John Chambers looks at how smart home technology can help Australians prevent Appliance Anxiety from ruining their Easter getaways.

As millions of Australians, including my family, get ready to head away for the Easter long weekend, there’s one question that’s sure to be heard in cars around the country – “Did I turn the iron off?”

The long weekend is supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation – and chocolate – not for stressing about an empty home and all the things we might have forgotten to do before we left.

Thankfully I’ve found a way to silence those questions and curb my own Appliance Anxiety with Telstra Smart Home.

Now we can turn off appliances from our phones even if we’re already on the road. We can make sure the front door’s locked and windows are closed, find out if there’s any movement around the house while we’re away, and set lights to go on and off at night so it looks like there’s someone there throughout the weekend.

Find out how you can turn your house into a smart home at

Telstra Smart Home requires a home broadband connection and home Wi-Fi network and must be activated via the free iOS or Android Telstra Smart Home App (data charges may apply).

Stats are based on research conducted by Pure Profile, 20 March 2017, amongst 1250 surveyed Australians aged 18 or above.