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nbn health checks and more now in the My Telstra app

By Jenni Barnett May 13, 2020

Since launching the My Telstra app in early March, we’ve been busy working to respond to customer feedback, and add new features to make it even easier for you to view and manage your Telstra products & services.

Here’s what’s new in the My Telstra app in May.

nbn service health check

Diagnosing connectivity issues on nbn services has never been easier with our new nbn health check tool. You will now be able to run an automated test that checks both your nbn connection and home Wi-Fi set up.

If there is an issue diagnosed with your nbn service, you’ll be able to start troubleshooting with a step by step guide to resolving the specific problem you’ve identified. Once troubleshooting is completed, an additional test will be conducted to ensure the issue has been resolved.

If the issue persists and you need support, you’ll be able to message us directly in My Telstra app and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How to access nbn service health check:

  • Tap on Services, select your nbn internet card and tap on nbn health check;
  • Tap on Get help, select home internet and tap Check my connection and get help to start testing;
  • Keep the app open in the background while the test is being conducted.

The automated test can take up to a few minutes to complete. We’ll send you a notification once the results are available.

New entertainment and media services

We’ve extended our range of media services so that you can stay entertained with the tap of a finger.

You can also now subscribe to the following media platforms:

  • Garage: Access the world’s most comprehensive adventure sports film and TV library.
  • DocPlay: Enjoy some of the world’s best documentaries.
  • Hayu: The home of reality TV. Watch your favourite shows on demand.
  • Animelab: Watch the latest anime hits and simulcasts direct from Japan.

Plus, you can now access the Telstra TV app directly from My Telstra, where you can explore great entertainment including Telstra TV Box Office, Foxtel Now and more.

How to access media subscriptions

  • Tap on Services, select your mobile account and choose the media service you want to subscribe to.

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‎‎Improved Telstra Plus experience

We’ve made it easier to join Telstra Plus. Join our rewards program and earn points when you make an eligible payment. Redeem your points for discounts on devices and more at the Rewards Store.

Plus, enjoy exciting member benefits. To get started, simply access Telstra Plus from the Home screen in My Telstra.

How do I get the My Telstra app?

To download My Telstra simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for My Telstra. Existing Telstra 24×7 users may need to manually upgrade their app. Simply visit Google Play or the App Store, search for the My Telstra app, and tap update.

We are continually working to improve My Telstra. As we listen to customer feedback and learn on releases, we will improve its capabilities and functionality with regular future updates.

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How to download the COVIDSafe app

By Luke Hopewell May 7, 2020

The Australian Government has released the COVIDSafe app to help speed up the process of contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). Here’s how to get it on your smartphone.

COVIDSafe app is designed for both Apple and Android devices. The app is quick and easy to set up.

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How to install COVIDSafe

To install this app, your smartphone will need to be on either Android 6.0 or higher or Apple iOS 10 or higher. You will need a Google Play account if you have an Android smartphone or an Apple ID if you are using an Apple iOS device such as an iPhone, in order to download apps.

‏‏‎ ‎

If you have an Android device:

  • To run COVIDSafe on Android, you will need a device running Android 6.0 or higher. You can check your version of Android by opening Settings > About Phone > Android Version;
  • Download COVIDSafe from the Google Play Store, or search the store for “COVIDSafe”;
  • Tap ‘Install’;
  • Once installed, tap the COVIDSafe app to open and follow the instructions.

If you have an Apple iOS device:

  • To run COVIDSafe on iOS, you will need a device running iOS 10 and above. You can check your version of iOS by opening Settings > General > About > Version;
  • Download COVIDSafe from the App Store, or search the store for “COVIDSafe”;
  • Tap ‘Install’;
  • Once installed, tap the COVIDSafe app to open and follow the instructions.

‏‏‎ ‎Our Telstra Store staff are willing and able to help you install the COVIDSafe app if you’re experiencing difficulty, free of charge.

For more information on the COVIDSafe app and how it works check the Australian Health Department’s advice page.