We are proactive, transparent and fact based in our communications regarding EME and comply with the standards set by regulators.

We rely on the expert advice of national and international health authorities including the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), and we actively contribute to scientific research on EME and health.

We continue to provide information about EME on our website at www.telstra.com/eme as well as our EME help desk. We also invite customers to go directly to the WHO, ARPANSA, Australian Communications Authority (ACMA) and ‘EMF Explained’ websites for further information.

The Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFNSA) – www.rfnsa.com.au – is the consultation web portal that we use to provide the community with access to up to date information about new base station proposals across the country. The RFNSA received more than 369,000 visits in FY17 to access information about network deployment activities, including EME and site safety, for all mobile base stations nationally.

All of our base stations are assessed for EME compliance, and the ARPANSA Environmental EME reports and compliance certificates for all sites are published on the RFNSA.  Every mobile handset we sold in FY17 was certified by the manufacturer as compliant with the mandatory ACMA Radio Communications (Electromagnetic Radiation – Human Exposure) Standard 2014.

Progress in FY17

  • We continued our mobile safety information SMS campaign, sending out over 17 million messages referring customers to http://telstra.com.au/mobiletips, where we have information on mobile use, EME and tips to reduce exposure.
  • We updated Telstra.com with new information videos on EME and health.
  • In FY17, we completed 1,626 mobile base station consultation projects.
  • This year we published 374 community consultation pages on the RFNSA.

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