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We’re getting our groove on for Tamworth’s Country Music Festival


Posted on January 18, 2018

1 min read

All eyes are on Tamworth this weekend as an expected influx of more than 50,000 country music fans head to Australia’s country music capital for the 2018 Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Social media will be a popular choice for our customers to share their experiences, which is why we are providing two Telstra ‘rockets’ to boost our 4G capacity for our mobile customers.


These are essentially miniature temporary base stations with increased 4G capacity, to create an even better experience for event-goers on the Telstra mobile network.

Additionally, we have just switched on a new tower at Tamworth South, in time for the big event, adding 3G and 4GX services to the area and bringing the total number of permanent mobile sites providing mobile coverage in Tamworth to 10.

This is part of Telstra’s commitment to providing our customers in regional and rural Australia with superior mobile coverage and part of a $9 million worth of investment in the mobile network that Telstra is making in the New England region.

We hope our customers have a fun and safe time in Tamworth and we look forward to seeing it all on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Silent line fee removed

Tech and Innovation

Posted on January 8, 2018

2 min read

Technology is fundamentally changing the way we communicate at home, in the office and socially.

At Telstra we’re investing in new technology and digitising our processes to transform not just the way we do business with our customers, but also our products and services.

With new technologies we’ll be looking to make changes to some of our traditional products, and the first of these is the Silent Line service.

Protecting our customers’ privacy is paramount to Telstra and providing tools to protect telephone numbers and addresses is part of what we do to help. We understand privacy is important to all our customers, and that some Australians choose a Silent Line for a multitude of reasons including for personal safety.

Currently, customers who want to keep their details out of the White Pages and online directories can request a Silent Line and pay a monthly fee of $2.93.

We are about to change that, and we will be removing the monthly charge to make privacy with Telstra more accessible to our customers.

We are also pleased to announce that we are making it easier for our customers to manage whether their number is visible to people they call and be able to control this – and their current White Pages listing – online, through the Telstra 24/7 app or My Account.

These changes will apply from 18 February 2018.

Putting the customer journey at the heart of digital transformation

Business and Enterprise

Posted on January 3, 2018

3 min read

In a time when digital upstarts are turning industries on their heads, it’s tempting to immediately jump on the bandwagon and adopt the hot technologies of the day in a quest to compete.

While it makes sense for companies to be aware of new technologies, they are better served if they patiently and prudently pick their battles. Kneejerk reactions driven by fear and panic can harm an enterprise financially and jeopardise its long-term viability. Such companies lose focus by trying too hard not to lose, but that’s a far cry from trying to win.

No doubt technology can open new doors to innovation, but it should ideally serve as support for overarching business strategies. It is more essential that firms focus on two markers – “design thinking” and “design-to-zero,” which when overlapped with technology, constitute actual digital transformation.

Design thinking across multiple customer touchpoints

When Uber disrupted the taxi industry, it did so because it demonstrated empathy. The then start-up understood what was truly frustrating to taxi riders: the unpredictable waiting time when hailing a cab, having to pay in cash and no satisfactory way to lodge complaints. Uber’s answer? A mobile app for quick, convenient and transparent booking of rides, cashless payment, and an in-app feedback mechanism.

Uber’s radical business model is based on multiple technologies such as geolocation, mobile, and payment integration. However, the core service that Uber provides is born out of a keen awareness of customer problems, needs and expectations – in other words, design thinking.

Design thinking in this sense has very little to do with aesthetics and more to do with customer-centric problem solving. Pivoting to design thinking requires a rigorous examination of your company’s existing systems, products and services from the end-user’s perspective. When customer touchpoints and bottlenecks have been identified, appropriate digital solutions can naturally come to the fore. This approach not only allows for more strategic investments, but also promises to deliver true customer value for a one-two punch in competitive edge.

Design-to-zero for a frictionless customer journey

Customer expectations have evolved in step with the proliferation of such mobile, on-demand, to-the-doorstep services – and companies must adapt. Seamless, ‘frictionless’ customer service journeys are now the gold standard, and businesses are targeting the human touch as a critical source of inefficiencies and friction. The question companies face now is: How can we redesign a business process so that it minimise human touch?

