Janet and Ryan from the Telstra TV team share their top picks to stream this month on Telstra TV.

Trolls: World Tour (Telstra TV Box Office)

The Trolls are back for another colour-popping, toe-tapping, fun-filled adventure in Dreamworks’ TROLLS: WORLD TOUR – available now on Telstra TV Box Office. When Queen Poppy learns that the Troll Kingdom is made up of six unique tribes, each with a different taste in music, she soon discovers Rock Queen Barb has a plan to conquer them all. Together with Branch, Biggie and Mr Dinkles, Poppy sets out to bring all of the tribes together and save each of their musical styles from heavy metal destruction.

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The Crown (Netflix)

Traditions will be challenged as THE CROWN enters the eighties and early nineties in it’s much-anticipated fourth season, streaming now on Netflix. Gillian Anderson joins the cast as Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher – whose controversial policies led to widespread civil unrest and a strained relationship with the Queen, played by Academy Award-winner Olivia Colman. And with a now 30 year old Prince Charles being urged to marry for the sake of the monarchy’s future, his fairytale romance with Lady Diana Spencer captivated the hearts of the nation and the Commonwealth – particularly during their tour of Australia.

Gangs of London (Stan)

Exploding onto our screens this month is the gritty new drama series, GANGS OF LONDON – streaming now, only on Stan. When the head of the city’s most powerful crime family is murdered, his impulsive son Sean – played by Joe Cole – takes charge of their billion-pound enterprise. His first order of business is to halt all black-market business in the capital until he finds those responsible. But the move doesn’t go down well – and his rivals start to close in, making a play for dominance. With the help of his henchman Elliot and the Dumani family, just how far will Sean go to uncover the truth? Every episode of the brand new series GANGS OF LONDON is now streaming, only on Stan.

The Flight Attendant (BINGE)

Kaley Cuoco stars in the deliciously dark-comedy thriller series, THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT – streaming weekly now on BINGE. When flight attendant Cassandra meets a charming stranger aboard a longhaul flight, the pair hit it off right away. A fun-filled night followed by a hungover morning is nothing new for Cassie – but when she finds the man in her bed has been brutally murdered, the gaps in her memory become a real problem. Fleeing the scene of the crime, she comes under the suspicion of the FBI. And as the unknown plays on her mind and she begins to slowly unravel, she’ll need to get to the bottom of this mystery before it haunts her forever.

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Our favourites streaming for the week of 13 November:

Paw Patrol: Jet to the Rescue (Telstra TV Box Office)

Everyone’s favourite pups are back for another heroic adventure in PAW PATROL: JET TO THE RESCUE, available now on Telstra TV Box Office. When Ryder and the Paw Patrol are summoned to Barkingburg Castle, the Earl and Princess reveal that the Royal gem is missing. They soon discover it’s been stolen by the mischievous Duke of Flappington, who conjures its incredible energy to float everything and everyone in Barkingburg up into the sky. Armed with brand new suits and ultra-fast stealth jets, Skye leads the pups on their biggest flight rescue mission yet. Working together, they’ll need to save the town’s people and put a stop to the Duke’s plot before the whole of Barkingburg ends up lost in the clouds forever. And to celebrate the release of the new movie Paw Patrol: Jet to the Rescue, you can buy* selected seasons/volumes of the Paw Patrol TV series for a special price (limited time only) on Telstra TV Box Office. Offer ends 11:59pm (AEDT) 25 November 2020. *Visit the website for details, including what “buy” means.

Cobra (Foxtel Now)

Britain descends into political chaos in the exciting new disaster drama series, COBRA – streaming Wednesdays from 11 November on Foxtel Now. After scientists raise the alarm about an imminent solar flare likely to cause a catastrophic geomagnetic storm across Europe, the British government shifts into crisis mode. Led by Prime Minister Robert Sutherland (played by Robert Carlyle), a group of senior leaders and national emergency experts hunker down in Cabinet Office Briefing Room A (or COBRA for short) to plan for the worst. As the inevitable hits and the country’s energy grid is blacked out, the population becomes increasingly anxious and disorder starts to set in. But if the threat of vigilantes taking over the streets wasn’t enough of a cause for concern, a number of risky secrets within the COBRA team itself begin to bubble up to the surface. And with political opponents ready to pounce at any given opportunity, they’ll need to tread very carefully as they navigate their way through this intensely precarious situation.

Fargo (SBS On Demand)

Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman lead two rival Kansas City crime families in the fourth season of the Emmy-winning anthology series, FARGO – streaming now on SBS On Demand. Set during the 1950s, for years the dominant racketeer syndicates have managed to keep the peace by trading their youngest sons to live embedded amongst the enemy. But now the fragile truce between the Italian Faddas and the African American Cannon Limited is threatened after the death of the Fadda patriarch, Donatello. And when his impulsive brother Gaetano (Salvatore Esposito) arrives from Italy, it becomes almost impossible for the new don Josto (Schwartzman) to prevent all-out war with Loy Cannon (Rock) and his crew. Unexpectedly entangled in the whole ordeal is the Smutny family (Andrew Bird, Anji White and E’myri Crutchfield) who run the local funeral parlour, while the verbosely upbeat yet sinister Nurse Oraetta Mayflower (Jessie Buckley) retains the Minnesotan connection from seasons past.

