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What we’re buying our loved ones this Christmas


Posted on December 7, 2018

5 min read

It’s the time of year where we’re all getting ready for Christmas, choosing and picking out presents for our families, friends and loved ones. We caught up with our Consumer Executive, Kevin Teoh and Jana Kotatko, our Customer Value Management Executive, to ask them for some inspiration when it comes to high-tech Christmas gifts.

Kevin is our consumer focused executive, so it’s no surprise that he’s always across the latest and greatest devices and deals. Two new Samsung tablets might be under the tree from Santa this year for his family, and maybe even a rose gold Samsung smart watch. Those Samsung tablets are just $1 per month when bundled with our $19 per month MBB companion plan, which includes 10GB of data and Peace of Mind data. Purchasing any eligible Android device, home broadband plan or Smart Home kit before 25 December will also score you a bonus Google Home Mini – great for a gift, or to keep for yourself to add to the collection.*

The tablets will come in handy on the family’s planned 10-hour road trip over the Christmas break, whether it’s streaming sports on Kayo or something a little less competitive. For himself, Kevin’s tempted by a smartphone photo printer, though he might have an extra motive in helping the kids print out photos for school.

Christmas is also the perfect time to make some smart upgrades to your family home or holiday home under the guise of a gift – and Kevin’s planning to get one for every room of the house! If you’re stuck for a present then you can’t go wrong with gifting our bonus Google Home Mini speaker, which uses the Google Assistant and Wi-Fi for voice-activated smart home control**.

“Telstra’s range of gifting options this year make things even easier for our customers, and for me. We not only have on offer our biggest range of devices ever, we also have new payment options available, so customers can add high-end tech to their home or mobile plan with no upfront fees, and pay them off over time.

“As a last minute shopper, it’s comforting knowing I can duck into a store anytime and be covered for gifts for the whole family, regards of interest or age,” Kevin told us.

Jana’s Christmas list is already well under way, and there’s one big reason why – her kids are huge Fortnite fans, spending their waking hours smashing away in the game’s Tilted Towers. Because of that, a pair or two of Beats wireless headphones should make for a perfect present; not only will they channel the sound of the game’s boisterous narrator directly into her children’s ears rather than around the house, they’ll sound good at the same time.

A brand new iPad for Mum is also on the cards for Jana’s Christmas list, with a new deal just launched that combines a new Apple iPad with a data SIM and 21GB of included data over a 24-month contract. We’ve also recently made it easier for you to choose the extras you want on your plan, so you can easily stock up on accessories when you want them.

Getting out and about stocking up on presents for your family, is really the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself as well – and maybe pick up a techy goodie that you’ve had your eye on for a while now! Jana’s thinking of getting some earphones for the gym, or maybe a R2-D2 droid inventor kit which can be controlled by a smartphone from the comfort of your couch.

And we all know someone who already has everything – all the tech, all the toys, all the latest gadgets. For those tricky picks, how about the gift of entertainment? We’re just kicking off a summer of sport, so it’s a fantastic present for the sporting tragics in your household too – whether it’s Foxtel from Telstra starting at $20/month with all the trimmings, or the game-changing Kayo starting at $25/month with over 50 sports already on offer. And best of all, it all arrives on the one bill, so you can see exactly what you’re getting this Christmas and into the New Year.

If your friends or loved ones are thinking of upgrading to a new phone, we also have a tempting offer coming up to Christmas: get a Samsung Galaxy S9 for $69 per month with 30GB of data and no excess data charges, as well as a bonus Google Home Mini.

Gift some tech this Christmas: 7 top smartphone accessories for friends and family

Tech and Innovation

Posted on December 7, 2018

2 min read

It’s the start of the festive season, with just under four weeks to go until Christmas – and that means it’s time to start thinking of some smart ideas for presents! We’ve pulled together a few suggestions that might catch your interest.

Smartwatches are our number one selling accessory for Christmas at the moment, although headphones are close behind when it comes to customer add-on favourites. Many of us already have smartphones, but sometimes we don’t dish out for the extras that we really enjoy – which makes our picks below a great choice for a tech-savvy family member or friend.

