Delivering brilliant customer experiences is about providing the best products and services on the best networks with a sales, service and support network that is simple, brilliant, intuitive and increasingly digital.

Being transparent, accountable and accessible in all aspects of these relationships helps to build trust and maintain a strong foundation for the future. We continuously review and update our communications to ensure we are providing people with the latest information clearly and simply. We take seriously our commitment to keep our customers and the community informed about product use, and to maintain an open and honest dialogue on issues of concern.

Progress in FY17

  • Provided an online guide for our customers to manage the nbn data speeds. Setting the right speed expectations for our customers moving to the nbn network is a high priority and an industry challenge.
  • Introduced Order Estimator to help reduce bill shock and set upfront expectations about our fees and charges.
  • Disappointingly, in FY17 year our first stage (Level 1) complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) have increased by 43 per cent compared to last year. We’ve been working on a number of initiatives on resolving customer concerns before they are escalated to the TIO and we have a customer improvement plan in place.