It’s a scary thought when it hits you that Christmas is less than two months away.  Sure, festive merchandise has been creeping onto the shelves for at least a month now, but I manage to stay relatively immune from the Christmas bug until November, when you suddenly wonder where the year went and Christmas carols start to invade store music systems. 

But whilst it might sneak up on you, once Christmas is here it’s a time of the year I truly love.  This year will be my son’s first Christmas so it will be an exciting time as we get to share the festive spirit with him for the first time.  It’s what the season is all about- connecting and spending time with loved ones.

So we thought that as Christmas quickly approaches and the nights become a little bit more festive it’s the perfect time to launch our latest Pre-Paid offer, Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM, including a whole lot of value to get you in touch with your favourite people over the summer season.  We’ve made it a cap with the works, a chunk of credit for talk & text to standard Australian and international numbers, and data to get you browsing and networking away.

Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM really is bursting with value- and you have complete control of exactly how you want to supercharge your credit.  We’ve added extra recharge options and boosted inclusions, so you are really getting more for your Pre-Paid dollar.  For example, recharge $50 and receive an amazing $1,000 total credit ($50 recharge and $950 Cap credit) plus 2GB data, or recharge $100 and receive an astonishing $2,000 total credit ($100 recharge and $1,900 Cap credit) plus 4GB data. All on Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile network.

Plus to really get your summer nights going when you recharge $30+ we’ve added Free Talk and Text Every Night between 6pm and 6am (to standard Australian numbers) for 30 days until January 23rd 2012. As the weather heats up, the BBQs come out and you want to wish your contact list a happy new year you can call and text to your heart’s content and really get the most out of reconnecting this festive season.  It really is summer’s hottest Pre-Paid offer so you can connect all night, every night.

$30 $250 ($30 Recharge & $220 Cap Credit) 500 MB (400 MB +100 MB Bonus Data)
$40 $550 ($40 Recharge & $510 Cap Credit) 1 GB (800 MB + 224 MB Bonus Data)
$50 $1,000 ($50 Recharge & $950 Cap Credit) 2 GB
$70 $1,500 ($70 Recharge & $1,430 Cap Credit) 3 GB
$100 $2,000 ($100 Recharge & $1,900 Cap Credit) 4 GB
to standard Australian numbers between 6pm & 6 am. All to use in Australia within 30 days. Bonus Data and Free Talk & Test end 23 January unless extended.

The combination of the Pre-Paid Cap Encore and Free Talk and Text Every Night between 6pm and 6am is the ultimate summer combination- you’ll be ready for the festive season before you know it.

We’re always working hard to give our customers more value and we love to know what you think.  Feel free to drop any questions or feedback into the comments box below and happy talking and texting!

Visit Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM for all the details to get your Pre-Paid connection summer ready.