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Bringing our best security services to Australia’s small businesses

By Michael Ackland February 18, 2020

We know how busy it is running a business; you’ve got your staff to look after, suppliers to chase, invoices to handle. That’s why we’ve just launched three new services to make your business’s growth journey easier.

Did you know that 44 per cent of Australian small businesses say they could be doing more to protect their business from cyber attacks? Criminals don’t look at the size of a business before they make their move, either – if your digital services are vulnerable, your business is at risk. Where big businesses have the luxury of specialised teams like marketing and IT, small businesses are often left to manage these risks by themselves.

Telstra Business Awards Alumni Christopher Marr from Sonder spoke to us about the importance of keeping his business running online, safely and securely.

Telstra Business Cyber Services offers whole-of-business support for $80 month to month including four security assessments every year, monthly updates on emerging threats and guidance on how to guard against them, and round the clock support. We want you to hand off all of your business’s complex security needs to us – we’ll take care of it for you.

We’ve used enterprise grade security for Telstra Business Cyber Services, with our cloud-based Internet Protection for Mail and Web Services using local and global threat intelligence and advanced tools from leading security vendors. Without any hand-holding needed from you, our Internet Protection for Mail and Web helps protect from malware, ransomware, viruses, spoofing and other advanced threats. Inappropriate and malicious content is also blocked.

Educating business owners and employees about how to identify and protect against cyber attacks is a big part of the security assessments we provide. For many cyber incidents that result in data breaches, there’s a human element – such as an individual opening a phishing email or clicking a malicious link – so the more we can do to educate people around these risks, the better.

If you already have a handle on your cyber security needs but want an extra hand with the technology that you use for your day-to-day operations, Telstra Business Tech Services is a $60 month to month service that gives you dedicated tech support and four expert assessments per year, while at the same cost Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services outsources the expertise you need to build or maximise your digital presence and sell online.

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Late last year we also launched Mobile Worksuite, our all-in-one solution for businesses that want to transition to a fully mobile work environment – whether that’s literally taking your business on the road, or working from temporary offices and co-working spaces or work sites. Get started with your choice of a 2-in-1 device including the Microsoft Surface Pro X which has built-in 4G connectivity, as well as Microsoft Office software and 24/7 support.

Since December 2018 we’ve upskilled 3000 business specialists across our stores, and we launched 28 new Telstra Business Technology Centres in regional and metro areas to help our small business customers with their more complex technology needs face to face. We also launched our dedicated free account management service for all Telstra small business customers regardless of their size.

We want to help you avoid the lost productivity and significant financial impact that cyber attacks can lead to, and to minimise the disruption of dealing with these issues as well. Prevention is better than a cure, and we hope our new services will give Australia’s small business owners the peace of mind they need to grow their operations.

Telstra Vantage
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Shaping tomorrow, together: what to expect from Telstra Vantage 2019

By Andy McFarlane August 27, 2019

Next Monday, we’re opening the doors to Telstra Vantage 2019, our sixth annual showcase of world-class ideas, technology and business solutions.

This year, it’s all about “shaping tomorrow, together” with our customers; working hand in hand to identify opportunities for growth, create efficiencies and overcome business challenges through the power of our networks and technology.

We’re taking over more than 70,000 square metres of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre with our Telstra World demonstrations plus exhibits from more than 100 partners. We’re also running more than 70 sessions, panel discussions and keynote presentations from Telstra and our partners across eight theatres and forum spaces throughout the week.

Here are our top picks from the action-packed agenda – stay tuned to Telstra Exchange for all the latest Telstra Vantage 2019 news.

Day One – Wednesday 4 September

Opening Keynote: Let’s shape tomorrow, together – Andrew Penn & Michael Ebeid – 9.45am

Telstra’s Chief Executive Officer and Enterprise Group Executive will explore how cutting edge technology and boundless collaboration is shaping the future of our businesses, our communities and our country.

Exclusive sports and performance panel – Darren Lockyer, David McAllister AM, Sam Docherty & Lisa Alexander – 10:30am

Join our star-studded panel of specialists from the NRL, The Australian Ballet, the AFL and the Australian Diamonds as they share valuable insights about what it takes to maintain peak performance.

Next-gen networks for the future of business – Nikos Katinakis – 10.55am

How will the exponential rise of data affect customer experience? How will it impact your business and bottom line? In this session, we’ll explore the macro trends you need to be aware of and how Telstra’s next-gen ‘network of networks’ can help your business meet the challenges of a digitalised future.

