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Helping small businesses manage their accounts more effectively

Business and Enterprise

Posted on July 29, 2019

3 min read

Since the launch of our T22 strategy in June of last year to radically simplify our products and services and remove pain points for our customers, we have listened to you to find out what you need and how we can provide a better, more personalised service.

When we asked you what resonated most about your past experiences with us, the difficulty of getting hold of the right person to solve a problem was one of the most significant pain points that we heard, time and time again.

We have listened, and our new Account Management Support service for small business customers addresses this head-on. We know that business owners are time-poor; all your energy should go into looking after your customers and improving your operations, not spent on the phone to your suppliers, on hold or in a queue in-store. 

As of today, our new small business Account Management Support gives you more time to look after your business, while we handle your communication and technology needs and queries. This service comes at no cost, for every single one of our small business customers, irrespective of their size or the number of services they have. Whether you’re a work from home sole trader or have a more complex business with multiple staff across multiple sites, your account with us just got more personal.

Following in the footsteps of our major revamp to small business plans in December of last year, our radically simplified post-paid mobile plans with no lock-in contracts and more flexibility in March, and our ongoing push to make small business support more personal, our latest upgrade for small business customers means account management support for all – no exclusions.

Central to our improved account management support is our approach that provides better, more personalised support for all our small business customers. When you call or talk to us with a question or an issue with your account, you’ll reach a team of business specialists that are accountable for resolving your queries from start to finish. We have a dedicated number – 132 000 – for small businesses, connecting you with our specialists with extended support hours of 8AM-9PM every day of the week – so you can concentrate on running your business during its opening hours.

When you call us, the small business expert you speak to will be responsible for navigating the complexities of any issue. You can also opt into our text-back service, which will give you regular updates on the status of your request – and you can use this service to text back your small business specialist with follow-up questions if you have any.

We have small business experts in all our stores nationwide, ensuring that wherever you are – and whatever size your business is – you’ll be able to talk to a specialist in person and get the best advice to help address your needs. As part of this launch, our small business customers have the option to book an in-store appointment with a business expert, saving any unnecessary wait and helping you run your operations more effectively.

Today’s change is another step in the evolution of our service for small business customers. We know that you aim to provide first-class customer service to retain your customers, and you should expect us to do the same. We are listening to your feedback, with the goal of helping your business thrive by being a partner you can trust.

Podcast: How technology can help you find and retain the right talent

Business and Enterprise

Posted on July 10, 2017

3 min read

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson once said “Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, it’s employees are its biggest competitive advantage.”

While most Australian business owners agree with this sentiment, the reality is that many are struggling to find and attract the right talent.

In a recent survey of 2,000 Telstra Business Awards finalists and winners, 68% said recruiting the right talent was the biggest challenge they faced when establishing their business, with 51% saying recruitment continues to be a challenge to the ongoing success of their business.

As part of the Be ‘That’ Business radio show (airing at 9pm Wednesday nights on the Macquarie Radio network), Andrew O’Connor from Relken Engineering revealed how technology is helping him overcome the recruitment challenge and open up new opportunities for his business and his employees.

1. Find and retain the right talent:

In less than three years, Relken Engineering has grown from a team of 3 to 37, but what’s even more impressive is the fact they don’t have a single office – they have 37 offices. Technology and remote working has allowed Andrew (based on the Sunshine Coast) and his business partner Ben Mailler (based in Canberra) to do away with a traditional head office space and hire people with the best skillsets from a national talent pool or use the employee’s proximity to a client’s location in their favour.

2. Work from anywhere:

Relken Engineering’s 37 “offices” include the homes of their employees, client sites and coffee shops, and thanks to cloud based tools including Microsoft Office365, accounting software Receipt Bank and online task management software tool Wrike, their team can collaborate, share and input business data in real time from just about anywhere.

3. Fostering collaboration & engagement:

It’s a well-known fact that a large percentage of communication is non-verbal, and there can sometimes be misconceptions around technology removing the human element of a conversation. In truth, video conferencing solutions like Skype for Business and Blue Jeans are two easy to use platforms which help build a sense of community for employees to collaborate and interact with each other, wherever they are – all they need is a computer, an internet connection and a video camera.

4. Flexible working arrangements:

Flexible working is about more than just working from home, it’s about having a discussion with your employees to determine what tools and support they need to do their job best. By providing employees with the right technology and freedom to work flexibly you’re allowing them to save time on travel, create the right environment for focussing on tasks and balance family life priorities. If you get the mix right, it can be a win-win for all involved with employees feeling engaged, trusted and valued, and therefore less likely to leave the company.

To hear more from our chat with Andrew, check out the podcast from the Be ‘That’ Business Radio Show.

For more on how to be ‘that’ business, head to Smarter Business

VeloCloud partnership to deliver software defined business solutions

Telstra News

Posted on March 6, 2017

2 min read

With Gartner predicting Software Defined (SD) Wide Area Networks (WAN) will grow from 1% market share today to 30% in three years, Mark Sherman outlines a new investment in VeloCloud, an innovative SD-WAN provider in the United States.

