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Sensis launches $2,500 Zombie app challenge

Telstra News

Posted on May 15, 2012

3 min read

Attention all developers, entrepreneurs and designers!  I’m excited to let you know that Sensis has launched the SAPI Bounty Program – where each month we’ll throw down the gauntlet for anyone in the world to create a viable app that can be published in market, using Sensis® local directories data accessible through our API (known as the Sensis Application Programming Interface – SAPI).

I’m sure there are lots of creative developers out there, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. To appeal to the vivid imaginations of developers everywhere and fire up the creative “brain” juices, our first challenge is to create an app to help survive a zombie invasion.

How will you survive and thrive during the inevitable zombie apocalypse? What do you need to know when the dead rise and walk the earth?

zombie-eyes-inpostThe SAPI Bounty Program is challenging all competitors to create an application, website, widget or program to help survive a zombie onslaught.  We’re offering a $2,500 ‘bounty’ to the competitor who can demonstrate integration, innovation and quality in the design and build of their application and show how their concept makes the most of SAPI content and functionality.

I know these challenges will get the creative juices flowing, with development tools, frameworks and functionality left entirely up to the participants. If you too are interested in joining the fight against the zombie apocalypse, head to to register your details.

To encourage ongoing creativity, a new SAPI Bounty challenge will be posted every month throughout 2012 to the Sensis Developer Centre blog so there will be multiple opportunities for developers to take part.

This is an unprecedented program for Sensis and we’re really excited to be launching the SAPI Bounty Program to help foster local innovation and broaden our SAPI Hackathon experience to developers across the globe.

To date we’ve had ten teams take on the challenge and we can’t wait to see the applications that the topic attracts.

For those that aren’t familiar, the Sensis API (SAPI) is a powerful tool for developers and creative minds to search for and publish content from the Yellow Pages and White Pages business and government listings.  It’s an integral part of our commitment to making sure our advertisers are found by more people across a range of new and emerging channels and devices.

SAPI contains unique local search functionality and more than two million local business listings which can include opening hours, websites, images, business descriptions and more, providing a rich offering for participants.
SAPI Bounty Program #1 – Zombies, competition instructions:

  • Entrants must first gain a Zombie API key by completing a SAPI key request via
  • When applying for a key, entrants must work the phrase “Brains Yum Yum” into their application description.
  • Entrants who have been granted a Zombie API key must then create an app that integrates functionality from SAPI.
  • The app must be publicly available for judges to access (eg. Android Market, Apple App Store, or Internet) by 9:00am on Thursday, May 24, 2012.
  • Sensis’ judging panel will assess entries based on five criteria: originality, usability and design, effectiveness, back-story and integration and use of SAPI.  The application should also take advantage of the unique functionality and geo-location features offered by the Yellow Pages and White Pages business directories.

For all competition details and terms and conditions, head to the Sensis Developer Centre or follow the action on Twitter at @SensisAPI or #sapihack.

Good luck with the bounty competitions – and with escaping the clutches of the undead!