It bears mentioning that the primary objective of design-to-zero is not to eliminate human touch at every stage of the customer journey. For a company like Airbnb for example, it is not hard to see the appeal of having hosts greet guests. Such ‘friction’ serves the purpose of giving the entire service a personalised touch. Instead, design-to-zero involves a strategic, targeted deployment of digital technologies to enhance the customer experience from the moment they engage with your brand.

A good first step would be to identify bottlenecks in the customer journey. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think: what are the processes you would much rather have a digital option to turn to? Is it a banking transaction you don’t want to have to travel down to the branch to complete? Or a check-in at the airport you don’t want to queue up for? Next, what are some innovative, digitally-led solutions to streamline these processes? Adopting a customer-focused mindset will quickly unearth pain points that may be best resolved by digital technologies.

Keeping Telstra customers better informed about network outages


Posted on October 10, 2017

3 min read

We have made a number of improvements to our Service Status Page to help our customers when you’re searching online for information about network outages.

When you operate large and complex networks like ours, from time to time there will be service interruptions or outages as they’re sometimes known. These network outages are generally caused by a loss of power in parts of our network, builders or construction companies cutting one of our cables, equipment failure and extreme weather such as storms, cyclones and floods.

When something does go wrong, our teams do everything they can to restore our customers’ services as quickly as possible. Indeed, the majority of network issues are fixed in under four hours and many much quicker than this.

That said, we know that if your service is impacted even briefly, you want to know what is happening and when you’ll be reconnected.

Until recently, you have been able to search online for outages on Telstra’s Service Status Page and receive general information by postcode. Our customers told us that this information was sometimes confusing - they wanted more specific information relevant to their service and clearer guidance on what to do next.

One of the biggest improvements we have made is the way our customers can search. Instead querying using a postcode, you can perform a personalised search using your home address to check for outages affecting your home telephone and internet services. This delivers results tailored to your service address. You can know with certainty if there is an outage affecting your address and if so, the cause of the outage and when you’ll be reconnected.

If your service is not impacted by an outage in the area, we guide you through smart troubleshooting steps at which test, diagnose and resolve common issues.

For customers searching for information about mobile and network outages, we have added maps that show specific geographical areas that may be impacting a customer’s mobile service. This is far more accurate and helpful for customers, especially if a mobile outage is confined to a few streets and not an entire suburb.

All of these new features and improvements were based on feedback from our customers, who want effortless digital experiences, transparent information and fast resolution. Keep an eye out too for new features we will be adding in the coming months.

The Service Status page can be accessed by visiting

Introducing the next generation of pre-paid


Posted on September 5, 2017

2 min read

I stream, you stream, we all stream (for more data, it seems).

In response to the nation’s streaming love affair and call for more data, we’ve launched our new Pre-Paid Extra offer.

Designed to make unused data a thing of the past, the plan comes complete with an in-built ‘Data Bank’ feature. This gives customers the opportunity to save unused data for later giving you even more opportunity to stream your favourite music, movies and TV shows.

Here are some of the offer’s biggest benefits:

Greater data saving

This is the deal: unlike the traditional data ‘rollover model, customers on the new Pre-Paid Extra plan recharging $30 or more before expiry will have the ability to bank up to 50GB of unused data letting you save data over a number of recharges.

No expiry data

What’s more, you won’t lose any previously saved data – even if you miss a recharge period. The Data Bank will only expire if you change to another pre-paid offer.

Data-free streaming

And don’t forget, $30 and higher recharges include data-free streaming across Apple Music and live sport, including AFL, NRL and Netball, meaning you can listen to tunes and tune in to the latest match.

Bonus data in the bank

As an added bonus, we’ll be giving new customers an extra 5GB of bonus data to jump start their Data Bank when they activate on this offer using with a $10 or $30 SIM Starter Kit by 29 January 2018.

Unlimited free Wi-Fi

All Telstra Pre-Paid offers include unlimited free Wi-Fi data with each recharge, at over one million Telstra Air hotspots around Australia and 20 million Fon hotspots overseas as standard, so you can stream on without tapping into your mobile data allowance.

International dialling

In addition to their numerous data benefits, our Pre-Paid Extra offer also gives customers who recharge $40 or more access to unlimited standard international calls to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Korea, the UK and the USA. Plus, for $40+ recharges until 26 February, 2018, you’ll be able to make unlimited calls to standard numbers in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

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