We live in a digital age where touch screens are all the go. Your phone, camera, GPS, and now your (digital) library – all have screens that need some form of protection.

Protection from the things we carry in our bags and pockets, protection from being dropped, and just general use.

I used to get very upset if the slightest scratch appeared on my phone’s screen – usually as a result of my front door key being introduced to the phone in my pocket as I was walking to a meeting. My immediate thought was why didn’t I take the few minutes and apply a screen cover to my phone? After all, it was sitting on my desk – waiting for me to apply it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing…..(fyi – I still get upset if I get a scratch on my screen!)

So what can you do to protect your touch screen devices? I have tried many over the years – with varying success. Some are easy to put on but don’t last long, others are less easy to apply but seem to do the trick – for a while.

When I was attending the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this year, I came across a company called Wrapsol, (www.wrapsol.com.au)  who were applying a screen cover to iPhones (and others) that looked a bit thicker than the average protectors. The guy at the stand was a fellow Australian, and we chatted about a range of topics whilst he was applying the protector to my iPhone.

Eight months down the track – the protector is still on, and my iPhone travelled safely in any pocket without fear of screen scratches.

So why am I telling you this? Simple. I recently changed to the iPhone 4, and carry my iPad everywhere. With the dreaded screen scratch fear never far from my mind, a timely email from the team at Wrapsol soon put my fears to rest.

The Wrapsol ultra drop and scratch protection cover is now on my iPhone. To my knowledge, this is the protective film on the market today that offers drop protection.  Made from 12-mil aliphatic polyurethane  film, it also has another wonderful feature – it gets rid of its own air bubbles within 24 hours! (I witnessed this first hand – and was totally amazed given my previous experiences with air bubbles and screen protectors!)

I carry my iPad everywhere – and spend a lot of time cleaning the screen with a microfiber cloth. I purchased a screen protector (pack of two) and managed to ruin both of them due to capturing dust or fingerprints/ air bubbles whilst applying them.  I decided to put the Wrapsol protector on so I could compare its performance with my other purchase. It took a few minutes more to apply – but once it was on – front and back – I was very happy with the results. First and foremost – it got rid of the fingerprints! The only thing I had to do was to increase the screen brightness a little to compensate for the protective (and removable) protector.

One last thing to consider. Wrapsol offer a lifetime guarantee on their products, and donate money from every sale to Cool Earth.

Wrapsol Screen protectorsThe obvious question after all of this is why don’t the manufacturers make products that are scratch resistant? The answer is they do – to a degree.  Under “standard usage”, a phone screen should not scratch, nor should the lens of your glasses, your camera, your watch, etc. It’s really a matter of what we do to them once they leave the shop. Putting your reading glasses in your pocket, next to a lot of coins, as you wander around the city streets, is likely to send you back to the optometrist for a new lens.

Screen protectors are an added safeguard to keep your phone in the condition you want it to be in. Telstra, along with most retailers, carry a range of protectors for mobile phones. From personal experience – its worth looking into – so you will continue to appreciate looking at your phone.

If you have experienced a screen scratch horror story, why not share it with us?