How 5G can foster transformation – Christian von Reventlow – 12.30pm

Discover how the convergence of maturing technologies – like software-defined networking, IoT, cloud computing and more – can be accelerated with 5G. Learn about some of the most exciting ways 5G will unlock new market opportunities across different industries.

2020 vision: the CISO’s perspective – Berin Lautenbach & Kate Healy – 2.00pm

A profound transformation is underway with the arrival of 5G, convergence and IoT. What’s the best way to ensure your organisation is secure? Telstra’s CISO and Telstra Enterprise’s Principal Cyber Security Strategist answer your questions about security, and share how Telstra is looking to address these challenges in 2020 and beyond.

Day Two – Thursday 5 September

How to shift from surviving to thriving – Kamal Sarma – 10.15am

Learning how to navigate and overcome challenges is critical for success in the business world. Organisational and personal resilience are two of the most powerful skills for negotiating these situations. Join monk-turned-exec-turned-venture-capitalist Kamal Sarma as he unpacks his learnings and gives you the strategies you need to build your resilience, maintain focus and clarity, and thrive in the short and long term.

Exploring the future of Australia’s workforce with Bernard Salt – 11.30am

What will the Australian workplace look like tomorrow? What jobs will define our next decade? Join leading social commentator and demographer Bernard Salt as he explores the workplace of the future and the effect tech, AI and robotics will have on the workforce of 2020-2028.

Co-creating 5G for tomorrow – Channa Seneviratne – 12.15pm

Hear from Telstra customers who are harnessing the potential of 5G and learn how they’re leveraging Telstra’s networks to gain a competitive advantage. Discover how Telstra is co-creating and innovating alongside these customers, and see how they’re using new devices that leverage 4G today with a pathway to 5G.

Winning the customer mindshare – Gretchen Cooke – 1.00pm

How are different organisations delivering extraordinary business outcomes for their customers? Our panel of CIOs and Executives will provide their perspective on shifts in customer expectations. Some of the areas they’ll cover include: direct vs. indirect customer engagement models, designing for the future business environment, static performance vs. innovative, adaptive performance, and the positive power of people in winning the customer mindshare.

Data collaboration across industries – Bruce Healy – 1.45pm

The rate at which data is generated and collected is accelerating exponentially, presenting a unique opportunity for businesses ready to rise to the challenge. Join our panel of customer, research and industry representatives as they explore what data collaboration means to them, the changes occurring at different levels, and how digital innovation can help you to keep up with increasing demands.

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Helping small businesses manage their accounts more effectively

By Michael Ackland July 29, 2019

Since the launch of our T22 strategy in June of last year to radically simplify our products and services and remove pain points for our customers, we have listened to you to find out what you need and how we can provide a better, more personalised service.

When we asked you what resonated most about your past experiences with us, the difficulty of getting hold of the right person to solve a problem was one of the most significant pain points that we heard, time and time again.

We have listened, and our new Account Management Support service for small business customers addresses this head-on. We know that business owners are time-poor; all your energy should go into looking after your customers and improving your operations, not spent on the phone to your suppliers, on hold or in a queue in-store.

As of today, our new small business Account Management Support gives you more time to look after your business, while we handle your communication and technology needs and queries. This service comes at no cost, for every single one of our small business customers, irrespective of their size or the number of services they have. Whether you’re a work from home sole trader or have a more complex business with multiple staff across multiple sites, your account with us just got more personal.

Following in the footsteps of our major revamp to small business plans in December of last year, our radically simplified post-paid mobile plans with no lock-in contracts and more flexibility in March, and our ongoing push to make small business support more personal, our latest upgrade for small business customers means account management support for all – no exclusions.

Central to our improved account management support is our approach that provides better, more personalised support for all our small business customers. When you call or talk to us with a question or an issue with your account, you’ll reach a team of business specialists that are accountable for resolving your queries from start to finish. We have a dedicated number – 132 000 – for small businesses, connecting you with our specialists with extended support hours of 8AM-9PM every day of the week – so you can concentrate on running your business during its opening hours.

When you call us, the small business expert you speak to will be responsible for navigating the complexities of any issue. You can also opt into our text-back service, which will give you regular updates on the status of your request – and you can use this service to text back your small business specialist with follow-up questions if you have any.

