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The Last Thing He Wanted (Netflix)

The Last Thing He Wanted (Netflix) - Telstra TV

Anne Hathaway and Ben Affleck star in the fast-paced political thriller, THE LAST THING HE WANTED, available to stream this Friday 21 February on Netflix. Based on Joan Didion’s bestselling novel of the same name, the film follows seasoned Washington Post journalist Elena McMahon (played by Hathaway) as she leaves her job covering the 1984 presidential election campaign to fill in for her ailing father (Willem Dafoe) as an arms dealer for the US Government. Using the situation to her advantage, she begins an investigation into the scandal that would become known as the Iran-Contra affair – only to find herself getting caught up in the very conspiracy she’s trying to blow wide open.

Katy Keene (Foxtel Now)

Katy Keene (Foxtel Now) - Telstra TV

If you’re a fan of uplifting female-led dramedies like ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Girls’, you’ll love KATY KEENE – streaming weekly each Thursday from 13 February on Foxtel Now. Played by ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale, Katy is living the dream in New York City – working towards a career in fashion design, while barely making rent as a personal shopper to the rich and famous at the high-end Lacy’s department store. As she navigates life, love and the pursuit of her dreams, she’s joined on the journey by friends and fellow artists Jorge – who is trying to get his big break on Broadway, life-of-the-party Pepper and musician Josie (a character you’ll know well if you’re a fan of ‘Riverdale’).

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Stan)

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (Stan) - Telstra TV

Have you ever wished you could read the minds of everyone around you? In the delightfully upbeat new Stan comedy series, ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST, Zoey Clarke (played by Jane Levy) finds she can do just that. There’s just one twist: everyone’s most private, personal thoughts are conveyed to her through today’s catchiest pop songs. Zoey’s not sure how or why she’s been bestowed with this unusual gift (or curse?) – it just started suddenly one day during a routine medical check-up. And while those around her carry on with business as usual, Zoey sees them singing, dancing and pouring their hearts out to her – in a way that initially makes her doubt her sanity, but that she soon comes to appreciate as an incredibly valuable tool.

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Our favourites streaming for the week of 7 February:

Parasite (Telstra TV Box Office)

It’s the comedy-thriller film everyone’s talking about – PARASITE is now available, fresh from the cinema on Telstra TV Box Office. Nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture, this timely dark satire from writer/director Bong Joon Ho tells the story of two very different worlds colliding – when the affluent Park family become unwittingly entangled with the penniless Kim family. When the Kims’ college-drop-out son learns that the Parks need an English tutor for their daughter, he gets his sister to Photoshop a fake degree, turns on the charm and suddenly lands a job working in their luxurious hilltop mansion. And when the Parks need an art therapist for their son? He happens to know someone – but doesn’t let on that the candidate is his sister. One by one, the seemingly unrelated Kims secure service jobs within the Park household – and the Parks soon find they can’t live life without them. But their harmonious, mutually beneficial relationship could be thrown into peril when yet another party with a secret threatens to expose the truth and ruin it all.

The Stranger (Netflix)

New to Netflix this month is the addictively gripping crime mystery series, THE STRANGER – with all episodes available to stream now. Richard Armitage plays Adam Price, a small-town lawyer and happily married family man who is one day approached at his son’s soccer game by a mysterious woman who shares a startling secret his wife Corrine has been keeping from him for a number of years. But when he confronts her with what he’s learned, Corrine becomes evasive – claiming she needs more time to explain. When Corrine disappears without a trace, Adam begins digging deeper into the identity of “the stranger” – hoping to track her down and help him find his missing wife. Meanwhile, the stranger continues to meet with other unsuspecting marks, leaving a path of destruction behind her that will ultimately bind all of them together in ways they could never have imagined. Also starring Siobhan Finneran, Jennifer Saunders, Anthony Head and Hannah John-Kamen, this twisted thriller will keep you guessing right until the very end.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (SBS On Demand)

Get ready for a shedload of shenanigoogles as Jake and the BROOKLYN NINE-NINE squad return for a crime-cracking seventh season this Friday 7 February, with a double-episode premiere fast-tracked from the US available to stream right now on SBS on Demand. As season six came to a close, we saw Holt (Andre Braugher) stripped of his title as precinct Captain and demoted to uniformed beat cop for failing to clock up his required hours of officer training. This season, how will he handle the new role, as well as his new partner Debbie Fogel (played by SNL’s Vanessa Bayer)? When there’s an attempt on the life of a city council member, Jake spearheads the operation to hunt down the culprit – but he and his fellow officers (including Holt) seem to be struggling to adjust to Holt no longer being in charge. Meanwhile, the pitter-patter of tiny feet could be on the horizon in the Peraltiago household, as Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) take their marriage to the next level and consider starting a family.

The Oscars 2020 – 92nd Academy Awards (7plus)

Tune in for all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s night of nights, with THE OSCARS 2020 streaming live from 12pm (AEDT) this Monday 10 February on 7plus. Broadcast live from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, the annual ceremony recognises the film industry’s greatest achievements over the past year – awarding actors, directors, writers and creative professionals the coveted golden statuette for their contributions to cinema. Nominees for Best Picture this year include JOKER, ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD and PARASITE (available now on Telstra TV Box Office) as well as THE IRISHMAN and MARRIAGE STORY (available on Netflix). Renée Zellweger is tipped to take home the trophy for Best Actress for her role in JUDY (available on Telstra TV Box Office), while Joaquin Phoenix is the Best Actor favourite for his portrayal in JOKER. PARASITE has a strong chance of winning Best International Feature Film, while TOY STORY 4 (available on Telstra TV Box Office) is a strong contender for Best Animated Feature.