Say hello to smartphone lease plans. For the first time in Australia, you now have the option to lease your mobile phone and get a new smartphone after just 12 months with the introduction of our new 24 months Go Mobile Swap plans.

These plans are designed for smartphone fans who love to get the latest generation smartphone while managing their monthly spend and for small businesses that want to equip their people with the most up-to-date tech each year. They even allow you to upgrade a damaged phone, taking the stress out of being left without your most essential technology companion.

Here are five reasons why these plans might be perfect for you

1. New phone this year, upgrade next year

If you love getting your hands on the latest smartphone, you can upgrade any time after 12 months for $99 providing your handset is in good working order and you recontract to a new 24-month service and handset plan. After 18 months, the upgrade fee is $0.

Also, if you want to treat yourself this Christmas and you sign up to one of our new Swap plans before 24th December, you can upgrade after 12 months for $0, instead of for $99.

2. Peace of mind

We know that accidents can happen so we want to take some of the stress out of upgrading if you damage your handset. You can still upgrade after 12 months. For cracked screens, you can upgrade for $229 and damaged beyond repair is up to $499.

For even greater peace of mind, you can add Assure to your plan for an extra $10 per month. This means you can upgrade your damaged phone at any time and in any condition for a flat fee of $190 when you recontract to a new 24-month service and handset plan.

3. Manage your monthly spend

By choosing a Swap plan you might be able to reduce your monthly plan and handset spend. Depending on the plan and the handset combination you choose, you might be able to lease the smartphone you’ve been waiting for and pay up to $10 less per month compared with our Go Mobile Plus plans and not taking ownership of the phone.

4. Empower your team with the latest tech

Having a more mobile workforce with access to all the right apps and tools can improve productivity, encourage better collaboration and provide your team with more flexibility to balance work and home life. My Business Mobile Lease plans can help your small business work at its most efficient by equipping your team with the most up-to-date smartphone tech each year. And given our work and personal lives are increasingly blurred, they’ll love that you’re investing in the latest and greatest smartphone technology to keep them connected to the people and things they love.

5. Better for the environment

Smartphone technology advances so quickly that mobiles are often left unused after a contract term ends.

In fact, there are more than 25.5 million mobile phones sitting on shelves and in drawers across the nation. With a Telstra Go Mobile Swap plan your old phone will be refurbished or recycled keeping precious resources in use for longer and reducing the impact on the planet.

Find out more about Go Mobile Swap plans and the terms that apply to the lease of your device or My Business Mobile Lease.