On the one-year milestone mark in our T22 journey to radically simplify our products and eliminate the pain points you have told us about, we are introducing a new range of mobile plans for our consumer and small business customers. We are saying goodbye to legacy, and introducing freedom and flexibility for you to build the right plan for your needs – and to change your plan as your needs change.

We understand that you want flexibility built in to the products that you use. Nine out of 10 Australians say that having the freedom to change their services is important to them, and just as many say that their lives would be easier if they had that flexibility. An overwhelming majority of us want the option to change as our technology needs change, as we travel, and as new products are released.

We have taken your feedback on board as we have designed our new mobile plans. As of today, all of our in-market mobile plans for consumers and small businesses offer no lock-in, the freedom to change your plan once a month, no excess data charges in Australia, and the ability to personalise your plan through add-ons, including 24- and 36-month device repayment options.

Today marks the beginning of a new era for our mobile customers, where you have the freedom to change your plans once a month as your needs change. The introduction of these new plans coincides with the launch of the first 5G devices on our network, and our ongoing roll out of our 5G network. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to embrace this new era, and the latest technology along with it. This is just the beginning of what we have planned to improve our products over the year ahead, and we are excited to share more on that soon.

You can read more about our new plans here.