Technological disruption is fundamentally changing the way the world works. Today’s businesses, governments and consumers are creating and responding to shifts that would have seemed unimaginable even a few years ago. Telstra’s products and services play a central role in the daily lives of millions of people, and technologies such as ultrafast 4GX mobile, fibre-optic networks, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming businesses big and small.

Telstra is operating in this changing market. The rollout of the nbn TM is altering our place in Australia’s fixed service market, particularly in the broadband and fixed telephone market where we are moving from a network operator to one of many retailers competing in a lower-margin environment. Competitive dynamics are also shifting, with Australia set to gain a fourth mobile network operator and other local and international competitors entering the market to provide services including data, IP and NAS.

Despite these challenges we are well positioned to continue to compete by leveraging a strong brand and reputation, a growing domestic and international customer base, world-leading mobile networks, the largest submarine cable network in the Asia Pacific, and cutting-edge technologies that will help us realise our vision to become a world class technology company that empowers people to connect.

Progress in FY17

  • Our strategy to meet the challenges ahead and create long-term shareholder value is built on three strong pillars: to deliver brilliant customer experiences, drive value and growth from our core, and build new growth businesses close to the core.
  • Our strategy is underpinned by three strategic enablers that drive comprehensive cross-company programs of work:
    • Telstra’s networks are one of our biggest competitive advantages and we must continue to invest in creating networks for the future to deliver unparalleled coverage, speed, reliability and security.
    • Our systems and processes are being digitised to enable brilliant customer experiences and to simplify the way we work.
    • We must also build the right capabilities and drive critical cultural shifts in our workforce. We will also focus on driving greater simplicity and accountability throughout Telstra, while continuing to be guided by the Telstra values.

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