I’m excited to announce the launch of the Telstra T-Voice app, an Australian first innovation which turns tablets and mobile devices into home phone handsets.

If you’re anything like me you probably have fond memories of growing up with a home phone.

My first home phone was a retro yellow upright phone with a rotary dial and it was without a doubt our most heavily used household appliance!

Growing up with two sisters, the phone was always in demand and we regularly fought over whose turn it was to use the phone next. Some of the most important conversations in my life happened on that phone!

Remarkably, the home phone has been part of Australian life for more than 100 years; we’ve seen it transition from a rotary dial to a convenient push-button and in the 80’s it even went portable.

Today, the home phone remains central to how many Australian families communicate and we know you’d like more choice and convenience in how you make and receive your calls on the devices you love.

So we’ve taken on the challenge of modernising the home phone and incorporating it with the smart device functionality we all love.

If you’re on a Telstra ADSL or NBN broadband service, you can now download the free T-Voice® app onto compatible tablets and devices to make and receive calls at home phone rates giving you greater choice, convenience and value whilst at home.

The app can be downloaded on up to seven compatible devices within the home, and innovatively uses the same technology platform as Telstra’s existing home phone network to provide you with the same clear, high quality and reliable calling experience you have come to expect from your Telstra home phone service.

You can also access contacts easily and manage phone features like MessageBank® and other Call Control features and best of all, calls are charged at home phone rates.

Most of Telstra’s bundles include unlimited local and national calls and the T-Voice® app makes it easier to take advantage of these plan inclusions on any compatible device of choice within the home.

T-Voice® app features:

  • Answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls from compatible tablets and mobile devices around the home.
  • You can choose to share contacts from your smart devices with the Telstra T-Voice® app and with all other T-Voice® app enabled smart phones and tablets registered to the same gateway.
  • Manage home phone features including MessageBank®, Call Forward and Call Waiting with the touch of the screen without having to remember or dial short codes (e.g. 101).
  • Customers on the NBN™ will have the added experience of high definition voice calls when using compatible T-Voice™ 502 handset on the NBN network.
  • T-Voice® app also enables app to app calling in the home, when connected to the gateway.

The T-Voice® app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play and any calls made via the T-Voice® app are charged at your home phone plan rates.

The app is compatible with the Telstra Gateway Max™ and T-Gateway® on the NBN and ADSL networks.

We hope you enjoy using the app as much as we’ve loved developing it for you.

To download the app or find out more click here