We’ve also made it easier for you to add on accessories to your mobile or home broadband plan, and take them home today while paying the cost off on a 24-month plan with no additional charges – so you don’t even need to shell out for a quality gift all at once!

Without further ado, here are a few choices you could add to your Christmas gift list for friends and family. We’ll also be sharing some of our top choices for kids and those buying their first smartphone this Christmas soon, so stay tuned.

Find your family’s lost mobiles and tablets with this new app feature


Posted on November 12, 2018

3 min read

We all know how hectic family life can get, and mine is no exception. With three kids, my wife and I lose everything from keys to the family dog and even our sanity from time to time. And since everyone in the family has their own mobile device, it goes without saying they go walkabout sometimes too.

In fact, one in four Australians have lost their mobile in the past 12 months alone.

That’s why I’m excited about the latest update to our Telstra 24×7 app with a brand new Telstra Device Locator feature. Device Locator has been designed to help our customers locate lost mobiles and SIM-enabled tablets on their Telstra account – quickly and easily.

Using the new app feature, Telstra customers will be able to:

  • See the last known location of compatible mobiles* and tablets on a map
  • Send tailored messages to a lost device (letting people know who to contact if they pick up a lost phone)
  • Make a lost device play a sound to help locate it (for Android phones, this will work even when they’re on silent)

Here’s a short video we made to explain how it works.

So how’s this different to other phone-finding apps on the market? What’s unique about Device Locator is it’s designed for modern families with a mix of different devices, including prepaid and postpaid (plan) mobiles, in their household. Families will be able to connect their devices, including smartphones and SIM-enabled tablets with a combination of Android and iOS operating systems which are on the same account.

What that means is that if my son leaves his Android smartphone at a friend’s place or a sporting ground, my wife and I can help find the phone by using the Device Locator feature on the Telstra 24×7 App – even though we have smartphones from Apple.

We know that location sharing isn’t for every family or family member. It’s for that reason we’ve designed the feature as opt-in only and each device owner can choose to share or not share their device location with other users on the same Telstra account. Each device owner has the power to change location sharing permissions at any time on the app. There’s more information about how to do this and other features of the app.

We’re progressively rolling out the update to Telstra 24×7 users from this week. Telstra 24×7 App users will be able to opt-in to Telstra Device Locator by enabling location permissions as part of the latest app update. By choosing to opt-in for location permissions they’ll also become part of the Telstra Locator Bluetooth locator community which allows Telstra mobile customers to securely and anonymously help other customers find lost valuables. We’ve got more information about this and our Location of Things technology for customers who’d like to know more.

Telstra Device Locator is just the start of the new ‘Location of Things’ products and service we’re introducing for our consumer customers, with our Telstra Locator finding services launching later this year.

Through our new location products our mission is to build Australia’s largest finding service to help customers find and locate the things that matter most to them.

* Device Locator is compatible with Telstra prepaid and post-paid (plan) mobile phones and SIM-enabled tablets with iOS or Android operating systems. For more information about Device Locator and how to use the feature please visit the Device Locator website, or read more about our new Location of Things.

11 ways to spoil yourself with tech this Singles’ Day


Posted on November 9, 2018

2 min read

11 ways to spoil yourself with tech this Singles’ Day

We all know about Valentine’s Day, a day for couples to show how much they care for each other. But what about all the singles out there? Surely they deserve a day of pampering? Enter Singles’ Day.

Also known as ‘bare sticks holiday,’ Singles’ Day started in 1993 at China’s Nanjing University as a day for students to celebrate their singledom. The date 11th of the 11th was selected as it resembles four solitary bare sticks (11/11).

But since that time Singles’ Day has grown in China, and globally, to become a day where singles spoil themselves with a little retail therapy.

As the owner of Telstra’s Box Hill store in Victoria, my team is all set for Singles’ Day this Sunday, and we believe the best gifts are tech gifts – especially when the gift is for yourself.

Last week, we announced we’re giving customers more choice to add the things they love when personalising their home and mobile plans.

