Ryan and Janet from the Telstra TV team share their top picks to stream this month on Telstra TV.

Peter Rabbit 2 (Telstra TV Box Office)

Hop to it! Everyone’s favourite mischievous bunny is back, with a fun-filled comedy for the whole family in PETER RABBIT 2 – available now on Telstra TV Box Office. After Bea and Thomas get married, Peter and his rabbit friends Benjamin, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail become part of their family – with Peter helping Bea to write a children’s story based on their bunny adventures. But when the book becomes a success, Peter gains a reputation as a bit of a troublemaker. And it’s an image he doesn’t appreciate, at least not until he leaves the farm for the big city – where getting up to mischief is what helps him to make new friends.

Gossip Girl (BINGE)

X.O.X.O., you know you’ve missed her – and now the fan-favourite series GOSSIP GIRL is back, streaming from Thursday 8 July only on BINGE. Nine years after the original blog went offline, an anonymous Instagram account has surfaced – exposing the personal lives of a new generation of private school kids on New York’s Upper East Side. Meet social influencer Julien, who invites mysterious new girl Zoya to join their exclusive friend group – alongside free-spirited Max, stylish Luna, ultra-rich Obi, graceful Audrey, innocent Aki and power-player Monet. And of course it wouldn’t be Gossip Girl without Kristen Bell, reprising her role as the narrator – to reveal the secrets, lies, loves and lusts of these powerfully privileged teens.

A Stan Original Series Eden (Stan)

From the creators of Skins comes the Australian Stan Original series, EDEN – with every episode available to stream now, only on Stan. Sophie Wilde plays Scout, who returns to her tropical paradise hometown of Eden after studying music abroad in New York City. Reunited with her childhood best friend Hedwig, played by BeBe Bettencourt – Scout soon discovers the girl is mixed up in a dark and dangerous business she’s desperate to leave behind. So when Hedwig disappears one night after a drug-fuelled party, it falls to Scout – with the help of disgraced detective Ezra Katz (played by Samuel Johnson) – to uncover the truth. But as the series unfolds and we see the story told from the perspectives of eight different characters, we learn there’s much more simmering beneath the surface of this seemingly idyllic community. Watch all episodes now, only on Stan.

Luxe Listings Sydney (Amazon Prime Video)

Step inside Australia’s most luxurious homes with the new Amazon Original Series, LUXE LISTINGS SYDNEY – streaming from Friday 9 July on Amazon Prime Video. Join three of Sydney’s top real estate agents – Gavin Rubinstein, D’Leanne Lewis, and Simon Cohen – as they offer an up-close and personal perspective on buying and selling high-end property, in one of the world’s most expensive markets. From harbourside mansions to beachfront oases and inner-city sanctums, they buy and sell it all – and show us just how competitive they can be while doing it.

Sweet Tooth (Netflix)

Based on the DC Comic of the same name is the enchanting modern-day fairytale, SWEET TOOTH – with all eight episodes streaming now on Netflix. After a pandemic sweeps the world and mankind descends into chaos, a new species of half-human half-animal hybrids emerge. Thought by many to have caused the outbreak, the hybrids are generally feared and hunted by humans – forced to live their lives in hiding, like Gus – played by Christian Convery, a ten year old deer-boy raised in the woods by his father, played by Will Forte. With the protection of his new friend Jepperd (Nonso Anozie), Gus sets off on a perilous cross-country adventure to find his mother in Colorado. But along the way, they’ll have to steer clear of the militiamen intent on capturing Gus – and team up with the allies who have sworn to defend his kind.

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