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Terminator: Dark Fate (Telstra TV Box Office)

From producer James Cameron and Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool, comes the heart-racing action blockbuster, TERMINATOR: DARK FATE – streaming fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. It’s been more than twenty years since Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton) narrowly averted the extinction of mankind at the direction of Skynet. Now she’s back to face perhaps her most dangerous threat yet, the seemingly unstoppable new Rev-9 Terminator (Gabriel Luna) – sent back in time to hunt down a young Mexico City auto-factory worker, Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes). But Sarah’s not alone in the fight. She’s joined by Grace (Mackenzie Davis), a cybernetically-enhanced human warrior-assassin sent from the future to protect Dani. And when mysterious signals lead the trio to an old foe, a now-retired T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger), they learn that teaming up may be the only option they have left.

Uncut Gems (Netflix)

Adam Sandler stars in the critically acclaimed new crime thriller, UNCUT GEMS – streaming from this Friday 31 January only on Netflix. Sandler plays Howard Ratner, a Manhattan diamond jeweler by day and gambling addict by night. When he comes across a rare black opal, it could be the solution he’s been looking for to settle up his crippling debts and get out from under the thumb of his loan shark brother-in-law. But a series of greed-fueled bets surrounding the precious gem could spell even more trouble for Howard, ultimately putting his family, his business and his life at risk. Written and directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, with screenwriter Ronald Bronstein, this relentingly tense drama is an unexpectedly serious vehicle for comedy veteran Sandler – but one that pays off in spades, dazzling viewers until the very end.

Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens (Foxtel Now)

Fans of the recently concluded millennial slacker comedy ‘Broad City’ are in for some sweet relief with the new series, AWKWAFINA IS NORA FROM QUEENS, streaming Wednesdays from 29 January on Foxtel Now. Based on her own life, writer, rapper and actress Nora Lum a.k.a. Awkwafina – best known for her roles in ‘The Farewell’, ‘Ocean’s 8’ and ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ – brings the laughs in this goofy sitcom about finding purpose as a young adult, living at home in Flushing, Queens with her widowed father (played by BD Wong) and straight-talking but ultra-supportive grandmother (Lori Tan Chinn). Whether she’s competing with her obnoxiously successful cousin Edmund (Bowen Yang), terrorising her rideshare passengers, living large in Atlantic City with her năinai or laying down her bodily noises for a rap track, Nora’s unique way of stumbling through life will give viewers plenty to laugh about.

Married At First Sight (9Now)

Returning for its seventh season this Monday 3 February on 9Now is the utterly captivating and controversial Australian reality dating show, MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. A social experiment like no other, the show sees twenty single strangers submit themselves to the will of three expert relationship gurus, who will pair them up and reveal their match only moments before they walk down the aisle together. Only after the wedding is out of the way, will the brand new couples get to know each other and find out if they click – or if their partnership deserves the flick. This season, the brides include a strong independent businesswoman, a tough trainer who’s really a softie deep down and more than a few battle-scarred contenders who have been through their fair share of relationship struggles, while the grooms include an opinionated guy with a tendency to offend, a couple of party boy casanovas and more than a few single dads. Tune in for a season that’s sure to offer plenty of drama, tears, romance and heart. 

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Our favourites streaming for the week of 24th January:

True History of the Kelly Gang (Stan)

True History of the Kelly Gang (Stan) - Telstra TV

Premiering on Australia Day is the Stan Original film, TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG – directed by Justin Kurzel and inspired by the Man Booker prize-winning novel by Peter Carey. In this highly anticipated fictionalised re-telling of the legendary Australian bushranger story, newcomer Orlando Schwerdt stars as a young Ned Kelly, who is mentored by the notorious outlaw Harry Power – played by Russell Crowe – and raised by his single mother, played by Essie Davis. As he transitions into a man, played by BAFTA winner George MacKay, Ned befriends a group of outcasts – forming the infamous Kelly gang. Also starring Nicholas Hoult, Charlie Hunnam and Claudia Karvan, this gritty, action-packed masterpiece is one you won’t want to miss.

