We value diversity and inclusion and the benefits they bring to the Telstra Group in achieving our objectives, enhancing our reputation, and attracting, engaging and retaining talented people. At Telstra, diversity means difference, in all its forms, both visible and not visible, and includes differences that relate to gender, age, cultural background, disability, religion and sexual orientation, as well as differences in background and life experience, and interpersonal and problem solving skills.

The diversity of our people should reflect our diverse global customers and the countries where we operate. The strategies we employ to support diversity and enable inclusion are in service of our business strategy, as well as imperatives around fairness and sustainability. We recruit, develop, promote and pay our people in a way that supports our commitment to being more diverse and inclusive. We are also open to considering flexible ways of working in every role. Everyone has a part to play in actively and intentionally behaving with inclusion in mind.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is led by our Diversity Council, which is chaired by the CEO and comprises the entire CEO Leadership Team. Through this forum, along with our diversity policy and leadership framework, we reinforce our expectations of all leaders to lead inclusively and value difference. We also have an active Diversity Council in each of our Business Units.

Progress in FY17

  • This year female representation across Telstra Corporation Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries remained relatively flat at 30.1 per cent.
  • Introduced a new recruitment equality procedure introduced in March 2017 that mandates a minimum female representation of 50 per cent on shortlists and interview lists for all roles (except some specified roles where a 25 per cent requirement applies due to a known significant gender imbalance in the job market).
  • Reported on Gender Pay Equity for our Australian-based employee population for the first time.
  • Telstra was named as Employer of Choice for Gender Equality by the WGEA and is ranked in the top 100 companies globally for diversity and inclusion in the Thomas Reuters Index.
  • Provided employment pathways for diverse candidates by hiring more than 16 new employees who identify with living with a disability and 15 new Indigenous employees and interns.
  • In 2017 we reaffirmed our support for the Equality Campaign, a joint initiative of Australian Marriage Equality and Australians for Equality.

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