As digital technologies become deeply integrated in people’s lives, generating greater quantities of data, the twin challenges of privacy and cybersecurity loom ever larger. Our customers and the broader community are concerned about who has access to this data and we’re committed to being transparent in how we manage this information.

Telstra manages these challenges through a stringent series of codes, policies and security controls, which protect customers’ data from intrusions and unauthorised access, and commit our employees to the strictest standards of privacy and confidentiality.  Compliance with these codes, policies and security controls are closely monitored.  Telstra also has strict processes and operational guidelines in place for managing privacy related issues such as metadata retention, copyright infringement cases, and information requests from government.

Progress in FY17

  • Communication and transparency is our commitment to our customers, particularly in responding to privacy incidents and complaints. In FY17 there were two notable events regarding our customers’ information.
  • We responded to an amendment to the Privacy Act to introduce a mandatory data breach notification scheme. The regime will come into force in February 2018 and will require notification to the OAIC and impacted individuals in the event of a data breach that is likely to cause serious harm to impacted individuals.
  • In FY17, Telstra received and acted on 74,867 requests for customer information. We take protecting customer data very seriously and scrutinise any requests we receive from agencies and authorities to ensure we only comply with lawful requests.

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