We are committed to creating a world-class workplace where our people can personally develop and professionally thrive. Our approach focuses on living our values and building a culture that is highly engaged, customer focused, compassionate, collaborative and innovative.

At Telstra, we know that providing our people with the right tools, resources and support creates a positive work environment that energises people in their roles and makes us an employer of choice. This includes being open to considering flexible ways of working for every role, prioritising professional development, encouraging open conversations between employees and leaders, and recognising and rewarding employees who go the extra mile with customers. Our people are renowned for their community spirit, and we actively support this.

We focus our engagement activities on sustainable engagement because it provides a deeper understanding of the key drivers of performance. The sustainable engagement metric consists of three components – how engaged, enabled and energised our people are in their roles.

Progress in FY17

  • In FY17 we introduced Enterprise Standards to bring clarity and consistency across the company to what we expect of each other and what our customers can expect of us.
  • In FY17 we conducted a ‘pulse’ EES that was open to all Telstra Group employees and achieved our target of 80 per cent participation rate.
  • Achieved a top line sustainable engagement score of 71 per cent. While encouraging, it remains short of the 83 per cent norm typical of global high-performing companies.