Today we announced a strategic partnership with US based VeloCloud, the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN™ company, which simplifies and automates enterprise branch networking. The partnership includes an investment by Telstra Ventures in VeloCloud as part of their latest funding round.

This investment is consistent with Telstra’s overall network strategy, with Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) increasingly playing a role in offering greater network flexibility and agility for our enterprise customers.

We expect SDN will continue to transform enterprise networking around the world and VeloCloud SD-WAN can help companies achieve more agile and responsive networks, as well as reduce costs.

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables enterprises to securely support application growth, network agility and simplified branch and end-point implementations, while delivering optimised access to cloud services, private data centres and enterprise applications.

Both enterprises and service providers will benefit from the multi-tenant cloud gateway architecture and support real-time applications over private, broadband and wireless links.

Sanjay Uppal, CEO and Co-founder of VeloCloud has said he is looking forward to working closely with us on opportunities in Australia and across Asia. We share his enthusiasm as we think VeloCloud’s technology can help businesses manage their networks in dynamic environments across multiple locations.

Our first step will be to offer VeloCloud technology to customers in mainland China. Telstra’s joint venture in China, Telstra PBS, is a leading provider of enterprise services to customers in mainland China, and is adding VeloCloud SD-WAN solutions to its product suite.

Setting up a home office? Here’s how.

Business and Enterprise

Posted on June 21, 2016

4 min read

So you’re one of a growing number of people who work flexibly – in the office, at home or on the road, and now with nbn delivering office-like internet speeds right across the country its never been easier.

You’re looking over your new desk (the dining table never looked so professional), you’re rocking your best work attire (shirt and jacket up top, tartan pyjamas down below) and you’re ready to sit down and get to it.

But those productivity gains you promised your manager won’t magically materialise, so how do you make sure that your flexible working arrangements continue? Turns out it has a lot to do with technology and creating the right headspace as well as work space.

Find the right space

There hasn’t been a success story that came from under the stairs since Harry Potter, so cross that off your list immediately. Find a space that gives you room to move, allows you to spread out bits of paper so you can visualise problems, and has places for the tech that’ll make life easier.

It’s all about storage

If it’s one thing renovation shows teach us, it’s that storage matters, and it’s no different in the digital world. So equip yourself with a filing cabinet, devise a system that helps you find things instead of hindering it and explore your options online. Cloud storage will allow you to access your files on the go – whether you’re in the office, at home or down at the local café enjoying the sunshine.

Light up your life

Plenty of people complain about the lighting in their office, but now that you’re the office manager and worker, you can do something about it. Natural light is good for the soul, improves productivity and cuts down on the cost of energy. It’s a win-win-win.

Or if that’s not possible, get outside. With Telstra Air giving you connectivity at thousands of wi-fi hotspots across Australia, there are plenty of places you can set up camp and connect, all while drawing from your home broadband data allowance.

Think about your seating

You may not have the same worries as a Stark when it comes to getting a throne that suits your destiny, but there’s definite links between choosing the right place to park yourself and productivity.

So find out what suits you – whether it’s a stand up desk, a hamster wheel or a hammock, explore your options.

Go high tech

Making sure you’re able to work from various locations can drastically improve your chances of retaining your flexi week and impressing others with your ability to get things done. Work out ways you can use things like a virtual receptionist with products like Digital Office Technology™.

Who knows? You might get so productive you decide to give yourself an early mark.

Make the space your own

Having things like pictures, plants and other nick-nacks in your space is fundamental. In fact, a 2014 study stated that removing a workspace of these things makes it “the most toxic space” you can put someone in. By adding in plants to a sparse office, the researchers found that workers’ memory improved, along with performance.

Take five

Taking a break to get more done can seem counterintuitive, but it’s beneficial on a number of fronts: taking your mind off things can help you think more creatively, it can stop us from becoming bored and unfocused, and helps to reprioritise what we’re working on. It may be one of the reasons why tech like wearables can help you set goals and give you friendly reminders to get moving when you’ve been sitting still for too long.

There’s a bunch of different methods – the Pomodoro method and the 52-17 method are both worth looking at – but the moral of the story is simple: all work and no play makes Jack an unproductive worker (less catchy than the original, we know).

The national broadband network is opening up a world of new opportunities in education, business, entertainment, health care and sociability. To find out if your address is ready, visit


5 ways to make meetings hearing smart

Business and Enterprise

Posted on January 11, 2016

1 min read

It’s a new year and that means most of us will be returning to work soon enough for another year of endless meetings. Love em or hate em, meetings make the corporate world go round….but not everyone can always contribute evenly for various reasons.

For example, if you are like me and suffer from a hearing impairment, they can make contributing really tough. So what can we do to make meetings easy for everyone involved? Rather than just saying these are tips for people with bad hearing, consider these tips to start your 2016 meeting schedule fresh, so all your team members get the best out of them.


Disclaimer: This is a personal entry and part or all of it is based on third party product descriptions, without further research; any commentary on third party products in this article is not intended to be an endorsement by Telstra, which has no association with the mentioned products unless expressly stated otherwise.