We’ve been sharing rituals used by pro gamers that help secure the big W. Now it’s your turn: share your pre-game rituals with us to win one of our Gaming Grants, thanks to Telstra Game Optimiser.

Whether it’s a lean in; dim the lights; a special seating position or a special beverage, most of us have rituals when it comes to playing games. Our pre-game rituals can help power the comeback when you are 2-0 down, or ensure that you dominate from the start of a match. Whatever you do to secure a win, it could net you one of our $2000 Gaming Grants to help further improve your performance.

You could spend it on a new gaming or streaming set-up; a better TV or monitor; a pro-gaming coach to help you level up or even a custom fridge full of energy drinks and snacks. It’s yours to spend it however you want to up your game.

The Gaming Grants come courtesy of Telstra Game Optimiser: our new add-on that gives you the power to prioritise traffic to gaming devices in your home network. It helps maintain your low ping to reduce lag and improve your gaming experience.

How to enter

We have THREE (3) $2000 Gaming Grants to give away thanks to Telstra Game Optimiser.

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win one is to share with us, in writing, still or video content, your most creative ‘ritual’ for preparing to play video games by:

  • posting a response to the Telstra Game Optimiser promotional post on Telstra’s social channels (including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook); or
  • posting a response to the Telstra Game Optimiser promotional post on iamfallfromgrace’s social channels (including Instagram and Twitter); or
  • posting on your own Instagram, Twitter or YouTube page or account, tagging @telstra and including the hashtag #UpMyGame in that post

Multiple entries per person will be accepted, and entries are accepted at the time of receipt by us or posting. However, you are only eligible to win one prize.

Make sure you read the full terms and conditions that apply to this promotion, and get your entries in before 29 January 2021.

To get started with Telstra Game Optimiser, check out how it works and get your first month on us.