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Alexa has the AFL Skills to thrill for Grand Final week

By Luke Hopewell September 26, 2019

It’s the biggest match of the year, and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make the AFL finals experience better than ever for our sport-loving customers, and now we’ve got something we think you’ll really like: we’ve worked with Amazon and the AFL so you can listen to the game live using only your voice.

Together with the AFL and Amazon we’ve developed the new AFL Alexa Skill. During the regular season you can now ask Alexa to find out when your favourite team is playing next and to listen to the game live on your Alexa-enabled device.

You can also play the latest Footy Feed, with video if you’re an Echo Show or Echo spot user. And Alexa now also knows loads of footy facts to help resolve those Grand Final week barbeque, like who won the 1983 Grand Final or how many goals your favourite player has kicked during the very match you’re watching.  

Simply say, ‘Alexa, ask AFL to listen live’, or ‘Alexa, launch AFL’.

The AFL Alexa skill is also joined by our AFL on Google Home experience, with features like live stats, results, a Footy Quiz that will put your knowledge to the test, and heaps more. We’re always working on expanding the range of questions you can ask your voice assistant, no matter which platform you prefer.

And if you’re a Telstra customer, you can watch your favourite matches live, fast and data-free from your smartphone thanks to Live Pass. The Telstra Live Pass subscription unlocks almost $329 in value for eligible customers. Non-Telstra customers though can still get in on the action too, with a number of subscriptions ranging from weekly, monthly, or annual passes starting at just $4.99.

We’re always working on new ways to delight our sports fans, and this one comes just in time for finals!

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6 shows to get lost in on Amazon Prime Video

By Katie Buttress-Grove April 24, 2019

With the launch of Amazon Prime Video on Telstra TV earlier this week and the cooler autumn weather setting in, there’s never been a better time to discover a whole heap of new, and highly addictive, shows.

With everything from award-winning comedies to high-action thrillers, Prime Video is known for their high-production original series. Here’s a selection of our favourites to get you started exploring this exciting new app on Telstra TV.

Hanna (Amazon Prime Video)

Hanna - Amazon Prime Video - Telstra TV

Based on the 2011 film of the same name, this action-packed series follows Hanna, a mysterious teenager who has been raised in isolation in the forest. Trained by her soldier father, she’s been conditioned to become a fighting machine, but still seeks connection with the outside world. Determined to make real friendships with others her age, Hanna’s attempt at normality is threatened when she draws the attention of an off-the-book CIA agent who is relentlessly tracking her and her father. Packed full of high-action thrills and moving coming-of-age obstacles, you’ll want to binge your way through this exciting new series.

The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime Video)

The Grand Tour - Amazon Prime Video - Telstra TV

You may recognise them from Top Gear, and now the hilarious TV trio are back with The Grand Tour – an entertaining new series that sees them travelling the world to showcase all things weird and wonderful in motor vehicles. Now up to its third season, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are all back with their usual antics as they visit major cities around the globe, from Johannesburg and Scotland to Nashville and Dubai. From testing out RVs and Italian supercars to training with special operations soldiers at a secret training base, there’s no shortness of adventures in this show – always with a side of laugh-out-loud banter.

American Gods (Amazon Prime Video)

American Gods - Amazon Prime Video - Telstra TV

In this addictively dark series, we’re introduced to ex-convict Shadow Moon – a man left reeling following the death of his wife. After being offered a bodyguard job from a worryingly charming con man named Mr. Wednesday, Shadow comes to discover a hidden, alternative version of the United States as he knew it. Here, magic is real and gods control the nation including the ‘Old Gods’ we’re familiar with from ancient mythology, plus the increasingly powerful ‘New Gods’ including Technology and Media. In an attempt to protect themselves from the growing threat of the New Gods, Mr. Wednesday attempts to unite a team of the original deities to battle for their existence – leaving Shadow confused with his purpose in this scary new reality.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime Video)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Amazon Prime Video - Telstra TV

Taking out the 2018 Emmy Award for best comedy series, this adorably funny show is sure to have you hooked from episode one. Set in the late 1950s, Miriam “Midge” Maisel is living the American dream – complete with a handsome husband, two children and a beautiful New York apartment. But her life is uprooted when she discovers her talent for stand-up comedy, seeing her move to a rougher side of the city to pursue her passion. Facing criticism from her competition and family alike, Midge must deal with a failing marriage as the works towards her calling of becoming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Created by the brains behind The Gilmore Girls, this warming series will become your favourite new comedy show.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime Video)

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Video - Telstra TV

Based on a popular series of books by author Tom Clancy, the character was showcased several times in movies before scoring his very own series on Amazon Prime Video. Portrayed by John Krasinski, Jack Ryan is a former U.S. Marine who’s seeking to become a CIA analyst in a dangerous world. In his first field assignment, Ryan uncovers suspicious bank transfers that reveal a dark pattern of terrorism. Immediately thrust full-pelt into a thrilling chase throughout Europe and the Middle East, Ryan’s life is constantly at risk as he seeks to prevent a deadly terrorist plot against the United States. Full of nail-biting drama, this series is every bit as good as the books.

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime Video)

Combining the story of Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel and the mind of executive producer Ridley Scott, this brilliant original series showcases a world where the Allied countries lost World War II and Nazi Germany and Japan control America. In The Man in the High Castle, the United States has been split into three areas, creating a bleak, dystopian-like world of oppression in the 1960’s. After uncovering hidden films that highlight a very different, more equal world, one woman becomes determined to restore her country to life before the war – but challenging the new norm won’t come without massive danger. With three series to binge, this epic show is perfect for action lovers and history buffs alike.

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The Amazon Prime Video app comes to Telstra TV

By Rebecca Haagsma April 23, 2019

We’ve teamed up with Amazon to bring the Prime Video app to Telstra TV! You can now enjoy a huge range of popular TV shows and hit movies on Prime Video, including exclusive and award-winning Amazon Original content, from the comfort of your couch.

From today, Amazon Prime members in Australia can watch popular TV shows and movies via the Prime Video app on Telstra TV, including critically-acclaimed shows like The Man in the High Castle, the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and crowd-pleasers like The Grand Tour and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

With new content added each month, Prime Video always has fresh and exciting entertainment, including cult favourites like the high-stakes space drama The Expanse and new Amazon Original series like Hanna.

Prime Video also lets you stream or download eligible content to your compatible tablet or smartphone, so you can keep watching when you’re on the go and away from your Telstra TV. Prime Video is part of Amazon Prime, which you can try with a 30-day trial and thereafter either AUD $6.99 a month or AUD $59 a year.

In addition to Prime Video, Prime membership also includes delivery in as fast as two days on eligible items from Amazon, free international delivery on eligible global store items over $49, as well as access to more than two million songs and thousands of stations and playlists ad-free on Amazon Music, access to over 1,000 e-books with Prime Reading, benefits for gamers with Twitch Prime and more.

You’ll be able to find and download the Prime Video app in the ‘Apps’ section of your Telstra TV from 23 April. The Prime Video app joins the many other apps and services available on Telstra TV, including our other new additions – like Kayo sports streaming, live radio stations through iHeartRadio, and movies and documentaries from Plex and Kanopy – that make it the centre of your living room.

Our latest Telstra TV now comes with a bundled Wi-Fi voice-enabled remote, making searching for anything simple and easy with our universal search function. Since we launched the original Roku-powered box back in 2015, we’ve delivered over 1.4 million Telstra TVs into Aussie homes, bringing together free-to-air TV, catch-up and on-demand subscription services in one place for you to enjoy.