Katie and Ryan from the Telstra TV team share their top picks to stream this month on Telstra TV – and explore some of the great new features of the Telstra TV mobile app.

The Loudest Voice (Stan)

THE LOUDEST VOICE is Stan’s explosive new drama series that follows the rise and fall of Roger Ailes, the infamous founder and CEO of Fox News. Academy Award winner Russel Crowe dramatically transforms himself into the controversial media powerbroker, whose influence and reach arguably shaped the current US political landscape. With an A-list cast also including Sienna Miller, Seth MacFarlane and Australia’s Naomi Watts, this gripping series delves into key years in Ailes’s life – from his early career consulting presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush – to his eventual downfall amidst widespread sexual misconduct allegations. THE LOUDEST VOICE is streaming now, only on Stan.

Avengers: Endgame (Telstra TV Box Office)

This year’s biggest blockbuster movie, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, definitely delivers on its promise of an epic follow up to Infinity War. With everyone from Captain Marvel and Black Widow to Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk, the Avengers have come back together to repair the universe left in turmoil by Thanos. Working to unite the Infinity Stones to restore balance to planet Earth and seek revenge on their enemy, expect nothing but high action and a few emotional plot twists in this brilliant superhero film. Watch it fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office from July 30th.

Lambs of God (Foxtel Now)

Ann Dowd and Essie Davis star in Foxtel’s thrilling new four-part drama series, LAMBS OF GOD. Based on the Australian bestselling novel by Marele Day, this highly anticipated adaptation centres on the Sisters of St Agnes – three nuns living on a secluded island, completely isolated from the outside world. When the modern young Father Ignatius arrives at their forgotten monastery, fear of the unknown takes over and they’ll do whatever it takes to save their traditional way of life. Stream all episodes today, only on Foxtel Now.

Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

After seven years of intense drama and cheeky dark comedy, we’re saying goodbye to the ladies of Litchfield. Inspired by the real life of the show’s main character, Piper, this season will follow her life after prison as she works to integrate back into society. With show favourites including Red, Nikki and Crazy Eyes still behind bars, you can expect massive action as the crew fights for justice from the guards and prison system, all while juggling their own personal issues and relationships. The seventh and final season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is available to stream now on Netflix.

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Our favourites streaming for the week of 19th July:

First Man (Telstra TV Box Office, Foxtel Now)

Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in FIRST MAN, available on Telstra TV Box Office and Foxtel Now. Focusing on the astronaut who made “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, this edge-of-your-seat biopic explores the demanding decade-long quest for NASA to win the Space Race with the first manned mission to the lunar surface aboard Apollo 11. Exploring uncharted scientific territory, Armstrong and his team encounter life-threatening danger at every turn – and the film brings us along for every nail-biting triumph and heartbreaking tragedy. Based on the official biography, ‘First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong’ by James R. Hansen, the film also acknowledges the impact of the mission on the families of the astronauts, with a superb performance by Claire Foy as Janet Armstrong.

The Dish (Telstra TV Box Office, 10 play)

Australia’s pivotal role in beaming one of history’s greatest events around the world is retold in THE DISH, available on-demand on Telstra TV Box Office and streaming live from 8:30pm on 10 play. Starring Sam Neill, Tom Long and Kevin Harrington, this much-loved Aussie comedy follows the (mostly) true story of the team of satellite dish drivers who helped Houston communicate with the crew aboard Apollo. In the middle of a sheep paddock in Central NSW, a group of Parkes locals working at the CSIRO made sure the largest radio telescope in the southern hemisphere – the only dish on earth capable of the task – was ready for transmission. Pushing the dish to its limits, tackling a few humorous setbacks along the way and with the Americans breathing down their necks, these true blue heroes ultimately made us proud and broadcast this world first to the globe.

Battle for the Moon (Foxtel Now)

BATTLE FOR THE MOON chronicles the highly competitive Space Race between the Americans and the Soviets to claim the title as the first nation to put a man on the moon. Available on Foxtel Now, this two-part documentary begins with the launch of the USSR’s successful Sputnik program in 1957 that triggered the USA’s response to forming NASA and the Gemini program. Escalating Cold War tensions, the early years were driven by the fear of which superpower would emerge as the world’s leader in science and technology – and therefore, the more advanced nation militarily. But with the astronauts becoming household names and real-life superheroes, the race to the moon became a public obsession – and when President Kennedy announced in 1962 that an American would set foot on the moon before the end of the decade, the nation’s excitement grew to a fever pitch.

Apollo 11: A Step that Changed the World (9Now)

Step back into 1969 with never-before-seen footage unearthed in APOLLO 11: A STEP THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, available to stream on 9Now. Narrated by 9News journalist Peter Overton, this documentary looks back at this incredible feat in human engineering, Australia’s role in ensuring its success and what the world looked like amidst the seismic cultural shifts of the 1960s. Speaking to local experts in the field including John Sarkissian (Operations Scientist at CSIRO Parkes), Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith (Astronomer at UNSW) and Paul Scully-Power (Astronaut and Oceanographer), we learn what space exploration has contributed to the science and technology many of us take for granted today. And we hear from two engineers who were working at the Parkes Telescope on the night of the moon landing – David Cooke (now 87) and Ben Lam (82) – on what went into Australia’s important role in this global accomplishment.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 12th July:

Wonder Park (Telstra TV Box Office)

For a fun-filled family adventure bursting with laughs and imagination, grab the popcorn and start streaming WONDER PARK – available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. When a creative young June (voiced by Sofia Mali) and her mum (Jennifer Garner) invent a fantastical make-believe amusement park in June’s bedroom, they fill it with a collection of magical creatures to operate the rides and keep the park running. There’s Peanut (Norbert Leo Butz), a chimpanzee who builds new rides, Boomer the sleepy blue bear who tests them out (Ken Hudson Campbell), Steve the articulate porcupine in charge of safety (John Oliver) and Greta (Mila Kunis) a wild boar who’s the boss of them all. And then there’s the hyperactive Beaver Brothers – played by Australia’s very own Fitzy and Wippa – who are always on hand to fix anything that breaks down. As June gets older, she forgets about the imaginary world. That is, until she accidentally stumbles into it and comes face to face with the loveable characters she conjured up years earlier. Without her, the park has been falling apart with neglect – and she’ll need to bring back the magic before Wonderland is lost for good.

