Telstra Business Award winner, Abode New Homes, is a great example of a business that started small but thought big. Owners Karinda and Justin Gill have put smart technology to use in their home construction business and revolutionised the way they work.

They’re one of many small and medium businesses (SMBs) we’re helping to make the most of their technology with the launch of unlimited broadband data on our L and XL business bundles.

Karinda, who started Abode New Homes with husband Justin, and is involved with seven other businesses, said technology has been integral to her ability to remain both innovative and competitive since she started her journey as an entrepreneur.

“Technology has fundamentally changed every industry and job role, but the associated costs with data usage can make it a more difficult cost/benefit decision than it needs to be,” she said.

“Cloud storage, video conferencing and software that facilitates collaboration all lead to more innovative ways of working, which goes to the heart of entrepreneurship. They’ve been central to Abode New Homes’ growth over the last decade.”

For many of Australia’s two million actively operating SMBs, things like backing-up data to the cloud, using high-definition video, running a Wi-Fi service or a multi-site network are critical activities that can often be data intensive.

Which is why Telstra has introduced unlimited broadband data to its L and XL business bundles. It provides SMBs with peace of mind, knowing they can invest in and use technology to realise their vision, grow their business and bolster their competitive advantage – without having to worry about the costs of exceeding their limit.

For our existing SMB customers on L and XL ADSL and nbn business bundles, we’re also upgrading them to unlimited broadband data at no extra cost.

The introduction of unlimited broadband data follows a six-fold increase in fixed line data usage onTelstra’s network over the past five years. This is something we expect to continue as more and more SMBs look to cloud storage, software and apps to improve productivity, grow their online presence and eCommerce capabilities to find new sources of growth, and use data storage and back-up services to secure their business operations.

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