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Trackers (BINGE)

New to BINGE this Friday 31 July is the explosive six-part crime thriller, TRACKERS – with all episodes available to stream now. When the series launched in its native South Africa last year, it reportedly rated higher than fellow HBO tentpoles like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies. And it’s not hard to see why. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by acclaimed author Deon Meyer, the series combines three heart-racing stories: James Gracie plays Lemmer, a former special forces operative whose team is ambushed while transporting two endangered Black Rhino out of Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, Intelligence agents Janina Mentz (Sandi Schultz) and Quinn Makebe (Thapelo Mokoena) are busy preventing a terrorist attack, when low-level analyst Milla Strachan (Rolanda Marais) begins an affair with an American CIA agent Lucas Becker (Ed Stoppard) who may not be who he claims to be. Watch now with 3 months BINGE Standard on us, for Telstra consumer post-paid customers. Redeem by 18 Jan 2021. Find out more.

Wentworth (Foxtel Now)

Back for an intense eighth season this week is Aussie favourite drama series, WENTWORTH – with new episodes streaming each Tuesday from 8:30pm on Foxtel Now. Following the prison siege at the end of last season, there’s now a tough new General Manager at Wentworth – Ann Reynolds (played by Jane Hall) – who isn’t making any friends with the guards, particularly new Governor Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva). Allie (Kate Jenkinson) has now taken over as top dog, with Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) and Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick) keeping the women in line. But it isn’t long before her authority is challenged by the arrival of the infamously violent Lou Kelly (Kate Box), herself a former top dog at Wentworth. After her failed escape attempt, Marie (Susie Porter) is now in the slot and staring down a life sentence – while on the outside, Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) plots revenge against those who left her for dead.

Search Party (Stan)

Stream all three seasons of the savagely funny millennial satire, SEARCH PARTY – available now, only on Stan. Following the misadventures of four early-twenties hipsters in New York City, the offbeat series follows Dory Sief (played by Alia Shawkat) – a floundering personal assistant who ropes her self-centred friends into an amateur investigation into the disappearance of a college classmate they hardly knew, Chantal Witherbottom (Clare McNulty). As she and her doormat boyfriend Drew (John Reynolds), outrageously excessive pathological liar Elliott (John Early) and dim-witted aspiring actress Portia (Meredith Hagner) become embroiled in the mystery, they all quickly wade in well over their heads – leading to an accidental killing, a blackmailing plot and a high-profile murder trial that will leave you in tears of laughter.

You Should Have Left (Telstra TV Box Office)

Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried star in the jump-inducing psychological thriller, YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT – available now via Express Release on Telstra TV Box Office. With their marriage on the rocks, wealthy retired banker Theo and his young actress wife Susanna plan a secluded vacation in the countryside of Wales with their six-year-old daughter Ella (Avery Essex). Haunted by the drowning death of his first wife, which he was suspected of playing a part in – and plagued by insecurity over the attention his attractive new wife receives, the trip is a chance for him to leave it all behind and focus on his family. But when creepy things start happening around the house and his nightmares begin intensifying, Theo begins to wonder if he’s losing his mind. Or is this mysterious house trying to tell him something?

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