Betty (BINGE)

Roll on through all six episodes of the binge-worthy new HBO Gen-Z comedy-drama, BETTY – available to stream now on BINGE. In skateboarder speak, a “Betty” is generally a term of derision for a girl who hangs around the skate park but doesn’t actually do any skating. In this empowering new series, the young women at the centre of the story are reclaiming that name and showing they’re just as good as – if not better than – the males who dominate the New York City skateboarding scene. Based on the director Crystal Moselle’s real life experience with the Skate Kitchen female skaters collective, this fictionalised retelling explores the complicated dynamics of friendship, identity and race through the eyes of the group’s combative but caring leader Kirt (Nina Moran), her vlogger best friend Janay (Dede Lovelace), filmmaker in-the-making Honeybear (Kabrina Adams) and art school drop-out turned dealer Indigo (Ajani Russell). Visually stylish and with a bomb soundtrack available on Spotify, it’s the perfect watch to get you in the mood for summer.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 6 November:

Where’d You Go, Bernadette (Telstra TV Box Office)

Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett teams up with acclaimed director Richard Linklater to portray one woman’s quest to find herself in the comedy-drama adventure, WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE – available now on Telstra TV Box Office. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Maria Semple, Blanchett plays Bernadette Fox, a once-renowned architect who now spends her days holed up in a never fixed-up fixer-upper, concerning herself only with her workaholic husband Elgie (played by Billy Crudup), their fifteen year old daughter Bee (Emma Nelson) and antagonising pretty much everyone else including her neighbour, Audrey (Kristen Wiig). When Bee suggests a family trip to Antarctica as a reward for finishing middle school with perfect grades, things take a turn for the somewhat agoraphobic Bernadette. As her behaviour grows stranger and the FBI reveal she’s become mixed up in a Russian mob plot, Bernadette flees. But where did she go?

Moonbase 8 (Stan)

New to Stan this Monday 9 November is the quirky six-episode comedy series, MOONBASE 8. Fred Armisen, John C. Reilly and Tim Heidecker star as enthusiastic yet out of their depth astronauts-in-training Skip, Cap and Rook. Sent to a NASA moon base simulator in a remote corner of the Arizona desert, they are tasked with proving they’re fit to fly their first mission to the lunar surface. Constantly afraid of being kicked out of the program, they take the whole exercise very seriously, except for maybe the admin work. But as they flounder spectacularly in almost every assignment, they start to wonder why they’re even trying in the first place. For Skip, it’s about following in the footsteps of his father, a NASA pioneer. Rook is a deeply religious man with a calling to spread Christianity throughout the universe, while Cap is mostly escaping the debt he’s in following the bankruptcy of his helicopter tour company. Together they’ll need to learn to trust each other and themselves if they’re going to make it to the moon.

The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

Currently the most watched show in Australia on Netflix and with a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes is the seven-part limited series, THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT. Set in the 1950s and based on the acclaimed 1983 novel by Walter Tevis, Anya Taylor-Joy plays chess prodigy Beth Harmon – who, abandoned at the Methuen Home for Girls in Kentucky at the age the age of eight, discovers an innate skill for the game when shown how to play by Mr Shaibel (played by Bill Camp), a custodian at the orphanage. Sedated by the facility from an early age, Beth becomes addicted to barbiturates and struggles with the emotional scars of her past. But that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of one day becoming a Chess Grandmaster, even if the male-dominated chess world isn’t quite ready for her. Written and directed by Academy Award nominee Scott Frank, and co-created by Allan Scott who has been working on the screenplay since 1992 in what would have been Heath Ledger’s directorial debut at the time of his death, it’s great to finally see this truly absorbing story come to life on screen.

Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia (10 play)

During NAIDOC Week this year (8-15 November), find out more about the rich history and culture of Australia’s First Nations people with the fun and fascinating documentary series, STUFF EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT AUSTRALIA – streaming from 8 November on 10 play. Hosted by actor and comedian Elaine Crombie and speaking to Indigenous Australians across Sydney, regional and outback NSW, this three-part series will bust myths and celebrate truths about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history. Learn about the sustainability practices of the “Original Greenies” who responsibly took care of the land for thousands of years, get a better understanding of the belief system known as The Dreaming and the songlines that connect people and place, story and identity, and visit just a few of the First Nations cultural sites – including where ancient stone fragments were found containing starch, suggesting Aboriginal people were likely to have been the world’s first bread makers.

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