This year, we announced our vision for our Network of the Future, involving a major investment in our network leadership and growth that will transform the way customers interact with our network. It carries enormous opportunities to support the latest technologies including energy-efficient cloud services and the Internet of Things applications whilst allowing us to optimise our facilities. As we build the Network of the Future, we will need to operate our existing and future networks in parallel – which may result in our short-term emissions profile increasing in preparation for the longer term benefits the new network will bring.

At Telstra, we strive to reduce energy consumption across every aspect of our business, through a careful program of planning, monitoring and optimisation. This year, we continued to roll out energy-efficient improvements across our network sites, installing new lighting and air-conditioning controls, retiring inefficient cooling systems, developing improved fault detection and investing in solar PV and combined energy storage. We also expanded our support for a more renewable-powered future – investing in a major new solar farm in development in central Queensland.

Progress in FY17

  • Reduced our emissions intensity by 68 per cent from our FY14 baseline year and exceeded our target of 55 per cent.
  • This year we invested $5 million in energy reduction projects that delivered a collective saving 17,345 t CO2e and more than 18,000 MWh of electricity.
  • We continue to investigate opportunities to use renewable energy, as well as fuel cells and batteries for energy storage across our network.

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