Can you believe it? The countdown to summer is well and truly on with summer sports taking over from winter ones, Xmas decorations lining the aisles of shopping centres, and leaving the office when it’s still daylight. I’m sure you will all agree, it is a special time of year.

Free Talk & Text Pre-Paid offer extended.For me, summer evenings are all about switching off from the daily grind, enjoying outdoor BBQs well into the night, watching cricket on TV and, most importantly, connecting with family and friends.

Whether you’re like me and use your evenings to wind down, or if 6pm merely signals the start of a night out, nights are a perfect time for us all to connect. So, to make your summer nights feel even better, I’m excited to announce that Telstra Pre-Paid Cap Encore™ one of our most popular offers for both new and existing pre-paid customers has been extended.

We know how much you love Free Talk & Text 6pm to 6am on and, as a result, we’ve decided to extend the offer through to 18th February 2013. Simply recharge $30 or more and continue to get Free Talk & Text 6pm to 6am to standard Australian numbers this summer.

So now you can continue to spend you evenings talking, texting and watching the Australian cricket team bounce back against South Africa.

For more details of this latest offer, drop me a line in the comments section or head to the link below.