include those in the following postcodes and suburbs:

5131 – Houghton, Lower Hermitage, Upper Hermitage

5133 – Inglewood

5134 – Cherryville, Montacute

5220 – Parndana

5221 – American River, Ballast Head, Muston

5222 – American Beach, Antechamber Bay, Baudin Beach, Brown Beach, Cuttlefish Bay, Dudley East, Dudley West, Ironstone, Island Beach, Kangaroo Head, Pelican Lagoon, Penneshaw, Porky Flat, Sapphiretown, Willoughby, Willson River

5223 – Bay of Shoals, Birchmmore, Brownlow, Cape Borda, Cassini, Cygnet River, De Mole River, Duncan, D’estrees Bay, Emu Bay, Flinders Chase, Gosse, Haines, karrata, Kingscote, Kohinoor, Macgillivray, Menzies, Middle River, Nepean Bay, Newland, North Cape, Seal Bay, Seddon, Stokes Bay, Stun’sail Boom, Vivonne Bay, Western River, Wisanger

5232 – Cudlee Creek

5233 – Forreston, Gumeracha, Kenton Valley

5234 – Birdwood

5240 – Lenswood

5241 – Lobethal

5244 – Charleston, Harrogate, Inverbrackie, Mount Torrens, Woodside

5252 – Brukunga, Dawesley, Hay Valley, Kanmantoo, Nairne, St Ives

5275 – Blackford, Boatswain Forest, Cape Jaffa, Keilira, Kingston, Mount Benson, Pinks Beach, Reedy Creek, Rosetown, Sandy Grove, Taratap, Tilley Swamp, Wangolina, West Range, Wyomi

A number of Telstra services have also been affected and in some cases, adverse conditions are preventing us from reaching some areas. Our crews are working closely with emergency services to ensure our teams have access to areas of need as soon as they are deemed safe to enter, or under escort.

A number of Telstra services have also been affected and in some cases, adverse conditions are preventing us from reaching some areas. Our crews are working closely with emergency services to ensure our teams have access to areas of need as soon as they are deemed safe to enter, or under escort.

Customers who have had to evacuate their home or have lost their home are encouraged to call us 132 203 (then enter their full home phone number including area code when prompted) to report a fault and register for the assistance package.

Telstra’s relief packages can include the following:

Short term measures (for Telstra customers who have a short-term impact – temporary evacuation of premises or temporary fault):

  • Free use of Telstra public payphones in the affected areas
  • Free use of Telstra Air payphone hotspots in the affected areas
  • Free call diversion from an affected fixed home or business phone service to another fixed or mobile service of the customer’s choice, regardless of the carrier
  • Customers who use the free call diversion to divert their affected fixed home or business phone to their Telstra mobile service can also make local and STD® calls on their mobile at fixed-line rates, in accordance with their selected plan (limited to one designated Telstra mobile per affected household or business.
  • Affected Telstra mobile customers who do not have a Telstra home phone can receive a one-off credit to the value of $100 inc. GST (limited to one mobile phone per Telstra mobile account).

The above offers are applicable until network damage in the area due to fire is repaired, or while customers remain evacuated, for a maximum period of three months from the date of the fires.

Long-term measures (for Telstra customers who have suffered severe damage to or loss of their premises):

  • Free call diversion from the customer’s Telstra fixed phone service to another Australian fixed or mobile service of their choice, regardless of the carrier. This offer is applicable for a maximum period of 6 months from the date of the fire.
  • In addition, Telstra will apply a one-off credit to the value of $500 inc. GST to the customer’s Telstra fixed phone account to help cover the costs of the following, if required: Connection of a Telstra fixed phone service at one temporary residence
  • Re-connection of a Telstra fixed phone service at the customer’s original permanent premises

We have also made our payphones and Telstra Air hotspots (where available) free for anyone to use so you can stay in touch with family members around the country. Additionally, Telstra Mobile customers can browse a number of emergency information websites on an unmetered basis until further notice. For the full list, head to

Please remember to stay safe and listen to warnings from authorities.

For other states affected by the bushfires, customers can read more about the disaster relief packages that are available for Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.