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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Telstra TV Box Office)

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Telstra TV Box Office) - Telstra TV

Angelina Jolie returns as Disney’s most beloved villain in MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL, available fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Since the death of King Stefan, her goddaughter Aurora (played by Elle Fanning) has ruled the enchanted forest kingdom of the Moors as their Queen – and Maleficent as their sworn protector. With Aurora set to marry Prince Phillip of Ulstead (Harris Dickinson), it would seem their two neighbouring kingdoms are finally on a path to peace and harmony. But Maleficent is still largely misunderstood in Ulstead, with mistrust and resentment towards her still simmering below the surface as Phillip’s mother Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer) secretly prepares for war. When Maleficent is forced to team up with others of her kind (led by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Ed Skrein) to put an end to their conflict with the humans, Maleficent and Aurora’s bond will be put to the test as they suddenly find themselves on opposing sides.

Avenue 5 (Foxtel Now)

Avenue 5 (Foxtel Now) - Telstra TV

From Armando Iannucci, the comic genius who brought us satirical masterpieces like ‘Veep’ and ‘The Thick of It’, comes a new HBO sci-fi comedy series, AVENUE 5 – streaming express from the US each Tuesday from 21 January on Foxtel Now. Hugh Laurie stars as Captain Ryan Clark, the charismatic commander of the titular intergalactic luxury cruise ship – owned by the eccentrically entitled billionaire Herman Judd (played by Josh Gad). On what is supposed to be a routine eight week trip around Saturn, Avenue 5 suffers a minor mishap that throws the ship off course. In addition to solving the pressing problems at hand, the captain and his crew are also forced to pacify a ship full of disgruntled passengers – chief amongst them is Judd, the ship’s pigheaded armchair-expert owner.

Shrill (SBS On Demand)

Shrill (SBS On Demand) - Telstra TV

Back for its highly-anticipated second season is the intelligently unique comedy-drama series, SHRILL – with all episodes available this Saturday 25 January on SBS On Demand. Annie (played by SNL’s Aidy Bryant) ended last season feeling like she’d figured it all out – confronting her boyfriend, her mother, her boss and her online bully to prove she’s nobody’s doormat. But now she’s not so sure she’s made all the right choices. Her boyfriend Ryan (played by Luka Jones), who previously had an all too casual attitude towards their relationship, is now hopelessly devoted. Now that she’s got him, is Annie starting to see all of his glaring flaws? Struggling to get work as a freelance journalist after quitting her job, will she end up right back where she started under the thumb of her catty former boss, Gabe (John Cameron Mitchell)? And will she patch things up with her long-time bestie, Fran (Lolly Adefope)? Grab the popcorn and start streaming to find out.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 17th January:

Gemini Man (Telstra TV Box Office)

Gemini Man (Telstra TV Box Office) - Telstra TV

Will Smith and… Will Smith… star in the action-packed GEMINI MAN, available now on Telstra TV Box Office. Directed by Academy Award winner Ang Lee, Smith plays Henry Brogan – a seasoned government assassin who is just about to retire when he’s suddenly targeted by a younger, faster hitman with the ability to anticipate his every move. What Henry soon learns is that the skilled “Junior” is actually his clone, created to eventually take his place in the Gemini program. Loaded with explosive shootouts, epic fight sequences and hair-raising chases, this action thriller from producer Jerry Bruckheimer is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Upright (Foxtel Now)

Streaming on Foxtel Now this month is Aussie comedy-drama series, UPRIGHT – with all episodes available now. Tim Minchin plays Lucky, an anxious musician from Sydney who is heading back to Perth to visit his dying mother after spending the past eight years away from home. Driving across the Nullarbor with nothing but a trailer carrying an upright piano, his road trip is quickly complicated when he’s hit by a ute driven by sixteen-year-old runaway Meg – played by Milly Alcock. Now travelling together, the pair of outcasts run into all manner of mishaps as they cross paths with highway bandits, pick a fight with a bikie gang and find themselves pursued by a pair of persistent cops.