My Life is Murder (10 play)

Lucy Lawless stars in the hilarious new Aussie murder mystery series, MY LIFE IS MURDER – streaming each Wednesday from 10 July on 10 play. Lawless plays Alexa Crowe, a mysterious and blunt-as-a-spoon former homicide detective who is roped back into the game when her old friend Detective Kieran Hussey (played by Bernard Curry) convinces her to help out with one of his more challenging investigations. Together with the department’s determined and perky Analyst Madison (Ebony Vagulans), they’ll attempt to crack the impossible – with a mystifying new case to solve each week. Keep an eye out for some of Australia’s most-loved actors guest starring each week including Magda Szubanski, Danielle Cormack, Ryan Corr, Don Hany, Lisa Hensley and Nadine Garner.

S.W.A.T. (7plus)

The crime capers continue with S.W.A.T., a commanding new cop drama streaming now on 7plus. Shemar Moore (who you might recognise from eleven seasons of Criminal Minds) plays Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, a former marine who grew up on the mean streets of Los Angeles. When he’s promoted to lead a Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) team charged with responding to high-risk situations within his home community, he realises he’ll have to tread a careful line between remaining loyal to friends and family who are often victimised by the police – and his fellow officers in the force. Training his team to stay focused on respectful, non-violent interactions with untrusting members of the community, Hondo’s crew of brave men and women put their lives on the line each day to serve and protect in this action-packed series.

Robbie Hood (SBS On Demand)

And for a familiar-sounding story with a uniquely Australian twist, check out ROBBIE HOOD – with all episodes available now on SBS On Demand. Across six 10-minute episodes, you’ll fall in love with this mischievous cheeky-grinned thirteen-year-old (played by Pedrea Jackson) – famous in Alice Springs for riding around on his BMX to set right the wrongs that befall their small outback town. Inspired by Indigenous director Dylan River’s own upbringing, this funny, heartfelt and authentically gritty take on a kids series sees the red-hooded Robbie joined by his trusty sidekicks Little Johnny (Levi Thomas) and Georgia Blue (Jordan Johnson) as they bend the rules to push through life’s hardships and come out on top.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 4th July:

Shazam! (Telstra TV Box Office)

Just in time for the school holidays is the electrifying teen superhero comedy, SHAZAM! – available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Asher Angel stars as Billy, a fourteen-year-old foster kid who, thanks to the gratitude of a mighty wizard (played by Djimon Hounsou), gains the power to unleash his inner hero ‘SHAZAM!’ – a buff, man-sized version of himself (Zachary Levi) armed with super strength, the ability to fly and bolts of lightning that he can shoot from his hands. With his superhero enthusiast foster brother Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer) by his side, Billy does what any kid would do and has some fun exploring his newfound abilities – videos of which go viral online. That is until the embittered Dr Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong) learns of his existence and plots to strip Billy of the powers he believes he deserves for himself.

The Rook (Stan)

New to Stan this week is THE ROOK, a suspenseful new eight-part miniseries streaming each Monday from 12pm (AEST) – same day as the US, only on Stan. Part thriller, part spy-drama, the series follows Myfanwy Thomas (played by Emma Greenwell), who wakes up on London’s Millennium Bridge with no memory of who she is, how she got there or why there are corpses piled up all around her. Thanks to a note she finds in her pocket that she wrote to herself, she soon learns that she’s a senior agent within the Checquy, the British paranormal secret service. Code-named “The Rook”, she’ll need to come to terms with her own supernatural powers and use them to fight an army of apocalyptic adversaries – including those closest to her, inside the agency itself.

Australian Ninja Warrior (9Now)

Returning for an exhilarating third season this week is AUSTRALIAN NINJA WARRIOR, starting Monday 8 July from 7:30pm on 9Now. Hosted by Ben Fordham, Rebecca Maddern and Freddie Flintoff, this hit competition series makes a move to Melbourne and will see a new crop of competitors go head-to-head with some of our fan-favourite ninjas from seasons past as they scale, swing and soar through an intensely grueling obstacle course that will test the very limits of their strength and endurance. Tune in to witness every jaw-dropping jump, heart-stopping spill and awe-inspiring victory as our ninjas battle it out to take home the ultimate prize.

2019 Wimbledon Championships (7plus and Kayo)

The world’s oldest and arguably most prestigious annual tennis tournament is upon us once again – and Telstra TV customers can stream every game of the 2019 WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS live each night from 8pm (AEST) on 7TWO and 7plus. With competition airing from 1 to 14 July, Kayo subscribers are also able to stream each game live during the first week of the tournament – with the added ability to watch “From Start” if you tune in late. Up until the Quarter Finals, Kayo also offers viewers up to six additional streams, four of which can be streamed simultaneously on the same screen. And from the Quarter Finals onwards, Kayo will make all matches available on demand after each game has concluded – as well as Kayo Mini recaps that will showcase the highlights from each match in only 10-20 minutes.