If by chance you are still stuck in lockdown dreaming of globetrotting instead, I think Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 could be the game to satisfy your daydreams, all while giving you a new skill to master. And let me assure you, while it’s quick to pick up, it will take a long time to master.

One of the biggest draws for me with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, is the fact that it doesn’t need a narrative, plot or any high action intense battles against Jazza or Tom from Toorak. It manages to be a complex game with a very steep learning curve while still being a very calming experience.

The ability to hold flight and glance at the scenery gorgeously recreated from Bing satellite imagery, is unmatched in any game I’ve ever played. Obviously, this is a very new game so the features and monuments are still being added, but to think that you can peer right over your own house in a Boeing 747 or Cessna 135 (for the non-pilots: big plane and little plane) is mind-boggling.

The attention to detail on Microsoft’s part is insane. Every button, lever, switch and screen has a purpose and will deliver you information that proves crucial as you traverse the great blue skies.

On the off chance you don’t like a challenge, this game might not be for you. While it isn’t the new Dark Souls by any means, it will definitely take some time to get accustomed to the control scheme. You are flying a plane, after all, and that particular version of Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Thankfully Flight Simulator 2020 has eight solidly-built tutorials, with the sole purpose of getting you into the air as soon as possible, confident in your ability to manoeuvre the plane. If you can get past the initial frustration of many, many crashes the game gifts you one of the most realistic flight experiences available in a game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Ten years in the making and unlike some titles, that we wait and wait for, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 does not disappoint. I can definitely see this game being a big part of the gaming community for years to come, as even today on ultra-graphics it will still run some PCs into the ground so there is definitely even higher resolution visuals to be experienced.

If you like rewarding challenges, relaxing experiences and the bragging rights to be able to say you can actually play, enjoy and conquer one of the most realistic flight experiences out there, then Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is for you!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now on Xbox Game Pass for PC and to purchase via the Microsoft Store or Steam for Windows 10.