There’s something magical when you find an app that fits perfectly into your life; when you never have to make time for it, because it perfectly fits your needs.

In Splitwise I have found this.

For years, my boyfriend and I had been transferring money back and forth like chumps. Wasting time trying to remember who paid for breakfast and who last picked up groceries. Like I said, chumps!

And then Splitwise joined the relationship.

Splitwise lets you easily track who pays for what, effectively “taking the trouble out of shared expenses.”

It saves a running total, meaning conversations will go from, “Hey, don’t you owe me $50?” to “Hey, remember that $50? Your shout!”

Of course, it’s not just great for couples with separate finances, it’s also perfect for friends and housemates alike!

Splitwise is free to download on iOS and Android (of course, mobile data downloading charges may apply). Get it and stop ripping off your friends!

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