If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to download the latest software release for the T-Hub®.

This new release includes an electronic program guide app called the TV Guide, a new My Place app, and BigPond Email.

So, what do these enhancements do?

When I launched the TV Guide (from the second page of the T-Hub), it automatically presented me a list of my local free-to-air TV channels, so I now have 7 days worth of programming at my fingertips. One of the bonuses of this Guide is not only can I view the BigPond TV channels that I can watch via my Telstra T-Box®, but I can also watch them from the T-Hub now too, which is really handy if my family is already using the TV.

Next, using the My Place app, I was able to add a number of applications to my list of favourites by selecting Edit and then the ‘Add’ Icon’. I added in Catalogue Central to the Google, Hotmail, Trading Post and Yahoo!7 Mail icons. Suddenly I had Target, Telstra Shops, and a Yamaha music catalogue at my fingertips. You can also add in NAB banking and 13CABS and I have also been assured by the product folk that there are many more apps to follow.

This new release also addresses some of the issues raised in Telstra Exchange, with improvements also being made to a number of the existing apps. For example, you can now synchronise your Calendar events to your MyAccount. This means that not only can I manage my events from my T-Hub, I can also do it from my computer and if I have set up MySync, manage it via my mobile.

As we approach the end of the year, I want to thank everyone for your feedback and also assure you that every comment made is reviewed and passed onto our T-Hub product team, to make sure we’re delivering a product that satisfies your needs.

New features and enhancements at a glance

By downloading the latest software update (version 1.11H), T-Hub customers can install:

  • TV Guide app – an electronic program guide that lists free-to-air and BigPond TV channels (including program synopses) up to 7 days in advance. Customers can even launch live BigPond TV shows directly from the guide.
  • Personalisation – a new My Place app allows you to personalise a single T-Hub screen with a selection of quick access, purpose-built apps. The range is small to start (and includes apps like Google search, Hotmail and Yahoo 7 mail and Trading post), and will be extended over time.
  • BigPond Email – view, compose and delete your BigPond email from your T-Hub. You can also retrieve email from third party email providers if you have set up the ‘Get External Email’ service within MyInbox. There are also quick links to Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail from the BigPond Email login page.

Tweaks to existing features:

  • When using White Pages, you can now click to call from a listing. You can also save a phone number to your contacts.
  • If you use the calendar feature, you will notice that the update will enable automatic synchronisation between the T-Hub Touch Panel and your MyInbox email account. Fields that will synchronise include event date (start and end), event time (start and end), event title, event description, event location and recurrence (none, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

How to update

Updating your T-Hub is easy. Simply touch the ‘Settings’ icon on the T-Hub’s second home screen and then the ‘Software Updates’ icon. Touch the ‘Check for New Software Updates’ button and select ‘Download Now’.

If you have questions on how to use T-Hub® or you need help with the upgrade, please call us on 1300 136 841.

More information:

Happy Holidays from the Telstra Exchange crew

The Telstra Exchange team wish everyone a safe and happy festive season.

Like most folks, we’re looking forward to a bit of down-time over the Christmas-New Year period. With that in mind we’ll be signing off from around midday on Christmas Eve (Friday 24 December 2010). We won’t be publishing any new blog posts until we return on 4 January 2011.

If you need immediate help with a Telstra product or service, please contact Telstra Customer Support.