The Witcher (Netflix)

Based on the best-selling fantasy novel saga comes an epic Netflix Original series, THE WITCHER. Henry Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia – a superhuman monster slayer-for-hire, who finds himself increasingly out of place amongst the mere mortals surrounding him. When destiny ties him together with the mighty sorceress Yennefer and orphan Princess Cirilla, the three are forced to find their way through progressively hostile lands – battling the beasts and people who would destroy them all. Stream all episodes now on Netflix.

Our favourites streaming for the week of 10th January:

Hustlers (Telstra TV Box Office)

Hustlers (Telstra TV Box Office) - Telstra TV

Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu star in a raunchy take on the heist movie genre with HUSTLERS, available now on Telstra TV Box Office. Based on the real-life story behind the viral 2015 New York Magazine article, the story follows Destiny (played by Wu), an exotic dancer who begins working at a new strip club to take care of her ailing grandmother. Struggling to make ends meet, she’s taken under the wing of the club’s star performer Ramona (Lopez). And she soon begins raking in the big bucks, while also forming close friendships with Ramona and her fellow dancers played by Cardi B, Lizzo, Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart. But when the 2008 financial crisis hits, most of their lucrative Wall Street clients suddenly vanish – and the girls find they’ll need to get creative if they want to continue living the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

The Gloaming (Stan)

The Gloaming (Stan) - Telstra TV

Australia’s answer to the Nordic Noir crime thriller is the impressively unsettling new series, THE GLOAMING, with all eight episodes available to stream now on Stan. Set in an eerie fog-covered Tasmania, the series follows detectives Alex (played by Ewan Leslie) and Molly (Emma Booth) – a pair who share a distant history of tragedy, reunited in the present day to investigate the grisly murder of an unidentified woman found at the foot of a waterfall. But when they discover evidence that suggests the case could be connected to an unsolved murder from 20 years earlier, the plot thickens to reveal a more widespread mesh of criminal cover-ups, abuses of power and sinister rituals beneath the surface of this seemingly quiet rural community. Directed by Michael Rymer (American Horror Story), Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) and Sian Davies (Wentworth), the series also stars Aaron Pedersen and Martin Henderson.

The Outsider (Foxtel Now)

The Outsider (Foxtel Now) - Telstra TV

New to Foxtel Now from this Monday 13 January is the chilling ten-part miniseries, THE OUTSIDER – based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel of the same name. Jason Bateman stars as Terry Maitland, a beloved small-town teacher, baseball coach and father accused of the gruesome murder of an eleven-year-old boy. Assigned to the case is Detective Ralph Anderson (played by Australia’s Ben Mendelsohn), pressured by his superiors to wrap up the case quickly amidst widespread outrage from the community. But the investigation becomes increasingly complicated when conflicting eyewitness accounts of the killer’s whereabouts begin to emerge. And when strange things start happening to those surrounding the case, they’re forced to consider that there may be something even more sinister at play. Adapted for the screen by Richard Price, the writer behind other HBO acclaimed dramas such as “The Night Of” and “The Wire”, the series also stars Cynthia Erivo, Bill Camp and Julianne Nicholson.

AJ and the Queen (Netflix)

AJ and the Queen (Netflix) - Telstra TV

The world’s most famous drag queen, RuPaul Charles, stars in a campy new comedy series with an abundance of heart: AJ AND THE QUEEN, streaming from this Friday 10 January on Netflix. On the eve of opening his own bar, Robert (played by RuPaul) is conned and finds his boyfriend has run off with his life savings. As “Ruby Red”, he sets off on a whirlwind drag tour across the country in a battered old campervan to quickly recoup the money he’s lost. But he soon discovers his eleven-year-old neighbour AJ (Izzy G.) has hidden aboard the camper, escaping his teen mother (Katerina Tannenbaum) who is struggling with addiction. Together, this unlikely duo help each other find the strength to carry on – spreading a message of hope, love and acceptance as they travel from town to town. Jam-packed full of cameos from RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni including Latrice Royale, Katya, Bianca Del Rio and Jinkx Monsoon, the series was created by RuPaul and Michael Patrick King – the man behind ‘Sex and the City’.