This month, we dive into hard-hitting dramas, epic fantasy sagas and fun-filled family adventures streaming right now on Telstra TV.

Yellowstone (Stan)

The fate of the Duttons is revealed in the monumental season return of YELLOWSTONE – streaming now, only on Stan. Following an explosive cliffhanger at the end of the last season where we saw family patriarch John Dutton gunned down, daughter Beth’s office blown apart and son Kayce being ambushed, the question remains: who was behind these coordinated attacks? With the vultures circling and alliances being put to the test, one thing’s for certain – the Dutton’s won’t go down without a fight. Stream new episodes of Yellowstone weekly each Monday, only on Stan.

The Wheel of Time (Amazon Prime Video)

Based on the bestselling novels by Robert Jordan comes the epic action-packed fantasy series, THE WHEEL OF TIME – streaming weekly each Friday on Amazon Prime Video. Rosamund Pike stars as Moiraine, a legendary channeler belonging to an ancient order of powerful women known as the Aes Sedai. Journeying across the continent with her sworn protector Lan, she’s drawn to the rural village of Emond’s Field – in search of a fabled few with the ability to tip the scales in the coming battle between good and evil. When an attack on their home forces them to flee, the chosen five must come to terms with their unique destinies – and discover just how gifted they really are, in order to stop the Forsaken and save the fate of the world from the Dark One.

Dexter: New Blood (Paramount+)

The dark passenger returns in the killer new series, DEXTER: NEW BLOOD – streaming weekly each Monday on Paramount+. Ten years after Dexter Morgan vanished on his boat during a Miami hurricane, we find the justice-seeking serial killer seemingly retired and now living the quiet life amongst the townsfolk of Iron Lake, New York. With an unassuming new identity, Dexter spends his days managing a hunting goods store – and his evenings tormented by the ghost of his sister, Deb. Dating the town’s police chief, he’s still got an insider’s perspective into the local murder cases – and it’s not long before he’s drawn back into his old ways, hunting down the monsters who slip through the cracks.

Hawkeye (Disney+)

The best gifts come with a bow this Christmas with Marvel Studios’ Original series HAWKEYE, kicking off on Wednesday 24 November on Disney+ for all subscribers. Set in post-blip New York, former Avenger Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) aka Hawkeye has a seemingly simple mission: get back to his family in time for Christmas. But when a threat from his past shows up, Hawkeye reluctantly teams up with Kate Bishop played by Hailee Steinfeld, a 22-year-old skilled archer and his biggest fan, to unravel a criminal conspiracy. Will he get home to his family or will his time as Ronin catch up with him and derail Christmas?

PAW Patrol: The Movie (Telstra TV Box Office)

Get set for an all-new big screen adventure with PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE, available now on Telstra TV Box Office. As Adventure City descends into chaos at the hands of its new mayor Humdinger, the PAW Patrol will need to take on their arch nemesis to rescue the citizens before everything is destroyed. With some help from their new friend Liberty the dachshund – and a brand new headquarters decked out with all the latest gadgets, Ryder and his crew of heroic pups prove no job is too big for these pint-sized pooches.

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Our picks from 12 November:

Respect (Telstra TV Box Office)

Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson shines as the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, in the dazzling new biopic, RESPECT – available now on Telstra TV Box Office. Charting the legendary recording artist’s hard-fought journey from humble beginnings to international stardom, the film explores Aretha’s childhood shaped by a controlling father (Forest Whitaker) and the loss of her mother (Audra McDonald), her abusive relationship with manager and husband Ted (Marlon Wayans), and her transition from recording jazz albums to finding her voice in gospel music that led to hits such as “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)”, “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and, of course, “Respect”.

Red Notice (Netflix)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot star in the action-packed heist comedy, RED NOTICE – now screening in select theatres nationwide and streaming from Friday 12 November on Netflix. When rival international art thieves and Interpol’s most-wanted Nolan Booth (Reynolds) and The Bishop (Gadot) attempt to steal three priceless golden eggs once belonging to Cleopatra, FBI agent John Hartley (Johnson) manages to capture Booth red-handed. Teaming up with one thief to track down the other, Hartley ends up being framed as a thief himself – and is sentenced to a remote Russian prison, alongside Booth. Now the pair must work together to escape, locate The Bishop and clear Hartley’s name.

