UPDATE SEPT 13 2010. Hi Everyone. There is a new blog on the T-Hub with some helpful information here.

Pssssst ……Attention all T-Hub owners.

Hot off the presses.

If you are a T-Hub owner, you may have received an SMS from Telstra earlier this week advising you of a pending update for your T-Hub software.

The update will not affect any of the stored data on your T-Hub. It will enhance the overall performance of the T-Hub, including Contact Sync performance.

From today (Wednesday 30 June), you can add five new applications to your T-Hub.

Five new applications I hear you ask?

That’s right – the most practical home phone I have used is about to become even more practical.

Along with the existing applications, Telstra is releasing the following via a software upgrade (more about that soon).

  1. Trading Post – where you can access a great range of bargains, from cars to caravans, and a whole lot more. So now you can access Trading Post from your T-Hub with one touch of the icon. Simple and convenient.
  2. Traffic – No matter where you want to go – check the latest traffic information before you venture out. If your usual route looks congested, you can jump into WhereIs touch Directions, and plot a new route.
  3. Astrology – if you are someone who can’t start their day without knowing what is going to happen, this is the icon you must tap first. Use it to get your horoscope, check your star sign information, and a whole lot more. Or, if you are like me, you check it the day after to see if it was right.
  4. BigPond Health – this icon will let you access great health tips, information and calculators (including my favourite the Body Mass Index – BMI calculator). Once you have measured that, you will want to visit the Food Coach from within the Food and Recipes application and find the healthiest foods to cook!
  5. BigPond Shopping – and finally something to make life that little bit easier – shop from almost anywhere in your home. Touch the BigPond Shopping icon and open a virtual store to find that perfect gift idea, special deals or something close to my heart – gadgets galore.

How do you access these updates? Touch the T-Hub Internet icon and then the “Info” tab on the top right hand side of the screen for details and step by step instructions on how to upgrade your T-Hub. Once you successfully install the update, all five applications will be made available from the 3rd screen on the T-Hub.

T-Hub from TelstraRemember, to keep your T-Hub current, simply go to the second screen, touch the Settings icon, then Software Updates. You will be prompted to check for new software updates. Tap that question, and the T-Hub will perform the update.

I hope you enjoy the additional features. We especially would like you to share your T-Hub experiences with us. Your feedback lets us know what we are doing right, and where we can improve.