For the first time, customers can choose from a selection of high-end devices for the home or on the go – such as smart watches, drones and headphones – and add them to their home or mobile plan with no upfront fees. Customers simply pay the item off over the term of their contract, making the latest in tech more affordable.

To celebrate Singles’ Day and more choice for customers, my team and I have put together 11 add-ons customers can spoil themselves this Sunday – plus a special bonus gift and thanks for customers.


Giving customers the choice to add the things they love


Posted on November 1, 2018

4 min read

Since unveiling our T22 strategy in June we have been working to simplify our products, eliminate the pain points that frustrate customers and create all digital experiences.

In July we removed excess data charges on our new consumer mobile plans giving customers greater cost certainty and eliminating a major pain point.

This week we are taking another step forward by giving customers more choice when creating a home or mobile package.

Our customers can now select their base mobile or home broadband plan and add their choice of the best entertainment, great-value add-on BYO mobile plans, their pick from an expanded range of accessories and devices with no upfront charges, and innovative technology solutions like Smart Home.

For the first time, customers can choose from a selection of high-end devices for the home or on the go – such as smart speakers and connected watches to drones and headphones – and add them to their home or mobile plan with no upfront fees. Customers simply pay the item off over the term of their contract making it a great gifting option.

For example, customers can add BeatsX wireless earphones to their plan and pay it off for $8 per month over 24 months when they maintain an eligible mobile or home service.

The changes are timed just ahead of the holiday season when we know our customers are looking for simple gifting options and compelling ways to stay entertained over summer.

With summer entertainment in mind, we are making it really easy for customers to add Foxtel from Telstra to their plans. Previously we bundled Foxtel from Telstra into our top tier internet bundle. Now customers have the choice to add a range of premium Foxtel from Telstra packages to our small, medium and large home bundles.

This includes adding the Sport and Entertainment pack which now features Fox Cricket – Australia’s only dedicated cricket channel delivering the best line-up of cricket this summer. Or, for customers who take up a new iQ4 set top box, accessing Foxtel’s new 4K channel which features live sport, documentaries and concerts and movies in brilliant detail.

We have taken this simplified approach to our Smart Home service too. Now customers can choose to take up Smart Home as an add-on to either their broadband or mobile plans. They have the choice to purchase devices upfront or over a 24 month term. And, the Smart Home service is now offered as a no lock-in subscription.

Later this year customers will also be able to add Telstra LocatorTM to their Telstra mobile plan helping them find valuables using connected tags and Telstra’s unique Telstra Locator Network. To give customers greater flexibility Telstra Locator will be available as a month to month subscription.

Giving customers the personal choice to add features they value to their service is an important step towards our ultimate ambition of introducing fully modular plans by June 2019 that provide

customers cost certainty, flexible subscription options and the freedom to move between plan tiers on a monthly basis as their needs change.

The next product milestone under our T22 strategy will bring Business Grade service and solutions to small business customers.

In December we are introducing new flexible products for small to medium businesses with no lock-in contracts that will help them to easily scale their operations up and down. We also know our small business customers are looking to us for expert support to keep their operations moving. So we are enhancing our business-grade service with specialists introduced to all our Telstra stores, our online chat service and contact centres and through the launch of specialised small business support for fixed internet products.

How our new approach to plans works

Once customers select a base mobile or home broadband plan they can then choose from:

  1. Entertainment, including: Foxtel from Telstra with 4K live sports and the new Foxtel Cricket channel or Telstra TV.
  2. Connected technologies including Telstra Smart Home.
  3. Their pick of a growing range of high-end tech products with no upfront costs, including: connected smart watches, headphones and home speakers. Customers can add up to five products to their plan and pay the item off over a 24 month terms whilst they maintain a mobile or home internet plan.
  4. Add-on BYO mobile and tablet plans – offering a simple and affordable way to get more members of a household connected on a phone or tablet without worrying about excess data charges.

Once a customer has assembled their ideal package, it is charged on a single bill.

Rewarding customers this holiday season

Telstra customers will receive a free Google Home Mini with the purchase of any eligible Android device, selected home broadband plans or Smart Home kit. This offer runs until the 25 December or until stocks of the Google Home Mini run out.