With the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ now out in stores, you might be in the market for a new smartphone – and while you’re getting your shop on, we have a few suggestions for accessories that might pair nicely with that shiny new handset.

Covers: The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a particularly cool looking smartphone, and we can see why you might want to show it off. A case or cover may hide away some of that lovely glass, but it also helps you protect your investment, helping to reduce the risk of daily wear and tear or an accidental crack from an unexpected drop.

We have a wide range to choose from, too – like the LED cover that syncs with your phone to display notifications using LED icons, a Samsung genuine Clear View Standing cover for those that like to prop up their phone to watch a movie or two, and the range of covers from Telstra and Tech21 which are just plain pretty. We also have a host of other alternatives.

Wireless Charger: If you took up our pre-order offer this is one you are not going to have to worry about. If you missed out though, a wireless charging pad is definitely worth your consideration – and even if you did get one with the pre-order, how about one for work or your bedside? Wireless charging is convenient – plonk the phone on the pad and it starts charging. Fewer plugs and cables to worry about can also make your home office look more social media worthy… if you’re into that sort of thing.

Headphones: These aren’t a necessity, since the Galaxy S9 and S9+ both come with headphones in the box, and nice ones at that – ergonomically designed, lightweight earbuds that have been tuned and branded by Samsung’s partner AKG. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat yourself to something fancy. The S9 and S9+ both have 3.5mm headphone jacks, which means you have the choice of wired or Bluetooth headphones such as the Beats Solo 3 Wireless available in all Telstra Flagship Discovery Stores.

A steady selfie prop: The Samsung S9 and S9+ both have great front-facing cameras, so your selfies are already taken care of – unless you’d prefer an aerial selfie or one in 360, in which case you may consider the AirSelfie or the Samsung Gear 360. The new phone can shoot at 4K and in 960 frames per second in super slow-mo mode, so you might think about a stabilising ‘gimbal’ to take your home movies to the next level!

Memory card: Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have built-in microSD card slots and can handle up to an additional 400GB of external storage – on the off chance you want to carry around 100 HD movies. SanDisk MicroSD cards also mean you can save plenty of photos or videos without having to upload them to the cloud if you’re travelling far from Wi-Fi.

Battery packs: The Samsung S9 has a gutsy 3000 mAh battery, while the S9+ has 3500mAh. That should be plenty of juice to get you through the day. But who hasn’t forgotten to charge overnight once or twice, or left a cable in the car? For these moments, we have a suite of funky power packs such as the Pocket Power Power Banks that come in a range of colours.

Bonus – something ridiculous: Still want to splash that cash? How about something over the top for your brand new phone? Our next section is for the budding lottery winners out there. This isn’t anything that we offer, I’m afraid, but we’ve had a quick look around the internet for you – how about bringing some real bling and getting your phone hand embellished in 24 carat gold? Or if diamonds are more your style, why not get your device encrusted with white, pink, or black diamonds? The world is your oyster and we expect the accessories for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 to only get more fun.