We have small business experts in all our stores nationwide, ensuring that wherever you are – and whatever size your business is – you’ll be able to talk to a specialist in person and get the best advice to help address your needs. As part of this launch, our small business customers have the option to book an in-store appointment with a business expert, saving any unnecessary wait and helping you run your operations more effectively.

Today’s change is another step in the evolution of our service for small business customers. We know that you aim to provide first-class customer service to retain your customers, and you should expect us to do the same. We are listening to your feedback, with the goal of helping your business thrive by being a partner you can trust.

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Podcast: How technology can help you find and retain the right talent

By Brendan Donohoe July 10, 2017

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson once said “Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, it’s employees are its biggest competitive advantage.”

While most Australian business owners agree with this sentiment, the reality is that many are struggling to find and attract the right talent.

In a recent survey of 2,000 Telstra Business Awards finalists and winners, 68% said recruiting the right talent was the biggest challenge they faced when establishing their business, with 51% saying recruitment continues to be a challenge to the ongoing success of their business.

As part of the Be ‘That’ Business radio show (airing at 9pm Wednesday nights on the Macquarie Radio network), Andrew O’Connor from Relken Engineering revealed how technology is helping him overcome the recruitment challenge and open up new opportunities for his business and his employees.

1. Find and retain the right talent:

In less than three years, Relken Engineering has grown from a team of 3 to 37, but what’s even more impressive is the fact they don’t have a single office – they have 37 offices. Technology and remote working has allowed Andrew (based on the Sunshine Coast) and his business partner Ben Mailler (based in Canberra) to do away with a traditional head office space and hire people with the best skillsets from a national talent pool or use the employee’s proximity to a client’s location in their favour.

2. Work from anywhere:

Relken Engineering’s 37 “offices” include the homes of their employees, client sites and coffee shops, and thanks to cloud based tools including Microsoft Office365, accounting software Receipt Bank and online task management software tool Wrike, their team can collaborate, share and input business data in real time from just about anywhere.

3. Fostering collaboration & engagement:

It’s a well-known fact that a large percentage of communication is non-verbal, and there can sometimes be misconceptions around technology removing the human element of a conversation. In truth, video conferencing solutions like Skype for Business and Blue Jeans are two easy to use platforms which help build a sense of community for employees to collaborate and interact with each other, wherever they are – all they need is a computer, an internet connection and a video camera.

4. Flexible working arrangements:

Flexible working is about more than just working from home, it’s about having a discussion with your employees to determine what tools and support they need to do their job best. By providing employees with the right technology and freedom to work flexibly you’re allowing them to save time on travel, create the right environment for focussing on tasks and balance family life priorities. If you get the mix right, it can be a win-win for all involved with employees feeling engaged, trusted and valued, and therefore less likely to leave the company.

To hear more from our chat with Andrew, check out the podcast from the Be ‘That’ Business Radio Show.

For more on how to be ‘that’ business, head to Smarter Business

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VeloCloud partnership to deliver software defined business solutions

By Mark Sherman March 6, 2017

With Gartner predicting Software Defined (SD) Wide Area Networks (WAN) will grow from 1% market share today to 30% in three years, Mark Sherman outlines a new investment in VeloCloud, an innovative SD-WAN provider in the United States.

Today we announced a strategic partnership with US based VeloCloud, the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN™ company, which simplifies and automates enterprise branch networking. The partnership includes an investment by Telstra Ventures in VeloCloud as part of their latest funding round.

This investment is consistent with Telstra’s overall network strategy, with Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) increasingly playing a role in offering greater network flexibility and agility for our enterprise customers.

We expect SDN will continue to transform enterprise networking around the world and VeloCloud SD-WAN can help companies achieve more agile and responsive networks, as well as reduce costs.

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables enterprises to securely support application growth, network agility and simplified branch and end-point implementations, while delivering optimised access to cloud services, private data centres and enterprise applications.

Both enterprises and service providers will benefit from the multi-tenant cloud gateway architecture and support real-time applications over private, broadband and wireless links.

Sanjay Uppal, CEO and Co-founder of VeloCloud has said he is looking forward to working closely with us on opportunities in Australia and across Asia. We share his enthusiasm as we think VeloCloud’s technology can help businesses manage their networks in dynamic environments across multiple locations.

Our first step will be to offer VeloCloud technology to customers in mainland China. Telstra’s joint venture in China, Telstra PBS, is a leading provider of enterprise services to customers in mainland China, and is adding VeloCloud SD-WAN solutions to its product suite.