Disney+ Day (Disney+)

It’s here – Friday 12 November is Disney+ Day! Watch exclusive streaming premieres from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star – including Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Disney’s Jungle Cruise; and the new Disney+ Original movie Home Sweet Home Alone. Plus, stream a whole new range of animated shorts including Olaf Presents, Frozen Fever and Ciao Alberto; dive into season two of The World According to Jeff Goldblum; check out Michael Keaton’s new series, Dopesick – and catch some exclusive first-look trailers and clips of brand new content coming soon.

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Ragdoll (Foxtel Now, BINGE)

From the producers of Killing Eve comes the grisly new British crime drama, RAGDOLL – with new episodes streaming weekly from Saturday 13 November on Foxtel Now and BINGE. Not for the faint of heart, this six-part series based on the novel of the same name by Daniel Cole investigates the particularly gruesome case of the “Ragdoll Killer”. Suspended from the roof of a London apartment block, six victims are found murdered and mutilated – their severed body parts stitched together to form one large figure, nicknamed the “Ragdoll”. As the police begin their search to find the killer, they receive a list of those he intends to kill next – and the unit’s Detective Inspector is among those named.

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Our picks from 5 November:

The North Water (Foxtel Now, BINGE)

Colin Farrell and Jack O’Connell star in the magnificently chilling new BBC drama, THE NORTH WATER – with all five episodes available to stream now on Foxtel Now and BINGE. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Ian McGuire, the series is set in 1859 and follows the roughneck crew of whaling ship, The Volunteer, as they set sail from England into the treacherous and unrelentingly frigid Arctic Ocean to hunt for whale blubber and seal pelts. Told mostly from the perspective of the ship’s sharp yet opium-addicted doctor, Patrick Sumner (O’Connell), the voyage takes a turn when a cabin boy is violently assaulted and murdered. Sumner suspects the killer on board is the crew’s savage harpooner Henry Drax (Farrell). But seeking justice for the brutal crime could put the doctor in even graver danger.

Big Mouth (Netflix)

Caution: this trailer contains some strong language.

Returning for its fifth season this week is the obscenely funny animated comedy, BIG MOUTH – with all ten episodes streaming from Friday 5 November on Netflix. A brilliantly relatable R-rated take on what it’s like to experience the chaos, confusion and humiliation of puberty, this crude-humoured cartoon about a group of eighth graders at Bridgeton Middle School is definitely not for kids. Up until now, the crew have been guided on their terrifyingly wondrous journey by their Hormone Monsters – big furry creatures who give voice to their embarrassing teenage urges and offer terrible advice on how to act upon them. This season, with romance blossoming, they’re also joined by Love Bugs and Hate Worms to help them deal with their adolescent crushes, heartbreaks and feelings of jealousy.

Black Widow (Telstra TV Box Office, Disney+)

Go back to where it all began for Scarlett Johansson’s super-spy in Marvel’s BLACK WIDOW, streaming now on Disney+ and available to buy or rent on Telstra TV Box Office. Long before she joined the Avengers, Natasha Romanoff was part of an elite KGB program alongside her undercover sister, Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) and surrogate secret agent parents, played by David Harbour and Rachel Weisz. Forced to face the darkest aspects of her past, Natasha discovers her former handler is not only alive but is hunting her down, using the unique skills of super soldier Taskmaster. Now, with the help of her family, she’s on an adrenaline-fuelled mission to shut down the program that controlled the lives of many for so long.

Fires (ABC iview)

Inspired by the devastating Black Summer bushfires of 2019-2020 is the heart-wrenching six-part Australian series, FIRES – with all episodes now available to stream on ABC iview. Eliza Scanlen and Hunter Page-Lochard play Queensland volunteer firefighters Tash and Mott, who heroically travel to where they’re needed throughout NSW and Victoria to fight the horrific blazes that dominated southeast Australia during the Christmas-New Year period. Each episode shares a different heartbreaking story – including farmers Duncan and Kath (Richard Roxburgh and Miranda Otto) who lose their home and their son, Lally and Adrian (Anna Torv and Dan Spielman) who struggle with the decision to protect their home or leave for their own safety, Ruth and Nawra (Kate Box and Helana Sawires) who risk their own lives for the sake of injured wildlife, and the families stranded on a Victorian beach on New Years Eve as fires raged around them.