We all lead such busy lives these days that sometimes the little things can escape us, writes Mat Gibbs.

There’s nothing worse than leaving the house with that niggling feeling in the back of your mind wondering if you really turned the iron off.

How many of us can honestly say we’ve never had to make a quick dash back in the front door just to check the house isn’t about to burn down?

And how many of those times have we actually found the iron left on? Probably not many. But it’s not really about the iron is it?

It’s about our sanity for the rest of the day. It’s about not letting our mind wander to think ‘how long would it take for the ironing board cover to catch fire?’ or ‘when was the last time I updated the insurance?’

We all lead such busy lives these days that sometimes the little things (like making sure we don’t burn our own house down) can escape us.

For me – running around after two kids under 7, preparing for our (soon to arrive) third child, managing full time work,  trying to hit the gym a few times a week and sneak out for the occasional surf – sometimes it’s hard enough to remember to iron my shirt, let alone turn the iron off.

I’m always trying to free up time to slow down my life but as soon as I do, I seem to find new things to add into my days and I find myself right back where I started.

Even though it can’t help get more hours in my day (or iron my shirt), since we started using Telstra Smart Home at our place, it’s been helping with the small things to make my family’s day-to-day life just that little bit easier.

So what does it do for us?

We’ve set up smart plugs on our iron and my wife’s hair straightener, so we can turn them off from our phone, even after we’ve left the house – great for keeping that little voice in the back of our head quiet.

We can also check our phones to make sure we’ve locked the front door and double check we’ve turned off all the lights and the heater. And if we haven’t locked the door or turned them off, we can do it from the app on our phones – no more turning the car around.

We can even check in on the home cameras to see if I left my youngest’s favourite teddy on the kitchen bench, or if he’s lost in the boot of the car somewhere – there are still some things we have to turn the car around for….

Most days we find new ways our Telstra Smart Home can help us with the little things… because we’re all guilty of forgetting one thing or another from time to time.

Mat Gibbs has been trialling Telstra Smart Home ahead of it becoming available to customers later this year, to register your interest, visit telstra.com/smart-home