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Silent Line Fee Exemptions Commence

Telstra News

Posted on May 28, 2013

2 min read

Telstra’s recent decision to provide a concession to customers facing a safety risk due to a domestic violence situation and requiring a Silent Line, has received positive feedback.

I am now pleased to advise everyone, that following changes to our systems and billing arrangements,  we’re now ready to implement these changes.

Today we’ve written to a number of key community agencies that support individuals in these circumstances.  These agencies, from all over the country, will be making this program known to the relevant sections of their organisations, their member agencies or branches, and to clients who are eligible customers.

These organisations will provide eligible customers with a letter of support that validates their eligibility.  For eligible customers we’ll waive the Silent Line fee for up to two years.

To re-iterate, the standard charge for the residential Silent Line feature is $2.93 (incl. GST) per month, but we’ll provide an exemption from this fee for a customer who:

  • has a valid court or police issued protection order, or
  • is a client of a Centrelink social worker, or
  • is a client of a community or legal aid organisation providing services to people facing a personal safety threat, or
  • is a staff member, volunteer or contractor of a community organisation providing services to people facing a personal safety threat, and is considered by the organisation to be facing a personal safety themself.

Information about this new program is available at  If you have any further specific queries about the program please call us on 13 2200.