Digital futures

Everyone connected

Digital technologies and high-speed broadband are making lives simpler and quicker, while also unlocking amazing opportunities. Yet there remain thousands of people who risk missing out on the education, health, social and financial benefits that come with the online world.

At Telstra, we want everyone in Australia – and beyond – to enjoy the benefits of being connected. Through our digital inclusion programs, we’re focused on supporting those in our community most at risk of digital exclusion. This includes people with disability, older Australians, remote Indigenous communities, those on low incomes, and people who are unemployed or homeless, as well as communities in times of natural disasters. Our approach is to integrate digital inclusion into our core business operations and to partner with governments and community organisations to achieve genuine reach and scale.

Our strategic priorities are focussed around affordability, accessibility and ability. This means keeping people connected, especially when they’re doing it tough; ensuring our products, services and information are accessible and easy to use; and, building the digital skills and confidence of our vulnerable customers and communities.

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