At a massive event held at the Barclays Centre, in the heart of New York, Samsung has taken the wraps off its newest, biggest and most powerful smartphone this year: the Galaxy Note9. The new phone has all Samsung’s best tech inside, like AI to improve your photos and removable stylus that works as a remote camera button.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is available for pre-order now.

You might not meet a more loyal phone buyer than the Samsung Galaxy Note owners out there. According to Samsung research, daily app use among Note8 owners is 23% higher than the Galaxy S8, while 64% of Note8 buyers are also loyalists for the included S Pen stylus that the Note is famous for.

Banking on that loyalty and popularity, Samsung has just announced a new Note device at a spectacular event in Brooklyn New York – the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Launching on August 24, with pre-orders available from today, the Note9 takes the Note to a new level – and it is an impressive evolution of the device.

Packing a 4,000mAh battery, the Note9 is thicker than its predecessor – it had to be to fit in the biggest battery Samsung has put in a smartphone to-date

Under the hood there’s not just power, but performance – using artificial intelligence to adjust performance when required. There’s even a new carbon fibre-based water-cooling system inside the Note9 which will help the device run optimally even during heavy usage.

Aside from all of that, here are the top three things we think Note owners will love and want from the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

A brand new S Pen

The Note’s unique S Pen is more mighty than ever, and more colourful than ever. With the Note9 the S Pen looks the part, matching the black device colour, but in the Ocean Blue version of the Note9 the pen itself is yellow. It stands out in a crowd, no doubt.

And it should too, because it’s now enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, meaning you can use it even when you’re not holding your phone . This allows the S Pen to be used as a remote ‘clicker’ for presentations (on compatible devices), but importantly also as a shutter control for the camera.

Through a combination of single and double clicks of the S Pen button, you can launch the camera, take a photo, and even switch between the front and rear cameras.

If you’re worried the S Pen doesn’t have enough battery in it for your all-important presentation – fear not, because just 40 seconds inside the Galaxy Note9 can give the S Pen enough charge for up to half an hour (or up to 200 clicks’ worth) of usage.

The camera

The camera inside Samsung’s new Note9 is essentially the camera from the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, rather than just shoving that into the device, Samsung engineers have done a few things to improve it – the fingerprint sensor has moved to below the camera, and the whole camera module is now the same colour as the device.

Perhaps more importantly, there’s a new Intelligent Camera mode which gives you suggestions on what type of photo you’re taking; it can determine that you’re taking a photo of flowers or food and it has a ‘Flaw Detector’ – so if it thinks someone blinked, it will tell you!

A desktop computer

Perhaps most interesting of all is Samsung’s push to further enhance the Galaxy Note9’s DeX mobile desktop experience.

Last year Samsung announced a device called DeX – it’s a small dock you place the phone in, which then has a HDMI output to a monitor, as well as a way for you to plug in a keyboard and mouse.

Today, Samsung blew that away and announced that the Galaxy Note9 itself would work as a DeX station – you just need to plug in a compatible HDMI connected TV or monitor (screen and connector sold separately), and you’ve got yourself a big screen to use for productivity or to show your videos on.

Samsung’s DeX has a fantastic interface that is easy to use – it’s fully based around having each application in its own ‘window’, and now the Galaxy Note9 can work like a laptop’s trackpad mouse and keyboard. You can also still use it independently of the DeX desktop, to keep messaging your mates or flicking through Instagram.

When is it out, and how much is it?

The Galaxy Note9 comes in two colours – Midnight Black and Ocean Blue. Both look stunning, although the Ocean Blue with a yellow S Pen is an especially good look.

The Note9 is ever so slightly bigger than last year’s, too, with a 6.4-inch screen (full rectangle, 6.3-inch when you take into account the rounded corners) and a body measuring 161.9×76.4×8.8mm.

There are two versions on offer – one with 128GB and 6GB of RAM, while the 512GB version will get 8GB of RAM. User accessible memory will be approximately 108GB for the 128GB memory variant and 492GB for the 512GB version. This may vary depending on additional Samsung or third party apps or software updates.

Both versions are available on a variety of Mobile and Mobile Lease plans. Plus, eligible customers who pre-order from Telstra now, on an eligible plan, will get a bonus black Samsung Tab A 8.0 (2017) as well as an upgrade to the 512GB version. T&Cs apply. Click here for further details.